Local Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers of Local Interest

The Bradford Daily Telegraph
The Bradford Observer
The Bradford Telegraph & Argus

The Cleckheaton & Spenborough Guardian

The Dalesman

The Friend of the People

Halifax, Huddersfield & Keighley Reporter
The Huddersfield Chronicle & West Yorkshire Advertiser
The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle
The Huddersfield Examiner

The Leeds General Advertiser
The Leeds Intelligencer
The Leeds Mercury
The Leeds Times

The Northern Star

Standing's Almanack

Todmorden Advertiser & Hebden Bridge Newsletter

The Yorkshire Daily Observer
The Yorkshire Evening Post
Yorkshire Life
The Yorkshire Post

General Notes

The first newspapers appeared in the 17th century when the Licensing Act [1662] was repealed.

From around 1750, newspapers spread to larger towns and published national news.

From about 1780, local news – with items such as sales notices, postal information, coach times and destinations – began to appear in the papers.

Halifax has had a selection of monthly, weekly and daily newspapers continuously since 1829

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