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The township of Norland lies on a plateau above Sowerby Bridge and neighbouring on Barkisland and Greetland.

The area appears in early records as Rishworth-cum-Norland.

The name means northern or north-facing township.

Prehistoric hut circles have been reported on Norland Moor.

On 26th May 1923, the Norland ratepayers voted, by 130 to 106, to join Sowerby Bridge.

The village fête was revived in May 1965.

Pronunciation: The word is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable and with the final syllable having the neutral schwa vowel: nor-lənd

Some sites, sights and other entries for Norland

Albion, Norland

Belmont Mill, Norland
Bents Farm, Norland
Bethel Baptist Chapel, Norland
Bin Royd, Norland
Blue Ball, Norland
Butterworth End, Norland

Calder Dale Works, Norland
Clough Moor Bridge, Norland

Doldram Farm, Norland
Doldrum, Norland
Donkey Bridge, Norland

East Longley Farm, Norland

Fallingworth Hall, Norland
Fielding's Chemical Works, Norland
Fields Farm, Norland
Foresters' Arms, Norland

The Gables, Norland
Goose Nest Farm, Norland
Goose Nest, Midgley
Greenhead Hall, Norland
Greenhead House, Norland

Harper Royd, Norland
Hawks Cliff, Norland
Heath Hall, Norland
Hobbit, Norland
Hollas Farm, Norland
Hollas Field, Norland
Hollin Well Farm, Norland
Hollin Well, Norland
Hollyn Well Cottages, Norland
Hullen Edge, Norland

Illing Hall, Norland
Intake Quarry, Norland

Kitty Moor, Norland

Ladstone Café, Norland Moor
Ladstone Rock, Norland Moor
Lane Ends Farm, Norland
Lane Head, Norland
Lane Top Quarry, Norland
Little Harper Royd, Norland
Longley Farm, Norland
Lower Harper Royd, Norland
Lower Langley Farm, Norland
Lower Spark House, Norland
Lower Wat Ing, Norland

Middle Harper Royd, Norland
Milner Royd, Norland
Moorcock, Norland
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel, Norland
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Band of Hope, Norland
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland

Nether Longley, Norland
New Longley, Norland
New Longley, Norland
Nobbut Norland
Norland Board of Guardians
Norland Brass Band
Norland Church of England Junior & Infant School
Norland Co-Op
Norland Co-operative Stores

The Norland Flyer
Norland Hall
The Norland Halls
Norland Holiday Home
Norland Local History Society
Norland Lower Hall
Norland Memorial Garden
Norland Moor
Norland Moor Farm
Norland Old Hall
Norland Overseers of the Poor
Norland Parish Council
Norland pinfold
Norland Post Office
Norland Smallpox Hospital
Norland Stocks
Norland Stream
Norland Surveyor of the Highways
Norland United Methodist Church
Norland United Methodist Graveyard
Norland Upper Hall
Norland village shop
Norland War Memorial
Norland Workhouse
Norland Working Men's Club
Manor of Norland

Owl Hall, Norland

Pickwood House Farm, Norland
Pickwood House, Norland
Pickwood Scar, Sowerby Bridge
Pinfold Quarries, Norland
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland

Manor of Rishworth-cum-Norland
Royal Observer Corps Observation Post, Norland Moor
Ryburn Golf Club, Norland

Saint Luke's Church, Norland
Saint Luke's Non-Provided Schools, Norland
Saint Luke's School, Norland
Scar Head, Norland
Scarecrow Trail
Scarr House, Norland
Sowerby Croft, Norland
Sparkhouse Farm, Norland
Stirk Bridge Inn, Norland
Sun Longley, Norland

The Taylor family of Norland
Thorny Bank, Norland
Town House, Norland
Travellers' Rest, Norland
Turgate Delf, Norland
Turgate Quarry, Norland

Upper Butterworth, Norland
Upper Harper Royd, Norland
Upper Norland Hall
Upper Old Hall Farm, Norland
Upper Old Hall, Norland
Upper Wat Ing, Norland

Vale House, Norland

Wat Ing, Norland
West Bottom Tavern, Norland

The Binns family of Norland
The Haigh family of Norland

Beerhouses & Pubs in Norland

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Norland, including

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