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Nicholson, ArthurRef 284-6
[1868-1909] Born in Thirsk, Yorkshire.

He was Head gardener (domestic) [1901].

In 1892, he married Annie Leah [1868-19??] in Halifax.

Annie was born in Sowerby.

She was a tailoress [1911]



  1. Arthur Julian [b 1895] who was an apprentice printer  [1911]
  2. Walter
  3. Alfred Ewart [b 1900]
  4. Marjorie Edna [b 1903]
  5. Cecilia Doris [b 1905]

They lived at

  • 114 Grosvenor Road, Newcastle upon Tyne [1901]
  • 5 Cavendish Buildings, Sowerby Bridge [1911, 1918]

Arthur died in Leeds in 1909 (aged 42) 

Nicholson, Arthur J.Ref 284-353
[18??-19??] Printer at Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge [1927]

Nicholson, CharlesRef 284-8
[1861-1910] Born in Malton.

He was a man servant [1880] / landlord of the Prince of Wales, Boothtown [1905-1910].

On 18th November 1880, he married Sarah Hannah Akroyd [1859-1935] in Halifax.

Sarah Hannah was born in Stainland


  1. Charles Henry [b 1881]
  2. Ethel [b 1883]
  3. George Baden [1901-12th February 1921] who was buried  with his parents

Charles died at the Prince of Wales [23rd September 1910].

Sarah Hannah took over at the Prince of Wales [1910-1913].

Sarah Hannah died in Halifax [16th February 1935].

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Nicholson, Charles ArchibaldRef 284-126
[1867-1949] Architect who worked on the church of St John The Divine, Thorpe

Nicholson, Charles WoodallRef 284-698
[1877-1934] Son of Thomas Woodall Nicholson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a manager of carriage & motor building works [1911] / President of the Halifax Automobile Club.

In [Q4] 1905, he married Emma Jane Booth [1879-19??] in Halifax.

Emma Jane came from Halifax


  1. Margaret [b 1907]
  2. Marian [b 1910]

They lived at 9 Trinity Place, Halifax [1911]

Nicholson, ClementRef 284-619
[1896-1917] Son of John William Nicholson.

He was a member of Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden / an apprentice iron planer [1911] / employed by Denham's.

During World War I, he enlisted [17th April 1915] and served as a Rifleman with the 2nd/7th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He was killed in action by a trench mortar in Noreuil-Lognicourt sector [28th July 1917] (aged 21).

The Halifax Courier [1st September 1917] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Favreuil British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref I B 36].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden, and on the Memorial at Rhodes Street Wesleyan Chapel

Nicholson, CyrilRef 284-746
[1892-19??] MM.

Son of Joseph Nicholson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a mechanic's apprentice (machine tool works) [1911] / employed by Maud & Turner.

In 1915, he married Hilda Greenwood [1893-19??] at St James's Church, Halifax.

Hilda, a drawer of 25 Fitzwilliam Street, was the daughter of Ingham Greenwood, watchman

They lived at 25 Fitzwilliam Street, Commercial Road, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the Royal Field Artillery.

His brothers William Henry & Joseph also served in World War I.

Cyril was awarded the Military Medal [1916] for work done on the Somme

Nicholson, Rev G.Ref 284-384
[18??-18??] Assistant Curate at Southowram and at Halifax

Nicholson, H. FrancisRef 284-5500
[1800-18??] He was a silk mercer [1851].

He married Unknown.


  1. Hannah [b 1828]
  2. Sarah E. [b 1841]
  3. Ellen [b 1851]

He married Mary [1824-1???].

They lived at Savile Terrace, Halifax [1851]

Nicholson, JaneRef 284-527
[1831-1906] Daughter of Thomas Watson Nicholson.

Baptised at Halifax [21st December 1831].

In 1861, she and her sister Sophia ran a school in Brighouse.

In 1862, she married Henry Edward Horsfall

Nicholson, Jane ElizabethRef 284-752
[1849-1922] Daughter of John Nicholson.

She married (1) John James Watson.

She married (2) Henry Raphael Oddy.

She died at 51 Savile Mount, Halifax & was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [18th May 1922]. Maurice Schroeder performed the service

Nicholson, JohnRef 284-316
[1???-1???] He served at Ovenden before becoming Police Inspector in Hebden Bridge [1857]

Nicholson, JohnRef 284-84
[1???-18??] Son of William Nicholson.

He set up business as bookbinder, printer and publisher in Oldham

Nicholson, JohnRef 284-10
[1792-1864] Born in Halifax.

He was a carpenter employing 3 men [1851] / an architect in Todmorden [1861].

His work included:

In [Q3] 1846, he (possibly) married Ann Wood [1808-18??] in Halifax.

Ann was born in Halifax.

She had 2 daughters:

  1. Hannah Sutcliffe [b 1824] who was a factory worker [1851]
  2. Sarah Sutcliffe [b 1830] who was a factory worker [1851],  a dressmaker [1861]

They lived at

  • Hills, Todmorden [1851]
  • Myrtle Street, Langfield [1861]

John died in Todmorden [Q4 1864]

Nicholson, JohnRef 284-679
[18??-1886] A coal miner in Clifton.

He was one of the original trustees of the United Methodist Free Church, Clifton.

He married Harriet, daughter of Jonathan Beever.

The family lived at Cock Walk, Clifton [1871]

Nicholson, JohnRef 284-16
[1823-1887] Son of Joseph Nicholson.

Born in Halifax.

He carried on his father's printing business, moving to Russell Street, Halifax, and then to 27 Northgate, Halifax.

He was letterpress printer at 8 St James's Street, Halifax [1863] / letterpress printer at Victoria Street East, Halifax [1863] / a master printer employing 1 man, 2 boys [1881] / Chapel Warden at Northgate End Chapel [1875-1882, 1883].

He married Ann Maria Ramsden [1823-1895] in Halifax.

Ann Maria came from Elland


  1. John William [December 1846-28th September 1849] who was  buried with his parents
  2. Jane Elizabeth
  3. Richard Edwin

They lived at

  • 6 Green Hill Terrace, Halifax [1874]
  • 2 Lord Street, Halifax [1881]

John died 1st May 1887 (aged 64).

Ann Maria died 24th December 1895 (aged 72).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4140].

See Stott Brothers and W. C. Womersley

Nicholson, John WilliamRef 284-4
[1863-19??] Son of William Nicholson, warp dresser.

Born in Wheatley.

He was a mechanic of Shay Lane, Ovenden [1886] / an iron turner [1891, 1901] / a mechanic of Kimberley Street, Ovenden [1909] / a iron turner [1911].

In 1886, he married (1) Martha Hannah Brooksbank [1864-1907] at Halifax Parish Church.

Martha Hannah, of Club Lane, Ovenden, was the daughter of James Brooksbank, dyer


  1. Ada [b 1888] who was a cheese winder [1911]
  2. Emily [b 1889] who was a worsted twister [1911]
  3. Willie [b 1894] who was an apprentice iron turner [1911]
  4. Clement
  5. Clifford [b 1903]
  6. Harold [b 1905]

Martha Hannah (possibly) died in Blackburn in 1907 (aged 43) 

In 1909, he married (2) Amy Nicholson [1864-19??] at Halifax Parish Church

Amy, of Green Street, Northowram, was born in Wilsden, the daughter of George Nicholson, warp dresser

They lived at

  • 8 Waterside, Ovenden [1891]
  • 7 Waterside, Shay Lane, Ovenden [1901]
  • 14 Kimberley Street, Ovenden [1911, 1917]

Living with them [in 1911] was his widowed father William Nicholson [b Haworth 1839]

Nicholson, JonasRef 284-387
[1770-1808] Bookseller at Crown Street, Halifax.

He died 30th June 1808 [aged 38].

On Nicholson's death, the business was acquired by Michael Garlick

Nicholson, JonasRef 284-17
[1832-1905] Son of William Nicholson.

Born in Retford.

He was a master printer employing 5 men, 8 boys, 4 women & 4 girls [1861].

He went into business with his half-brother Joseph as J. & J. Nicholson.

In 1856, he married Ann Spencer [1831-1865] in Halifax.


  1. Charles E. [b 1857]
  2. Emily A. [b 1859]
  3. William

The family lived at 26 Villiers Street, Halifax [1861].

Ann died 26th November 1865 (aged 34), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1627] with Ann Nicholson [1810-1871]

Nicholson, JosephRef 284-767
[1???-18??] Landlord of the Upper George Hotel & Posting House, Halifax [1837].

In December 1840, Joseph Nicholson innkeeper of Halifax was listed as bankrupt

Nicholson, JosephRef 284-18
[1779-1858] Son of William Nicholson.

He attended Haley Hill Baptist Chapel.

As a youth, he walked to London to find work. He subsequently worked in Manchester and Bolton.

He went into business with his half-brother, Jonas, as J. & J. Nicholson.

He married Elizabeth [1791-1860].


  1. Harriet [1829-1866] who married James Firth & was  buried with her parents
  2. John

Joseph died 2nd April 1858 (aged 79).

Elizabeth died 7th February 1860 (aged 69).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4141]

Nicholson, JosephRef 284-12
[18??-1???] He worked as a finisher at Balme & Pritchard.

He was injured in an explosion at the Balme & Pritchard works on 9th October 1879. At the time of the explosion, Joseph was assisting Thomas Whitehead to whitewash. Joseph's arms and head were badly scalded

Nicholson, JosephRef 284-748
[1866-1935] Son of Samuel Nicholson, sailor – who was in the Army for 34 years.

Born in Halifax.

He was a member of the Volunteers [for 10 years] / a brass finisher [1889, 1891, 1901] / a brass finisher journeyman [1911].

In 1889, he married Emma Stead [1865-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Emma, of King Cross, Skircoat, was the daughter of Joseph Stead, weaver


  1. William Henry [b 1890] who was a mechanic iron turner  (machine tool works) [1911], and served as a Corporal with the Green  Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) [World War I]
  2. Cyril
  3. Joseph [b 1898] who was an errand boy [1911]

The family lived at

  • Thompson's Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax [1891]
  • 16 Bruce Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 10 New Road, Halifax [1911, 1916]

Living with them [in 1901] was half-brother Richard Stocks [b  1883] (brass works labourer).

The family had strong links to the armed service, and the 3 sons served in World War I

Nicholson, Joseph CaveRef 284-13

In [Q3] 1842, he married Elizabeth Musgrove [1833-1884] in Halifax.

Joseph Cave Nicholson died 9th May 1857 (aged 32).

In [Q2] 1865, Elizabeth married (2) David Crowther in Bradford.

Elizabeth died 7th December 1884 (aged 51).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3285] with a James Musgrove [1832-1876]

Nicholson, JoshuaRef 284-379
[1812-1885] Born in Luddendenfoot. He was a silk manufacturer. He was a Congregationalist. He moved to Leek, Staffordshire. He built the Nicholson Institute – with a Free Library, Museum and Art Gallery – at a cost of £30,000 and gave it to Leek

Nicholson, Mark Edwin BullenRef 284-122
[1830-1895] MRCS, LSA.

Born in Coton, Cambridgeshire.

In the Medical Directory list of registered practitioners resident abroad [1870] he is shown as living in Auckland, New Zealand.

He was a general practitioner [1881] / a medical practitioner in Stainland with Old Lindley [1891] / with the Local Government Medical Service [1895].

He married Caroline [1839-1900].

Caroline was born in Coventry


  1. Florence [b New Zealand 1868]
  2. Beatrice A. [b New Zealand 1866]
  3. Viola [b New Zealand 1870] who married [Atcham Q1/1896]  Frederick Shaw Ainley
  4. Ethel M. [b Essex 1875]

They lived at

  • Cross Field House, Stainland [1881]
  • Carp Field Terrace, Stainland with Old Lindley [1891]
  • Cross Field House, Stainland [1895]

Mark died in Halifax [3rd September 1895] (aged 65).

After his death, the family moved to Shropshire.

Caroline died in Atcham District, Shropshire [Q1 1900] (aged 61).

In 1901, the daughters Florence (head mistress ladies' school), Beatrice (art mistress), & Ethel M. (music mistress), were living at Kingston House, St Alkmund Square, Shrewsbury

Nicholson, Rev Patrick CharlesRef 284-121
[1809-1888] He was a distant relative of the Empress Eugénie. He was Vicar of Hebden Bridge [1840-1841]. In 1841, he left to become curate at St Margaret's, Rochester.

In 1872, he returned to Hebden Bridge one Wednesday evening in Lent ...

It was a remarkable night. After a long continuous downpour of rain the rivers began to rise and messenger after messenger kept arriving to summon people out of Church lest the rising flood should hinder their getting home, till at last there was scarcely any congregation left to listen to Mr Nicholson's sermon

Nicholson, RalphRef 284-307
[17??-18??] Landlord of the Old Cock, Halifax [1816, 1822].

He (possibly) married Hannah.

Child: Thomas Watson

Hannah took over at the Old Cock and was there [1829, 1834].

Son Thomas Watson took over from his mother and was there [1837]

Nicholson, RalphRef 284-11
[18??-18??] Architect in practice at Waterhouse Street, Halifax.

His work included

He lived at 7 Savile Terrace, Halifax [1866]

Nicholson, RichardRef 284-607
[1???-1545] He married Alicie.


  1. Elizabeth

His will is recorded in Volume 2 [1545-1559] of E. W. Crossley's book Halifax Wills

Nicholson, RichardRef 284-254
[1???-16??] Churchwarden of Warley.

In 1635, he had an argument with Abraham Parkinson during morning service in Halifax Parish Church. In a reviling and loud voice, Parkinson called Nicholson a lying rascal, a knave and

bade a turd in his teeth

The 2 men fell out of the pew brawling in full view of the congregation. The Vicar, Hugh Ramsden, condemned them for brawling in God's house and for showing contempt to the peril of their souls

Nicholson, Richard EdwinRef 284-19
[1851-1941] Son of John Nicholson.

He worked with his father in the printing trade.

He was Chairman of Stott Brothers.

He was a Trustee of Northgate End Chapel [1880] a Chapel Warden at Northgate End Chapel [1891-1897], a Superintendent of Northgate End Sunday School.

He was a well-known artist working in water-colour and oils. He also produced works in metal.

He was brother-in-law of Henry Raphael Oddy with whom he founded the Rembrandt Society.

His son, John, gave a number of his father's works to Halifax Corporation. Some of these went to Bankfield Museum.

See Art Gallery Trust and Northgate End Chapel Bicentenary Memorial

Nicholson, SarahRef 284-9600
[1828-1860] Of Hipperholme.


  1. Sarah [1839-1854]

Sarah & her daughter were buried at Mount Zion Chapel, Lightcliffe

Nicholson, SophiaRef 284-1
[1836-1919] Daughter of Thomas Watson Nicholson.

Baptised at Halifax [27th September 1836].

In 1861, she and her sister Jane ran a school in Brighouse.

In 1862, Jane married Henry Edward Horsfall.

Sophia never married.

She was a governess living with her brother at Ecclesfield Bierlow [1871] / a governess in Weston-super-Mare [1881] / a lady companion to Jane Robinson in Harrison Road, Halifax  [1891] / a retired school mistress (head of household) living in Salterhebble  [1901] / of private means (head of household) [1911].

She died in 1919

Nicholson, Thomas PierceyRef 284-3
[1885-1915] Son of Thomas Woodall Nicholson.

He was an advertising agent [1911].

He died at home [25th September 1915] (aged 30).

He was buried at Stoney Royd Cemetery [28th September 1915]

Nicholson, Thomas WatsonRef 284-585
[18??-18??] Oil and flock merchant at Rookery, Halifax.

In 1855, he was declared bankrupt

Nicholson, Thomas WatsonRef 284-718
[1808-18??] (Possibly) son of Ralph Nicholson.

He was licensee of the Old Cock, Halifax [1837-1850] / elected to the Halifax Tradesmen's Benevolent Institution [1870].

He married Hannah Howarth either in York [29th January 1831] or in Halifax [1st February 1831].


  1. Jane
  2. Sophia
  3. son

The family lived at Exley Cottage

Nicholson, Thomas WoodallRef 284-179
[1848-1914] Born in Scarborough.

He established the coach and car-building business Woodall Nicholson [1846]. He was a carriage & motor builder (employer) [1911].

In 1874, he married Annie Woodward [1849-1915] at Great Ouseburn.

Annie came from Lower Dunsforth, York


  1. child who died young [before 1911]
  2. child who died young [before 1911]
  3. Charles Woodall
  4. Francis George [b 1881]
  5. Herbert [b 1882] who was a carriage & motor builder [1911]
  6. Thomas Piercey

They lived at

Nicholson, Rev W.Ref 284-386
[17??-1???] Minister at Shore General Baptist Church, Todmorden [1781]

Nicholson, WalterRef 284-7
[1899-1918] Son of Arthur Nicholson.

Born in Hexham, Northumberland.

He was a member of West End Congregational Church, Sowerby Bridge / a part-time tailor's errand boy [1911] / a clerk with Arthur Siddall, worsted spinner in Sowerby  Bridge.

He lived with his widowed mother at 5 Cavendish Buildings, Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge.

During World War I, he enlisted when he was 17-years-old and served as a Corporal with the 1st/6th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed by a machine gun bullet [11th April 1918] (aged 19).

His photograph appears with reports of his death in the Halifax Courier [25th May, 29th June & 6th July 1918].

He was buried at Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, France [Grave Ref II J 24].

He is remembered on the Roll of Honour at West End Congregational School, Sowerby Bridge

Nicholson, WilliamRef 284-20
[17??-18??] Son of George Nicholson [1711-1781].

Born at Wibsey Slack.

He was listed as a bookseller at Crown Street, Halifax [1809].

He was the founding father of the local branch of the Nicholson family of printers and publishers.

He also wrote and edited a large number of devotional and educational texts.

He married (1) Hannah Field.


  1. John
  2. William
  3. Jonas
  4. Mally

He married (2) Nancy Brook [1799-1855].

On Grave 4434 at Lister Lane,

Nancy, wife of William Nicholson, bookseller of Halifax, who died 30th July 1855, aged 56 years

is shown as

daughter of Sarah, relict of the late John Wilson, who died 7th March 1851, aged 79 years

This suggests that Nancy, daughter of John Wilson, was the widow of Mr Brook



  1. Joseph
  2. (possibly) Helen [1843-1862] who was buried with her  mother
  3. daughter
  4. daughter

Nancy died 30th July 1855 (aged 56), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4434] with her mother

Nicholson, WilliamRef 284-9
[1770-1808] Of Halifax.

William died 5th February 1808 (aged 38).

He was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Nicholson, WilliamRef 284-680
[18??-18??] A coal miner in Clifton.

He was one of the original trustees of the United Methodist Free Church, Clifton

Nicholson, Rev WilliamRef 284-85
[18??-1875] Son of Jonas Nicholson.

He followed in the family's printing interests. He traded in Halifax with business in Cheapside [1844-1861].

He preached at Brearley Baptist Church and was Minister at Steep Lane Baptist Church [1857].

In 1860, he resigned but the congregation urged him to stay, saying

If you will not leave us, we will live for you, pray for you, and built you a comfortable house

He remained until 1863.

In 1871, the printing business moved to Wakefield.

He married Unknown.


  1. Jonas
  2. William

He was injured in a train accident at North Dean Station in 1865.

See Nicholson & Wilson

Nicholson, William FosterRef 284-188
[18??-18??] Worsted spinner at Halifax.

In May 1844, he was declared bankrupt

Nicholson, William HenryRef 284-7810
[1838-1891] Son of William Foster Nicholson, draper.

Born in Halifax.

He was a hosier in Halifax [1871] / a hosier [1881] / a hosier & glover (employer) [1891].

In 1871, he married Jane Barnes [1845-1915] at Halifax Parish Church.

Jane, of Halifax, was born in Harringworth, Northamptonshire, the daughter of George Barnes, maltster


  1. John Greenroyd (Nicholson) [b 1875] who was a hosier  (employer) [1911]
  2. Henry Percy [b 1873; d Halifax 30th November 1906] who  was a hosier [1891], a hosier (employer) [1901]
  3. Mary Louise [b 1875] who was a drapery assistant [1901]
  4. George H. [b 1878]
  5. Charles William [b 1882; d Halifax General Hospital 1st  July 1946] who was a hosier [1911]

The family lived at 26 Clare Road, Halifax [1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1915].

Living with them [in 1881, 1891, 1901] was sister-in-law Ellen Barnes [b 1852] (assistant hosier).

William Henry died in Halifax [12th August 1891] (aged 53).

He was buried at [17th August 1891]. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £5,837.

Probate was granted to his widow Jane and children Henry Percy & Mary Louise

Jane died at home [12th March 1915].

The couple & other members of the family () were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [Grave Ref: 27-N]

Nicholson, Rev William ThompsonRef 284-403
[1891-19??] Born in Macclesfield.

He was United Methodist Minister [1911] / Minister at Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Elland [1913,  1917].

In [Q3] 1910, he married Annie Hamilton Round [1887-19??] in Barrow in Furness.

Annie was born in Barrow in Furness

They lived at Chapel House, Ambler Thorn [1911]

Nicholson, WilsonRef 284-5
[1778-1852] Born in Sunderland, Durham.

He was a shoe maker [1841, 1851].

On 20th November 1797, he married Sarah Law in Manchester Cathedral.

Sarah was born in Todmorden, the daughter of
Jeremiah Law


  1. Isabella [b 18th June 1803]
  2. Ophelia [b 16th October 1808]
  3. Hypatia [b 21st August 1813]
  4. Joseph [b 30th April 1820]
  5. Eliza [b 28th August 1811]
  6. Elizabeth [bapt 18th September 1835]
  7. Hamlet [bapt 21st October 1835]
  8. Margaret Smith [bapt 21st October 1835]

After their marriage, the couple moved to Rochdale, and the children were born / baptised in Lancashire

The family lived at 28 Blackwater Street, Spotland, Rochdale [1851].

Wilson died in Rochdale [Q1 1852]


The Nicholson familyRef 284-445
Halifax family involved in printing and publishing. William Nicholson was an early member of the family.

See Thomas Holden and John Holroyd


Nicholson surnameRef 284-2
There are 48 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Nicholson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Nicholson

Marriage 1937; Deaths 1834, 1899


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