Rev James Pridie


Rev James Pridie was born in Oxford [22nd September 1786], one of 12 children.

He was apprenticed to a carver in stone and wood.

In 1806, he left Oxford, and spent a few years in London before moving north to settle in Manchester.

After hearing the nonconformist minister, Rev William Roby of Grosvenor Street preach, he

became converted to God

and joined the church where Roby was the minister.

He was employed as a junior master at the Leaf Square Grammar School, Pendleton. Later, he pursued a course of theological study.

He served at Malpas, Cheshire [where he preached in alternation with Boughton for 2 years] and New Windsor Chapel, Salford [for 13 years]

He ran a school in addition to his duties as a minister. The school was successful but demanding of his time.

He wished to focus his energies more on his pastoral duties, and accepted the invitation to become the pastor of Sion Congregational Church, Wade Street [1829-1858], commencing his regular duties on Sunday, 28th of June, 1829.

From 1855, Rev Charles Smith Sturrock was joint pastor with him.

James was active in the movements of his religious denomination / secretary for the Home Missionary Society / secretary for the Halifax Branch of the Religious Tract Society / secretary for the Bible Society / first chairman of the West Riding Congregational Union [1855-1857] / associated with Bridge End Congregational Church, Brighouse

He married Susannah Legge at Bishops Castle, Shropshire.


  1. George [b 1817]
  2. James [b 1819]
  3. Benjamin
  4. Sarah [1822-1872]
  5. William Roby [1825-1874]
  6. Hannah [b 1827]
  7. Robert Hall [b 1832] who was a stuff manufacturer's apprentice [1851]

The family lived at 3 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1829, 1834, 1851].

In June 1858, he decided to take full retirement whereupon the church and congregation combined together to raise the sum of £1200 with which to purchase a life annuity for him and a generous benefactor undertook to pay the annual rental on his home at Rhodes Street.

In August 1863, James and the Rev W. R. Morrison presented an address on behalf of the Church and Dissenters to the Prince of Wales during His Highness's visit to Halifax.

During the address, he was described as

the oldest dissenting minister in the town

His last appearance in the pulpit was on the Sunday 23rd September 1866, the day after his 80th birthday, when he delivered a sermon from the text What shall I render unto God for all his benefits towards me.

He continued to be a regular attendee at Sion Chapel and maintained a keen interest in the religious affairs of the time.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

He died at his home in Rhodes Street [25th January 1873].

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 312] along with his daughter Sarah and son William Roby.

His son Benjamin was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 716]

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