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Pearson, AlfredRef 188-6340
[1869-1???] Son of George Pearson.

Born in Southowram.

He married Lilly.

They lived at Denmark Farm, Southowram [1911]

Pearson, AllenRef 188-7
[1892-1916] Son of John Pearson.

Born in Soyland.

He was a cotton twiner piecer [1911] / employed by Victoria Mills, Brighouse.

During World War I, he enlisted [November 1915] and served as a Rifleman with A Company 18th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps.

He went to the Front [May 1916].

He was killed in action [15th September 1916] (aged 24).

The Halifax Courier [28th October 1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France, on Ripponden War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Stones Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School, Ripponden

Pearson, AmbroseRef 188-2
[1895-1915] Of 2 Bedford Court, Halifax.

He worked for J. E. Bentley & Company at Dunkirk Mills.

During World War I, and he served as a Private with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died following a German gas attack at Hill 60 [19th December 1915] (aged 20).

He was buried at Talana Farm Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref III H 6].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Pearson, ArnoldRef 188-23
[1920-1944] He was educated at Holy Trinity School & Halifax Tech / employed at Halifax Corporation Electricity Department.

During World War II, and he served as a Sergeant with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He was reported missing and assumed to have died 6th June 1944 (aged 24).

He is remembered on the Alamein Memorial, Egypt [Grave Ref 280], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Pearson, ArthurRef 188-39
[18??-19??] He served during World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint Michael's & All Angels' Church, Shelf

Pearson, ArthurRef 188-53
[1873-19??] Of 34 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge.

He sustained head injuries was injured in the Pye Nest Tram Disaster of 15th October 1907, and was detained at Halifax Infirmary

Pearson, BillRef 188-33
[1892-19??] MM.

Of Rastrick.

His parents were both dead by 1918.

During World War I, he served as a Private attached to the Signal Section of the West Riding Regiment.

He – and his close friend Gunner Benjamin Helliwell – were both awarded the Military Medal for

good work in delivering message on April 26th 1918

as reported in the Halifax Courier [13th July 1918].

It is likely that he survived the War

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Pearson, BinnsRef 188-26
[1855-1???] Illegitimate son of Elizabeth Pearson of Laverock Lane, Lightcliffe.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [11th March 1855]

Pearson, CainRef 188-15
[1863-1934] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a blacksmith & wheelwright [1888].

In 1888, he married (1) Annie Lawler [1865-1903] in Halifax.

Annie was born in Ireland


  1. Julia Ann [b 1890]
  2. Walter [b 1891]
  3. John Henry [b 1893]
  4. William
  5. Elizabeth [b 1899]

The children were born in Southowram.

After 1901, the family moved to Doncaster.

Annie died in Doncaster in 1903.

In 1907, Cain married (2) Maria Walsh [1864-1919] in Halifax.

Maria was born in Halifax

They had no children

Pearson, CharlesRef 188-8000
[1874-1954] Organist and choirmaster at Blackley Baptist Church for 45 years.

He walked the 3 miles from his home in Oakes to the Church twice every Sunday. In winter, he stayed at the Church for his lunch. After doing this for 25 years, he bought a car.

During World War II, he served 4 years in the Royal Artillery. He resumed his rôles at the Church in 1946.

He retired in 1953.

He died the following year [aged 80]

Pearson, DavidRef 188-3
[1852-1???] Born in Linthwaite.

He was a wine & spirit merchant, drysalter & confectioner [1891].

In [Q4] 1881, he married Emily Ann Spivey [1855-1???] in Huddersfield.

Emily Ann was born in Holmfirth


  1. Mellor [b 1883]
  2. Clarissa [b 1885]
  3. Florence [b 1889]

The children were born in Brighouse.

They lived at 68 Commercial Street, Brighouse [1891]

Pearson, EdgarRef 188-886
[18??-19??] Printer at 5 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1927]

Pearson, EdgarRef 188-44
[1890-19??] Son of George Pearson; (mother uncertain).

In [Q2] 1912, he married Florence Clarkson [1889-1919] in Halifax.


  1. George [1914-1916] who was buried with his mother

Florence died 2nd October 1919 (aged 30)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1495] with Edgar's father

Pearson, Edgar VincentRef 188-11
[1896-1916] Son of James Pearson.

Born in Brighouse [30th August 1896]

He was a grocer.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 12th Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

He died of wounds [7th October 1916].

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 14A & 15C]

Pearson, EphraimRef 188-991
[18??-18??] Of Wyke.

He supported the fife and drum band – established by the Band of Hope – which became the Wyke Temperance Band

Pearson, Eric SaphoRef 188-184
[1924-1940] Son of Edith Pearson, of 18 Golf Avenue, Highroad Well.

16-year-old Eric worked as a butcher's boy at Geoffrey Thompson's butchers shop in Hanson Lane, Halifax.

On 22nd November 1940, he had left work but forgot his wage packet and returned to the shop. He was a civilian casualty, killed by the Hanson Lane bomb as he waited for his bus home.

He died on the same day

Pearson, ErnestRef 188-6
[1889-1918] MM.

He married Hilda.

They lived at 12 Bonegate Avenue, Brighouse.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 15th/17th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died 18th September 1918 (aged 29).

He was buried at Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France [Grave Ref III F 96].

He was awarded the Military Medal

Pearson, FrankRef 188-21
[1890-19??] Son of Eliza Ann Pearson, a worsted drawer of Cain Lane, Southowram; father unknown.

He was fostered as a baby by Hannah & Joseph Hardy.

He was a coal face miner [1914].

In [Q4] 1918, he married Elsie in Barnsley.

Elsie née Ashton was the widow of Keay Saunders

Pearson, Fred AlwynRef 188-24
[1914-1943] Son of Mary & Harry Pearson of Queensbury.

In [Q4] 1941, he married Joan M. Leathley in Calder District.

They lived at Queensbury.

During World War II, he served as a Flight Sergeant with the 149th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He died 12th March 1943 (aged 29).

He was buried at Bergh (Beek) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Netherlands [Grave Ref 3-8].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Teachers'

Pearson, FrederickRef 188-9030
[1844-1894] Son of Joah Pearson.

He was a shoemaker / landlord of the Ring of Bells, Brighouse / landlord of the Wellington Inn, Brighouse [1881].

In [Q1] 1865, he married Martha Dyson [1844-1908] in Halifax.

Martha was the daughter of George Dyson


  1. John [1865-1879]
  2. Tom

They lived at Law's Terrace, Ogden Lane, Rastrick [1894].

Frederic died Q2 1894 (aged 50).

Martha died Q3 1908 (aged 64) 

Pearson, GeorgeRef 188-1016
[18??-19??] Of Walsden.

On 21st May 1900, for a stake of 10/- he undertook to walk from the Cross Keys, Walsden to the Moorcock, Walsden, and back, in 30 minutes. He completed the task in 27 minutes

Pearson, GeorgeRef 188-7710
[1833-18??] Son of Thomas Pearson.

In 1862, he married Sarah Shackleton?.

Sarah came from Thornton


  1. Annie [b 1862] who was a warper in tapestry [1911]
  2. John William [1864-1875]
  3. Mary Emma [b 1866]
  4. Alfred
  5. Elizabeth Hannah [b 1871]
  6. Sam [b 1874]

They lived at Denmark Farm, Southowram [1881, 1891, 1901].

George was dead by 1881.

Living with the widowed Sarah and family [in 1891] was lodger Arthur Sykes [aged 26], and in 1901 was boarder, Maurice H. Booth [aged 31] (wood turner).

In 1911, daughter Annie was living at 16 Primrose Street, Claremount, together with a niece Eleanor McHowan?

Pearson, GeorgeRef 188-41
[1856-1925] Born in Leeds.

He was a medical assistant (living with Dr Frederick George Strickland)   [1891] / an unregistered medical practitioner [1901] / a registered dentist [1911].

In 1901, 1911 he was living with Frances Margaret Pearson [1859-1917].

Frances was born in Carlton with Snaith / Selby.

She was listed with George as cohabitatant – single – medicine vendor [1901] / house keeper – single [1911]



  1. Edith [b 1882]
  2. Edgar
  3. Lydia [b 1892]  
  4. Frances Margaret [b 1895]
  5. Florrie [b 1898]
  6. Ada [b 1900]

The parentage of the 3 oldest children is uncertain.

The 4 youngest children were born in Halifax


Frances Margaret died 4th April 1917 (aged 58).

George (possibly) married Florence [1889-1919].

Florence died 2nd October 1919 (aged 30).

They lived at

  • 33 St James's Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 31 North Parade, Halifax [1911]

George died 19th January 1925 (aged 69)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1495] with other members of the family.

It is uncertain whether George ever married these ladies

Pearson, HaroldRef 188-8
[1898-1918] Son of William Henry Pearson.

Born in Heptonstall.

He was a violinist / a member of Square P. S. A. / employed in the telegraph office at Sowerby Bridge railway station / employed by the Halifax Permanent Building Society.

During World War I, he enlisted with the Coldstream Guards [November 1916], then he served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, attached to the 7th Battalion.

He was killed in action after being in France for 6 weeks [22nd May 1918] (aged 20).

The Halifax Courier [1st June 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, France [Grave Ref XV Q 38].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Halifax Building Society

Pearson, HarryRef 188-260
[18??-1910] He was a plumber.

In [Q3] 1910, he married Elinda Elise (or ElsieWallis [1887-1944] in Dewsbury.


  1. Annis [1913-1917]
  2. Jack [b 1915]
  3. Nellie [b 1918]
  4. Leonard [b 1919]
  5. Dora [b 1921]
  6. Gilbert C. [b 1926]
  7. Betty [b 1931]

They lived at St Stephen's Street, Copley [1917].

On 22nd December 1917, there was an explosion at the munitions factory at Copley. The family had to flee their home. Daughter Annis [aged 4] was killed by falling masonry, and son Jack sustained a broken arm. One month later, Mrs Pearson gave birth to daughter Nellie

Pearson, HenryRef 188-27
[1832-1???] Illegitimate son of Helen Pearson of Lightcliffe.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [6th May 1832]

Pearson, HenryRef 188-35
[1833-1906] Born in Stainland [6th February 1833].

He was a stone mason [1881].

He married Rebecca [1836-1916].

Rebecca was born in Stainland [11th December 1836]


  1. Ann [b 1865] who was a pupil-teacher [1881]
  2. Elizabeth [1866-5th May 1870]
  3. John Clegg (Pearson) who died 13th May 1870, aged  2½ years
  4. Benjamin [b 1870]
  5. Thomas [b 1872]
  6. Minnie [1874-3rd October 1966] who married (1) John  Pickles of Stainland, & (2) John Eli Quarmby of Stainland  and Southport
  7. Phoebe [1875-19th February 1920]

They lived at

  • Town Gate, Stainland [1871]
  • Holroyd Square, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1881]

Henry died 28th September 1906.

Rebecca died 26th July 1916.

Members of the family were buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland [Grave Ref: S3/42] including grandson T. H. Pearson

Pearson, IsaacRef 188-36
[1837-1912] Son of Ellen / Eleanor & John Pearson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a cordwainer [1861] / a boot rivetter [1871] / a boot maker [1880] / a shoe maker [1881].

He married Eliza [1837-1909].

Eliza was born in Halifax.

She was a worsted twister [1861]



  1. John [b 1859] who was a silk dresser [1881]
  2. Mary Hannah [b 1860] who married Arthur Horner
  3. Hannah [b 1870]

They lived at

  • 11 Bank Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 30 Wilson Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 6 Tidswell's Terrace, Halifax [with the Uttley family  1881]

Isaac died 15th April 1912 (aged 74).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2194]

Pearson, Rev J. S.Ref 188-510
[19??-19??] Assistant Curate at Halifax Parish Church [1958]. In 1962, he was appointed vicar of Alverthorpe

Pearson, JamesRef 188-838
[17??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1776-7, 1791]

Pearson, JamesRef 188-6001
[18??-18??] Moor overlooker at Todmorden [1863].

In 1863, he impounded 20 sheep and lambs belonging to Richard Ratcliffe of Lower Woodfield Farm, Todmorden for allowing them to graze on common land when Lower Woodfield had no grazing rights. Ratcliffe then charged Pearson with cruelty to animals, stating his animals had not been properly fed whilst impounded

Pearson, JamesRef 188-8800
[1800-1866] Born in Northowram.

He was innkeeper at Hollins Inn, Walsden [from at least 1832 until his death].

Before he married, he fathered an illegitimate daughter – called Ellen Pearson Midgley Wilson [b  1832] – with Ellen Wilson.

He married Ann Uttley.

Ann was the daughter of Abraham Uttley


  1. Young William
  2. John
  3. Martha Ann [1843-1877] who married Robert Bottomley
  4. Sarah

He was buried at St Peter's Church, Walsden

Pearson, JamesRef 188-7100
[1807-1866] Of Hipperholme.

He was buried at Bramley Lane Chapel

Pearson, JamesRef 188-43
[1819-1884] Born in Halifax.

He was an engine tenter [1851] / an engineer [1852] / a India rubber dealer [1871] / a broker [1884].

In [Q1] 1846, he married Martha Downborough [1821-1881] in Halifax.

Martha was born in Halifax


  1. Emma [b 1847]
  2. Mary [1848-1852] who was buried with her parents

The family lived at

  • Foundry Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 27 Crossley Terrace, Halifax [1871, 1884]

Living with them [in 1871] was Martha's mother Hannah Downborough [b 1794].

Martha died 3rd January 1881 (aged 60).

James died 13th October 1884 (aged 65).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2018]

Pearson, JamesRef 188-9
[1854-1934] JP.

Born in Halifax [1853].

In 1879, he married Mary Lucy Emmott [1858-1938] in Halifax.

They lived at 7 Heath Villas, Halifax.

The couple were buried at Christ Church, Pellon [3 B 92]

Pearson, JamesRef 188-37
[1867-19??] Son of John Pearson, gardener.

Born in Southowram.

He was a gardener of Siddal Hall [1895] / a market gardener (own account) [1901, 1911].

In [Q1] 1895, he married Emily Halstead [1874-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Emily, of Causeway, Halifax, was born in Southowram, the daughter of James Halstead, labourer


  1. Ethel [b 1896] who was a worsted spinner [1911]
  2. John Henry [b 1897] who was a greengrocer's assistant  [1911] & served in Ireland [1918]
  3. Samuel
  4. James [b 1901]
  5. Annie [b 1904]
  6. Mary [b 1907]
  7. Harry [b 1908]
  8. Arthur [b 1909]
  9. Edith [b 1911]

They lived at 13 Holts Terrace, Southowram [1901, 1911, 1918]

Pearson, JamesRef 188-12
[1872-1946] Born in Nun Monkton.

He was a gardener [1895].

On 10th August 1895, he married Louisa Rhodes [1868-1943] at Elland Parish Church.

Louisa was born in Rastrick


  1. Edgar Vincent
  2. Edith Annie [b 1899]
  3. Nellie [b 1904]
  4. Mabel [b 1906]

The children were born in Brighouse / Rastrick.

They lived at

  • 2 Tofts Grove, Rastrick [1911]
  • Top Lodge, Mirfield [1916]

The couple died in Mirfield

Pearson, James ArthurRef 188-622
[1882-1917] Son of Rawson Pearson.

In [Q3] 1913, he married Florence Rigg in Todmorden.

They lived at 5 Nutfield Street, Todmorden [1917].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 7th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

He was killed in France [14th May 1917] (aged 35).

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 4 & 5], in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Todmorden Unitarian Church, and on the Memorial at Oddfellows' Hall, Todmorden and on the family grave at Unitarian Church, Todmorden

Pearson, James HenryRef 188-291
[18??-19??] Organist at St Martin's Church, Brighouse [1875-1915]

Pearson, JoahRef 188-8650
[18??-18??] Landlord of the Globe, Rastrick [1870, 1874]

See George Dyson

Pearson, JoahRef 188-P314
[1874-1944] Of Brighouse. Local printer and baker known as
J. P. – The Great Provider

Pearson, JohnRef 188-13
[1???-18??] He lived at Mytholm Farm, Hipperholme

Pearson, JohnRef 188-836
[1???-18??] Currier living at Pump Hill, Southowram.

On 17th May 1840, he was travelling past Shibden Hall when he was assaulted and robbed by Joseph Sharp [aged 39] and John Sharp [29]. The men threw Pearson on his back, knocked his hat off, and stole an American coin, 1/6d, a halfpenny, a farthing and a basket

Pearson, JohnRef 188-6455
[1???-1893] A member of Halifax Town Council [1872-1892].

He died 21st June 1893

Pearson, JohnRef 188-539
[16??-17??] Of Brighouse.

On 3rd December 1721, he married Mrs Elizabeth Flather

Pearson, JohnRef 188-262

On 26th March 1896, he married Susey Riley at Wyke.

Susey was the daughter of
George Riley

Child: Gladys [1897-1977] who married [26th September 1917] Richard Sellers at Lightcliffe

Pearson, JohnRef 188-30
[18??-19??] Recorded in 1901, when he, his wife Mary A. E. and family were living at Stafford House, Skircoat

Pearson, JohnRef 188-630
[18??-19??] Cotton manufacturer and spinner at Callis Mill, Charlestown [1905]

Pearson, JohnRef 188-875
[1812-1893] Born in Shelf.

He was Inspector of Police [1851] / Superintendent in charge of Halifax Borough Police  [1853, 1870] / Head Constable [1871] / a Superannuated Police Officer [1881] / Alderman / living on own means [1891].

He married (1) Jane [1820-1869].

Jane was born in Northowram

They had no children.

Living with them [in 1861] was niece Jane A Fairbairn [b  Southowram 1849].

His wife Jane died in Halifax in 1869 (aged 49).

In 1870, he married Jane Ann Fairbairn in Halifax.

Jane Ann was born in Elland, and had been living with John & his first wife in 1861 and recorded as niece

Child: John Arthur [b 1871] who was a theological student [1891, 1893].

They lived at

  • 36 Clarence Street, Lister Lane, Halifax [1851]
  • 27 Westgate, Halifax [1861]
  • Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 12 Cromwell Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  • 24 Milton Street, Halifax [1891]

Living with them [in 1871] was niece Fanny Fairbairn [b Wyke 1855].

John died in Halifax [21st June 1893] (aged 81).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £280.

Probate was granted to his widow, Jane Ann & son John Arthur.

An obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post [21st June 1893] reported

Death of Mr.Pearson, Halifax

Ex-Alderman John Pearson of Halifax died at his residence, Halifax, this morning, in his 82nd year, after six months' illness. He was the second police superintendent for Halifax, and resigned on a pension 20 years ago, after which he entered the Council, and was appointed alderman, only leaving the council last November


In 1901, Jane Ann (living on own means) was living at 4 Promenade Terrace, Halifax with her cousin Ezekiel Fearnley [b  Halifax 1840] (retired Inland Revenue Officer).

See Halifax constables and Halifax Police Station

Pearson, JohnRef 188-4400
[1818-1???] Born in Colne, Lancashire.

He was a grocer [1855] / a warehouseman [1871] / a retired grocer [1881].

In [Q2] 1847, he married Agnes Wild [1821-1???] in Halifax.


  1. John B. [b 1850] who was an assistant woolstapler [1871]
  2. Sarah [b 1852]
  3. James [b 1854] who was a woolstapler's apprentice [1871]
  4. Joseph Wild
  5. Leonard
  6. Edward [b 1860] who was a railway clerk [1881]

They lived at

  • Southgate, Halifax [1855]
  • 7 New Bond Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 13 West Grove terrace, Halifax [1881]

Pearson, JohnRef 188-16
[1856-19??] Born in Scammonden.

He was a cotton spinner [1891, 1901].

In 1883, he married Mary Ann Holroyd [1858-19??] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Oldham


  1. Sarah Hannah [b 1884] who was a cotton reeler [1901], a  cotton winder [1911]
  2. Harold [b 1886] who was a cotton spinner piecer [1901]
  3. Alfred [b 1888] who was a cotton spinner piecer [1901,  1911]
  4. Hilda [b 1890] who was a cotton winder [1911]
  5. Allen
  6. Ivy [b 1895] who was a cotton winder [1911]

They lived at

  • Swift Place, Soyland [1891]
  • 1 Dyson Lane, Ripponden [1901]
  • 60A Rochdale Road, Ripponden [1911]
  • 12 South View, Dyson Lane, Ripponden [1916]

Pearson, JosephRef 188-1187
[1827-1904] Landlord of the Royal Oak Inn, Halifax [1904].

He married Elizabeth.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1904

Pearson, JosephRef 188-28
[1833-1???] Illegitimate son of Leah Pearson of Hartshead Moor.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [14th July 1833]

Pearson, Joseph WildRef 188-612
[1855-1???] Son of John Pearson.

Born in Halifax; baptised at St James's Church, Halifax [20th February 1855].

He was a printer/stationer [1871] / a shopman stationer [1881] / a printer, bookseller & stationer [1891] / partner in Pearson Brothers [1895] / a bookseller & stationer, shopkeeper (employer) [1901] / a grocer [1905] / a bookseller, printer, stationer [1911].

In [Q2] 1888, he married (1) Annie Barker [1862-1???] in Halifax.

Annie was born in Halifax


  1. Ernest [b 1889] who was a printer (assisting in business)   [1911]
  2. Ralph [b 1891] who was an assistant in business [1911]
  3. Joseph W. [b 1894]
  4. Grace [b 1897]
  5. John [b 1898]
  6. Margaret [b 1900]

On 24th April 1905, he married (2) Sarah Hitchen [1864-19??] at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

Sarah, of Blackwall, Halifax, was the daughter of John Hitchen, engineer

They lived at

  • 31 Aked's Road, Halifax [1891]
  • 46 Skircoat Green, Halifax [1901]
  • 28 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1905]
  • 11 High Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset [1911]
  • Pine Dene, Love Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset [1931]

He died in Dorset.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,230 10/5d. Probate was granted to his widow Sarah, son John, and Alfred Wickham Parsons (draper) 

Pearson, LeonardRef 188-6200
[1858-1???] Son of John Pearson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a surveyor [1881] / an architect's clerk [1881] / a bookseller & stationer [1891] / partner in Pearson Brothers [1895] / a stationer in Halifax [1897] / a publican in Retford [1911]

In 25th October 1881, he married Mary Jane Taylor [1859-1905] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary Jane, of Southgate, Halifax, was the daughter of Edward Taylor, a tin plate worker


  1. Agnes Louisa [b 1892]
  2. Dora [b 1895] who was a dressmaker [1911]
  3. Alice Maud [b 1896] who was baptised at St Jude's Church,  Halifax [17th January 1897]
  4. Miriam [b 1901]

The family lived at

  • 24 West Parade, Halifax [1891]
  • Ivy Cottage, Halifax [1897]
  • Carolgate, Retford, Nottinghamshire [1911]

Mary Jane died in East Retford [Q3 1905].

Living with the widowed Leonard and family [in 1911], was nephew Henry Ernest Cook [aged 26] (waiter)

Pearson, Rev MarkRef 188-215
[18??-1910] He was a member of the Methodist Free Church before becoming Minister of Heywood's Chapel [February 1884].

He was a local historian.

He was an early member of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, specialising in Northowram.

In 1898, he published his magnum opus, entitled Northowram, its History and Antiquities.

In 1908, he retired after 25 years because of ill-health

Pearson, MichaelRef 188-1127
[1840-1???] He was landlord of the Westgate, Halifax [1874, 1895]

Pearson, Noel Rupert VictorRef 188-19
[1882-1934] Son of Thomas William Pearson, labourer.

He was a labourer of Elland [1904].

In [Q1] 1904, he married Mary Jane Pearsall at St Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot.

Mary Jane was the daughter of
James Pearsall

Pearson, RawsonRef 188-624
[18??-1???] He married Mary [18??-1???].


  1. James Arthur

The family lived at 8 Bar Street, Todmorden.

Members of the family were buried at Unitarian Church, Todmorden

Pearson, SamuelRef 188-954
[17??-18??] He was a watchmaker and clockmaker at Corn Market, Halifax [1822, 1829]

Pearson, SamuelRef 188-40
[1764-1827] Of Halifax.

He married Sarah [1768-1837].

Samuel died 25th June 1827 (aged 63).

Sarah died 10th January 1837 (aged 69).

The couple were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Pearson, Rev SamuelRef 188-527
[18??-19??] He trained at Lancashire College before becoming Minister at Lightcliffe Congregational Church [for 11½ years from 1881]. He was ordained on 3rd November 1881.

In 1892, he moved to Tyneside

Pearson, SamuelRef 188-25
[18??-1918] Of Coronation Road, Halifax.

He was managing clerk for Skinner & Gray.

During World War I, and he served as a Corporal with the Royal Army Service Corps.

He died of malaria in Salonika [18th November 1918].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Pearson, SamuelRef 188-533
[1805-1881] He married Susannah.


  1. Susan [1836-1877]

They lived at Laverock Lane, Brighouse [1877].

Members of the family were buried at Brighouse Cemetery together with Rachel [1827-1893], the wife of Samuel Pearson

Question: Does anyone know who was Rachel's husband? Could it be a Samuel Pearson Jnr?


Pearson, SamuelRef 188-38
[1822-1875] Born in Barkisland

He was a stone delver [1861] / a delver [1871].

He married Sarah [1825-1897].

Sarah was born in Stainland


  1. Mary [1847-7th November 1880] who was a woollen piecer  [1861], married Walter Hepworth, & was buried with her parents
  2. Rachel [b 1850] who was a woollen piecer [1861], a  woollen weaver [1871]
  3. Eliza [b 1852]
  4. Emma [b 1855] who was a woollen weaver [1871]
  5. Sarah [1859-1885] who was a woollen weaver [1871] & was  buried with her parents
  6. Marina [b 1861]
  7. Martha Ann [b 1864]
  8. Samuel [b 1866]
  9. James [b 1871]

They lived at

  • Frog Hall, Clay Pitt Lane, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1861]
  • Sowood, Stainland [1871]

Samuel died 31st July 1875 (aged 53).

Sarah died 23rd October 1897 (aged 72).

Members of the family were buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland [Grave Ref: S3/122]

Pearson, SamuelRef 188-20
[1899-1918] Son of James Pearson.

He was a member of St Mark's Sunday School, Siddal / educated at Siddal Council School / a playing member of Siddal RUFC / a salesman for his father's market gardening business.

During World War I, he enlisted [March 1917] and served as a Lance Corporal with the 7th Battalion Norfolk Regiment.

He was killed in action [29th September 1918] (aged 19).

His photograph appears with reports of his death in the Halifax Courier [26th October & 2nd November 1918].

He is remembered on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France [Grave Ref 4], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Halifax Butchers' Association

Pearson, Samuel DynesRef 188-285
[1872-1936] Born in Portadown

He was an insurance agent [1910].

In 1910, he married Fanny Louise Hollas in Middlesbrough.

Fanny Louise was the daughter of
Frank Hollas

The couple moved to Australia

Pearson, SarahRef 188-45
[1788-1868] Sarah is shown as a spinster in the Lister Lane Archives, and as a widow in the 1851 Census.

Born in Ovenden.

He married Sarah [1788-1868].


  1. Maria [1816-1888] who married Joseph Cockroft
  2. John [1818-1880] who was a coach polisher
  3. Ann [b 1829] who was a worsted drawer [1851]

They lived at Ovenden [1851].

Sarah died 10th December 1868 (aged 80)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2683]

Pearson, Stephen J.Ref 188-284
[1956-2003] He was elected to Calderdale Council in 1990. He was twice Calder Valley Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats. He was Mayor of Calderdale [1994-1995]

Pearson, T.Ref 188-386
[17??-18??] Butcher at Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse.

In January 1821, he was declared bankrupt

Pearson, Dr T. E.Ref 188-345
[18??-19??] He was organist at St Bartholomew's Church, Armley before becoming Organist at Halifax Parish Church [1924-1929]

Pearson, T. H.Ref 188-34

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the 13th Battalion King's (Liverpool Regiment).

He died 29th July 1916 (aged 18).

He was buried at Agecroft Cemetery, Salford Manchester [15 NC 602].

He is remembered at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland with his grandfather Henry Pearson

Pearson, ThomasRef 188-18
[17??-18??] In 1808, he occupied land
lying and being on the South Side of Bramley Lane End in Lightcliffe, containing together by estimation sixteen days work or thereabouts

as mentioned in a Sale by Auction [1808].

He married Mary.


  1. John [1817-1821]
  2. William [1822-1826]
  3. Edwin [b 1826]
  4. Martha [b 1827]
  5. Elizabeth [b 1830]
  6. George
  7. Mary [b 1834]
  8. Sarah [b 1837]
  9. Catherine [b 1840]

There may be some confusion between this man and Thomas Pearson

Pearson, ThomasRef 188-279
[1769-1841] Born in Hipperholme

He was a butcher [1790].

On 21st December 1790, he married Eleanor / Ellen Freeman in Hipperholme.

Eleanor / Ellen was the daughter of
William Freeman

He was buried at Saint Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [8th August 1841]

Pearson, ThomasRef 188-17
[1788-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Pearson, ThomasRef 188-9900
[1799-1874] On 19th October 1823, he married Mary Haines [1799-1878].

They lived at Denmark Farm, Southowram [1841, 1851, 1861, 1871]

Pearson, ThomasRef 188-10
[1866-1938] Born in Burnley.

He was a miner [1893].

In 1893, he married Ann Barritt [1859-1927] in Todmorden.

Mary Ann was born in Todmorden


  1. William Alfred

They lived at 7 Rose View, Portsmouth, Todmorden

Pearson, Thomas AlfredRef 188-915
[1869-19??] Son of Abraham Pearson, mechanic.

Born in Rochdale.

He was a piano maker of Battinson Road, Halifax [1890] / a piano tuner & repairer [1891] / a retailer of musical instruments at 40 Market Street and 21  Borough Market, Halifax [1900] / a musical instrument shop keeper [1901] / a piano tuner of Commercial Street, Halifax [1907] / a tuner & repairer of pianos & organs [1911].

In 1890, he married (1) Alice Thompson at St Augustine's Church, Pellon.

Alice, of Waterhouse Street, was the daughter of Joseph Thompson, caretaker


  1. Dorothy Alice [b 1898]

Alice died in Halifax in 1906 (aged 36).

In 1907, he married (2) Minnie Briggs [1875-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Minnie, of Bowman Terrace, Halifax, was born in Queensbury, the daughter of William Briggs, loom harness maker

They lived at

  • 4 Gills Court, Crown Street, Halifax (with Alice's  parents) [1891]
  • 40 Market Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 70 Commercial Street, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1901] was Thomas Alfred's sister Emma L Pearson [b Huddersfield 1876]

Pearson, Thomas HansonRef 188-605
[1849-1921] Born in Bradford [10th September 1849].

He was a yarn buyer [1874].

On 29th April 1874, he married Mary Hannah Fidler at Coley Church.

Mary Hannah was the daughter of
John Henry Fidler


  1. Ethel [b 1877]
  2. John Henry Fidler [b 1882]
  3. Mabel [b 1885]

The children were born in Bradford.

The couple died in Bradford: Mary Hannah [4th March 1890]; Thomas [11th November 1921]

Pearson, TomRef 188-347
[1872-1936] Born in Rastrick.

He was a fitter/engineer [1892].

On 20th February 1892, he married Emma Thornton at St Matthew's Church, Rastrick.

Emma was the daughter of
William Henry Thornton


  1. Bertha [b 1892]
  2. Frederick [b 1894]
  3. Tom [b 1898]
  4. Martha [b 1903]

By 1901, the family had moved to Blackpool. They lived at 25 Eaves Street, Blackpool.

Emma died in Blackpool [Q4 1927] (aged 58).

Tom died in Blackpool [Q2 1936] (aged 64) 

Pearson, Tom HarryRef 188-4
[1879-1914] Born in Elland.

He was a butcher.

In [Q3] 1903, he married Florrie Blackburn in Halifax.

Florrie was the daughter of
Joseph Blackburn


  1. Nellie [b 1905]

In 1911, the family were living with Florrie's widowed mother Elizabeth at the Town Hall Hotel, Elland.

After Elizabeth's death [1916], Florrie ran the Town Hall Hotel [1916-1937].

Tom Harry died in the Royal Halifax Infirmary [31st December 1914].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £811 3/10d.

Probate was granted to his widow Florrie

Pearson, WilliamRef 188-939
[17??-18??] Landlord of the Punch Bowl, Boothtown [1822, 1834].

In 1798, he married Martha Holt.

Martha was the daughter of James Holt

Pearson, WilliamRef 188-42
[18??-1???] A shoe finisher of Great Albion Street, Halifax.

In 1878, he and Jonathan Sutcliffe were sentenced to prison for stealing a bagatelle ball from the Engineers' Inn at Cross Hills, Halifax.

Pearson had previously been convicted of housebreaking, and was sentenced to six months in prison for being in Swine Market with intent to commit a felony

Pearson, WilliamRef 188-31
[1842-1917] Born in Hartshead.

He was a setting machine tenter [1871] / a card setting machine tenter [1881, 1891].

He married Martha [1844-1908].

Martha was born in Aldborough, Yorkshire


  1. Elizabeth Ann [b 1873] who was an elementary school  teacher [1891]
  2. Albert [b 1877] who was an apprentice to machine fitter  [1891]
  3. Mary [b 1877] who was an assistant in drapery shop [1891]
  4. Hannah [1880-30th May 1910] who was buried with her  parents

They lived at

  • Hartshead [1871, 1881]
  • Watson Cottage, Southowram [1891]

Martha died 20th June 1908.

William died 31st January 1917 (aged 65) 

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-B31]

Pearson, WilliamRef 188-5
[1844-1876] He and his family lived at 10 Mechanic Street, Todmorden.

He was reported to be

of dissolute habits

On 26th June 1876, he took his 5 year-old daughter, saying they were going for a walk. Around 5:00 pm, they called at an Inn near the Canal tow-path, about a mile from the town, where William had 2 glasses of ale.

Shortly afterwards, a young boy raised the alarm after he saw something floating in the Canal not far from the Inn. PC Barnett and a group of people pulled the young girl from the water She was thought to be dead, but she was taken to a nearby house and Dr Thorp was called. The child recovered and was taken home.

Later, a hat was seen floating on the water. The Police were again called, and Pearson's body was found.

It is thought that he intended drowning the child and himself

Pearson, WilliamRef 188-14
[1894-1915] Son of Cain Pearson.

Born in Southowram [4th February 1894].

He was a cart driver.

William enlisted for service in Doncaster [1913].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He was killed in action [9th August 1915].

He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.

The paperwork with the location at which William was buried could not be traced.

Pearson, William AlfredRef 188-81
[1895-1915] Son of Thomas Pearson.

Born in Todmorden.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment.

He was killed in action [10th February 1915] (aged 20).

He was buried at Guards' Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy, France [Grave Ref IX C 33].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Pearson, William HenryRef 188-29
[1852-1???] Illegitimate son of Mary Ann Pearson of Shelf.

Born 30th April 1852; baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [24th August 1852]

Pearson, William HenryRef 188-32
[1876-19??] Son of Alfred Pearson, mechanic.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a railway servant of Cockden Hill, Stansfield [1896] / employed by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company at  Halifax Old Station [for 16 years] / a railway porter [1901] / a passenger porter Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway [1911].

In 1896, he married Clara Henderson [1875-1910] at Halifax Parish Church.

Clara, of Beach, Warley, was the daughter of William Henderson, green grocer


  1. Harold
  2. Donald Benjamin Alfred [1910-1913]

They lived at

  • 24 Clement Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 1 Nelson Street, Sowerby Bridge [with his uncle George Hammond 1911]

Clara died (possibly of perinatal complications) [Q3 1910]

Pearson, William JohnRef 188-22
[1884-1917] He was an apprentice brass finisher [1901].

During World War I, and he served as a Lance Corporal with the 2nd/5th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He died 26th February 1917.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 14A & 14B], and on Rastrick War Memorial


Pearson surnameRef 188-1

There are 90 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Pearson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Pearson

Baptism 1856; Marriages 1892, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1921; Deaths 1805, 1900, 1907

Unattached burials at Lister Lane Cemetery: Plot 1253, Plot 1495


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