The Queen's Hall, King Cross

The Queen's Hall is a public hall in King Cross Street, just across from the Palladium Cinema.

Opened in 1890 as the King Cross Constitutional Club and was opened by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Goschen.

The club expanded in 1897 and was one of the major social venues in the town.

After World War I, the building became an ex-servicemen's club before being taken over by a private firm, which used it for a variety of purposes.

In 1945, it was bought by Madame Oldroyd who, with her married daughter, Norma, ran Madame Oldroyd's School of Dance for a variety of dance-related activities.

The lower floor was known as the Arcadian Rooms, where smaller dances, suppers and receptions were held. Public and private dances were held in the larger Queen's Ballroom on the first floor. This was 60 ft by 32 ft, complete with special accommodation for an orchestra or band.

In June 1958, Madame Oldroyd sold the Queen's Hall.Yand Since then, it has had a varied career. The building is now used for retail purposes

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