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Radcliffe, A.Ref 194-623
[18??-19??] Butcher at Halifax.

In April 1893, he was declared bankrupt

Radcliffe, AbrahamRef 194-302
[1696-1759] Of Brighouse.

Son of William Radcliffe.

He was a Halifax attorney / a trustee of the Wheelwright Charities.

On 13th April 1732, he married Betty Holmes at St Peter's Church, Sowerby.

Betty was the daughter of Joseph Holmes


  1. William
  2. Abraham
  3. Anne [5th December 1734-19th April 1739]
  4. Betty [16th December 1737-3rd May 1739]
  5. Charles
  6. John

Abraham died 1st November 1759.

Betty died 16th November 1790.

Members of the family were buried at Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard

Radcliffe, AbrahamRef 194-16
[1736-1756] Son of Abraham Radcliffe.

Born in Brighouse ? [14th August 1736].

He was a midshipman in the Royal Navy.

He died in Minorca in 1756

Radcliffe, Alice deRef 194-387
[13??-13??] Aka Olive, Domina de Eland. She was the third wife of Sir John Elland.

After the murder of Sir John, she married Sir Geoffrey de Warburton.

She inherited the Manor of Brighouse – including Shibden Mill and Rastrick Mill – from Sir John. She rented these to John of the Dene.

In 1372, the Manor of Hipperholme was settled on the couple on an annual payment of one rose on the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist

Radcliffe, BenjaminRef 194-15
[1831-1916] Son of Radcliffe, David.

He was a woolsorter [1871] / a partner in Benjamin Radcliffe & Company [until 1879] / an oil extractor [1891] / a grease refiner [1896] / a partner in Radcliffe Brothers with his twin brother  Joseph [1905].

He never married.

He lived with his siblings Joseph & Elizabeth and niece Hannah Holroyd [b 1860] (milliner)  at Saddleworth Road, Elland with Greetland [1891]

He lived at Hullen Edge Road, Elland [1916].

He died 2nd October 1916.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £13,457 3/2d.

Probate was granted to Joseph Harger Mitchell, Thomas Garside (machine maker), Fred Jowett Mallinson (assistant overseer), and Thomas Holt (textile mill manager) 

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-772
[14??-1536] Son of Richard Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: Edmund

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-774
[15??-1590] Son of Edmund Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.


  1. Henry
  2. Robert

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-305
[1676-1749] Son of William Radcliffe.

He was an attorney [1700-1749]. He lived at Howroyd, Barkisland [1717-1729]. He moved to Whittell Place, Elland.

In 1730, he was admitted to the Court of Common Pleas. He was Steward of the Manor of Southowram.

He was joined by his nephews, Abraham Radcliffe and John Seaton. His practice was taken over by a former articled clerk, John Howarth.

In 1702, he married Mary Carr.

Mary was the daughter of George Carr of Kirkheaton


  1. William
  2. Mary [1705-1735] who married William Dean from  Elland
  3. Elizabeth [1707-1759] who married Giles Rickaby  from Wakefield
  4. Ann [1708-1751]
  5. Sarah [1711-1750] who married James Tetlawe

See A. T. Longbotham

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-517
[1739-1817] Son of Abraham Radcliffe.

Born in Brighouse [31st July 1739]; baptised at Rastrick [29th August 1739].

He was an attorney in Brighouse. Nephew and partner of Charles Radcliffe.

He married Charlotte Radcliffe [1761-1797].

Charlotte was born in York [13th August 1761], the daughter of Francina Towne & Charles Radcliffe of York


  1. William Towne
  2. Charlotte Lucretia Francina [29th December 1794-23rd  January 1818] who died from burns after her clothes caught fire in  the Asylum in York

They lived at Smith House, Brighouse.

Charlotte died 13th September 1797 (aged 36).

Abraham died December 1817 (aged 78).

Members of the family were buried at Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard, in the large chest tomb just to the left of the main entrance

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-1625
[18??-18??] Hair dresser and perfumer at 73 Woolshops, Halifax

Radcliffe, CharlesRef 194-96
[1805-18??] Born in Warley.

He was a silk worker [1841] / landlord of the Maypole Inn, Warley [1851, 1859 when the  licence was suspended for a time, 1861, 1874].

Around 1830, he married Mary [1810-18??].

Mary was born in Halifax


  1. Ann [b 1832]
  2. Nancy [b 1834]
  3. Mary [b 1837]
  4. John [b 1840]
  5. James [b 1838]
  6. Sarah [b 1842] who was a mill hand doffer [1901], a  worsted weaver [1861]
  7. Elizabeth [b 1844] who married John Aspinall
  8. Mary [b 1844] who was a milliner [1861]
  9. William [b 1847]
  10. Charles Henry [1849-1852]
  11. Emma [b 1852]
  12. Thomas [b 1855]

They lived at

  • Mill Bank, Sowerby [1841, 1874]
  • Maypole Inn, Warley [1851]

Radcliffe, DanielRef 194-1669
[1807-18??] Born in Soyland.

He was a weaver [1841, 1851] / a woollen weaver [1861] / a farmer of 20 acres [1871].

In 1832, he married Elizabeth / Betty Helliwell [1816-18??] at Elland Church.


  1. Mary Ann [b 1835] who was a mill hand [1851]
  2. Uriah
  3. William [b 1843]
  4. James [b 1845] who was a cotton piecer [1861], a cotton  twister [1871]
  5. Squire [b 1847] who was a cotton piecer [1861]
  6. Hellowell

The family lived at

  • Clay House, Soyland [1841, 1851]
  • 6 Clay House, Soyland [1861]
  • Thorton(?) Park, Soyland [1871]

Living with them [in 1871] was visitor Ben Boothman [aged 38] (quarryman) 

Radcliffe, DavidRef 194-3
[1787-1872] Born in Sowerby.

He was a wool waste dealer in West Street, Sowerby Bridge / retired [1871].

On 10th January 1813, he married Sarah Crompton [1791-1875] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. John [1813-1814]
  2. Mary Ann [1814-1882]
  3. Edward [1817-1895]
  4. Joseph [1819-1821]
  5. John [b 1820]
  6. Thomas
  7. Elizabeth [1825-1911]
  8. Sarah Ann [1827-1864]
  9. Charles [1829-1830]
  10. Joseph
  11. Benjamin
  12. Susannah [1833-1896] who was a woollen weaver [1871]

They lived at West Street, Sowerby Bridge [1871].

Living with them [in 1871] were granddaughters Sarah Holroyd [b 1858] (cotton reeler)  & Hannah Holroyd [b 1860]

Radcliffe, EdgarRef 194-352
[1885-1915] Son of William Radcliffe.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was an apprentice clogger [1901]. Between 1901 and 1911, he took a job as an Assistant with the Mental Asylum Prestwich, Lancashire.

During World War I, he enlisted in Bury, Lancashire and served as a Private with the 1st/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He trained in Egypt.

He died at Gallipoli [16th June 1915].

He was buried at Skew Bridge Cemetery, Turkey [Grave Ref II D 8].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint Peter's Church, Sowerby, and on the Memorial at Saint George's Church, Sowerby

Radcliffe, EdmundRef 194-773
[1???-1557] Or Edward.

Son of Charles Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: Charles

Radcliffe, ElizabethRef 194-1265
[16??-1???] Daughter of Joshua Radcliffe.

She married Roger Mainwaring from Kermincham in Cheshire.


  1. James who had a son, Roger

Radcliffe, FrankRef 194-6
[18??-191?] He was employed by Baldwin & Walker Limited.

During World War I, he served with the 2nd W. R. Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He (possibly) died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Baldwin & Walker Roll of Honour

Radcliffe, GeorgeRef 194-9
[1833-1904] Or Ratcliffe.

Landlord of the Moorcock, Sowerby [1894] and the Moorcock, Norland [1900, 1901]

Radcliffe, George HenryRef 194-833
[1835-1897] Born in Halifax.

Around 1865, he established business as a practical hair cutter and perfumer at 18 Crown Street, Halifax. The company had a laboratory at Gill's Court, Halifax.

He was a hair dresser & fancy dealer [1891].

In 1865, he married Ann Empsall [1836-1???] in Rochdale.


  1. Ann Eliza [b 1867] who married William Henry Utley

The family lived at 18 Crown Street, Halifax.

Living with them [in 1881] was widowed mother-in-law Eliza Empsall [aged 74].

At 11:30 pm on Friday 4th June 1897, he and his wife were walking along Commercial Street, Halifax when a piece of masonry weighing 29 lbs fell from one of the newly-erected buildings there. He was injured and died around 3:00 pm on the following Sunday afternoon.

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £2,789. Probate was granted to his widow Anne Radcliffe and daughter Annie Eliza Radcliffe

Radcliffe, HellewellRef 194-288
[1838-19??] Son of Samuel Radcliffe.

Born in Soyland [October 1838].

He was a woolcomber [1855] / a sailor [1860s].

On 2nd March 1855, at the age of 16, he was charged with stealing pigeons, the property of George Wood, at Elland-cum-Greetland.

He had previous convictions: one for felony and the other under the Juvenile Act.

He was sentenced to 4 years' penal servitude.

He was initially held at Millbank Prison in London.

On 25th May 1855, he was transferred to Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight to undergo his sentence and reformatory training. [until 1st March 1859].

His records shows that he could read and write imperfectly. Records of his behaviour whilst an inmate were destroyed in a fire at the prison.

In [Q3] 1864, he married Harriet Ashworth [1841-1???] in Sunderland.

Harriet was the daughter of Mary and John Ashworth, potter,


  1. David [b 1865]
  2. Mary [b 1868]
  3. William [b 1870]

Radcliffe, HellowellRef 194-1668
[1850-19??] Son of Daniel Radcliffe.

Born in Soyland.

He was a cotton piecer [1861] / a cotton twister [1871, 1872] / a cotton twiner [1881] / innkeeper at the Beehive, Soyland [1891] / a labourer navvy [1901] / a brick layer labourer [1911]

In [Q2] 1872, he married Helena Hopkinson [1851-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Helena, of Rishworth, was the daughter of Charles Hopkinson, mason


  1. James [b 1873] who was a cotton operative [1891] a farm  labourer [1911]
  2. Elizabeth Ann [b 1875] who was a cotton operative [1891]  a cotton reeler [1901] a cop reeler [1911]
  3. Fred [b 1878] who was a cotton operative [1891]
  4. Mary Hannah [b 1886] a cotton ring spinner [1901, 1911]

The family lived at

Living with them [in 1901] were 4 boarders.

Living with them [in 1911] was granddaughter Clara Radcliffe [aged 7]

Radcliffe, HenryRef 194-775
[15??-16??] Son of Charles Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.


  1. Joshua
  2. Jonas

Radcliffe, HenryRef 194-13
[1842-1915] Born at Holmfield [15th August 1842].

He was a half-timer / educated at Henry Ambler's Factory School, Holmfield / employed at Higginbottom's Cotton Mill, Lee Bank / a book keeper at Dapper Mill, Wheatley [until 1876] / employed by Webster's at Ovenden Wood [until 1884 when his health  failed] / a member of a Mutual Improvement Class at Wheatley School / a member of Providence United Reformed Church, Illingworth / a member of Illingworth Church / a student of Latin with Rev G. Garmosons Bird / a teacher at Wheatley School [1864] / a teacher of shorthand & other subjects at Halifax Institute / a teacher of shorthand Haley Hill Working Men's College.

He produced a calculator (a book?) for calculating wages under an 1875 Act (which reduced from 60 to 56½ hours per week), and a second edition for calculating wages under a 1901 Act (which reduced to 55½ hours per week).

In 1886, he entered the silk waste business and built a warehouse at Moorfield Street, Halifax.

He married Elizabeth? [1849-1915].


  1. Walter
  2. A.
  3. Fred who went to America
  4. daughter
  5. daughter
  6. daughter
  7. daughter

The family lived at 17 Jessamine Terrace, King Cross Road, Halifax.

his wife died Q1 1915 (aged 66).

He died 2nd October 1915.

He was buried at King Cross United Methodist Chapel

Radcliffe, JamesRef 194-18
[1???-1853] Manufacturer of Wheatley.

He died 24th August 1853

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-320
[1???-18??] 19th century textile manufacturer.

He lived at Allan House, Sowerby Bridge

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-4
[1???-1841] On 9th May 1841, Radcliffe and John Bates were coming from Halifax when they met John Sykes. An argument broke out between the 2 men about some clothes. Blows were exchanged and the men fell to the ground, Radcliffe's head between Sykes's legs, when Sykes struck the other with a poker. Radcliffe died 2 weeks later [23rd May 1841].

On 14th July 1841, Sykes was charged with the manslaughter of John Radcliffe.

The Jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-537
[16??-1704] He lived at Haugh End, Sowerby

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-425
[17??-1???] Coiner of Lighthazles.

Son of John Radcliffe

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-426
[17??-1???] Coiner of Lighthazles.

He married Unknown.

Child: John

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-304
[1741-18??] A Manchester merchant.

Son of Abraham Radcliffe, and nephew of Mrs Holmes.

Born 20th February 1741.

He married Dorothy Key.

Dorothy was the daughter of Richard Key of Pudsey

His aunt, Mrs Holmes, bequeathed Smith House, Lightcliffe and Holme House, Lightcliffe to him.

In 1802, he sold Holme House to Rev John Hey of Sydney College Cambridge.

In January 1804, he bought Holme House back from Hey and sold it to George Armitage for £1907 10/-.

James Sykes was his head gardener at Smith House

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-209
[18??-19??] Son of Thomas Radcliffe.

In 1939, John was senior partner in the picker manufacturing business established by his father.

On 7th August 1938, he was elected Mayor to fill the vacancy caused by the sudden death of George Barker.

He was a Liberal / a member of the De Warren Lodge of Freemasons / a member of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club / Councillor for Northowram Ward / Vice-chairman of the Sewage & Cleansing Committee / Vice-chairman of the Education Committee / Chairman of the Libraries and Museums sub-committee / Chairman of the Transport Committee / Alderman for Illingworth Ward [1933] / Mayor of Halifax [1938-1939] and [1940 (August-November)] / Freeman of the Borough [22nd March 1948].

In 1913, he married Laura Dewhirst from Northowram, in Halifax.

The family lived at 14 Heath Avenue, Halifax [1939].

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-12
[1807-18??] Or Radcliff.

Born in Norland.

He was a cotton & wollen manufacturer [1851] / a farmer of 27 acres [1851].

He married Margrat [1811-1???]

Margrat was born in Skircoat


  1. Thomas [b 1831]
  2. Charles [b 1833]
  3. Mary [b 1836]
  4. John [b 1839]
  5. Edward [b 1848]

They lived at Bottoms, Norland (with 2 servants) [1851]

Radcliffe, JohnRef 194-176
[1846-1???] Born in Sowerby.

He was a mason [1870].

On 1st January 1870, he married in Halifax.

Ellen was the daughter of
David Hollas


  1. Susan [b 1870]
  2. Eliza [b 1872]
  3. Ellen [b 1875]
  4. Ada [b 1878]
  5. Emily [b 1882]
  6. John William [b 1884]

Radcliffe, JonasRef 194-1267
[1???-1???] Son of Henry Radcliffe.

He became President of University College Oxford

Radcliffe, Sir JosephRef 194-R649
[1744-1819] Born Joseph Pickford, son of Mary (née Radcliffe) & Joseph Pickford.

He changed his surname to Radcliffe when he inherited from his maternal uncle William

He was a local magistrate and a wealthy landowner and well-known as being an opponent of the local Luddites.

Wikipedia tells us that

not only did he hunt the Luddites down; he questioned them in his own house; sent them for trial in York; had himself put on the jury and, finally, watched them hang

He became First Baronet Radcliffe.

He is remembered on a Blue Plaque fixed to Milnsbridge House.

See Milnsbridge

Radcliffe, JosephRef 194-1526
[1781-18??] Of Norland.

In 1806, he married Bathsheba [1785-18??]

Radcliffe, JosephRef 194-21
[1799-1872] Second Baronet Radcliffe.

Born in Royton, Lancashire.

In 1819, he married Jacobina Maria MacDonnell [1797-1868].

Jacobina Maria was born in Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland daughter of Captain James MacDonell


  1. Josephus Pickford [bapt Burghwallis, Yorkshire 9th  November 1824-1908]
  2. Flora MacDonald [bapt 17th May 1826]
  3. Alpina Isabella [b 1827]
  4. P. Radcliffe [b 1826] (male) 
  5. Harriet Louisa Alexandra [b 1829]
  6. Charles John [bapt 11th October 1829]
  7. Isabella [b 1830]
  8. J. Radcliffe [b 1831] (female) 
  9. Alexandrina [b 1831]
  10. R. Radcliffe [b 1831] (male) 
  11. Godfrey Edward Alliston [b Scotland 1832]
  12. Clementina Maria [b 1833]
  13. Laura Adelaide Georgina [b 1836; d 1862]
  14. Georgina Swinton [bapt Burghwallis 29th October 1834]
  15. J. Radcliffe [b 1836] (female) 
  16. George Henry James [bapt Spofforth 18th November 1841; d  Q4 1845]

The children marked are encountered in the 1841 census.

They lived at

  • Rudding Park [1836]
  • Rudding Park, Follifoot [1841]
  • Rudding Hall, Spofforth, Knaresborough [1851]
  • Rudding Park, Follifoot, Knaresborough [1861]

Jacobina Maria died in Knareborough [Q2 1868] (aged 71).

Radcliffe, JosephRef 194-14
[1831-1896] Son of David Radcliffe.

He never married.

He was a mechanic [1871] / an oil refiner [1891] / a partner in Radcliffe Brothers with his twin brother  Benjamin / a grease refiner [1896].

He lived with his brother Benjamin at Saddleworth Road, Elland with Greetland [1891].

He died 30th December 1896.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,347.

Probate was granted to his brother Benjamin

Radcliffe, JoshuaRef 194-1748
[1???-1???] He married Sarah.

The couple were Sam Hill's tenants at Raynor Land, Soyland.

They were required to keep the buildings and walls in good repair, and to

set up a good pair of gates

if/when they left the property.

Hill built a small pumphouse for them and put a lock on the door. Sam Fausit could also use the pumphouse and could fetch water and scour cloth there

Radcliffe, JoshuaRef 194-1266
[15??-1???] Son of Henry Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: Saville

Radcliffe, JoshuaRef 194-776
[16??-1676] Son of Savile Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: Elizabeth

Radcliffe, NathanielRef 194-1430
[17??-18??] He was a watchmaker and clockmaker at Elland [1822, 1834]

Radcliffe, PeterRef 194-548
[1???-1895] Alias Peet Fox.

On 24th April 1837, he married Mary Ann Brook.

This was the first marriage to be conducted at St Martin's Church, Brighouse.

He had stolen a ham from the Round House and was under arrest at the time of the wedding and was guarded by 14 police officers.

He was the last person to be held in the Towser

Radcliffe, RichardRef 194-770
[14??-1502] Son of William de Radcliffe.

He held land in Todmorden.

He married Unknown.

Child: Charles

See Radcliffe family of Todmorden

Radcliffe, RobertRef 194-1264
[1???-1???] Son of Charles Radcliffe.

He was the first Headmaster of Rochdale Grammar School

Radcliffe, SamuelRef 194-5
[18??-18??] Or Ratcliffe.

He was a worsted weaver [1838].

He married Mary Helliwell [18??-18??].


  1. Ambrose [b 1816]
  2. twins Elizabeth [b 1821]
  3. Martha [b 1821]
  4. twins Samuel [b 1826]
  5. William [b 1826]
  6. Abraham [b 1827]
  7. Charles [b 1829]
  8. Hellewell

The family lived at Sowerby / Soyland

Radcliffe, SavilleRef 194-188
[1583-1652] Son of Joshua Radcliffe.

He inherited Todmorden Hall and property in Todmorden at the age of 16. He rebuilt the Hall in 1603.

He had estates worth £134 per year and had to pay £25 composition.

He was married 3 times.


  1. Thomas
  2. Joshua

The east wing at Todmorden Hall bears the initials of Saville and his wife, Kathleen Hyde.

The property passed to his grandson, Joshua Radcliffe

Radcliffe, SquireRef 194-7
[1810-1896] Born in Sowerby [18th May 1810].

He was a book keeper [1861] / a woollen cloth finisher [1891].

On 20th February 1832, he married (1) Mary Jackson [1813-18??] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Margaret [1832-1889]
  2. Mary [1834-1904]
  3. Squire [b 1838] who (possibly) emigrated to the USA in  1859
  4. William Henry [b 1839]
  5. Robert [1842-1922] who was a wool sorter [1861]
  6. Emily [1845-1920] who was a woollen burler [1891],  never married and died in the USA
  7. Victoria Ellen [1849-1918]
  8. Lydia Jane [b 1851]

Mary died before 1866.

On 23rd April 1866, he married (2) Elizabeth [1821-1899] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth [née Normanton] was the widow of Mr Whiteley

The family lived at

  • Norland [1861]
  • Smith's Buildings
  • Asquith Court, Halifax
  • Hanson's Passage, Halifax
  • 10 Belmont Terrace, Sowerby Bridge [1891, 1896, 1899]

Squire died at Belmont Terrace [15th February 1896].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £650 15/2d.

Probate was granted to William Heap (farmer)  and Thomas Dixon (bank clerk) 

Elizabeth died at Belmont Terrace [1st November 1899] (aged 78).

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £501 4/1d.

Probate was granted to Thomas Dixon (bank manager)  and Arthur Barker (accountant) 

The couple were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: Squire [19th February 1896]; Elizabeth [4th November 1899]

Radcliffe, ThomasRef 194-427
[17??-1???] Of Lighthazles. He was suspected of being a coiner

Radcliffe, ThomasRef 194-2
[1779-1842] Of Greetland.

He was a schoolmaster [1841].

He married Grace [1784-1845].


  1. Mary [1818-15th February 1880] who was a cloth burler  [1841], never married, & was buried with her parents
  2. Anne [1818-30th April 1832] who was buried with her  parents
  3. Elizabeth [b 1821]
  4. Sabina [b 1826] who was a cloth burler [1841]
  5. Grace [b 1829]

They lived at Cross Hills, Elland-cum-Greetland [1841].

Thomas died 13th October 1842 (aged 63).

Grace died 13th January 1845 (aged 61).

Members of the family were buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: J4]

Radcliffe, ThomasRef 194-1161
[18??-19??] Picker maker at Stone Dam Mill, Halifax [1903, 1905].

He married Unknown.

Child: John

John was senior partner in the business [1939].

He was dead by 1939

Radcliffe, ThomasRef 194-8
[1823-1894] Born in Sowerby.

He was a wool sorter [1851, 1861, 1881, 1891].

On 24th January 1849, he married (1) Susan Whitehead [1824-1856] at Halifax Parish Church.

Susan / Susannah was born in Greetland


  1. John [1849-1987] who was a painter & decorator [1881]
  2. Sarah Ann [1850-1852]
  3. Elizabeth [1854-1905]

In 1857, he married (2) Hannah Berry [1822-1907] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Midgley


  1. Charles [1858-1920] who was a cloth finisher [1881, 1894]
  2. Fred [1860-1942] who was a painter & decorator [1881,  1894]

The children were baptised at St George's, Sowerby.

They lived at 8 Belmont Terrace, Sowerby [1891].

Thomas died 20th September 1894.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £525 5/1d.

Probate was granted to his sons Charles & Fred.

Members of the family were buried at St George's Church, Sowerby: Sarah Ann [4th December 1852]; Susan [25th February 1856]; Thomas [24th September 1894]; Hannah [11th October 1907]

Members of the family were buried at Halifax Parish Church

Radcliffe, ThomasRef 194-20
[1845-1898] He was a book keeper at the Model Lodging House, King Street [1871] / a coal merchant in Keighley [1898].

In [Q2] 1866, he married Ann Burnett [1845-1879] in Halifax.


  1. William Burnett [d 27th April 1867]
  2. Harriet [d 24th April 1868]
  3. Walter [d 23rd May 1870]
  4. Walter [d 29th January 1874]
  5. Caroline [d 4th November 1876]
  6. (possibly) Annie

The children () died in infancy and were buried with their parents.

Ann died 4th July 1879 (aged 34).

Thomas died 1st June 1898 (aged 53).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2421]

Radcliffe, Thomas HenryRef 194-17
[1861-1931] Son of Uriah Radcliffe

Born in Ripponden.

He was a cotton operative [1891] / a cotton twiner [1911].

In [Q3] 1883, he married Mary Alice Knapton [1864-19??] in Halifax.

Mary Alice was born in Huddersfield


  1. Frank [b 1884] who was a cotton twiner [1911]
  2. Ernest [b 1886] who was a cotton twiner [1911]
  3. Laura [b 1888]
  4. twins ? Alice [b 1891] who was a cotton twiner piecer  [1911]
  5. Ethel [b 1891] who was a cotton twiner piecer [1911]
  6. Wilfred [b 1893] who was an apprentice engineer [1911]
  7. Harry [b 1897] who was an office boy [1911]
  8. Clifford [b 1908]

They lived at

  • Firth Street, Brighouse [1891]
  • 92 Bramstone Street, Brighouse [1911]

Thomas Henry died in Halifax [Q1 1931] (aged 70) 

Radcliffe, UriahRef 194-10
[1838-1893] Son of Daniel Radcliffe.

Born in Soyland.

He was a cotton twister [1861] / a cotton twiner [1871].

On 19th July 1857, he married Hannah Helliwell at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah was the daughter of William Helliwell


  1. John William [b 1859]
  2. Thomas Henry
  3. Elizabeth Ellen [b 1864]
  4. Edna [b 1866]
  5. Hellewell [b 1869]

They lived at

  • Causeway Street, Soyland [1861]
  • Lillands Lane, Rastrick [1871]

A Uriah Radcliffe died in Halifax [Q2 1893] (aged 55) 

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-1416
[13??-13??] Of Langfield and Todmorden.

In 1364, he held land in Todmorden.

He was an early member of the Radcliffe family of Todmorden.

He married Unknown.

Child: William

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-1417
[13??-14??] Of Todmorden.

Son of William Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: William

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-784
[16??-1???] Of Rotherham & Milnsbridge.

He married Unknown.


  1. Charles
  2. Abraham
  3. William
  4. Mary who married Joseph Pickford

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-515
[16??-17??] Son of William Radcliffe.

He was an attorney at Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. John Seaton and William Hanson were articled to him.

In 1724, he bought the Manor of Marsden for £495. This passed to his nephew, Joseph Pickford, on the condition that he change his name to Radcliffe.

In November 1769, he attended the enquiry which had been called by the Marquis of Rockingham to discuss the problem of the coiners and the murder of William Deighton.

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-428
[17??-1???] Of Lighthazles. He was suspected of being a coiner.

Son of John Radcliffe

Radcliffe, Rev WilliamRef 194-529
[1703-1755] Son of Charles Radcliffe. He was incumbent in Suffolk. He died at Whittell Place, Elland

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-303
[1733-1778] Son of Abraham Radcliffe.

Born in Brighouse [6th April 1733].

He was a merchant of Brighouse.

He married Unknown.

They had no children.

He died November 1778.

Members of the family were buried at Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-19
[1793-1862] Or Ratcliffe.

Born in Soyland.

He was a silk twister [1841, 1851, 1861].

On 27th December 1813, he married Elizabeth (Betty) Farrar [1793-1883] at Elland Parish Church.

Betty was born in Soyland


  1. Sarah [b 1814; bapt 28th August 1814]
  2. Mary [b 1815; bapt 5th November 1815]
  3. Martha [b 1819; d 5th April 1890; bur 9th April 1890 at  St Peter's, Sowerby]
  4. James Farrar [b 1821; bapt 26th August 1821]
  5. Elizabeth / Betty [b 1823; bapt 31st August 1823]
  6. Grace [1826-1???] who married Daniel Carter
  7. Alison [b 25th July 1828; d 4th April 1886 in Elland; bur  6th April 1886 at St Mary's, Cottonstones]
  8. William [b 1829]
  9. Ann [b 1832; d 31st January 1898; bur 2nd February 1898  at St Mary's, Cottonstones]

The children were born in Soyland, and baptised at St Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden.

William died at Kebroyd Bridge, Soyland [13th August 1862], and was buried at St Mary's, Cottonstones [16th August 1862].

Betty died at Stile, Sowerby [30th June 1883], and was buried at St Mary's, Cottonstones [3rd July 1883]

Radcliffe, WilliamRef 194-11
[1856-1937] Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a cork cutter.

In 1879, he married Elizabeth Glasby [1860-1916] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Rotherham


  1. Mary Ann [b 1880]
  2. James [b 1882]
  3. Sam [b 1884]
  4. Edgar
  5. Selwyn [b 1892]
  6. William [b 1894]
  7. Frank [b 1900]

The children were born in Sowerby Bridge.

They lived at

  • Sowerby Green [1891]
  • Church Stile, Sowerby [1901]

Radcliffe, William deRef 194-771
[13??-1434] Of Todmorden.

Son of William Radcliffe.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Radcliffe, William TowneRef 194-234
[1789-1862] Son of Charles Radcliffe

Born at Smith House, Lightcliffe [12th April 1789]; baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [11th May 1789].

His sister Charlotte Lucretia Francina was burnt to death in the Asylum in York [January 1818], and William was so distraught at the thought of having to leave Smith House, that he attempted to poison himself by taking 14 scruples of nux vomica. He recovered.

In 1835, he was committed as a lunatic.

He never married.

In 1851, he was living alone [with an elderly housekeeper and 3 servants] at Smith House, Brighouse.

James Sykes was his gardener.

He died at Smith House [6th September 1862] (aged 73).

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at under £10,000. Probate was granted to his cousin german Charles Horncastle of 13 Wilton Park Road, Dalston, London

He was buried at Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard with his parents


The Radcliffe family of LightcliffeRef 194-965
Of Smith House, Lightcliffe and Hoyle House, Lightcliffe

The Radcliffe family of Milnsbridge HouseRef 194-22

  1. Sir Joseph Radcliffe 1st Baronet [1744-1819]
  2. Sir Joseph Radcliffe 2nd Baronet [1799-1872]
  3. Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe 3rd Baronet [1824-1908]
  4. Sir Joseph Edward Radcliffe 4th Baronet [1858-1949]
  5. Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe 5th Baronet [1884-1969] who was captain of Yorkshire Cricket [1911]
  6. Sir Joseph Benedict Everard Henry Radcliffe 6th Baronet [1910-1975]
  7. Sir Sebastian Everard Radcliffe 7th Baronet [born 1972]

See Milnsbridge House

Radcliffe baronets

The Radcliffe family of TodmordenRef 194-975
The family came from Turton in Lancashire and bought Todmorden Hall for use during the shooting season.

William Radcliffe was an early member of the family.

See St Mary's, Todmorden


Radcliffe surnameRef 194-1
Another form of the surname is Ratcliffe.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

Thomas Ratclyff is recorded at Sowerby in 1540.

George Redmonds writes that the name originated near Bolton, Lancashire, where there is a cliff of red sandstone overlooking the River Irwell

There are 65 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Radcliffe, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Radcliffe

Marriages 1810, 1900, 1901, 1905, 1907, 1910; Deaths 1899, 1900, 1907


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