Documents relating to Roger son of Warin de Stansfeld


The following documents mention Roger son of Warin de Stansfeld and members of his family

Quitclaim, Thomas franciscus, son of John de Waddesworth, to Helias de Brodebothom, land in Wadsworth including parcel called Falgiderode,

Witnesses: Richard de Stansfeld, William the clerk de Langfield, Elias son of Roger de Stansfeld, Adam de Waddesworth, Adam de Rediker and (Michael?) Talvas

WYAS SU/B:11. nd [early 13th c]


The Richard de Stansfeld who witnessed the above deed was Richard son of (1) John, the witness Elias son of Roger de Stansfeld, was (3) Elias.

This is the period when surnames were being formed.

Roger's son John had the name John de Stansfeld.

It is possible that Roger was known as Roger de Stansfeld, but it appears more likely that he was only known as Roger son of Warin.

In a deed, now lost, copied by Dodsworth [MS 117, fol 159a held at Bodleian Library], his son John was a witness:

John Talvas gave to Thomas his son, the fourth part of the town of Skircoat, and the demesne land of Copley.

Witnesses: Jordan son of Askelph de Thornhill, Hugh de Eland, John son of Robert de Cromwelbotham, militibus John son of Fergus * de Stansfeld, and Andreae de Langfeld

* Extensive research strongly suggests that Fergus was probably a copying error for Roger


The deed is undated, but as Jordan son of Essolf (Askelph) was dead in 1194, it dates before then.

The marriage settlement of Roger son of Warin and Amabella daughter of John son of Essolf reads:

I John son of Essolf grant Roger son of Warin and Amabella his ** daughter five bovates of land in Stansfeld with the mill at the same township with (what is) fixed to the mill which with appurtenances (amount to) seven bovates of land held in the manner of free marriage with wastes wood etc rendering 15d annually.

Test: Jordan son of Essolf, Thomas brother of Whitwood, Eustace my son.

[Undated] [Dodsworth MS 117 Fol 156 for the Latin copy]

** Evidence shows that his should read my

The reason for this error is that Dodsworth first wrote the entry in the third person, as he normally did when copying documents into his notebook. Originally he wrote

"Jo: filius Essolf dedit Rogero filio Warini et Amabella filia sua ......"

"John son of Essolf granted/gave Roger son of Warin and Amabella his daughter ......"

Dodsworth later added the "Ego" ("I") in the margin, changing it to the first person (as it would have been in the original document which he was copying), but did not correct the corresponding "his" to "my"


While this grant was made by John son of Essolf the land was held of his brother Jordan son of Essolf. The other part of the marriage settlement has not survived but can be ascertained from the following:

When Roger's grandparents were married his grandmother, Alice, brought to the marriage four carucates of land in Rawcliffe, Thistleton and Greenhalgh.

Later documents show lands in Thistleton and Greenhalgh held by John de Thornhill (grandson of Jordan son of Essolf)  "of the heir of Theobold Walter" (who was Alice's nephew), and that he held 2 bovates of land in the vill of Thistleton, and 2 carucates of land in Middle Rawcliffe of Theobald le Boteler (son of Theobold Walter).

See the entries for Orm son of Magnus and John de Thornhill for document details and references.

There is documentary evidence that John son of Essolf's brother, Helias son of Essolf – whose son Reginald founded the Sothill family – held lands in Stansfeld of his brother Jordan son of Essolf – whose son Richard founded the Thornhill family.

Later documents show that the Stansfeld family lands in Stansfeld were held of the Sothills, who held them of the Thornhills.

The following quitclaim, undated, is copied in Dodsworth [MS 117 fol 156]:

Richard son of Elias de Stansfeld quitclaims and gives to Richard son of John de Stansfeld all rights which (he held) in all lands at one time (held by) John son of Peter de Stansfeld in the township of Stansfeld.

Test: John de Thornhill, John de Eland, Robert de Eland, Henry de Hipperum, Michael Talvas


Though undated, the period of this document indicates that those involved were Elias, John and Peter, sons of Roger son of Warin, and their sons

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