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Ripponden is a district of Calderdale west of Sowerby Bridge.

The A58 divides here into the main branch going on to Littleborough and Rochdale, and the A672 which goes on to Oldham.

The name is said to mean valley with a ford over the brook but Ryburn valley seems more apt, especially since an early form of the name was recorded as Ribourndene.

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, and both the remaining vowels have the neutral schwa vowel: rip-ən-dən

Some sites, sights and other entries for Ripponden

Baitings Farm, Ripponden
Baitings Reservoir, Ripponden
Bank Hey Well, Ripponden
Bank Top Sunday School, Ripponden
Barrit Hill, Ripponden
Beeston Hall, Ripponden
Beeston Mill, Ripponden
Beestonhirst Mill, Ripponden
Besom Brush, Ripponden
Birks Farm, Ripponden
Black Castle Clough Bridge, Ripponden
Black Castle Clough, Ripponden
Black Horse, Ripponden
Black Lion, Ripponden
Blue Bell, Ripponden
Bottom o' t' Bank Cottage, Ripponden
Bottomley's Mill, Ripponden
Brig Royd Estate, Ripponden
Brigg Royd, Soyland
Brooklands Manor, Ripponden
Brooklyn, Ripponden
Butchers' Arms, Ripponden
Bycliffe, Ripponden

Calderdale College, Ripponden
Canterbury, Ripponden
Castle Quarry, Ripponden
Chapel Farm, Ripponden
Chapel Farmhouse, Ripponden
Chapel Field Mill, Ripponden
Cliffe Cottage, Ripponden
Clough House Farm, Ripponden
Clough Mill, Ripponden
Cob Clough
Cockcroft Mill, Ripponden
Commercial College, Ripponden
Commercial Mills, Ripponden
Commercial, Ripponden
Jim Cooper Pottery, Ripponden
Coward Laithe, Ripponden
Croft Cottage, Ripponden
The Cross, Ripponden Bank
Crystal Palace, Ripponden

Damside Mill, Ripponden
Dene Mill, Ripponden

Excelsior Mills, Ripponden

Far Beestonhirst, Ripponden
Fern Lee, Ripponden
The Field of Hope, Ripponden
Fleece, Ripponden
Foresters' Hall, Ripponden
Fox, Ripponden

Gig Mill, Ripponden
Glebe Cottage, Ripponden
Glenhaven Cottage, Ripponden
Golden Lion, Ripponden
Great House, Ripponden
Great Manshead Hill, Ripponden
Grey Stone Quarry, Ripponden

Hanging Lee Mill, Ripponden
Hanging Stones Farm, Ripponden
The Height, Ripponden
Henry Whiteley's Park, Ripponden
Hollings Mill, Ripponden
Holroyd Arms, Ripponden
Honest Lawyer, Ripponden
Hutch Royd Mill, Ripponden

Inkerman House, Ripponden

Junction, Ripponden

Kebroyd House, Ripponden
Kettlesnout, Ripponden

Lambert's Mill, Ripponden
Lane Head Farm, Ripponden
Lighthazels Chapel, Soyland
Lighthazles, Ripponden
Linsgreave, Ripponden
Lion Cottage, Ripponden
Little Britain, Ripponden
Little Britain School, Ripponden
Lord Nelson, Ripponden
Low Cote, Ripponden
Lower Beestonhirst, Ripponden
Lower Brig Royd, Ripponden
Lower Burnt Moor Farm, Ripponden
Lower Wormald Mill, Ripponden

Manchester House, Ripponden
Martins Bank, Ripponden
Mayor Holme End, Ripponden
Meadowcroft's Mill, Ripponden
Middle Beestonhirst, Ripponden
Milestone, Ripponden
Mill Fold, Ripponden
Millfold Recreation Ground

New Inn, Ripponden
New Top Reservoir
New York House, Soyland

Old Bridge, Ripponden
Old Bridge, Ripponden
Old Cant, Ripponden
Old Cottage, Ripponden
Old Waterloo, Ripponden

Paddock Nook, Ripponden
Pancreol Mill, Ripponden
Peace Restored Lodge 114 I. O. G. F. Bradford Unity
Pretoria Bridge, Ripponden
Prince Arthur's Buildings, Ripponden
Prince of Orange, Ripponden
Prince William, Ripponden
Prison, Ripponden

Queen Hotel, Ripponden

Railway Hotel, Ripponden
Redan, Soyland
Ripponden & Barkisland Railway Station
Ripponden & District Motors
Ripponden & District Spinning Company Limited
Ripponden & District Technical School
Ripponden & the Ryburn Valley
Ripponden Brass Band
Ripponden bridge
Ripponden British Legion
Ripponden Business Park
Ripponden Carriers
Ripponden Cattle Market
Ripponden Central Hall
Ripponden charity
Ripponden Commercial Company Limited
Ripponden Commercial Cotton Spinning Company Limited
Ripponden Congregational Church
Ripponden Conservative Club
Ripponden constables
Ripponden Co-operative Society Limited
Ripponden Cotton Spinning Company Limited
Ripponden District Cotton Spinning Company Limited
Ripponden Female Society
Ripponden Graveyard: Unidentified
Ripponden Infants' School
Ripponden Junior & Infants' School
Ripponden Liberal Club
Ripponden Library
Ripponden Mill
Ripponden National School
Ripponden Old Bridge
Ripponden Overseers of the Poor
Ripponden Packhorse Bridge Dispute
Ripponden Parish Community Centre
Ripponden Parish Council
Ripponden Picturedrome
Ripponden Police Station
Ripponden Post Office
Ripponden Railway Station
Ripponden Reading Room
Ripponden rush-bearing
Ripponden School
Ripponden stocks
Ripponden Stones County School
Ripponden Technical Institute
Ripponden Toll House
Ripponden Urban District Council
Ripponden Vicarage
Ripponden War Memorial
Ripponden Wood
Ripponden Wood Mill
Ripponden Working Men's Club & Institute
Ripponden Zion Congregational Evening School
Ripponden Zion Congregational Mutual Improvement Society
Rose & Crown, Ripponden
Round Hill Mill, Ripponden
The Royde, Soyland
Ryburn Cottage, Ripponden
Ryburn Mill, Ripponden
Ryburndale, Ripponden
Rycliffe House, Ripponden

Saint Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden
Saint Bartholomew's, Ripponden: Graveyard
Saw Gill, Ripponden
Severhills Mill, Ripponden
The Shaw, Ripponden
The Shoddy, Ripponden
Silk Mill, Ripponden
Slate Pit Hill Cross, Ripponden
Small Lees Mill, Ripponden
Smithy Clough, Ripponden
Spout Farm, Ripponden
Stansfeld Arms, Ripponden
Stansfield Hey, Ripponden
Star, Ripponden
Stones Mill, Ripponden
Stones Recreation Ground, Ripponden
Stones Wesleyan Chapel School, Ripponden
Stones Wesleyan Day School, Ripponden
Stones Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ripponden
Stones, Ripponden
Stott Hall Farm, Ripponden

Thrum Hall Mill, Ripponden
Thrum Hall, Ripponden
Triangle Co-Op

Upper Beestonhirst, Ripponden

Victoria Hall, Ripponden
Victoria Mills, Ripponden

Waggon & Horses, Ripponden
Waterloo Bridge, Ripponden
Rev John Watson
White Swan, Ripponden
Whiteley's Botanical Brewery, Ripponden
Wicken Clough, Ripponden
Woodside, Ripponden

Zion Congregational Church, Ripponden
Zion Congregational Day School, Ripponden
Zion Congregational Manse, Ripponden
Zion United Reformed Church, Ripponden
The Holroyd family of Rishworth & Ripponden 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Ripponden

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Ripponden, including

Beehive, Soyland
Besom Brush, Ripponden
Black Horse, Ripponden
Black Lion, Ripponden
Blue Bell, Ripponden
Butchers' Arms, Ripponden

Canterbury, Ripponden
Commercial, Ripponden

Fleece, Ripponden
Fox, Ripponden

Golden Lion, Ripponden

Holroyd Arms, Ripponden

Junction, Ripponden

Lord Nelson, Ripponden
New Inn, Ripponden

Old Bridge, Ripponden
Old Cant, Ripponden
Old Waterloo, Ripponden

Prince of Orange, Ripponden

Queen Hotel, Ripponden

Railway Hotel, Ripponden
Rose & Crown, Ripponden

Stansfeld Arms, Ripponden
Star, Ripponden

Waggon & Horses, Ripponden
White Swan, Ripponden 

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