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Rishworth is a district of Calderdale south of Ripponden and neighbouring on Soyland, Barkisland and Huddersfield.

There are many early spellings, including Risseworth, Risewrd, Riseworth, and Rysseworth.

The township appears in early records as Rishworth-cum-Norland.

The name uses the element worth and means a rushy enclosure or enclosure where rushes grow.

In 1573, it was a part of the Parish of Elland.

In 1841, Rishworth had a population of 1,710, but many people moved to nearby towns for work, and in 1901, the population was down to 915.

As a surname, the word takes the form Rushworth and Rishworth

Some sites, sights and other entries for Rishworth

Barkisland, Soyland & Rishworth Prosecution Society
Binns's Mill, Rishworth
Blackwood Common, Rishworth
Bogden Mill, Rishworth
Bogden Woods, Rishworth
Booth Bridge Mill, Rishworth
Booth Bridge, Rishworth
Booth Dean Beck, Rishworth
Booth Dean Bridge, Rishworth
Booth Dean Clough, Barkisland
Booth Dean Spring, Rishworth
Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth
Booth Wood, Rishworth
Booth, Rishworth
Brown Cow House, Rishworth
Brown Cow, Rishworth
Butts Green, Rishworth

Carver Clough, Rishworth
Cat Moss, Rishworth
Cat Stones, Rishworth
Coach & Horses, Rishworth
Cockroft Farm, Rishworth
Croft House, Rishworth
Cross Pipes, Rishworth
Cunning Corner, Rishworth

Darby, Rishworth
Derby Bar, Rishworth
Derby Bar, Rishworth
Derby Delph, Rishworth
Dog Hill, Rishworth Moor
Dyson Lane Co-Op, Rishworth
Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth

Episcopal Chapel, Rishworth
Exit 22, Rishworth

Great Wolden Edge, Rishworth
Grove House, Rishworth

Heathfield House, Rishworth
Heathfield Junior School, Rishworth
High Moss, Rishworth
Higher Wormald, Rishworth
Holme House Bridge, Barkisland
Home House Farm, Rishworth
Hoprick Hall / Farm, Rishworth
Hutch Royd, Rishworth

Joiner Stones, Rishworth Moor

King's Arms, Rishworth

Lench House, Rishworth
Little London, Rishworth
Little Wolden Edge, Rishworth
Lodge Clough, Rishworth
Lodge Hill, Rishworth
Lord Savile's Shooting Box, Rishworth
Lower Cockcroft Farm, Rishworth
Lower Cockcroft Hall, Rishworth
Lower Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth
Lower Goat House, Rishworth
Lower Godley Co-Op, Rishworth
Lower Okes Farm, Rishworth
Lower Wormald, Rishworth

Malt House, Rishworth
Malthouse, Rishworth
Mellor's School, Rishworth
Middle Goat House, Rishworth
Middle Scars, Rishworth
Middle Stones, Rishworth
The Minster, Rishworth
Mires, Rishworth
Moss Moor, Rishworth
Mount Pleasant Farm, Rishworth

Nelson Academy for Girls, Rishworth
New Laithe, Rishworth
New Zealand, Rishworth

Oddfellows' Arms, Rishworth
Okes Farm, Rishworth
Old Bore, Rishworth
Oxygrains Bridge, Rishworth
Oxygrains Clough, Rishworth

Peter Gate, Rishworth
Pike End Farm, Rishworth
Pike End, Rishworth
Pike Law, Rishworth
Porridge Hall, Rishworth
The Proctor family of Rishworth & Soyland

Ram Inn, Rishworth
Redmires Clough, Rishworth
Rishworth & Ryburn Valley Brass Band
Rishworth Board of Guardians
Rishworth Board of Health
Rishworth Branch Line
Rishworth constables
Rishworth Cricket Club
Rishworth Drain
The Rishworth family
Rishworth Football Club
Rishworth Hall
Rishworth Hall Wood
Rishworth Independent Church
Rishworth Independent Graveyard
Rishworth Lodge
Rishworth Mills
Rishworth Moor
Rishworth National School
Rishworth New Mill
Rishworth Overseers of the Poor
Rishworth Palace
Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel
Rishworth Particular Baptist Manse
Rishworth Particular Baptist Mutual Improvement Society
Rishworth Particular Baptist Sunday School
Rishworth pigs
Rishworth Prosecution Society
Rishworth Railway Station
Rishworth School
Rishworth School Baths
Rishworth School Chapel
Rishworth Subscription Band
Rishworth Surveyor of the Highways
Rishworth Toll House
Rishworth Trestle Bridge
Rishworth Urban District Council
Rishworth War Memorial
Manor of Rishworth
Manor of Rishworth-cum-Norland
Rocking Stone, Rishworth
Royal Hotel, Rishworth

Saint John's Church of England (VA) Primary School, Rishworth
Saint John the Divine, Rishworth
Saint Matthew's Church, Rishworth
Slitheroe Bridge, Rishworth
Slitheroe House, Rishworth
Slitheroe Paper Mills, Rishworth
Snow Hill, Rishworth
Spa Clough Reservoir, Rishworth
Spa House Inn, Rishworth
Spread Eagle, Rishworth
Spring Mill, Rishworth
Stones Bank Farm, Rishworth
Stones House, Rishworth

Temple Mill, Rishworth
Thief Clough, Rishworth
Turnpike, Rishworth

Upper Booth Reservoir, Rishworth
Upper Booth, Rishworth
Upper Cockroft Farm, Rishworth
Upper Cockroft Hall, Rishworth
Upper Goat House, Rishworth
Upper Schole Carr Farm, Rishworth

Way Stone Edge, Rishworth
White Hill, Rishworth
White Horse, Rishworth
The Whiteley family of Rishworth
Wormald, Rishworth

The Firth family of Rishworth
The Holroyd family of Rishworth & Ripponden
The Wormald family of Rishworth 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Rishworth

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Rishworth, including

See Population, Parish statistics and Slitheroe Bridge, Rishworth

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