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The community of Siddal is a district of Calderdale to the south-east of Halifax.

It is often considered to be a part of Southowram.

In 1850, Siddal consisted of a few farms and hamlets scattered between Whitegate in the north and Exley in the south.

The village emerged in the late 1890s when most of the housing, Siddal School and the Parish Church of St Mark were built.

Siddal School was opened on 12th July 1875.

In 1972, there was considerable damage to property after a landslide from a disused clay mine swept down the hill.

The name is probably Old English and derived from side and haugh meaning a wide hill slope, or wide meadow – or corner.

Pronunciation: The name is pronounced siddle with the stress on the first syllable and rhyming with griddle

The parish of St Mark's Church, Siddal today extends along the steep sides of the Hebble Valley from Stoney Royd in the north to Exley in the south. Above it in the east is the open countryside of Southowram, and in the west the area of Salterhebble and Huddersfield Road.

The surname Siddal probably originates in Lancashire.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Siddal

All Saints' School, Siddal

Back Hall Royd Farm, Siddal
Back o' t' Moon Farm, Siddal
Backhold Royd Farm, Siddal

Cinderhills Fireclay Works, Siddal
Clipster Hall, Siddal
Copperas House, Siddal
Copperas Works, Siddal
Cross Keys, Siddal

Elba House, Siddal

Far Siddal Hall
Farrar Mill Lane Aqueduct, Siddal

Hard Bed Pit, Siddal
Hardcastle Buildings, Siddal
Holly Bank, Siddal

Kensington Works, Siddal

Lower Clipster Hall, Siddal
Lower Exley Farm, Siddal
Lower Siddal Hall

Mount House, Siddal

Navigation, Salterhebble

Old Siddal Hall

Penniwell Hill, Siddal
Providence Chemical Works, Siddal

Rose & Crown, Siddal
Rosemary Farm, Siddal
Rosemary Hill, Siddal
Saint Mark's Parish Church, Siddal
Saint Mark's Sunday School, Siddal
Saint Mark's Vicarage, Siddal
Siddal Board School
Siddal Bowling Green
Siddal Brickworks
Siddal Brotherhood Institute
Siddal Co-Op
Siddal Co-operative Store
Siddal Evening School
Siddal Hall
Siddal Halls
Siddal Junior School
Siddal Lane Chemical Works
Siddal Library
Siddal Mission Room
Siddal Place, Siddal
Siddal Post Office
Siddal Pottery
Siddal Primary School
Siddal Recreation Ground
Siddal Rugby League Club
Siddal School
Siddal Tavern
Siddal Victoria Club
Siddal Wells
Siddal Wells Mine, Southowram
Siddal Wesleyan Methodist Church
Siddal Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School
Soft Bed Pit, Siddal
Stoney Brow Farm, Siddal

Upper Siddal Hall

White Gate Brickworks, Siddal
Whitegate Board School, Siddal
Whitegate, Siddal

Zion Strict Baptist Church, Siddal

Beerhouses & Pubs in Siddal

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Siddal, including

See Exley and Pubs in Exley

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