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Suthers, BenjaminRef 486-2667
[18??-19??] Lodging house keeper at Winding Road [74 lodgers in 1903].

He was keeper at 9 Crossley Terrace [May 1904]

Suthers, Charles ArthurRef 486-619
[1885-1918] FRCO.

Son of John William Suthers.

He was organist at Shore General Baptist Church, Todmorden [1906] / organist at Heptonstall Parish Church [from 26th August  1909] / a professional musician & teacher of music [1911].

On 8th October 1914, he married Annie Murray Linley [1888-19??] at Mankinholes Wesleyan Chapel.


  1. Arthur Linley [1916-1923]

During World War I, and he served as a Bombardier with the 14th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery.

He died 19th September 1918 (aged 33).

He was buried at Heath Cemetery, Harbonnières, France [Grave Ref IX C 14]. He is remembered on a stone in St Paul's Church, Cross Stone, in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, and on Patmos War Memorial

Suthers, FrankRef 486-1466
[18??-19??] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Roll of Honour at Patmos Congregational Chapel, Todmorden

Suthers, FrankRef 486-2
[1884-1933] Son of James Suthers.

Born in Walsden.

He was a warehouse man [1901] / a tanner of hides [1911] / a soldier [1915-1918] / lunch man (dining rooms) at W. L. Sandbach, Hope Street, Todmorden  [1921] / landlord of the Royal Oak, Eastwood [1933].

In [Q4] 1907, he married Mary Ellen Maguire [1885-19??] in Todmorden.

Mary Ellen was born in Eastwood [15th January 1885], the daughter of Michael Maguire


  1. Leonard [b 1908] who was a cotton weaver for Fielden Brothers [1921]
  2. Norah [b 1911]
  3. Sheila M. [b 24th April 1922] who was a calender hand  (bedspread finishing) [1939] & married (1) [Todmorden Q4 1956]  Stanford Yewdall Walker [30th January 1933-1976] & (2)   [Todmorden Q4 1966] Norman Stansfield

They lived at

  • 5 Mount Street, Todmorden [1911]
  • 23 Knowlwood Road, Todmorden [1921]
  • 281 Rochdale Road, Todmorden [1939]

During World War I, he enlisted [12th January 1915] and served as a Private with the 2nd/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was with the Territorial Reserves at Southport [1915]. He served overseas.

He was discharged due to disability on the 18th of July 1918. As per King's Regulations, he was issued the Silver War Badge.

His brothers-in-law Joseph Mitchell & Arthur Hamnett both died in the War.

Frank died Q3 1933 (aged 50).

After his death, Mary Ellen took over at the Royal Oak [1933, 1939]

Suthers, FredRef 486-1035

In [Q2] 1901, he married Martha Hannah Greenwood [1874-1931] in Halifax.

Child: Wilbert

Suthers, Canon GeorgeRef 486-1247
[19??-1965] Born in Todmorden. He went to Christ's College Cambridge. He was ordained in 1934. He was active in religious education

Suthers, Hannah MariaRef 486-3488
[1853-1???] Daughter of Thomas Suthers.

Born in Bury.

She was a cotton weaver [1871] / landlady at the Rope & Anchor, Langfield [1891].

In 1873, she married (1) John Ogden [1852-1887] from Stansfield, in Halifax.

They were club steward and stewardess at 2 Barker Street, Stansfield [1881].


  1. Edgar [b 1874]

In 1888, she married (2) John Learoyd from Leeds, in Todmorden.

John was a journalist and author and Hannah Maria was landlady at the Rope & Anchor, Langfield [1891].

John was a commercial agent for typewriters and the family were living at 63 Langshaw Street, Stretford, Lancashire [1901].

Living with them [in 1891] 1901 was Hannah Maria's widowed father Thomas Suthers.

John was a registration agent and the family were living at 6 Harrogate Avenue, Sedgley Park, Prestwich, Lancashire [1911]

Suthers, JamesRef 486-2643
[1791-1862] Son of John Suthers.

A publican and pot-seller at Todmorden.

He was a shop keeper [1841] / beer seller at the Wellington Inn, York Street [1851-1862] / a retailer of beer [1862].

He was described as

a person of unusually literary tastes for his condition in life

On 7th November 1811, he married (1) Mary Hodgson [1791-1822] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Grace [1814-1879]
  2. Betty [b 1816]
  3. Olive [1818-1895]
  4. John [b 1821]
  5. infant son [1822]

Mary died in 1822 (aged 31)  (possibly in childbirth). She was buried at St Paul's Church, Cross Stone with her infant son who died 11th January 1822.

On 16th November 1823, he married (2) Grace Hodgson [1797-1879] at Halifax Parish Church.

Grace was the sister of his first wife


  1. Martha [1826-1850]
  2. Thomas [1826-1909] who was a joiner of Hallroyd,  Stansfield [1862]
  3. Susan [1829-1893] who married Thomas Law
  4. William [1834-1902] who was a shop keeper of Langfield  [1862]

Living with them [in 1841] was granddaughter Mary [1840-1907], the daughter of Grace [1814-1879].

James died at York Street [9th July 1862] (aged 71).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £1,000.

The will was proved by sons Thomas and William In January 1864, his sons Thomas and William contested James's will in a dispute between children from his first marriage.

Members of the family were buried at St Paul's Church, Cross Stone: Mary [31st October 1922]; James [14th July 1862]; Grace [24/4/18979]

See Frederick William Fairburn

Suthers, JamesRef 486-3
[1851-1898] Son of Isaac Suthers, weaver.

Born in Oldham.

He was a brick maker of Chapel Street, Walsden [1872] / a cotton weaver [1881] / a mason's labourer [1891] / employed at the Corporation gas department [1897].

On 20th April 1872, he married Ann Greenwood [1852-19??] at St Peter's Church, Walsden.

Ann, a mill hand of Knowlwood Terrace, was born in Todmorden.

Her father was not named on the marriage records



  1. Alice [b 1878] who was a mill hand cutter [1891], a  cotton frame tenter [1901]
  2. Frank
  3. Elizabeth [b 1885] who was a cotton cardroom hand [1901]
  4. James Arthur [b 1888] a cotton weaver [1901]

The family lived at

  • 39 Gauxholme, Walsden, Todmorden [1881]
  • 1 Lewis Street, Todmorden [1891]
  • 73 Knowlwood Road, Todmorden [1898, 1901]

James committed suicide [30th November 1898] (aged 47) 

The Todmorden & District News Friday [2nd December 1898]

James Suthers, aged 47, labourer of 73 Knowlwood Road, hanged himself in his bedroom on Wednesday 30th November.

He had gone upstairs at 7:30 pm and was discovered by his wife around 9 pm.

He had been drinking heavily for the last three weeks since losing his job at the Corporation gas department where he had been employed repairing breakfast cookers


The following week's Edition [9th December 1898] published the full inquest report

Verdict: Committed suicide, by hanging, whilst of unsound mind

Suthers, JeremiahRef 486-1016
[1799-1848] Son of John Suthers.

He ran a new beer shop – or Tom & Jerry shop – in one of his father's houses in York Street, Todmorden.

His was the first beerhouse licence to be granted in Todmorden, and became the Peacock.

On 10th January 1819, he married Mary Bullcock [1797-1845] at St Chad's Church, Rochdale.


  1. Mary Ann [b 1819]
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Jane [b 1828]
  5. Richard [1831-1870] who was a carter [1911]
  6. Robert [1833-1909]
  7. Joseph [b 1836]
  8. Thomas [b 1840]

In June 1831, Suthers was charged with the manslaughter of John Horsfall at Todmorden on 8th February 1831. Benjamin Barker and David Parker were charged as accessories after the fact. The 3 men were acquitted.

In 1847, he was charged with having 3 persons in his pub at 1:00 am on 26th October 1847.

On the afternoon of Sunday 3rd September 1848, he hanged himself with a rope fixed to a tree in Hale Wood, Todmorden. He had £59 13/11¾d in gold, silver and copper in his pocket at the time.

After his death, son William took over at the Peacock [1851]

Suthers, JohnRef 486-1030

On 22nd September 1768, he married Susan Crabtree [1749-1783] at Heptonstall Church.


  1. Thomas [1783-1785]
  2. William [1772-1788]
  3. John

They lived at Rodwell End.

Susan died 13th January 1783 (aged 34).

On 30th September 1783, he married Hannah Sutcliffe [1770-1820] in Halifax.

Hannah died 20th December 1820 (aged 51).

John died 17th April 1824 (aged 78).

Members of the family were buried at St Paul's Church, Cross Stone

Suthers, JohnRef 486-1017
[1769-1840] Son of John Suthers.

He owned property in York Street, Todmorden.

The Peacock beerhouse was established in one of his houses.

On 13th February 1791, he married Ann Whitaker [1773-1830] at Heptonstall Church.

Ann came from Bacup


  1. James
  2. William [1794-1851]
  3. Betty [1796-1797]
  4. John [1797-1852]
  5. Jeremiah
  6. Henry [1801-1843]

John died 27th January 1840 (aged 71).

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £800.

His wife Ann was the executor.

Ann died 30th June 1853 (aged 81).

Members of the family were buried at St Paul's Church, Cross Stone

Suthers, JohnRef 486-3045
[1820-1874] Son of Jeremiah Suthers.

He took over from his brother William as landlord of the Peacock, Todmorden [1861].

He left to become landlord of the Clarence, Todmorden [1866, 1874].

In 1843, he married Sarah Blomley in Halifax.

Sarah was the daughter of Edmund Blomley


  1. Edward [1845-1865]
  2. Samuel M. [1847-1848] who died aged 7 months
  3. Elizabeth [1858-1861] who died aged 3 years & 7 months
  4. Edmund Blomley [1865] who died aged 6 months
  5. daughter

John died 4th August 1874 (aged 53).

Sarah died 28th May 1897 (aged 71).

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Todmorden

Suthers, John WilliamRef 486-914
[1848-1937] Born in Todmorden.

He was a book keeper at a cotton mill [1911].

On 25th January 1875, he married Elizabeth Hinch [1841-1927] at St George's Church, Leeds.

Elizabeth was born in Aston, Shropshire

Child: Charles Arthur

They lived at The Cottage, Railway Street, Todmorden [1937].

John William died 6th March 1937.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £453 10/-.

Probate was granted to John Corfield Pitter Bayley (physician), and Phoebe Tatham (widow).

The couple were buried at St Paul's Church, Cross Stone: John William [9th March 1937]; Elizabeth [9th June 1927]

Suthers, LabanRef 486-3059
[1864-1928] Son of Robert Suthers.

Born in Heckmondwike.

He was a cotton weaver [1881] / an outfitter and wardrobe dealer at 4 Dale Street, Todmorden [1900] / engaged in photographic enlargements (own account) [1911].

In 1884, he married Elizabeth Schofield [1862-1???] in Todmorden.

Elizabeth was born in Todmorden


  1. Martha [1885-1976] who was a weaver [1911] & married  William Henry Southwell
  2. Robert
  3. Frank [1889-1968] who was a brush maker [1911]

They lived at 72 Cambridge Street, Todmorden [1911].

Laban & Elizabeth died in Bolton

Suthers, RobertRef 486-1234
[18??-1???] Writer of local history articles for the Hebden Bridge Chronicle around 1881. He wrote under the pen-name Antiquarian. He attended Hope Baptist Church. He was a friend of Daniel Eastwood

Suthers, RobertRef 486-3060
[1833-1???] Born in Todmorden.

He was an iron moulder [1881].

He married Ruth.


  1. Laban
  2. William [b 1867]
  3. Ernest J. [b 1869]
  4. Mary A. [b 1871]
  5. John [b 1874]
  6. Robert [b 1876]
  7. Harriet [b 1879]

They lived at 54 Industrial Street, Langfield [1881]

Suthers, RobertRef 486-631
[1887-1917] Son of Laban Suthers.

He was a grocer's assistant [1911].

He married Mary Elizabeth.

They lived at 50 Industrial Street, Todmorden [1917].

During World War I, and he served as a Private with the 6th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He died 9th October 1917 (aged 29).

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 125-128], on Todmorden War Memorial, on Patmos War Memorial, on the Roll of Honour of Patmos Congregational Church, and on the Memorial at Todmorden Unitarian Church

Suthers, ThomasRef 486-3489
[1825-1???] Born in Stansfield.

He was a joiner [1861, 1871, 1891].

He married Nancy [1830-1869] from Accrington, Lancashire.


  1. Hannah Maria
  2. James [b 1856]
  3. Alice [b 1864]

They lived at

  • Hall Royd, Stansfield [1861]
  • 2 Barker Street, Stansfield [1871]

Living with them [in 1871] were his widowed mother Grace [aged 74] and brother William [aged 37] (librarian).

He was living with his daughter Hannah Maria [1891, 1901]

Suthers, WilbertRef 486-686
[1912-1942] Son of Fred Suthers

Born in Todmorden.

In [Q2] 1935, he married Mary A. Blackburn in Todmorden.

They lived at Hebden Bridge.

During World War II, and he served as an Ordinary Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard HMS Jaguar.

He died 26th March 1942 (aged 30).

He is remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial [Grave Ref 67 2], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Suthers, WilliamRef 486-1437
[1823-1869] Born in Stansfield.

He was a stone mason [1851, 1861, 1869].

In [Q4] 1845, he married Mary Ann Crowther [1827-1898] in Todmorden.

Mary Ann was born in Stansfield


  1. Elizabeth [b 1849] who was a power loom cotton weaver  [1861]
  2. Sarah [b 1850] who was a short-timer [1861], a cotton  weaver [1871]
  3. Sam [b 1853] who was a short-timer [1861], an oatcake  baker [1871]
  4. George [b 1855] who was a stone mason [1871]
  5. John [b 1861] who was a doffer in cotton mill [1871]
  6. Herbert [b 1864] who was a cotton weaver [1881]
  7. Clara [b 1868] who was a cotton throstle spinner [1881]

The family lived at

  • Millwood, Stansfield [1851, 1861]
  • 4 Ridge Street, Todmorden [1869, 1871, 1881]

On 9th October 1869, William left home and was not heard of again.

On the 15th, his body was found in the watercourse near the Oddfellows' Hall.

Living with the widowed Mary Ann & family [in 1871] was Mary Ann's mother Hannah Crowther [b Todmorden 1807].

A Mary Ann Suthers died in Todmorden [Q2 1898] (aged 71) 

Suthers, WilliamRef 486-1018
[1827-1870] Son of Jeremiah Suthers.

After his father's death [1848], William took over as landlord of the Peacock, Todmorden [1851].

William's brother John took over at the Peacock [1861]


Suthers surnameRef 486-1
There are 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Suthers, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Suthers

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