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Number of HTML pages15,999
Approximate number of printed HTML pages37,000
Number of entries in 26 main alphabetic sections83,100
Number of words8,491,000
Number of bytes [Raw data]71,501,000
Number of bytes [HTML pages]143,003,500
Number of entries in all sections84,200
Number of internal links39,752
Number of entries for people who died in War5,162
Number of SideTracks477
Number of entries for Churches & Chapels1,206
Number of entries for Schools & Sunday Schools1,093
Number of entries for Pubs & Inns1,487
Number of entries for Mills & Factories1,803
Number of people who have contributed information to the site1,650
Number of contributed photographs14,801
Number of people who have contributed photographs340
Number of unanswered questions483
Number of data-files used377
Number of programs and subprograms used2,110
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