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Saltonstall, AlbertRef 81-41
[1888-1957] Son of Elijah Saltonstall.

In [Q4] 1915, he (possibly) married Ettie Morris at Fylde, Lancashire

Albert died at Blackpool (aged 69) 

Saltonstall, Albert GranvilleRef 81-7
[1898-1974] Son of Wilson Saltonstall.

Born in Halifax [6th February 1898].

He was a bobbin setter in worsted mill [1911] / a grocer's assistant [1931].

In [Q4] 1927, he married Annie E. Siddall in Halifax.


  1. Dorcas M. [b 1932] who (possibly) married [1954] Roderick Parkin

Saltonstall, CharlesRef 81-12
[1607-1665] Son of Sir Samuel Saltonstall.

He was a sea captain and a writer on navigation. In 1629, he sailed from England to Barbados with nearly 200 people on board. In 1642, he published The Navigator In 1652, he was Commander of a ship named the Lion, (classed as a 40 gun Third Rate ship) which was present at the Battle of Dungeness and the Battle of the Kentish Knock, in the first Anglo-Dutch War.

On 4th March 1654, a Charles Saltonstall married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Howell, at St Botolph, Aldgate, London.


  1. Thomas [bapt 15th December 1661]

Saltonstall, CharlesRef 81-32
[1850-1???] (Possibly) son of John Saltonstall.

Born in Southowram.

He was a cotton weaver [1881].

He married Susannah [1843-1???], born in Heywood, Lancashire.


  1. Arthur [b 1875]
  2. Betty Hannah [b 1879]
  3. Thomas [b 1880]

The family lived at 4 Britannia Street, Heywood [1881]

Saltonstall, EdwardRef 81-2480

He married Unknown.


  1. Edward
  2. William
  3. Richard

Saltonstall, EdwardRef 81-2910
[15??-15??] In 1523, the Subsidy Roll shows that Edward Saltonstall paid 20/- tax for goods assessed at £20.

On 31st April 1568, he married Agnes Wood of The Wood, Fixby, in Halifax.


  1. Edward
  2. John
  3. Agnes
  4. Mary
  5. Susan
  6. Judith
  7. Hester

They were the last of the Saltonstall family to live at High Saltonstall

Saltonstall, ElijahRef 81-33
[18??-1855] Of Sowerby.

During the campaigns of 1854 and 1855, in the Crimea War, he served with the 7th Royal Fusiliers.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Crimea Memorial in Sowerby Church

Saltonstall, ElijahRef 81-25
[1811-1890] Son of cropper Elijah Saltonstall.

Born in Sowerby.

He was a cloth finisher [1861] / a cloth dresser [1871] / a cloth finisher [1881].

In 1837, he married Rachel Sunderland [1819-1???].

Rachel was the daughter of weaver Samuel Sunderland


  1. Ellis
  2. Hannah [b 1839] who married [1872] either Thomas  Jackson or George Payne
  3. Elisha [b 1840]
  4. Sarah Ann [b 1842] who married [1869] Samuel  [b 1842], son of John Hessleden, delver
  5. Selina [b 1843]
  6. Mary [b 1847]
  7. Martha [b 1848]
  8. Kershaw
  9. Rachel [b 1853]
  10. Henrietta Matilda [b 1855] who married [1878]  Alfred [1857-1???] (mechanic) son of James Brooksbank,  dyer
  11. Thomas
  12. Wright [1859-1886]
  13. Ada [b 1861] who married [1882] either Benson  Crowther or Sutcliffe Turner

The family lived at

  • Boy Lane, Ovenden [1851]
  • Walt Royd, Ovenden [1861]
  • 27 Fitzwilliam Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 40 Wadsworth Street, Halifax [1881]

Saltonstall, ElijahRef 81-17
[1832-1904] Son of Elisha Saltonstall.

He was a farmer of 41 acres [1881] / a farmer [1891] / a dry stone waller [1901].

He married Ruth [1841-18??]. Ruth is not listed in the 1891 census.


  1. Hannah [b 1866]
  2. Mary [b 1868]
  3. Leah [b 1869] who was a winder [1901]
  4. William [b 1872]
  5. Elisha [b 1874]
  6. Milton [b 1883]

The family lived at

  • Fields, Sowerby [1871]
  • Park Field, Sowerby [1881, 1891]
  • Broad Lane, Sowerby [1901]

Living with them [in 1901] was his brother Thomas

Saltonstall, ElijahRef 81-40
[1853-19??] Son of Thomas Saltonstall

He was a joiner/carpenter [1871] / a joiner [1873] / a joiner/builder [1891] / a foreman [1901] / a joiner [1911].

In 1873, he married Elizabeth Culpan [1853-19??].

Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Culpan, farmer


  1. John William
  2. Rebecca [b 1876]
  3. Mary A. [b 1874]
  4. Annie [b 1879]
  5. Edith Minnie [b 1882]
  6. Emma Lilian [b 1885] who married Samuel Smith
  7. Albert
  8. Ernest [b 1890]
  9. Harold

They lived at

  • Ivy Villas, Hanging Royd Lane, Heptonstall [1891]
  • St Annes-on-Sea [1901]
  • 95 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool [1911]

Living with them [in 1911] was father Thomas.

Unconfirmed but likely:

In [Q3] 1936, an Elijah Saltonstall married Hannah Wilkinson at Fylde.

In [Q1] 1937, an Elijah Saltonstall (aged 83) died at Blackpool


Saltonstall, ElishaRef 81-7120
[17??-18??] He was a farmer [1851].

He married Grace.

Child: John Wilson

Saltonstall, ElishaRef 81-9710
[1790-1868] Son of Ellis Saltonstall.

Born in Sowerby; baptised at Booth Independent Church [25th December 1790].

He was a fustian cutter [1819] / a farmer of 15 acres [1851, 1861].

On 27th December 1819, he (possibly) married Hannah Nuttall [1792-1879] in Halifax.


  1. Elizabeth [bapt 1816]
  2. Elisha [1818-1858]
  3. James [bapt 1820]
  4. (possibly) John [b 1822]
  5. Joshua [1823-1824] who died aged 11 months
  6. John [b 1824]
  7. Susannah [b 1825] who married [1843] Mark Milnes  [b 1821], son of David Milnes
  8. Joshua [1826-1828] who died aged 1 year and 13 days
  9. Thomas
  10. Joseph [1831-1832] who died aged 6 months
  11. Elijah
  12. Hannah [b 1834]

They lived at

  • Higgin, Sowerby [1841]
  • 1 Fields, Sowerby [1851, 1861]
  • Field in Sowerby

In 1871, Hannah was living in the Almshouses, Halifax.

She died in 1879 (aged 87) 

Members of the family were buried at Steep Lane Baptist Chapel, Sowerby

Saltonstall, ElizabethRef 81-1453
[1668-1726] Daughter of Nathaniel Saltonstall.

She married (1) Rev John Denison [16??-1689].

She married (2) Rev Roland Cotton [1667-1721]

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-53
[1???-18??] He was a clogger.

In 1819, he married Sarah Ingham.

Child: Joshua

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-46

On 11th November 1772, he (possibly) married Mary Culpan [17??-18??] in Halifax.

Child: Elisha

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-31
[1811-1???] Son of John Saltonstall.

He was a weaver in Sowerby [1840] / a labourer [1871].

On 25th December 1840, he married Sarah Norminton [1821-1???].

Sarah was the daughter of Michael Norminton


  1. Sarah [b 1840]
  2. Lydia [b 1842]
  3. John [b 1848]
  4. Emily [b 1855]
  5. Ellis [b 1859]

The family lived at Sowerby Town [1871]

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-10
[1822-1887] Of Sowerby.

Recorded on 8th February 1848, when he was charged with having in his possession a quantity of embezzled worsted materials, and fined £30, and in default of payment was committed to 2 months in the House of Correction

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-26
[1838-1921] Son of Elijah Saltonstall.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a dyer's labourer [1891, 1901] and a retired labourer [1911]

He was staying with James Priestley and family in Ovenden [1861], Abraham Turner and family at 24 Wood Square, Northowram [1881,  1891], his brother Thomas Saltonstall and family at Walnut Street,  Halifax [1901], and John William Thompson and family at 32 Crib Lane, Halifax  [1911]

Saltonstall, EllisRef 81-47
[1859-1933] Son of Ellis Saltonstall,

He was a shoe maker [1891] / a farmer [1911].

In 1904, he (possibly) married Emily Cockroft [1878-19??].


  1. Gladys [b 1905]
  2. Frank [b 1908]

Before his marriage, he was living with his brother John Saltonstall [1891, 1901].

They lived at Lower Bentley Royd [1911].

Living with them [in 1911] were brother John his wife Mary.

Ellis died in Halifax [Q2 1933] (aged 73) 

Saltonstall, FrankRef 81-52
[1908-1969] Son of Ellis Saltonstall.

In 1932, he married Christina Mackay.

Frank (possibly) died in 1969

Saltonstall, GeorgeRef 81-44
[1785-1???] He was a cotton manufacturer [1807, 1812, 1815].

He married Sarah [1779-1843].


  1. John [bapt 1807]
  2. Mary [b 1805 / bapt 1807]
  3. William [bapt 1810]
  4. Thomas [bapt 1812]
  5. Richard [bapt 1815]
  6. Betty [b 1817]

A George Saltonstall of Souter House (born about 1785) was buried [8th January 1860] (age 75).

Sarah, wife of George Saltonstall of Chiserley, (born about 1779) was buried [25th October 1843] (age 64).

They lived at

  • Sandygate, Wadsworth [1807]
  • Ibbot Royd, Wadsworth [1812, 1815]
  • Chiserley, Hebden Bridge [1841]

Saltonstall, GeorgeRef 81-29
[1812-1885] Of Sowerby.

He was a weaver [1834] / a woolcomber [1841, 1861] / a woollen warehouseman [1881].

In 1834, he married Hannah Foster / Forster [1814-1881].

Hannah was born in born in Burrass, Yorkshire


  1. Joseph [b 1834]
  2. George [b 1835]
  3. Richard [b 1837] who was a dyer [1861]
  4. Mary [b 1839]
  5. Thomas [b 1843]
  6. William Henry [b 1850]

They lived at

  • Boulderclough, Sowerby [1841]
  • 45 Gower Street, Bradford [1861]
  • 13 Broadbent Street, Little Horton, Bradford [1881]

George and Hannah both died at Bradford

Saltonstall, GilbertRef 81-34
[15??-16??] Of Saltonstall/Godley.

Son of Richard Saltonstall of High Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Samuel

In 1587,

Gilbert Saltonstall of Godley, son and heir of Richard Saltonstall of High Saltonstall surrendered 7/8ths part of Saltonstall in Warley to Robert Milner of Pudsey, Robert Waterhouse of Harthill, Samuel Saltonstall of Rooks, and George ffairbanke of Lightcliffe for 20 years in trust for the education &c of his children

Saltonstall, GilbertRef 81-436
[15??-16??] Son of Richard de Saltonstall.

Bought Rookes Hall [1565] and Wynteredge Hall [1583].

In 1569, he bought the Manor of Hessle near Ackworth.

He married Elizabeth.


  1. Samuel
  2. Richard
  3. Mary

See Lower Saltonstall Hall, Warley and Saltonstall family

Saltonstall, Gilbert deRef 81-1450
[1484-15??] Son of Richard de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Saltonstall, GraceRef 81-24
[1???-1???] Daughter of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

Baptised 1621.

In 1630, she sailed with her family to America aboard the Arbella.

In 1631, because of their illness, Rosamund and sister Grace returned to England with their father, leaving 3 brothers in America.

Rosamund was living Lady Manchester [1642-1644]

Saltonstall, GurdonRef 81-14
[1666-1724] Son of Colonel Nathaniel Saltonstall.

Born at Haverhill, Massachusetts [27 March 1666].

He became Governor of the Colony of Connecticut [1708 to 1724].

He tried to end Connecticut's opposition to some of England's colonial policies and was instrumental in increasing the colony's involvement in military actions against the French and the Indians.

He decided that the college at Saybrook should be moved to New Haven, where it was later named after its major benefactor, Elihu Yale.

He married (1) Jerusha [1665-1697].

Jerusha was daughter of James Richards of Hartford.

She died 25th July 1697



  1. Elizabeth [1690-1736]
  2. Mary [bapt 1691/2]
  3. Sarah [b 1694]
  4. Jerusha [bapt 1695-1695]
  5. Gurdon [b 1696-1696]

He married (2) Elizabeth [1679-1710].

Elizabeth was born 1st October 1679, daughter of Catherine (née Russell) & William Rosewell of Charleston.

She died at New London [12th September 1710] following the birth of their son Richard



  1. Rosewell [1702-1748] who became a Captain &  married Mary Haynes
  2. Katherine [b 1704] who married William Brattle
  3. Nathaniel [b 1707] who married Lucretia Arnold  Proctor
  4. Gurdon [1708-1785] who became a Brigadier  General & married [15th March 1732/3] Rebecca daughter of  John Winthrop of New London
  5. Richard [b 1st September 1710] who died aged 11 days and  was buried with his mother

He married (3) Mary [1665-1730].

Mary was the daughter of Mary and William Whittingham, and widow of William Clark(e) of Boston.

She died at Boston, Massachusetts [23rd January 1730]


He died at New London, Connecticut [20 September 1724]

Governor Saltonstall has had a street named for him in New Haven and East Haven. Lake Saltonstall, also believed to be named for him, is on the East Haven and Branford border.

Saltonstall, HaroldRef 81-42
[1892-1949] Son of Elijah Saltonstall.

In [Q4] 1917, he married Mary Annie Chadwick Johnson at Fylde Blackpool.

They lived at 9 Ryburn Avenue, Blackpool [1949].

Harold died 9th February 1949 (aged 56) 

Saltonstall, HenryRef 81-22
[1619-16??] MD.

Son of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

Baptised in Wragby, Lincolnshire [8th November 1619].

In 1630, he emigrated to Massachusetts with his father and siblings.

He was a member of the Artillery Company [1639] / a farmer of 380 acres in Watertown / a graduate of Harvard [1632].

He returned to England.

He and his father visited Holland [1644].

He is recorded at the University of Padua [1649], and the University of Oxford [1652]. He was a Fellow of New College Oxford and gained an MD [1652].

He died after 1657

Saltonstall, IrwinRef 81-6
[1894-1976] Son of Wilson Saltonstall

He was a butcher's apprentice [1911] / a butcher [1921, 1931].

On 12th December 1921, he married Elsie Oakes [1896-19??].

Elsie was the daughter of Moses Oakes

They lived at 17 Spring Bank, Friendly, Sowerby Bridge [1921].

He died at East Elloe, Lincolnshire

Saltonstall, IsabelRef 81-2743
[1???-15??] One of the last nuns of Kirklees Priory.

She had an allowance of 50/- which helped the nuns to survive.

In 1577, she was living in Halifax where she was known as The Nun. She had a reputation for being a scold

Saltonstall, Ivo deRef 81-9503
[12??-13??] Son of William de Saltonstall.

On his father's death [1311], he paid 12d heriot for 2 bovates of land in Saltonstall

Saltonstall, JamesRef 81-1001
[17??-1???] Coiner of Westfield

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-1440

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church on 30th March 1557

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-298
[1???-1783] He was associated with the coiners

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-2502
[15??-1???] On 14th May 1588, he married Agnes Whittwhamme in Halifax

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-30
[1774-1???] He was a weaver [1840] / a worsted weaver [1851].

He married Sarah.


  1. John [b 1802]
  2. Joshua [b 1806]
  3. Sarah [b 1811]
  4. Elizabeth [b 1814]
  5. Eli Garnett [b 1815]
  6. Lydia [b 1818]
  7. Ellis

The family lived at Sowerby Green [1851].

Living with them [in 1851] was granddaughter Ann Norminton [aged 13] (a mill hand) 

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-1500
[1811-18??] He married Sarah [1811-18??].


  1. Sally [b 1831] who married Robert Hemingway
  2. Samuel [b 1833]
  3. Hannah [b 1835]
  4. William [b 1838]
  5. Thomas [b 1843]
  6. Ellis [b 1844]
  7. (possibly twins) Elijah [b 1845]
  8. and Elisha [b 1845]
  9. (possibly) Charles

The family lived at

  • Bowood, Sowerby [1841]
  • Southowram [1851]

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-2
[1825-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a farmer of 18 acres [1881].

He married Grace [1831-1???].

Grace was born in Halifax


  1. Mary H. [b 1858] who was a worsted reeler [1881]
  2. Sarah [b 1861] who was a worsted warper [1881]
  3. Elizabeth [b 1863] who was a worsted winder [1881] &  married Edwin Robertshaw
  4. John [b 1864] who was a woollen piecener [1881]
  5. Joseph [b 1867] who was a cotton piecener [1881]
  6. Wilson [b 1870] who was a worsted doffer [1881]
  7. Albert [b 1873]
  8. Esther [b 1878]

They lived at Lower Snape, Sowerby [1881]

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-49
[1848-1922] Son of Ellis Saltonstall, a labourer.

He was a boot maker of Sowerby [1872] / a shoe maker [1891] / a boot maker (own a/c) [1901] / a retired shoe maker [1907].

He married 1872 Mary Farrar [1851-1928].

Mary was the daughter of William Farrar, labourer

Child: Ethel Annie [b 1885] who married George Herbert Atack.

They lived at Castle Hill, Sowerby [1891, 1901]

Living with them [in 1891, 1901] was brother Ellis Saltonstall [b 1858].

In 1911, they were living with brother Ellis.

Probate records have details (possibly) of this John:

John Saltonstall of 94 Woodland View, Industrial Road, Sowerby Bridge died 13th December 1922.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £2,260 7/6d.

Probate was granted to his widow Mary Saltonstall


Mary (possibly) died in 1928 (aged 76) 

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-37
[1855-1915] Son of William Saltonstall.

He was a foreman dyer (fustian) [1901] / a fustian dyer's labourer [1911].

In [Q3] 1872, he married Mary Farrar in Halifax.

Mary was born in Dundee, Scotland


  1. Emily [b 1874] who was a fustian tailoress machinist  [1891]
  2. Lavena
  3. Louisa
  4. Frances Annie [1883-1889]
  5. William Thomas
  6. Richard Edwin [1886-1896]
  7. Amelia [1888-1894]

They lived at

  • Wood Top, Erringden [1891]
  • Unity Street, Hebden Bridge [1901]
  • 26/28 Foster Lane, Hebden Bridge [1911]
  • Park Place, Halifax [1916]

Living with them [in 1911] was niece Susannah Greenwood [b  1857] (fustian dyer's tailoress).

John died Q2 1915 (aged 59) 

Saltonstall, JohnRef 81-51
[1864-1947] He was a farmer [1891, 1901, 1911].

In [Q2] 1885, he married Rachel Howarth [1861-19??].


  1. Ethel [b 1890]
  2. Howarth [b 1891] who was a butcher [1947]
  3. Florrie [b 1897] who married Mr Whiteley and was  widowed by 1947
  4. (possibly) twins Doris [b 1899]
  5. & John [b 1899]

The family lived at

  • High Lee Farm House, Luddendenfoot [1891]
  • High Lee Farm, Luddendenfoot [1901]
  • 3 High Lee Farm, Luddendenfoot [1911]
  • 48 Hollins Lane, Sowerby Bridge [1947]

John died 13th February 1947 (aged 83).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £523 10/-.

Probate was granted to children Howarth & Florrie

Saltonstall, John deRef 81-1447
[13??-1???] Son of Richard de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Saltonstall, John WilliamRef 81-45
[1873-19??] Son of Elisha Saltonstall.

He was a painter & decorator of 7 Silverwood View, Conisborough [1904] / a painter/decorator [1911].

In [Q4] 1904, he married Elizabeth Hannah Broadbent in Halifax.

Elizabeth Hannah, of 13 Boston Street, Sowerby Bridge, was the daughter of James Broadbent, cotton spinner

They lived at 20 Church Street, Conisborough [1911]

On 21st August 1947, a John William Saltonstall of 14, Woodroyd, Burnley Road, Luddendenfoot died at Halifax General Hospital. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £4,184 18/-.

Probate was granted to Ethel Savile (wife of John William Savile)  and Harold Saltonstall (civil servant).

On 24th August 1947, a John William Saltonstall of 14 Burrwood, Luddendenfoot was buried at St Peter's, Sowerby Peters Church, Sowerby

Saltonstall, John WilsonRef 81-4770
[1825-1897] Son of Elisha Saltonstall.

He was a comber [1851] / a beerseller [1861] / a farmer of 18 acres [1881] / a farmer [1891].

On 12th August 1851, he married Grace Cockroft.

Grace was the daughter of William Cockroft, a farmer of Sowerby

After their marriage, there is no mention of John's second christian name Wilson.


  1. Thomas
  2. William [b 1853]
  3. Mary Hannah [b 1857]
  4. Sarah [b 1861]
  5. Elizabeth [b 1862]
  6. John [b 1864]
  7. Joseph
  8. Wilson
  9. Albert [b 1873]
  10. Esther [b 1877]

The family lived at

  • Shaw Lane Ends, Sowerby [1861]
  • Sowerby [1871]
  • Snape, Sowerby [1891]
  • Lower Snape Farm, Sowerby [January 1897]
  • Snape Farm, Sowerby [September 1897]

Grace died at Lower Snape, Sowerby [1st January 1897].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £237 4/5d.

John died at Snape Farm, Sowerby [13th September 1897].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £343 0/9d. Probate was granted to John Saltonstall (farmer) 

Saltonstall, JosephRef 81-48
[1820-1???] Son of John Aspinall.

Born in Southowram.

In 1841, he was living with his siblings Jno, Mary, Betty and William Aspinall (all of whom appear to be brothers/sisters ages between 11 and 20) at Brookfoot Top, Southowram.

He was a stone mason [1843] / a stone delver [1851] / a stone getter [1861] / a delver & farmer of 9 acres with 1 man [1871].

In 1843, he married Susannah Smith [1819-1???].

Susannah was the daughter of Jonas Smith, [?] cattle dealer


  1. Arthur [b 1854]

The family lived at

  • Little Woodhouse, Rastrick [1851, 1861]
  • Hugh House, Hove Edge [1871]
  • Hove Edge [1881]

Living with them [in 1851] were widowed mother Judith Shepherd [b 1782] and sister Edna Smith [b 1832] (dressmaker).

Living with them [in 1861] was nephew William Farrow [b 1844] (stone getter).

Living with them [in 1871] was niece Martha Ellen Aspinall [b  1857].

Living with them [in 1881] were daughter-in-law Mary A. Aspinall [b 1852] with grandchildren Fanny Aspinall [b  1879] & Thomas S. Aspinall [b 1881]

Saltonstall, JosephRef 81-20
[1867-1934] Son of John Wilson Saltonstall.

He was a farmer [1901] / a dairy farmer [1911].

In 1898, he married Annice Elsworth [1870-1940].


  1. Flora [1900] who married [1924] Raymond Webster
  2. Jessie [1901] who married [1931] Arnold Jowett
  3. Joseph Cyril [1904-1919]

The family lived at Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby [1901, 1911].

Joseph died at Lyngarth, Sowerby [13th October 1934]

Saltonstall, JoshuaRef 81-9580
[1829-1904] Son of Ellis Saltonstall.

Of Sowerby.

He was a dyer's labourer [1891].

He married Mary Ann [1839-1898].


  1. Grace Ann [1856-1907]
  2. Walter
  3. Rowland [1871-1894]

The family lived at Dean Lane, Sowerby [1891, 1901].

Members of the family were buried at Steep Lane Baptist Chapel, Sowerby

Saltonstall, KershawRef 81-27
[1851-1933] Son of Elijah Saltonstall.

He was a mechanic [1873, 1891] / a mechanic [1901] / an iron turner [1911].

On 25th August 1873, he married (1) Emma Mason [1852-1888] in Halifax.

Emma was born in Wakefield, the daughter of Charles Mason, joiner


  1. Hetty [b 1874] who married [4th February 1896] John William Firth
  2. Ellen [b 1875]
  3. Annie [b 1877] who married [27th May 1911] mechanic  Samuel Clarke [b 1876]
  4. Elizabeth [b 1880] who married [11th November 1905]  mechanic James Henry Briggs [b 1878]
  5. Albert [b 1882] who was an iron turner [1908] , & married [7th May 1908] Ada Sykes  [b 1883]
  6. Lily [1884-1954]
  7. Ada [b 1886] who was a colour matcher in woollen mill  [1912] & married [8th July 1912] master hairdresser Arthur [b   1888] of Burnley, son of bolt maker James  Kershaw
  8. Emma [b 1888] who married [25th July 1914] mechanic  John Proctor

In 1898, he married (2) Ellen Thompson [1853-1924].

Ellen was born in Blackburn

They lived at

  • 5 Coton Street, Halifax [1881, 1888]
  • 7 Luton Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 16 Eton Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 22 Ashbourne Grove, Halifax [1911, 1912, 1914]
  • 17 Saltburn Street, Pellon [1924, 1933]

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Pellon: Kershaw [25th March 1933]

Saltonstall, LavenaRef 81-913
[1881-19??] Or Lavinia.

Daughter of John Saltonstall of Rawsholme.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

She lived at Buttress Brink, Hebden Bridge.

She was active in the suffragette movement.

During the fustian weavers' strike of 1906, she, Lillian Cobbe, Lizzie Berkly, Dinah Connelly, Louisa Saltonstall, Lily Draper and Laura Annie Wilson, were amongst 57 suffragettes and others who were arrested and imprisoned following an attack on the House of Commons in March 1907. All were given the option of 20/- fine plus costs or imprisonment. They all opted for 14 days' imprisonment in Holloway Gaol.

In 1908, she had moved to Halifax, where she was brutally assaulted by a gang of youths at a suffragettes' meeting which had been organised to welcome her back home after a second spell in Holloway.

In 1908, she met with Chief Constable Alfred Herbert Richardson to reduce the tension in Halifax between the suffragettes and the local people.

In 19??, she visited Broadbottom Old Hall, Mytholmroyd with some friends when they decided to conjure up any spirits there. Lavena described seeing

a very thin streak of light which grew bigger until it was a bright light about 9 inches square. We all 3 looked at each other and then ran off

In [Q2] 1917, she (possibly) married George M. Baker in Halifax

Saltonstall, LouisaRef 81-1309
[1882-19??] Daughter of John Saltonstall.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

She lived at Haugh Shaw Road, Halifax.

During the fustian weavers' strike of 1906, she, Lavena Saltonstall, Lillian Cobbe, Lizzie Berkly, Dinah Connelly, Lily Draper and Laura Annie Wilson, were amongst 57 suffragettes and others who were arrested and imprisoned following an attack on the House of Commons in March 1907. All were given the option of 20/- fine plus costs or imprisonment. They all opted for 14 days' imprisonment in Holloway Gaol.

Saltonstall, MarkRef 81-13
[1764-1783] Or Sattonstall. Aka Sotty. He was a soldier in the 33rd Regiment of Foot stationed in Halifax.

On Saturday, 7th June 1783, he and Thomas Spencer- along with a great number of riotous persons – were involved in the Halifax Corn Riots and were accused of high treason, breaking the peace, breaking into a bread shop, ransacking corn warehouses, ambushing carriers of grain and selling this cheaply.

The pair were arrested, tried and imprisoned at York Castle.

In August 1783, they was taken in 2 post chaises, brought to Halifax, and hanged in chains on Beacon Hill at midday on 11th August 1783.

When Spencer was hanged, the rope broke after he had been hanging for about a minute, and he showed signs of returning to life, but he was immediately hanged at the second attempt.

The Leeds Intelligencer [Saturday 16th August 1783] reported the events.

Theirs were the last public hangings in Halifax. Crowds of mourners followed their coffins back to Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge. Spencer's body was taken to Hall Gate, Mytholmroyd where it was put on public display. They were both buried at Heptonstall Church on 19th August 1783

It was said locally that Saltonstall was not guilty, and that a man called Whistlepegs broke open the door and a man called Pickles broke the rope.

His gravestone at Heptonstall Church is inscribed

Here lieth the body of Mark Saltonstall.
Died August 16th, 1783, aged 19

Saltonstall, MiltonRef 81-50
[1877-1926] Son of Sarah Jane & Thomas Saltonstall.

He was a weaver [1902] / a cotton weaver [1911] / a fish & chip shop proprietor.

In 1902, he married Alice Diggle [1875-1942].

Alice, of Woodlands View, Hebden Bridge, was born in Todmorden, the daughter of William Diggle


  1. Gladys [1905-1967] who was a weaver of 10, Back Castle  Street, Todmorden [1933] & married [1933] David Batty [b 1908]  (weaver), son of David Batty (weaver) 
  2. Nora [1906-1912]
  3. Jessie [b 1908] who (possibly) married [Q3/1929] Peter  Pickles
  4. Sarah [b 1922]
  5. Dorothy [b 1914] who married [Q4/1940] Jack Ingham

They lived at

  • 8 Prospect Terrace, Hebden Bridge [1902]
  • Callis Beck, Charlestown, Hebden Bridge [1911]

Milton died Q2 1926 (aged 48) 

Alice died Q1 1942

Saltonstall, Colonel NathanielRef 81-733
[1639-1707] Second son of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

Born in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

He was educated at Harvard [1659]. He was a Magistrate of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

In 1692, he was appointed one of the judges in the Salem witchcraft trial. He disapproved of the spirit of persecution that prevailed there, and refused to accept the commission.

On 28th December 1663, he married Elizabeth Ward [1647-1741] at Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts.


  1. Gurdon
  2. Elizabeth

He died in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Saltonstall, Sir PeterRef 81-11
[1577-1651] (Possibly) son of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

A Peter Saltonstall, son of Richard, was baptised at St Dunstan-in-the-East, London [27th January 1577].

He was knighted [1605] / equerry to James I [1610].

In 1597, a Sir Peter Saltonstall married (possibly 1) Anne Waller [1581-1604].

Anne died at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

In 1607, he married (2) Christian Pettus, at St Antholin Church, Budge Row, London.

Christian was the daughter of Bridgett (née Curtis) & John Pettus [15??-1613]. Her mother Bridgett was the daughter of Augustine Curtis


  1. Susannah [b 1609]
  2. Bridgett [b 1610]
  3. (possibly) Christian
  4. James [b 1616]
  5. Anne [b 1618]
  6. Elizabeth [b 1621]
  7. Peter [b 1624]

The will of Bridgett's father John Pettus – who died 10th January 1613 – bequeathed

To my son-in-law Sir Peter Saltonstall, Knight, one bason and ewer of silver double gilt.

I do give and bequeath unto Bridget Saltonstall my grandchild the sum of one hundred pounds and unto Susan Saltonstall my grandchild one hundred pounds and to Christian Saltonstall my grandchild one hundred pounds to be paid unto them at their several ages of eighteen years or days of marriage, which first shall happen

Question: Please email me if you can clarify any of the uncertainties / ambiguities about this man's life and family


Saltonstall, ReggieRef 81-4
[1908-19??] Son of Walter Saltonstall.

On 3rd April 1935, he married Elsie Oswin [1906-1???].

Elsie was the daughter of cabinet maker James Oswin


  1. Geoffrey [b 1939]
  2. Christine [b 1943]

Saltonstall, RichardRef 81-2481
[1???-15??] Son of Edward Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.


  1. William

Saltonstall, RichardRef 81-730
[13??-14??] A clothier. In 1394, he inherited Shibden Grange from William of Godley. This brought the family from Warley to the eastern end of the district

Saltonstall, RichardRef 81-396
[1516-1545] Of Warley / Halifax.

On 26th April 1540, he married Margaret Oldfield in Halifax.


  1. William
  2. Alice

Richard died in Halifax.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church.

His will is recorded in Volume 2 [1545-1559] of E. W. Crossley's book Halifax Wills

After Richard's death, Margaret married Richard Barstow

Saltonstall, Sir RichardRef 81-15
[1521-1601] Son of Gilbert Saltonstall.

Born at Lower Saltonstall.

He was a skinner / MP for the City of London [1586] / Sheriff of London [1588] / Lord Mayor of London [1597-8] / Master of the Skinners' Company / the governor of the Merchant Adventurers' Company.

Saltonstall, RichardRef 81-515
[1549-1???] Baptised 24th June 1549.

On 15th January 1581, he married Mary Fairbanks in Halifax.


  1. Maria
  2. Edward
  3. Richard
  4. Eden

Saltonstall, Sir RichardRef 81-S14
[1586-1661] Son of Sir Samuel Saltonstall.

In 1630, he sailed to America to establish the settlement of Watertown.

He was buried at South Ockenden, Essex

Saltonstall, Sir RichardRef 81-319
[1610-1694] Son of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

Born in Woodsome, Yorkshire.

He was educated at Cambridge.

In 1630, he emigrated to Massachusetts with his father and siblings.

On 23rd November 1631, he returned to England.

On 4th July 1633, he married Meriall / Muriel Gurdon, at All Hallowe's Church, Ludgate Hill, London.

Meriall was the daughter of Muriel (née Sedley) [1583-1661] & Bramptom Gurdon [1???-1650], of Assington Hall, Suffolk.

She could trace her ancestry back to Edward III.

Brampton Gordon was an MP and Sheriff of Suffolk



  1. Meriall / Muriel [b 1634] who married [about  1655] Edward Morley
  2. Abigail
  3. Elizabeth [b 1638] who married Hercules Horsey /  Hornsey
  4. Nathaniel

On 13th April 1635, Richard, his wife and daughter Meriall sailed from London to Massachusetts Bay on board the Susan & Ellen.

He made several trips to and from America.

In July 1643, he signed a letter urging the colonial authorities to act against the French in Acadia. He was a member of the Massachusetts Bay Company. He protested against the importation of negro slaves.

In 1672, he returned to England.

He returned to England for a visit and died at Hulme, Lancaster on [29th December 1694]

Saltonstall, RichardRef 81-43
[1837-1903] He was a dyer's manager [1881] / a dyer's foreman [1891] / a dyer's labourer [1901].

In [Q2] 1863, he married Ellen Pilling [1839-19??].

Ellen was born in Mytholmroyd

The family lived at

  • 13 Beech Hill Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  • 20 St Augustine's Terrace, Halifax [1891, 1901, 1911]

Living with them [in 1881] were mother Betty Charnock [b 1809] brother-in-law William Pilling [b 1824] (dyer's stoker).

Living with them [in 1891] was brother-in-law William Pilling [b 1824] (dyer's stoker).

Richard died 19th November 1903 (aged 66).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £270 10/-.

Administration was granted to Ellen Saltonstall (widow) 

Saltonstall, Richard deRef 81-1446
[1???-1???] Son of Thomas de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: John

Saltonstall, Richard deRef 81-1451
[1???-1???] Son of Gilbert de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Saltonstall, Richard deRef 81-1448
[1405-14??] Son of John de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Saltonstall, Richard deRef 81-1449
[1476-15??] Son of Richard de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Gilbert

Saltonstall, Richard deRef 81-1452
[1539-1???] Son of Richard de Saltonstall.

He married Unknown.

Child: Gilbert

Saltonstall, RobertRef 81-1441

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church on 18th October 1561

Saltonstall, RobertRef 81-23
[16??-1650] Son of Sir Samuel Saltonstall.

Baptised 1617.

In 1630, he emigrated to Massachusetts with his father and siblings.

He lived in Watertown before moving to Boston. He was a member of the Artillery Company [1638].

He never married

Saltonstall, Robert deRef 81-1439
[12??-1???] In 1274, he was fined 6/8s for encroaching on the Saltonstall Waste, and ordered to reinstate the land.

He was fined for allowing his mare to escape into the forest, and 3 months later for allowing 3 pigs to escape into the forest.

In 1275, Nalle Kittewrit of Norland, stole a sheet from the hedge of Robert de Saltonstall

Saltonstall, RolandRef 81-8
[1901-1975] Son of Walter Saltonstall.

In 1929, he married Hannah Hartshorne or Hartshore.


  1. Donald [b 1930]
  2. Trevor [b 1935]
  3. George E. [b 1936]

Saltonstall, RosamundRef 81-19
[1612-1???] Daughter of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

Baptised at Wragby, Lincolnshire [16th April 1612].

In 1630, she sailed with her family to America aboard the Arbella.

In 1631, because of their illness, Rosamund and sister Grace returned to England with their father, leaving 3 brothers in America.

Rosamund was living with the family of the Earl of Warwick [1644].

In 1645, she married (probably) Richard Price - or (possibly) Richard Payne – of Gunley Hall, Montgomery, Wales

Saltonstall, Sir SamuelRef 81-731
[15??-1613] Of Rookes and Huntwick.

Son of Gilbert Saltonstall

He married (1) Ann, daughter of John Ramsden.


  1. Richard
  2. Gilbert who died young

He married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of John Ogden.


  1. Samuel
  2. John
  3. Thomas
  4. Ann
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Mary
  7. Margaret
  8. Barbara

He married (3) Elizabeth Armine from Hull. They had no children.

When his father died, Samuel inherited Wynteredge Hall and Langley Hall.

He bought the Huntwick estate from the lands of Nostell Priory [1591].

He bought Rogerthorpe Manor from Nostell Priory [1602].

He acquired property in Kingston-upon-Hull [1603].

By 1612, he had moved to Hull and sold Langley Hall to John Northend, his tenant.

He owned other property and land

which previously belonged to Matthew Oglethorpe

in Priestley Green, Lightcliffe, and a property called Osborneroides

Saltonstall, Sir SamuelRef 81-1442
[1558-1640] Eldest son of Sir Richard Saltonstall.

In 1601, he married Elizabeth Wye [1585-16??].


  1. Wye
  2. Charles

He died in Holborn [30th June 1640]

Saltonstall, SamuelRef 81-35
[1583-16??] Son of Gilbert Saltonstall.

Baptised 1583.

Question: On 25th March 1593, at the Skinners' Company of London, a Samuel Saltonstall, son of Gilbert Saltonstall of Halifax, yeoman, was apprenticed to Richard Saltonstall, skinner and merchant. Could this be the same Samuel?


In 1608, he was living in Kirkstall, and he inherited land at Saltonstall from his cousin

Saltonstall, ThomasRef 81-18
[1828-1913] Son of Elisha Saltonstall.

He was a weaver [1852] / a dyer [1871] / a dyer's labourer [1881, 1891] / a retired dyer [1901].

In [Q3] 1852, he married Alice Smith [1827-1895] in Halifax.

Alice was the daughter of George Smith, weaver

Child: Elijah

They lived at

  • Fields, Sowerby [1871]
  • Lower Snape, Sowerby [1881]
  • Pinfold, Sowerby [1891]

Alice died Q1 1895 (aged 68).

In 1901, Thomas was living with his brother Elijah at Broad Lane, Sowerby.

In 1911, Thomas was living with son Elijah at Blackpool.

Thomas died Q3 1913 (aged 84) 

Saltonstall, ThomasRef 81-21
[1851-1882] Son of John Wilson Saltonstall.

He married Sarah Jane [1850-1916] born in Cragg Vale.


  1. Clara [b 1876]
  2. Milton [b 1878]
  3. Emma [b 1880]
  4. Elisha [b 1881] who was a moulder's apprentice [1901]

The family lived at

  • Marshaw Bridge, Erringden [1881]
  • East View, Hebden Bridge [1901]

Living with the widowed Sarah Jane [in 1901] was nephew George Lumb [aged 17].

In 1911, Emma was head of the household living at 7 East View, Hebden Bridge, with her mother Sarah Jane and cousin George Lumb [aged 27]

Saltonstall, ThomasRef 81-28
[1857-1929] Son of Elijah Saltonstall.

He was a coachman of Gibbet Street [1884] / a carter of King Cross Lane [1889] / a cab driver [1891] / a cab driver/groom [1901].

In 1884, he married (1) Lucilla Doughty [1858-1886].

Lucilla was the daughter of coachman John Doughty of Union Street, Halifax.

She died in 1886 (age 27) 


In 1889, he married (2) Emily Crabtree [1861-1???].

Emily [1861-1???], of Savile Park, was the daughter of Thomas Crabtree


  1. Ernest [1890-1920]
  2. Lilian Mary [b 1892] who married [1924] widower  Clement Thompson [1887-19??] (provision merchant), son of  provision merchant Job Thompson
  3. Raymond [b 1894]

The family lived at

  • Peel Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 20 Walnut Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 2 Walnut Street, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1891] was sister-in-law Lily Crabtree.

Living with them [in 1901] was brother Ellis Saltonstall.

Living with them [in 1911] was niece Ada Brodie [aged 8]

Saltonstall, Thomas deRef 81-1445
[1343-1???] Child: Richard

Saltonstall, WalterRef 81-3
[1866-1940] Son of Joshua Saltonstall.

He was a labourer [1896, 1901] / a ballastman [1911] / a railway (L.M.S.) employee [1935].

He married (1) Unknown.

He was a widower by 1896.

On 18th July 1896, he married (2) Mary Jane, daughter of George Tunnacliffe, at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Gladys Ellen [bapt 1899]
  2. (possibly) George [bapt 1908, died 1910]
  3. Roland
  4. Reggie
  5. Hilda [b 1910] who was a typist [1935] & married Harry Shackleton
  6. Mary H. [b 1915]

They lived at

  • 60 Park Street, Sowerby [1899]
  • Canal Side, Sowerby Bridge [1901]
  • 35 Chapel Lane, Sowerby Bridge [1908, 1911]

Saltonstall, WilliamRef 81-2479
[1???-1545] Of Lighthasylles.

Son of Edward Saltonstall.

He owned land at Barkisland and at Keighley.

He married Jennet.


  1. Margaret

His will is recorded in Volume 2 [1545-1559] of E. W. Crossley's book Halifax Wills

Saltonstall, Sir WilliamRef 81-500
[15??-1561] He succeeded Sir Alexander Emmott as Curate at Halifax [1545]

See John Harrison

Saltonstall, WilliamRef 81-9
[1801-1889] He was a damask weaver [1851] / church clerk [1861, 1871] / parish clerk [1881].

In 1823, he married (1) Betty Smith [1809-18??].


  1. Elizabeth [b 1824]
  2. Sarah [b 1825] who married William Henry Mann
  3. John [b 1827]
  4. Mary [b 1829]
  5. Samuel [b 1831]
  6. Elijah [b 1834]
  7. David [b 1836]
  8. Lydia Ann [1838-1876] who married William Ainley
  9. Elisha [b 1841]
  10. Ellen [b 1843]

William was widowed by 1861.

He married (2) Hannah [1814-18??].

They lived at

  • Church Stile, Sowerby [1841]
  • Stocks, Sowerby [1851]
  • Sowerby Parsonage [1861]
  • 8 Stocks, Sowerby [1861]
  • Church Stile, Sowerby [1871, 1881]

Living with them [in 1881] was granddaughter Elizabeth E. Saltonstall [aged 25]

Saltonstall, WilliamRef 81-38
[1810-1888] He married Sally.


  1. Betty [b 1854]
  2. John

In 1871, grandmother Sally Saltonstall [b 1813], children Betty & John, and Susannah Greenwood [b  1857] were living at 2 Rawholme, Wadsworth.

William (possibly) died Q1 1888 (aged 77) 

Saltonstall, William deRef 81-9504

He married Unknown.

Child: Ivo

Saltonstall, William ThomasRef 81-39
[1885-1957] Son of John Saltonstall.

Born 27th June 1885.

During World War I, he enlisted [26th April 1915] with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He transferred to the Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st Company Depot, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

He was promoted to Corporal [July 1915], then Sergeant [11th August 1915].

He was discharged [15th April 1916]

being No longer physically fit for War Service

In 1917, he was a War Pensioner, living with his family at Park Place, Halifax.

In 1917, he married Florence Bottomley [1888-19??].

Florence, of York Terrace, Chester Road, Halifax, was the daughter of Harry Bottomley, cotton overlooker

William Thomas died Q4 1957 (aged 72) 

Saltonstall, WilsonRef 81-5
[1869-1927] Son of John Wilson Saltonstall.

Born in Sowerby.

He was a butcher [1894] / a carrier [1901] / a beef butcher [1911].

In [Q1] 1894, he married Sarah Pickles in Halifax.

Sarah was the daughter of James Pickles


  1. Irwin
  2. Albert Granville
  3. Elma [b 1905]

They lived at

  • 6 Milner Gate, Luddenden Foot [1901]
  • 17 Spring Bank, Friendly, Sowerby Bridge [1911]
  • 26 Willow Drive, Sowerby Bridge [1927, 1931]

Wilson died 8th May 1927.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £558. Probate was granted to his widow Sarah.

Sarah died 3rd May 1931.

Probate was granted to her sons Irwin and Albert Granville

Saltonstall, WyeRef 81-16
[1602-164?] Son of Sir Samuel Saltonstall.

Baptised at St Dunstan-in-the-East, London [3rd October 1602].

He entered Queen's College Oxford as a commoner in Easter term 1619, but did not graduate. He studied law at Gray's Inn though his name does not appear on the register.

He was a tutor in Latin and French. He was famous as a translator and a poet [fl 1630-1640]. He produced verse translations from Ovid and other works including Poems of Ben Johnson Junior, Picturæ loquentes or Pictures drawne forth in characters  [1631], and Ovid's Heroicall Epistles [1636]. In later years, he is said to have fallen into poverty and was believed to still be alive in 1640


The Saltonstall familyRef 81-1912
Originally from Saltonstall, the family is recorded in 1274.

They lived at Upper Saltonstall.

They also owned property in the Hipperholme area, and in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire

Sir Richard Saltonstall sailed to America and was involved with the early colonies on the eastern coast of North America.

They have links to several local houses including Landimere, Shelf, Langley House, Hipperholme, Rookes Hall, Norwood Green and Shibden Grange

See Miscellaneous Saltonstall items [1274-1309], Miscellaneous Saltonstall Marriages [1539-1843] and The Saltonstall family Arms

The Saltonstall family: ArmsRef 81-7910
The motto on the arms of the Saltonstall family is

I hold what my ancestors held


Saltonstall surnameRef 81-1
Other forms of the surname include Saltanstall, Saltinstall, Sattenstall, Sottenstall and Suttonstall

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

Recorded in 1275.

The surname originated in Saltonstall.

There are 90 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Saltonstall, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Saltonstall

Baptisms 1772, 1802, 1806, 1818, 1823, 1825, 1856, 1857, 1859, 1943; Marriages 1539, 1540, 1542, 1553, 1555, 1558, 1565, 1569, 1570, 1572, 1574, 1575, 1576, 1579, 1583, 1834, 1835, 1843, 1886; Death 1900

Unattached burials at Lister Lane Cemetery: Plot 4719


See Miscellaneous Saltonstall items

See Miscellaneous Saltonstall items

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