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Spencer, LordRef 145-34
[1840-1???] Son of John Spencer.

Born in Todmorden [Q4 1840].

In [Q1] 1861, he married Hannah Marshall in Todmorden.

They were lodgers with Thomas Greenwood at New Road Bottom, Heptonstall [1861]

Spencer, ColonelRef 145-573
[17??-17??] Commanded an independent militia around 1760. The men wore blue uniforms, lapelled and faced with buff

Spencer, MrRef 145-3378
[18??-1???] He was Chairman of Elland Local Board.

He married Unknown.


  1. Herbert

Spencer, AlexanderRef 145-1750
[1798-1874] He was coal owner / accountant / rate collector / Assistant Overseer [1845] / Registrar of Births and Deaths for Illingworth [1845, 1861, 1865].

He lived at White Hill, Illingworth

Spencer, Alfred GortonRef 145-3
[1886-1918] Born in Burnley. His birth was registered as Alfred Gorton at Burnley [1886].

He was living with his grandparents Margaret Ann & William Spencer in Cornholme [1891, 1901].

He was educated at Cornholme Council School / a member of Mount Zion United Free Methodist Church, Cornholme.

In [Q1] 1909, he married Ada Walton Forrest [1888-1921] in Burnley.


  1. child
  2. child

The family lived at

  • Beckenham, Kent
  • 71 Lennox Road, Portsmouth

During World War I, he enlisted in Hurlingham, Middlesex [1914], and served as a Private with the 2/3rd County of London Yeomanry, then transferred and served as a Private with the 20th Squadron Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry).

He served in the Dardanelles & Palestine.

He died of haemoptysis in Alexandria [28th July 1918] (aged 32).

He was buried at Gaza War Cemetery, Palestine [Grave Ref XXXII C 2].

He is remembered on Todmorden War Memorial, and on Cornholme War Memorial.

His aunt Hannah Maria Rayner (née Gorton)  [1867-1933] applied for his War Medals

Spencer, AnnRef 145-2314
[1803-1???] She ran a school at Hullen Edge [around 1845].

She ran a school at Pellon [1851]

Spencer, ArthurRef 145-26
[1881-19??] Son of James Spencer, carder.

He was a tailor of Ellen Holme, Sowerby [1901].

On 11th February 1901, he married Nellie Pickles.

Nellie was the daughter of
William Pickles

In 1901, they were living with Nellie's parents

Spencer, Arthur EdwinRef 145-33
[1859-1925] Son of William Beanland Spencer.

Born in Halifax.

He was a wool broker's salesman [1881] / a wool salesman [1891] / a wool & yarn merchant & agent [1901] / a merchant & agent for wool yarn [1911].

In [Q1] 1885, he married Ellen Stansfield in Halifax.

Ellen was born in Sowerby


  1. Clara [2nd September 1885-27th October 1918] who married George Henry Greenwood
  2. Maud [b 1887]
  3. Florence [31st December 1893-23rd February 1895] who was buried with her Spencer grandparents
  4. Ruth Stansfield (Spencer) [b 1900]
  5. Margaret Annie [b 1904]

The family lived at

  • 32 Park View, Halifax [1891]
  • 3 Park Terrace, Halifax [1901, 1911]

Arthur died Q2 1925 (aged 66) 

Spencer, B.Ref 145-1884
[18??-18??] Woolsorter at Halifax.

In December 1860, he was declared insolvent

Spencer, BlakeyRef 145-170
[1718-1787] Son of John Spencer of Colne.

Baptised at St Bartholomew's Church, Colne [4th May 1719].

He was a tailor.

On 9th May 1737, he married Hannah Knight [16??-17??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah was the daughter of John Knight


  1. Knight
  2. John [bapt 1740, died 1742]
  3. Sarah [b 1742] who married Matthew Bennington
  4. John
  5. Joseph
  6. Ann
  7. Blakey

He was a neighbour and friend of Abraham Kershaw, and he was visiting Kershaw when he first heard of John Wesley. He became an active Methodist in the district.

Around 1750, he was chased by an angry mob and almost thrown into the Ryburn at Stirk Bridge.

He was buried at South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax

See Gainest Cottage Sunday School

Spencer, BlakeyRef 145-18
[1753-1???] Son of Blakey Spencer.

In 1772, he married Elizabeth [Betty] Brigg [1752-1836].


  1. William [b 1774]

It is possible that Betty was the Mrs [Elizabeth] Spencer referred to in James Uriah Walker's book The history of Wesleyan Methodism in Halifax, who was a source for his history and the young woman who used to steal away from Church
unbeknown to her parents who strongly disapproved

to listen to Titus Knight preach, subsequently married one of Blakey Spencer's sons, and died at the age of 84 in 1836


Question: Can anyone confirm that Betty and Walker's Mrs Spencer are one and the same?


Spencer, CalebRef 145-625
[1766-1847] Son of David Spencer.

Both his parents died in their early 40s and within 5 days of each other. It is said that he was 12 when they died, but he was born in 1766 and they died in 1788, so this cannot be correct.

Caleb went into Ovenden Workhouse for 1 year until he was apprenticed out to a local farmer, Isaac Brear. He stayed with Brear for 8 years until he was 21.

He married Unknown.


  1. Henry [1802-1864]
  2. Sarah
  3. child
  4. child
  5. child
  6. child
  7. child
  8. child
  9. child

The family lived at Small Clough [1835].

Throughout his life, he acquired land at Oxenhope, and he and his son, Henry, were landlord of the Dog & Gun at Oxenhope. Caleb started mining clay on the land next to the Dog & Gun.

His daughter, Sarah, married David Parkinson, and Caleb and David founded Parkinson & Spencer

Caleb was buried at Mount Zion, Ogden, and his epitaph describes him as

A kind father of nine children

Spencer, CalebRef 145-6300
[1829-1871] Son of David Spencer.

Born in Ovenden.

He was landlord of the Malt Shovel, Ambler Thorn [1861, 1864].

In 1853, he married Rachel Stocks [1831-1917] in Halifax.


  1. David [1860-1864]

He died at the Malt Shovel [30th August 1871].

After his death, his wife Rachel took over at the Malt Shovel [1871]

Spencer, CharlesRef 145-3332
[1867-1???] Son of John Crabtree Spencer.

Born in Halifax.

He was a worsted mill hand [1881] / a dyer's labourer [1901].

In 1890, he (possibly) married Mary Emily Crapper [b 1868] from Halifax.


  1. Mary J. [b 1890]
  2. Albert Victor [b 1897]

Spencer, Charles FredericRef 145-597
[1875-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was an Alderman / Mayor of Halifax [1919-1920] / Director of the Government's National Kitchens scheme [17th January 1918].

In [Q1] 1902, he married Florence Elizabeth Woodhead in Halifax

Spencer, Charles FrederickRef 145-2
[1875-1940] Born in Halifax.

He was an accountant.

On 9th February 1902, he married Florence Elizabeth Woodhead at St Jude's Church, Halifax.

Florence Elizabeth was the daughter of
Rufus Woodhead


  1. Charles Harold [b 1904]
  2. Phyllis Mabel [1905-1968] who married Bernard Frankland Dark
  3. John Gordon [b 1909]
  4. Florence Maude [b 1913]

The children were born in Halifax.

Charles Frederick died in Chelsea [7th March 1940]

Spencer, Charles H.Ref 145-3437
[1871-19??] Born in Delph Hill, Yorkshire.

He was a farmer (employer) [1901].

He lived at

Spencer, Charles HansonRef 145-3329
[1887-1942] Son of Walter Spencer.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was an apprentice butcher [1901] / landlord of the Coach & Horses, Luddendenfoot / landlord of the Coach & Horses, Haley Hill, Halifax [1920, 1922, 1927] / landlord of the Shepherds' Rest, Sowerby Bridge.

He married Ethel.


  1. Bessie

Spencer, CliffordRef 145-20

In [Q1] 1925, he married May Naylor [1905-1995] in Halifax.


  1. Harold Raymond [1926-1st November 1932]

Clifford died 20th February 1951 (aged 49) 

May died 21st January 1995 (aged 90) 

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: NR-A18]

Spencer, DavidRef 145-3248
[17??-1788] Of Ovenden.

He married Susannah [1743-1788].


  1. Caleb

David and Susannah died within 5 days of each other.

Susannah & her son Caleb were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden

Spencer, DavidRef 145-9400
[1800-1864] Born in Ovenden.

He was landlord of the Granby, Queenshead [1840?, 1845, 1864].

On 4th March 1826, he married Hannah Priestley [1811-18??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah was born in Ovenden


  1. George [b 1827]
  2. Caleb
  3. Betty [1832-1910]
  4. Jonathan [1833-1905]
  5. Mary [1836-1924]
  6. Susannah [1840-1907] who was a dressmaker [1861]

The first 5 children were baptised at Illingworth Church; Susannah was baptised at Holy Trinity, Queensbury.

David was landlord of the Granby from about 1840 untl his death there [6th October 1864].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £450.

After his death, Hannah took over at the Granby [1874]

Spencer, DavidRef 145-28
[1850-1???] Born in Heptonstall.

He was a fustian cutter [1891].

Around 1878, he married Elizabeth [1854-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Hebden Bridge


  1. (possibly) John Edward who was a cotton operative [1891]
  2. Wilbert [b 1879] who was a cotton operative [1891]
  3. Grace A. [b 1881]
  4. Ethel M. [b 1884]
  5. Sarah J. [b 1887]

The family lived at

  • Sandy Gate, Wadsworth [1891]

Spencer, EdgarRef 145-29
[1872-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a Post Office telegraphist [1901] / a sorting clerk & telegraphist at Halifax Post Office [1911].

He married Edith Ann Radcliffe [1870-19??] in Halifax.

Edith Ann was born in Halifax


  1. Thomas Knight
  2. Mildred [b 1900]
  3. Raymond [b 1905]

The family lived at

  • 2 Cork Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 73 Savile Park Street, Halifax [1911]

Spencer, ElliottRef 145-3334
[1???-1???] Son of Samuel Spencer.

He married [1871] Faith Hillas [b 1842] in Bradford.


  1. Albert Edward [b 1872] who married Ellen [b 1874] from Halifax
  2. Florence [b 1877]
  3. Elliott [b 1883] who was an apprentice brass moulder [1901]
  4. Emma Jane [b 1886] who was a paper printer [1901]

Spencer, ErnestRef 145-25
[1893-1???] Son of James Spencer.

He was a telephone clerk for textile manufacturer [1911] / employed at Dean Clough Mills.

During World War I, he enlisted [15th November 1915], and served as a Sergeant with the Signal Subsection of the Royal Garrison Artillery.

He served on the Western Front, and was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre for

devotion to duty and good service rendered in the field

Spencer, FredRef 145-3326
[1876-19??] Son of Walter Spencer.

He and his brother Jonathan established a mineral water business, trading as F. & J. G. Spencer.

On Jonathan's death, Fred became sole owner of the business.

He married (1) Florence Lydia Gibson [1881-1909] at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.

Florence Lydia was the daughter of engineer Wallace Gibson.

She died in childbirth [1909]


On 17th May 1919, he married (2) Jessie James [1885-1971] in Halifax.

Jessie came from Halesowen


  1. twins Walter [b 1920]
  2. Alan [b 1920]

Fred, Florence & Jessie were buried at Halifax Parish Church

Spencer, FredRef 145-1404
[1910-1978] A well-known euphonium player. He performed with many of the local brass bands, including the Salvation Army, King Cross Band, Sowerby Bridge Band, Brighouse & Rastrick Band [1936], and Black Dike Mills Band. He retired in 1963

Spencer, FrederickRef 145-2478
[18??-19??] He had worked in Staffordshire before becoming the first tramways manager for Halifax Corporation [20th January 1898]

Spencer, Frederick CharlesRef 145-S1647
[18??-18??] Or Fredric.

He was schoolmaster in Halifax / Editor of the Halifax Guardian [1837] / an accountant.

He wrote several works including The Vale of Bolton and other Poems, The Ladye of Eland, and The Maid of Crag Hall

Spencer, Henry IllingworthRef 145-31
[1874-1???] Son of Joe Turner Spencer.

Born 3rd May 1874.

He was a stockbroker's clerk [1891] / Borough insurance clerk [1911] / an Assistant Borough Treasurer in London.

In June 1909, he married Gertrude Sara Love at St Jude's Church, Halifax.

They had no children.

They lived at

  • St Ann's Road, Halifax [1911]
  • Upper Norwood

Gertrude died in 1958 (aged 77).

Henry died 9th November 1959 (aged 85) 

Spencer, Captain HerbertRef 145-881
[1877-1937] Son of Mr Spencer.

He was a promoter of Exley Zoo. He and his sister, Viola, ascended from the Zoo in an airship.

On 12th August 1909, he gave a demonstration at the Zoo in which he was to go up to 5,000 ft in a small airship and then parachute back to earth. He landed across the valley at North Dean Woods.

For a time, he and his assistant, Lt Frank Gooden, gave sightseeing trips over the district, flying at a height of 1,000 ft.

In 1910, he invited aviator Claude Grahame-White to Halifax.

In 1931, he gave a collection of (stuffed?) wild birds to the new Elland Museum.

He lived at Park Road, Elland

Spencer, Herbert JamesRef 145-22
[1884-1954] DCM.

Son of Moses Spencer.

Born in Copley [17th May 1884].

In 1901, he was Private Herbert James Spencer, Army Service Corps, in barracks in Aldershot; he was shown as aged 18, but was actually about 16 years old.

In 1909, he married Elizabeth Fitzgerald [1883-19??] at Kimberley.

Elizabeth was born on 1st March 1883

In 1911, he was Sergeant Herbert Spencer, Army Service Corps, at Brookhill Quarters, Brookhill Road, Woolwich.

When World War I broke out, he was on duty in China, and subsequently went to Gallipoli and Egypt.

In 1916, he was Staff Quartermaster Sergeant S/17645, Army Service Corps and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for

consistent good work on the Gallipoli Peninsula from May to September 1915, when the depots and bakeries were repeatedly under shell fire

They lived at 3 Trafalgar Row, Halifax [1939].

He died in Elland in Halifax [Q2 1954] (aged 69) 

Spencer, Rev J.Ref 145-1688
[17??-18??] Minister at Shore General Baptist Church, Todmorden [1819]

Spencer, JabezRef 145-2305
[18??-19??] Partner in Richardson & Spencer.

He lived at 23 Woodside Place, Boothtown [1905]

Spencer, JamesRef 145-3476
[1837-19??] Born in Wadsworth.

He was a beerseller [1861] / a beerseller at the Abbey, Luddenden and shoemaker [1871] / a waggoner [1881, 1891] / a cart driver [1901]

He married Sarah Hargreaves [1839-1899].


  1. Sam [b 1860] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  2. Fred [b 1861] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  3. Harry [b 1863] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  4. Walter [b 1865]
  5. Willy [b 1867]
  6. Mary Hannah [b 1869]
  7. Sarah [b 1871]
  8. James Henry [b 1873]
  9. Ann [b 1875]
  10. Mary [b 1878]
  11. Arthur [b 1880]

The family lived at

  • Luddendenfoot, Warley [1861]
  • the Abbey, Luddenden [1871]
  • Ellenholme, Sowerby [1881, 1891]
  • 3 Ellen Holme, Luddenden Foot [1901]

Living with them [in 1881] was mother-in-law Mary Hargreaves [aged 64] (formerly servant) 

Spencer, JamesRef 145-24
[1856-1908] Son of Joshua Spencer, delver.

Born in Halifax.

He was an overlooker of Northowram [1874] / a worsted overlooker [1881] / a worsted drawing overlooker [1891] / a worsted overlooker [1901].

In 1874, he married Elizabeth Beaumont [1854-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth was born in Stainland, the daughter of Humphrey Beaumont, delver


  1. John W [b 1875] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a brickyard labourer [1901]
  2. Albert [b 1877]
  3. Edgar [b 1880] who was a worsted overlooker [1901]
  4. Alice [b 1886] who was a worsted spinner [1901], an Axminster carpet weaver [1911]
  5. Ernest

The family lived at

  • 35 John Street, Northowram [1881, 1891]
  • 8 Bankfield View, Halifax [1901]
  • 11 Fairfield Terrace, Halifax [1911]

James died in 1907 (aged 52), or in 1909 (aged 54) 

Spencer, James EdwardRef 145-2863
[1869-1929] Born in Copley.

He was landlord of the William the 4th, Sowerby Bridge [1897-1929].

On 6th December 1898, he married Susan Greenwood at Halifax Parish Church

Susan was the daughter of William Greenwood

They had no children.

He died at the William the 4th [8th January 1929].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,299 18/5d. Probate was granted to Amy Louisa Spink and Henry Greenwood pattern maker

Spencer, JesseRef 145-11
[1892-1917] Son of William Spencer.

Born in Wadsworth [15th October 1892].

On 16th November 1912, he married Margaret Ann Ayrton [1891-1937] at Burnley Register Office.


  1. Ruby Gwendolin [1913-2003] who married [1937] Vincent Hartley [1911-1987]

The family lived at 188 Southfield Street, Nelson.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Border Regiment.

He was killed in action in Elland [20th November 1917].

He is remembered on the Cambrai Memorial, Nord France [Grave Ref 7]

Spencer, Joe TurnerRef 145-1156
[1849-1905] Son of Richard Spencer.

Born in Halifax [20th September 1849].

He was a Freemason / chairman of the Morecambe Pier Company / a Halifax Councillor [mid-1890s] / an Alderman [1892-1901] / a master linen-draper (taking over his father's drapery business in Northgate, Halifax) [1881] / a stocks & shares broker [1891] / an insurance agent / Proprietor & Editor of the Halifax Comet from his offices in Waterhouse Street, Halifax

In [Q3] 1873, he married Mary Eliza Illingworth in Halifax.

Mary Eliza was born in Halifax, the daughter of Thomas Illingworth Hephzibah [b Grimsby 1818] &


  1. Henry
  2. Winifred Mary [4th December 1889-1957] who married [1921] William Dunn, a dairy farmer in Berkshire

They lived at 10 Milton Place, Halifax [1881, 1891, 1901].

Living with them [in 1881] was mother-in-law Hepzibah Illingworth.

Joe committed suicide [13th March 1905].

On the following day, The Leeds & Yorkshire Mercury reported

He was discovered in the bathroom with his throat cut.

His son told how Joe had become depressed after having sustained considerable financial losses.

At the Inquest, a verdict of suicide was returned, though there was no evidence to show the state of his mind


He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1905

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £189 19/10d.

Probate was granted to his widow Mary Eliza.

Mary Eliza died 7th February 1919.

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 1244] with Joe's parents.

See Henry Backhouse

Spencer, JohnRef 145-35
[1811-18??] Born in Heptonstall.

He was a fustian cutter [1851].

Around 1836, he married Elizabeth [1806-18??].

Elizabeth was born in Erringden


  1. Thomas [b 1836] who was a fustian cutter [1851]
  2. Jane [b 1839] who was a part-timer / cotton doffer [1851]
  3. Robert [b 1846]
  4. Young [b 1849]
  5. Lord

The family lived at Bridge Lanes, Heptonstall [1851]

Spencer, JohnRef 145-7002
[16??-17??] Of Waterside, Colne, Lancashire.

On 2nd November 1716, he married Anne Smith [16??-17??] at St Bartholomew's Church, Colne.


  1. Elizabeth [1717] who died in infancy
  2. Blakey
  3. Christopher [1721] who died in infancy
  4. Maria [1722] who died in infancy
  5. Laurence [d 1725]
  6. Ellena [bapt 1726]
  7. Eliz [bapt 1729]

The children were born in Colne.

The family moved to Skircoat Green after 1729

Spencer, JohnRef 145-1009
[17??-1???] Coiner of Lee Bank. He was imprisoned at Bradford

Spencer, JohnRef 145-3007
[17??-18??] Reed maker at Woolshops, Halifax [1822]

Spencer, JohnRef 145-845
[1744-1811] Son of Blakey Spencer.

Baptised 23rd December 1744.

He was a stonemason in Halifax.

A Methodist, he gave classes at Bank Top, Sowerby Bridge. He and Thomas Calverley Riley were involved in establishing Gainest Cottage Sunday School.

On 27th September 1767, he married Mary Cragg at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. John
  2. son
  3. son
  4. son
  5. daughter
  6. daughter

He died on 2nd July 1811, five days after his wife.

See Gainest Cottage, Halifax

Spencer, JohnRef 145-1564
[1773-1813] Son of John Spencer.

He was a stonemason.

In 1794, he married Mary Broadbent at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Thomas
  2. son
  3. son
  4. son
  5. son
  6. son
  7. daughter
  8. daughter

John, Mary and several of their children were buried at South Parade Wesleyan Chapel

Spencer, JohnRef 145-3472
[1825-1???] Born in Burnley, brother of William Beanland Spencer.

He was a printer and stationer employing 2 men [1851].

On 19th September 1849, he married Mary Ann Fawthrop at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Timothy Fawthrop.

She was a dressmaker [1881]



  1. John Edwin

The family lived at

  • Ormerod Street, Burnley [1851]
  • 39 South Harley Street, Halifax [1871]

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 84]

Spencer, JohnRef 145-13
[1891-1918] Son of Mary Ada & George Spencer of 29 Mount Tabor, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/7th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died of wounds in Elland [25th April 1918] (aged 27).

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 82-85 & 162A], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Spencer, John CrabtreeRef 145-3331
[1830-1???] Son of Samuel Spencer.

Born in Ambrey.

He was a dyer [1851, 1881].

He married Isabella [1834-1???] from Heywood, Lancashire.


  1. Mary Jane [b 1853]
  2. Robert [b 1855] who was a dyer [1881]
  3. Alice [b 1856]
  4. Hannah [b 1853] who was a cotton rover [1881]
  5. Robert
  6. Nancy [b 1865] who was a cotton drawer [1881]
  7. Charles

The family lived at

  • Garden Street, Northowram [1871]
  • 1 Lilly Court, Northowram [1881]

Spencer, John EdwardRef 145-27
[187?-19??] (Possibly) son of David Spencer.

In 1913, he married Clara Rawsthorn

Clara was the daughter of John Rawsthorn


  1. Ethuriel [b Hebden Bridge 15th September 1916]

The family lived at 5 Nutclough, Hebden Bridge.

John Edward served in World War I.

Clara died in 1950 (aged 70) 

Spencer, John EdwinRef 145-1713
[1854-1???] Born in Burnley.

It is thought that his mother may have been Eliza, daughter of Timothy Fawthrop, and that he was adopted by his aunt Mary Ann when she married John Spencer.

In 1861, he listed as Fawthrop, born Burnley, and is living with Eliza and her mother Sarah, widow of Timothy Fawthrop.

In 1871, he is listed as Spencer and is living with Mary Ann and her mother Sarah.

He was a bookseller's assistant [1881]. He worked with F. King for 18 years before setting up his own business as bookseller, bookbinder, printer, die-sinker, stationer and librarian at 9 Commercial Street, Halifax.

He specialised in foreign periodicals and publications.

His French section was established under the guidance of M. Poiré, an authority on French literature.

He introduced a novel exchange where used books could be exchanged for a small cost

He lived at 8 Pine Street, Halifax [with his mother 1881]

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 84]. On the gravestone, he is listed as


Spencer, Jonathan GreenhalghRef 145-3325
[1875-1943] Son of Walter Spencer.

He was an aerated water manufacturer.

He and his brother Fred estabished a mineral water business, trading as F. & J. G. Spencer.

On Jonathan's death, Fred became sole owner of the business.

On 5th October 1905, he married Mary Tew [1880-19??] at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.

Mary was the daughter of cotton spinner Joseph Tew.

Mary had a son, Willie (father unknown) 



  1. William Greenhalgh [1906-19??]

Jonathan died in Calder district [Q3 1943] (aged 68) 

Spencer, JosephRef 145-1562
[1748-1???] Son of Blakey Spencer.

Baptised 10th April 1748.

He married Betty [1751-1836].

Betty died 26th January 1836 (aged 84) 

Spencer, JosephRef 145-1973
[18??-18??] Joiner at Halifax.

In September 1857, he was declared bankrupt

Spencer, JosephRef 145-3216
[1809-1888] He was a cabinet maker at 7 Old Market Halifax [1837, 1842], Lister Lane [1837], and 5 King Street, Halifax [1842].

Question: Could he be the Joseph Blakey Spencer (cabinet maker) to whom James Christopher Cunningham was indentured [25th October 1854]?


Spencer, KennethRef 145-10
[1913-1941] Son of Elsie M. Spencer.

He married D.

They lived in Todmorden.

During World War II, he served as an Able Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard the corvette HMS Fleur de Lys.

He died in Elland [14th October 1941] (aged 28)  when his ship was torpedoed by German Submarine U-206, and sank west of Gibraltar, with the loss of 70 of her crew of 75.

He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, England [Grave Ref 49 3]

Spencer, KennethRef 145-7
[1920-1944] Son of Ethel & James Spencer of Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Warrant Officer with the 7th Squadron Royal Air Force.

He died in Elland [5th May 1944] (aged 24).

He was buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax [b 183]

Spencer, KnightRef 145-844
[1738-1803] Eldest son of Blakey Spencer.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [April 1738].

He was a cloth-dresser.

On 20th March 1757, he married (1) Ann Cragg at Halifax Parish Church.

Ann was the daughter of Thomas Cragg


  1. Knight [1757-1837] who died at Acre Lane, Brixton, Surrey
  2. Nancy [bapt 1759]
  3. James [1761-1763]
  4. Mary [bapt 1762]
  5. Elizabeth [bapt 1765]
  6. John [bapt 1767]
  7. Joseph Blakey [1769-1822] who died at Blackheath, Kent
  8. Sarah Hannah [bapt 1772]
  9. Eleanor (or Ellen) [1774-1804]
  10. Harriet [bapt 1777]

On 9th June 1785, he married (2) Hannah Norcliffe [1750-1833].


  1. William [bapt 1786]
  2. Ann [bapt 1789]
  3. Elizabeth [1790-1859] who married John Matthewman
  4. Thomas [1791-1791]
  5. Edward Green [bapt 1792]
  6. John [1793-1793]
  7. William [bapt 1796]
  8. Frederic Charles [bapt 1797]
  9. James [bapt 1804]

The family lived at Copley Hall.

He died 25th September 1803

Spencer, LutherRef 145-3693
[18??-1???] He and Mr Dyson were Superintendents of the Northgate End Branch School at Trafalgar [1896]

Spencer, MosesRef 145-23
[1854-1920] Son of John Spencer, mechanic.

Born in Copley.

He was an overlooker of Skircoat [1873] / a worsted spinning overlooker [1881] / a worsted overlooker [1891] / a farmer [1901] / a worsted overlooker [1911].

In 1873, he married Elizabeth Hannah Mitchell [1855-1938] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth Hannah, of Skircoat, was the daughter of John Mitchell, joiner


  1. Horatio [b 1874] who was an iron moulder's apprentice [1891], an iron moulder [1901]
  2. John Benson [1878-1885]
  3. Martha Helena [b 1881] who was a worsted twister [1901]
  4. Herbert James
  5. Mary Elizabeth [b 1889] who was a half-time worsted spinner [1901], a worsted drawer [1911]
  6. Eva Maud [b 1891] who was a worsted drawer [1911]
  7. Harry [b 1898] who was a worsted dover? [1911]

The children were born in Copley.

The family lived at

  • 140 St Stephen's Street, Copley [1881]
  • St Stephen's Street, Copley [1891]
  • 146 Stephen Street, Copley [1901]
  • 2 Sun Buildings, Wainstalls, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1911] was granddaughter Gladys May Fletcher [b 1909].

Moses died in Halifax [Q3 1920] (aged 66) 

Elizabeth Hannah died in Halifax [Q1 1938] (aged 83) 

Spencer, RichardRef 145-30
[1816-1888] Born 18th August 1816.

He was a linen-draper.

He established a prosperous drapery business in Northgate, Halifax.

He married Harriet Turner [1819-1885].

Harriet was born 24th August 1819


  1. Joe Turner

The family lived at

Harriet died 14th January 1885.

Richard died 29th July 1888.

His son Joe took over the drapery business.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 1244]

Spencer, RobertRef 145-3330
[1855-1???] Son of John Crabtree Spencer.

He was landlord of the Perseverance Inn, Dewsbury [1901].

He married Mary A. [b 1856]

Spencer, SamuelRef 145-3324
[1803-1879] Born in Ambrey.

He was a journeyman weaver [1841] / a dyer [1851].

On 25th November 1838, he married Mrs Nancy Crabtree, née Beaumont [1809-18??] at Kirkheaton.


  1. John Crabtree
  2. Mary [b 1812]
  3. Joseph Crabtree [b 1834]
  4. Thomas
  5. Elliott
  6. Emma [b 1845]
  7. Walter
  8. William H. [b 1849]
  9. Eliza Ellen [b 1854] who married Jonas Cawdry [b 1852]

Samuel died in Halifax

Spencer, SarahRef 145-513
[1798-1878] Daughter of Caleb Spencer.

She married David Parkinson.

She died 18 days after her husband

Spencer, SquireRef 145-3057
[1791-18??] A cloth draper in Halifax.

He married Mary [1796-18??].


  1. John [b 1821]
  2. Jane [b 1821]
  3. Sarah [b 1826]
  4. Squire [b 1829]

The family lived at Bull Close, Halifax [1841]

Spencer, Rev Dr StephenRef 145-2900
[19??-] He was educated at Oxford and Edinburgh Theological College, and worked in London and Zimbabwe before becoming vicar of Caton-with-Littledale in the Blackburn diocese.

He became Priest-in-charge of St Martin's, Brighouse and St John's, Clifton [2010].

In 2003, he became a tutor with the Northern Ordination Course and has been responsible for Methodist Foundation Training. He is currently [2009] coordinator of the Yorkshire Regional Training Partnership and will remain part-time tutor and lecturer on the Yorkshire Ministry Course, Mirfield.

He married Sally, a Methodist preacher. Children: 3

Spencer, ThomasRef 145-175
[1727-1783] Of New House, Mytholmroyd. Brother-in-law of David Hartley. He had been a soldier and was an out-pensioner of the Royal Chelsea Hospital.

He was one of the Cragg Vale Coiners who – on the instigation of Isaac Hartley – approached Matthew Normington and Robert Thomas in October 1769 to murder William Deighton.

After the acquittal of the two for the murder, Spencer gave fresh evidence which led to their execution for highway robbery.

On Saturday, 7th June 1783, he and Mark Saltonstall – along with a great number of riotous persons – were involved in the Halifax Corn Riots and were accused of high treason, breaking the peace, breaking into a bread shop, ransacking corn warehouses, ambushing carriers of grain and selling this cheaply. The pair were arrested, tried and hanged in chains on Beacon Hill at midday on 16th August 1783.

Theirs were the last public hangings in Halifax. Crowds of mourners followed their coffins back to Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge. Spencer's body was taken to Hall Gate, Mytholmroyd where it was put on public display. They were both buried at Heptonstall Church on 19th August 1783

See Corn Riots

Spencer, ThomasRef 145-1565
[1795-1849] Son of John Spencer.

He was a stone mason. He lived Woodhouse Scar, Skircoat and quarried stone on the scar, near Wakefield Gate.

He married Ann Washington.


  1. son
  2. son
  3. son
  4. son
  5. son
  6. daughter
  7. daughter
  8. daughter
  9. daughter
  10. daughter

Spencer, ThomasRef 145-3231
[1796-18??] Born in Ovenden.

He was a dealer in men's ready-made clothes at 9 Woolshops, Halifax [1851].

He married Sarah [1796-18??].


  1. Emma [b 1833]
  2. Sarah [b 1834]
  3. Fredrick [b 1836]

The family lived at Woolshops, over the shop [1851]

Spencer, ThomasRef 145-3333
[1839-1???] Son of Samuel Spencer.

He married Lydia [b 1846] from Cleckheaton.


  1. Ann E. [b 1867]
  2. Joseph [b 1869]
  3. Sarah E. [b 1871]
  4. William Henry [b 1871]
  5. Martha [b 1875]
  6. Samuel [b 1877]
  7. Walter [b 1879]

Spencer, Thomas HenryRef 145-6
[1869-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a beerhouse keeper at the Star Hotel, Halifax [1905, 1911].

In [Q3] 1894, he married Annis Sutcliffe [1873-19??] in Halifax.

Annie was born in Halifax


  1. child who died young [before 1911]
  2. Edwin [b 1904]

Spencer, Thomas KnightRef 145-19
[1898-1918] Son of Edgar Spencer.

He was a member of King Cross Wesleyan Sunday School / educated at Haugh Shaw Council School & Halifax Secondary School [until 1914] / employed at the Brighouse Branch of the West Yorkshire Bank Limited.

He lived with his parents at 73 Savile Park Street, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted with the Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment [1917], and later responded to a call for young men to offer themselves for commissions in the RAF, and, after passing the examinations, served as a Second Lieutenant with the 2nd Aircraft Engine Depot Royal Air Force.

He left for France [3rd August 1918], and was taken ill with appendicitis 2 days later.

He died of peritonitis, following an operation for appendicitis in Wimereux Hospital, Boulogne [24th August 1918] (aged 20).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [31st August 1918].

He was buried at Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France [Grave Ref II E 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Halifax Secondary School

Spencer, TitusRef 145-991
[1???-1???] Of Quickstavers

Uncle of George Smithers

Spencer, TomRef 145-4
[1880-1918] Son of James Spencer of Gutter Royd, Todmorden.

Born in Todmorden.

He was a member of Mankinholes Wesleyan Sunday School / a member of Todmorden [?] Conservative Club / a butcher at Bridge End Co-operative Store, Todmorden [1902].

In 1902, he married Sarah Dawson [1882-1949] in Todmorden.

Sarah was born in Todmorden


  1. Harry [b 1903]
  2. Arnold [1906-1977]

The children were born in Todmorden.

The family lived at

  • 20 Richmond Street, Todmorden [1911]
  • 72 Longfield Road, Todmorden
  • 4 Crossley Street, Todmorden

During World War I, he enlisted [November 1916], and served as a Private with the 7th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment.

He was killed in Russia (or Mesopotamia) [14th September 1918] (aged 38).

He is remembered on the Tehran Memorial, Iran [Grave Ref 4 2], on Todmorden War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Mankinholes Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Spencer, W. B.Ref 145-3079
[18??-19??] Wholesale stationer, machine ruler, luggage-label manufacturer, and manufacturer of boxes at Back Lord Street, Halifax [1912]

Spencer, WalterRef 145-1827
[18??-19??] Wood grid manufacturer at Grid Works, Elland Road [1905]

Spencer, WalterRef 145-1855
[18??-19??] Partner in Spencer Brothers.

He lived at Plainfield, Nelson Street, Sowerby Bridge [1905]

Spencer, WalterRef 145-3323
[1847-1922] Son of Samuel Spencer.

He was a dyer's labourer [1881] / an aerated water manufacturer / a mineral water manufacturer [1901]. He established Walter Spencer & Sons in the 1860s.

By 1874, Walter had sold the business to the Halifax Aerated Water Company, and – Walter having made a sworn statement that he would not make any mineral or brewed products within 50 miles of the centre of Halifax – his sons Jonathan and Fred started business as F. & J. G. Spencer.

On 11th October 1874, he married Fanny Hanson at Halifax Parish Church.

Fanny was the daughter of Charles Young Hanson from Dukinfield


  1. Jonathan Greenhalgh
  2. Fred
  3. Betsy [1879-1916] who married [26th June 1916] Jim Hitchen [b 1876]
  4. Samuel [b 1882] who married Ada Livermore
  5. William Henry
  6. Charles Hanson
  7. Elliott aka Putty [b 1889] who married Ada Brown and had a son, Geoffrey
  8. Mary Ann [b 1892] who became a schoolteacher & married Arnold Sharp and had a son Paul Spencer Sharp
  9. Herbert [b 1899] who married Lena Stretcher and had a daughter Marie
  10. Lily [1898-1900]

The family lived at

Walter, Fanny & daughter Betsy were buried at Halifax Parish Church

Spencer, Walter BloomerRef 145-14
[1898-1975] Born in Halifax [9th September 1898].

He was landlord of the Prince of Wales, Salterhebble [1931-1932] / the Prince of Wales Feathers, Halifax [1932-1938]

He died in Elland in Halifax [Q4 1975]

Spencer, WesleyRef 145-5
[1833-1881] Head of Blue Coat School & Almshouses [1881].

In [Q3] 1857, he married Sarah Dickenson Keighley [1820-1904] in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Sarah was Matron of the Blue Coat School [1881].

Wesley died in Halifax [Q4 1881] (aged 48).

Sarah died in Bridlington [Q2 1904] (aged 84) 

Spencer, WilfordRef 145-17
[1882-1915] Born in Dewsbury.

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade.

He died in Elland [30th April 1915].

He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 46-48 & 50], on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial, on the Memorial at Saint Aidan's Mission, Bailiff Bridge, and on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-15
[1791-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-8

He married Mary [1787-1857].


  1. William

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 2139]

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-2862
[18??-19??] Coal merchant at 245 King Cross, Halifax [1892, 1936]

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-3423
[18??-1905] Landlord of the New Dolphin, Ambler Thorn [1905].

He married Mary.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1905

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-9
[1822-1884] Son of William Spencer.

In [Q3] 1855, he married Hannah Baines [1809-1858] in Halifax.


  1. William Baines [b 1858] who died aged 2 months

The dates suggest that Hannah died in childbirth, and her infant son shortly afterwards.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 2139]

Spencer, WilliamRef 145-12
[1847-1894] Born in Wadsworth.

On 2nd May 1879, he married Hannah Greenwood [1853-1937] in Haslingden.

Hannah was born in Wadsworth


  1. Paul [1879-1882]
  2. Gilbert [b 1882]
  3. Lily [b 1885]
  4. Mary [b 1887]
  5. Joe [b 1888]
  6. Lottie [b 1890]
  7. Jesse

The children were born in Wadsworth

Spencer, William BeanlandRef 145-32
[1822-1885] Born in Burnley, brother of John Spencer.

He was a wool waste dealer [1861] / a commercial clerk (dyers) [1871] / a wool merchant's cashier [1881].

He married Emma [1824-1892].

Emma was born in Mytholmroyd.

She was a dress maker [1871]



  1. Henry B. [b 1849] who was an errand boy [1861]
  2. Susan E. [b 1854] who was a linen draper's shopwoman [1881]
  3. Arthur Edwin

The family lived at

  • 3 High Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 12 Wilson Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 7 Wellington Place, Halifax [1881]

William died 21st August 1885 (aged 63).

Emma died 27th January 1892 (aged 68).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 84]

Spencer, William HenryRef 145-1331
[18??-1922] Established W. H. Spencer & Sons.

He was a member of Halifax Town Council.

He lived at Rose Cottage, 76 Lee Mount Road [1905].

He retired to Blackpool.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £16,205

Spencer, William HenryRef 145-16
[1840-1???] Born in Huddersfield.

He was landlord of the Brown Cow, Halifax [1874] / landlord of the Western, Halifax [1881] / landlord of the Druids' Arms, Halifax [1891]

Spencer, William HenryRef 145-3335
[1884-19??] Son of Walter Spencer.

He was a steam engine maker turner [1901] / an Army regular.

He died in America

Spencer, William HerbertRef 145-21

During World War I, he served as a Guardsman with the Grenadier Guards.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Spencer, ZachariahRef 145-2444
[17??-17??] He lived near the Ring O' Bells, Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. Sally Simpson


Spencer surnameRef 145-1

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are over 70 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Spencer, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Spencer:

Marriages 1808, 1860, 1872, 1880, 1891, 1896, 1898, 1907, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1933, 1940, 1941; Deaths 1899, 1900, 1907

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