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Scott, MrRef 221-4

He married Unknown.


  1. Jonathan
  2. William [b 1835] who was a labourer (coal pit) [1851]
  3. Joseph [b 1837] who was a labourer (coal pit) [1851]
  4. Reuben [b 1838] who was a labourer (coal pit) [1851]
  5. Abram [b 1840] who was a labourer (coal pit) [1851]

The family lived at

  • Brighouse [1822]
  • Ovenden [1835, 1840]

Scott, MrRef 221-5

He married Elizabeth Ann Cook [1863-19??].

Elizabeth Ann was born in Pinchbeck West, Lincolnshire


  1. Harriet [b 1890] who was a cotton cheese winder [1911]
  2. Annie Caroline [b 1893] who was a cotton doubler [1911]
  3. Gertrude [b 1894] who was a rug weaver [1911]
  4. Thomas Jackson [b 1897] who was a bander (cotton doubling room) [1911]
  5. Stanley [b 1900]

The family lived at 63 Albert Road, Sowerby Bridge [1911].

Elizabeth Ann was widowed by 1911.

Living with the family, after his mother's death [in 1915], was nephew Herbert Thomas Clayton

Scott, MrRef 221-2435
[18??-19??] Architect. Partner in Scott & Bagnall

Scott, AbrahamRef 221-2675
[18??-18??] Innkeeper at Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse.

Question: Does anyone know which inn this may have been?


In July 1835, he was declared bankrupt

Scott, AlexanderRef 221-678
[18??-19??] Boot dealer, draper, mantle manufacturer, milliner, silk mercer and hosier.

In 1873, he acquired the business of F. H. Nicholson & Company at 25 Crown Street, Halifax and carried the business on in his own name, Alexander Scott Limited.

In 1903, the larger York Buildings in Commercial Street was built as a department store for him.

He was a close friend of Robert Moffat Kerr

Scott, ArnoldRef 221-883
[1896-1916] Son of George Scott.

He was educated at Sunnyside School & Akroyd Place School / a member of St Thomas's Church, Claremount / a worsted spinner [1911] / a blacksmith's striker.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Royal Marine Light Infantry, aboard HMS Lion.

He was unhurt, though his ship was badly damaged, in the Battle of Dogger Bank [24th January 1915].

He died 31st May 1916 (aged 20)  when HMS Lion suffered a serious propellant fire which destroyed a gun turret during the Battle of Jutland.

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [10th June 1916].

He is remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial [Grave Ref 18], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Thomas the Apostle, Claremount

Scott, Bryce GilbertRef 221-9
[1898-1918] Son of Walter Scott.

Born in Halifax [Q4 1898].

He lived with his parents at Prince's Gate, Halifax.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School & Halifax Tech / an apprentice worsted spinner with Pickles & Sons, worsted spinners in Halifax and in Bradford [1916].

During World War I, he enlisted in the training reserves [at Halifax, February 1917], and transferred to the 2nd/6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment [December 1917].

He was reported missing [21st March 1918], and reported to be a POW at Senne camp, Germany [April 1918].

His photograph appears with a report of his story in the Halifax Courier [27th April 1918].

He rejoined his regiment in December 1918.

His father wrote to the army [January 1919], asking for his discharge, and mentioning that he was wounded in the thigh before being captured.

He was demobbed [May 1919].

He survived the War, and is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Heath Grammar School

Scott, C. G.Ref 221-976
[19??-19??] Curate at Brighouse [1958-1961]

Scott, Rev DavidRef 221-2437
[18??-19??] He was curate of St Philip, Dewsbury before becoming Curate at Elland [1891-1893]. He moved to Holmpton and Welwick in the Diocese of York

Scott, DavidRef 221-3357
[18??-19??] In 1890, he acquired the paper-making business of Joseph Law and Job Morton at Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth.

In April 1901, the business was acquired by Thomas Briggs (Manchester) Limited

Scott, DavidRef 221-1042
[1835-1918] Son of Martin Scott.

He married Elizabeth Nicholl.

Elizabeth was the daughter of James Nicholl


  1. Louisa [1868-19??] who married Thomas Herbert Carter

Scott, DayRef 221-18
[1877-1921] Son of Rebecca [1841-1???] & Newsome Scott [1841-1???], carding overlooker of Dewsbury.

Born in Batley Carr.

He was a card cleaner (blanket mill) [1901] / a tram driver with Halifax Corporation [1911] / landlord of the Prince Albert Hotel, Brighouse [1915] / landlord of the Friendly Inn, Halifax [1916, 1921].

In [Q1] 1898, he married Clara Taylor in Dewsbury.

Clara was born in Earlsheaton


  1. child who died young [before 1911]
  2. George Newsome Scott [b 1901]

The family lived at

  • Spring Gardens, Dewsbury [1901]
  • 16 Brinton Terrace, Hanson Lane, Halifax [1911]

Day died in Halifax [Q4 1921] (aged 44)  After his death, Clara took over at the Friendly Inn [1922, 1924]

Scott, Rev Douglas WalkerRef 221-1235
[18??-19??] MA.

He was educated at Merton College Oxford, and served as curate at Huddersfield before becoming Vicar of Christ Church, Pellon [1921-1936], Vicar of Sowerby Bridge [1936], and Assistant Rural Dean of Halifax [1936-1946]

He married Unknown.


  1. Edward John Douglas [1928-1941]

Scott, Miss E. M.Ref 221-1236
[18??-1936] Headmistress of Brighouse & District Girls' Secondary School. She was a friend of the family of Richard Wagner whose granddaughters – Verena and Friedelinde – attended the School in the 1930s

Scott, EdwardRef 221-8
[1862-19??] Son of William Scott, gas fitter

Born in Kendal, Westmorland.

He was a weaver of Claremount [1884] / a general labourer [1891] / a gas fitter [1901] / landlord of the North Ward Tavern, Claremount [1905] / a publican (own account) at the North Ward Inn, 11 Range Bank, Halifax [1911] / a greengrocer at 11 Range Bank.

In [Q2] 1884, he married Harriet Oddy [1865-19??] at Halifax Parish Church

Harriet, of Claremont, was the daughter of George Oddy, gentleman


  1. Rose Ellen [b 1885] who was a worsted rover [1901], a worsted spinner [1911]
  2. Percy
  3. Lilly [b 1888] who was a cotton spinner [1901], a worsted spinner [1911]
  4. George [b 1891] who was a mechanic turner [1911]
  5. Norris
  6. Mabel [b 1895] who was a machinist [1911]
  7. Raymond [b 1905]

The family lived at

  • 16 Neville Street, Northowram [1891]
  • 42 St Thomas Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 11 Range Bank, Halifax

Sons Percy & Norris died in World War I

Scott, Rev EdwinRef 221-1323
[18??-19??] He was vicar at Morley before becoming Vicar of St Jude's Church, Savile Park [1930]. In 1936, he was appointed vicar of Honing-with-Crostwight, Norfolk.

Question: An Edwin Scott is recorded at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden in 1932. Could this be the same man?


Scott, EliRef 221-3422
[18??-18??] Luddendenfoot mill-owner.

He owned property in Denholme, Luddendenfoot where Denholme School, Luddendenfoot was held.

The building was also used for manufacturing and a part was a malt kiln.

In 1860, the Luddendenfoot Industrial Co-operative Society bought his premises at Denholme

Scott, ElijahRef 221-573
[1891-1915] Son of Martha Ann & William Scott.

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the 1st/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He died 15th August 1915 (aged 24).

He is remembered on the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Scott, FrancisRef 221-S3042
[1796-1848] He was landlord of the Duke of Leeds' Arms, Halifax [1829] / manor bailiff [1841] / jailer at the debtors' jail [1841] / bailiff of the Lord of the Manor [1845] / Inspector of Weights & Measures at Gaol Lane, Halifax [1845].

On 31st July 1822, he married (1) Susannah (Susan) Thomas [1800-1838] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. John Wood
  2. Joseph [1826-1852] who was a pattern design [1851]
  3. Samuel [1827-1831]

On 28th November 1838, he married (2) Mary [1788-1845] at Elland Parish Church.

Mary [née Manley] was the widow of Mr Harrison

In 1841, he was charged with illegally retaining the body of Henry Foster, a prisoner in the gaol - as described in the Foldout.

Francis died in 1848.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £100.

His son John Wood was his executor

Members of the family were buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax: Samuel [18th January 1831]; Susannah [16th March 1838]; Mary [24th September 1845]; Francis [3rd August 1848]; Joseph [11th March 1852]; John Wood [16th June 1858]

Scott, GeorgeRef 221-1703
[17??-18??] Hatter in Southowram [1791]

Scott, GeorgeRef 221-3500
[1796-1843] Born in Northowram.

He was a coalminer [1815] / a collier [1841].

In 1815, he married Sarah Scott [1796-18??] of Northowram, at Halifax Parish Church. The widowed Sarah was a beer seller at 3 Upper Crowpoint, Northowram [1851], and an ale seller at 4 Caledonian Buildings, Northowram [1861].


  1. Jonathan [bapt 1816]
  2. Martha [bapt 1818] who married Abraham Bunney
  3. Thomas [bapt 1824] who was a collier [1841]
  4. Mary Ann [bapt 1826] who was a weaver [1841], a power loom weaver worsted [1851] and who married [1862] Abraham Haigh
  5. Hannah [bapt 1828] who was a spinner [1841], a power loom weaver worsted [1851]
  6. Daniel [bapt 1832]
  7. Emma [bapt 1833] who was a power loom weaver worsted [1851]
  8. Caroline [bapt 1837] who was a power loom weaver worsted [1851] and who married [1857] Timothy Noble
  9. John

The family lived at

  • Crow Point, Northowram [1841]
  • 3 Upper Crowpoint, Northowram [1851]
  • 4 Caledonian Buildings, Northowram [1861]

Living with them [in 1841] were apprentice Henry Moore [aged 14], stone mason Isaac Atkinson [aged 23], Elizabeth Atkinson [aged 20] and Sladdin Atkinson [aged 6 months]

Scott, GeorgeRef 221-10
[18??-1914] Of Edinburgh.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Dragoon Guards.

He died 6th November 1914.

He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 3], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Scott, GeorgeRef 221-887
[1864-19??] Born in Kendal, Westmorland.

He was a gas works labourer [1901] / a Farm labourer b.Westmoreland [1911]

He married Jane [1866-1915].

Jane was born in Okehampton, Devon


  1. Stephen [b 1894] who was a brick maker [1911]
  2. Arnold
  3. Violet [b 1899]
  4. Herbert [b 1903]
  5. Edith [b 1908]

The family lived at

  • 23 St Luke Street, Halifax [1901, 1911]
  • 10 Bolton Street, New Bank [1916]

Scott, Sir George GilbertRef 221-42
[1811-1878] Architect who designed All Souls' Church for Edward Akroyd – although he wrote that he could have made a "better show" if he had known at the outset how much Akroyd was prepared to spend. He thought that All Souls' was his best church. He was a leader of the mid-19th-century Gothic Revival, and was responsible for the design and restoration of many public buildings and monuments, including the Cathedral in Wakefield, London's Albert Memorial, Home Office, Foreign Office, and St Pancras Station Hotel, now St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, where The Gilbert Scott restaurant is named for him.

He was criticised for his church restorations. In 1856, at the request of Akroyd, he produced a design for Halifax Town Hall to be built at Ward's End, but this was not to be.

In 1877, he gave an estimate of £40,000 for the restoration of Halifax Parish Church. He and his son John Oldrid Scott carried out extensive restoration work at the church in 1879

Scott, HerbertRef 221-1080
[1886-1916] Son of Jonas Scott.

Born in Halifax.

He was a worsted spinner room hand [1901].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died 2nd November 1916 (aged 30).

He was buried at Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France [Grave Ref II F 24].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Scott, J.Ref 221-6
[1885-1917] Of Walsden, then 21 Turf Terrace, Littleborough.

He was a player with Walsden AFC / employed at Calderbrook Print Works.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Royal Scots.

He was reported missing and assumed to have died 3rd May 1917 (aged 32).

Scott, Rev J.Ref 221-1212
[19??-19??] He was assistant curate at Aston, Birmingham before becoming Vicar of St James & St Mary Church of England, Halifax [1948, 1966]

Scott, JamesRef 221-1706
[17??-17??] Hatter in Southowram [1767-1776]

Scott, Rev JamesRef 221-1198
[17??-1783] A Dissenter. In 1756, he established Scott's Academy at Heckmondwike. On his death, the Academy moved to Northowram

Scott, Rev JamesRef 221-1625
[17??-18??] He studied at Idle Academy before becoming Minister at Myrtle Grove Chapel, Eastwood [1807]

Scott, James AlexanderRef 221-2
[1898-1918] Son of Lavinia & James Alexander Scott of 18 New Street, Hebden Bridge.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 16th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

He died 10th August 1918 (aged 20).

He was buried at Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte, France [Grave Ref IV D 15.]

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint John's Mission Church, Hebden Bridge

Scott, JobRef 221-566
[1858-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a wool cloth finisher [1880].

On 14th May 1880, he married Adelaide Turner in Halifax.

Adelaide was the daughter of
Abraham Turner


  1. John [b 1880]
  2. Eveline [b 1883] who married [19th Sep 1907] Arthur William Hale
  3. Beatrice [b 1885]
  4. Flory [b 1886]
  5. Mary [b 1894]

The children were born in Halifax.

Adelaide died in Halifax [11th June 1907]

Scott, Joe WillieRef 221-208
[1875-1949] He was a worsted worker at Bondina / a member of Greetland Fire Brigade / a member of Greetland Cricket Club (player & committee member).

He owned property in Greetland

Scott, JohnRef 221-614
[1???-1869] He was the last person to hold the post of pinder at Midgley

He lived at Great House, Midgley

Scott, JohnRef 221-1191
[17??-1774] He was executed at the Tyburn, York, for the murder of his sweetheart Hannah Stocks [25th July 1774]

His confession – made a few hours before his execution – is reproduced in Northowram, Its History & Antiquities.

His body was sent to the county hospital for dissection

Scott, JohnRef 221-319
[1791-18??] He was a farmer [1840, 1841].

He married Hannah [1791-18??].


  1. James [b 1816]
  2. William [b 1826] who was a damask weaver [1841]
  3. Hannah [b 1821] who married James Shepley

The family lived at Spark House, Norland [1841].

Living with them [in 1841] were daughter Hannah, and her family, and Ann Dunwell [aged 20] and Elisaham Dunwell [aged 1 month]

Scott, JohnRef 221-3499
[1839-1909] Son of George Scott.

Born in Northowram.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [1839].

He was a stone mason [1861] / a stone mason and publican at Caledonian Buildings, Northowram [1871] / builder & beerhouse keeper at the Bay Horse, Boothtown [1881] / beerseller at the Bay Horse, Boothtown [1891] / publican at the Bay Horse, Boothtown [1901].

He never married.

In 1881, the address of the Bay Horse Inn was shown as

John Scotts Houses, New Road Side, Northowram

Question: Could John have built the property?


Living with him [in 1881] were his sister Mary Ann, widow of Abraham Haigh, and her son Holdsworth, his sister Martha, widow of Abraham Bunney, and her children Joseph and Hannah, and visitor Willie Birch [aged 4].

Living with him [in 1901] at the Bay Horse Inn, Pleasant View, Halifax was his sister Caroline widow of Timothy Noble

Scott, John OldridRef 221-310
[18??-19??] Worked with his father, Sir Gilbert Scott, on the restoration of Halifax Parish Church in 1879

Scott, John WoodRef 221-2688
[1824-1858] Son of Francis Scott.

He was manor bailiff [1851] / Inspector of Weights & Measures for Halifax and district [until 1858].

On 16th February 1848, he married Catharine Gledhill [1824-1875] at Halifax Parish Church.

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [16th June 1858].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £3,000.

Scott, JonasRef 221-11
[1850-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a mechanic millwright [1891] / a millwright [1901].

In [Q4] 1875, he married Frances Cordingley [1855-1???] in Halifax.

Frances was born in Halifax.

She was a shopkeeper (glass & china) [1901]



  1. John H. [b 1875] who was a creeler for brussels weaving [1891], an iron car driver [1901]
  2. Arthur [b 1877] who was a worsted bobbin remover [1891], a machine pattern maker [1901]
  3. Eva [b 1880] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a domestic servant [1901]
  4. Hannah [b 1881]
  5. Herbert

The family lived at

  • Fern Street, Northowram [1891]
  • 6 St James's Road, Halifax [1901]
  • The Lodge, Norfolk Place, Halifax
  • 9 Bond Street, Halifax [1916]

Scott, JonathanRef 221-3
[1822-1???] Son of Mr Scott.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a beer shop keeper at an unidentified beerhouse at 4 North Bridge, Halifax [1851].

Question: Does anyone know which beerhouse this may have been?


He married Betty [1826-1???].

Betty was born in Northowram


  1. Mary Jane [b 1851]

Living with them [in 1851] were his brothers William [b 1835], Joseph [b 1837], Reuben [b 1838], and Abram Scott [b 1840]

Scott, JosephRef 221-15
[18??-1914] He was a director of Scott Brothers.

He died in Gomersal [8th August 1914].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £774 18/-.

Probate was granted to his nephew Fred Waterhouse of Bradford (wool sorter) 

Scott, MartinRef 221-1040

He married Unknown.


  1. David

Scott, MatthewRef 221-1679
[17??-17??] Minister at Steep Lane Baptist Church, Sowerby [1751]

Scott, NimrodRef 221-3093
[1850-1???] Born in Stainland. He was a grocer's assistant [1871].

He was a boarder with Samuel Mattock and family at Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge [1871]

Scott, NorrisRef 221-1081
[1892-1917] Son of Edward Scott.

He was an iron moulder [1911] / employed by Campbell's.

During World War I, he enlisted [1915], and served as a Corporal with the 8th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He served in the Dardanelles [12 months], in Egypt, and in France [12 months].

He was killed in action [10th October 1917] (aged 25).

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 82-85 & 162A], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

His brother Percy also died in the War

Scott, PercyRef 221-447
[1879-1914] Son of Thomas Henry Scott.

He was a jobbing domestic gardener [1911] / a postman at Wadsworth / in lodgings at Oak Street, Hebden Bridge.

He joined the army and served in the South African War, India and Egypt [8 years].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers.

He was killed in action [22nd October 1914] (aged 36).

He is remembered on the Le Touret Memorial, France [Grave Ref 15], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Scott, PercyRef 221-7
[1886-1917] Son of Edward Scott.

He was a brick slipper in brickyard [1901] / a mechanic / a fruiterer (own account) [1911] / a grocer at Haley Hill, Halifax, taking over the business of Booth Greenwood.

During World War I, he enlisted [5th January 1917], and served as a Private with the Northumberland Fusiliers.

He was killed in action after having been in France for 12 weeks [5th June 1917] (aged 31).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [30th June 1917].

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 2 & 3], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

His brother Norris also died in the War

Scott, Rev PeterRef 221-1677
[17??-1866] A Scotchman. He was educated at Horton College and served at Colne [for 12 years], Shipley [16 years] and Sutton [6 years] before becoming First Minister at Brearley Baptist Church [1853]. In 1865, he retired on account of his advancing years. He died at Steep Lane at the home of Rev William Haigh

Scott, PeterRef 221-14
[1844-1???] Son of James Scott, mason.

He was a fustian cutter of Erringden [1865].

On 6th November 1865, he married Elizabeth Cockcroft [1836-1???] in Halifax.

Elizabeth, of Wadsworth, was the daughter of Thomas Cockcroft, joiner

Scott, RaymondRef 221-12
[1892-1917] Son of Mrs Elizabeth Scott, of 4 Poplar Avenue, Great Horton, Bradford.

He was a member of Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax / a presser for BDA, Walnut Street – (possibly) J. W. Ward & Sons Limited, Halifax.

He lived at Craven Terrace, Halifax.

He was engaged to Cissie Freeman of Hanson Lane.

During World War I, he enlisted [February 1916], and served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was accidentally killed by an explosion during trench-mortar training [3rd June 1917] (aged 25).

He was buried at Fillievres British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref B 33].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax

Scott, RonaldRef 221-511
[1927-1947] Son of Lizzie & Fred Scott of Beechwood, Sowerby Bridge.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery.

56 Medium Regiment.

He died 10th September 1947 (aged 20).

He was buried at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery [A U 189]

Scott, ThomasRef 221-3562
[18??-185?] Landlord of the Royal Hotel, Brighouse [1845].

He married Rachel.

After his death, Rachel took over at the Royal Hotel.

On 28th June 1853, shortly after gas lighting had been installed in the hotel, Mrs Scott noticed a smell of gas in the cellar and went to investigate with a lighted candle. She was badly burnt about the head, face and arms in the resulting explosion and fire. The steps at the front door were displaced by the explosion.

On 5th February 1857, Rachel married William Smith at Brighouse Parish Church

Scott, ThomasRef 221-558
[1829-1???] Born in Northowram

He was a mechanic [1851].

On 8th May 1851, he married Harriet Turner in Halifax.

Harriet was the daughter of
George Turner


  1. Elizabeth Ann [1852-1912] who married Rufus Woodhead
  2. Walter
  3. Selina [1857-1943] who married John William Walton

The children were born in Northowram

Scott, Rev Thomas A.Ref 221-2256
[18??-19??] BA.

Curate at St Paul's Church, Queens Road [1905]. He lived at Clergy House, King Cross / Mayfield Drive, Halifax

Scott, Thomas HenryRef 221-444
[1856-1???] He was a rope maker [1891].

In [Q2] 1877, he married Clara Jane Harrison [1857-19??] in Huddersfield.


  1. Albert Edward [b 1878] who was a band twister [1891], a boiler and steam pipe coverer [1911]
  2. Percy [b 1879] who was a cotton piecer [1891], a mechanic's driller [1901]
  3. May [b 1882]
  4. Sarah A [b 1883] who was a worsted twister [1901]
  5. Percy
  6. Lilian [b 1887] who was a worsted roving frame minder [1911]
  7. Benjamin Russell [b 1890] who served in World War I
  8. Joshua [b 1890]
  9. James Ernest [b 1897] who was a worsted spinning frame doffer [1911] and served in World War I

The family lived at

  • Mold Green Road, Dalton, Huddersfield [1891]
  • 26 Back Raglan Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 3 Mile Thorn Yard, Halifax [1911]

Thomas Henry was dead by 1914

Scott, Thomas ShepherdRef 221-3692
[1827-1899] Born 10th October 1827.

He was a Trustee of Northgate End Chapel [1861, 1880] and a Chapel Warden at Northgate End Chapel [1867, 1872]

In [Q3] 1851, he married Hester Field [1826-1879] in Otley.


  1. Arthur Thomas [d 1852]
  2. Charles Edgar [1867] who died in infancy

Hester died 30th April 1879 (aged 53).

Thomas died 29th August 1899.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 2052]

Scott, TimothyRef 221-3426
[16??-17??] Constable of Shelf [1716]

Scott, W.Ref 221-3408
[18??-19??] Recorded in 1896 & 1897, when he was Secretary of The Square Mutual Improvement Society, Halifax, and lived at 23 Silver Street, Halifax

Scott, W. H.Ref 221-3080
[18??-19??] In 1878, he established a business as brush manufacturer and repairer of carpet sweepers at 23 Gibbet Street, Halifax.

Later, he was at 72 King Cross Street, Halifax [1911, 1915], and 2a Stirling Street, Halifax [1911, 1915]

Scott, Rev WalterRef 221-13
[18??-19??] Recorded in September 1918, when he was pastor of Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel.

In 1918, he and his wife were seriously injured when they were visiting friends in Kendal, in the Lake District. They were walking along an elevated road after dark on Sunday 1st September 1918, when fell about 10 ft down to a lower road. Rev Scott sustained injuries to the hip; Mrs Scott suffered fractures to the base of the skull and the shoulder, and meningitis set in. A report of the incident was published in the [7th September 1918]

Scott, WalterRef 221-564
[1854-1???] Son of Thomas Scott.

He was a lathe maker [1882].

On 14th Oct 1882, he married Ada Bell [1858-1???] in Halifax.

Ada was born in York


  1. Edith [b 1883] who married William Hayes
  2. Thomas [1884-1959]
  3. Harry [b 1887]

The children were born in Halifax

Scott, WalterRef 221-16
[1871-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a draper & milliner (employer) at Northgate [1901, 1911].

In 1894, he married Sarah Jane Smith [1860-19??] in Halifax.

Sarah Jane was born in Halifax


  1. Kate [b 1896]
  2. Marion [b 1897]
  3. Bryce Gilbert

The family lived at

  • 32 Savile Park Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 5 Prince's Gate, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1901] was widowed mother Martha F. Culpan [b 1832].

Scott, Rev WilliamRef 221-2287
[18??-19??] Minister at Salem Chapel, North Parade [1917]

Scott, William HenryRef 221-17
[1833-1???] Born in Manchester.

He was a manager worsted mill [1871].

He married Mary [1834-1871].

Mary was born in Liverpool [25th December 1834]


  1. Charles W. [b 1859]
  2. Oswald [b 1861]
  3. Edith E. [b 1867]

The family lived at Horley Green Villa, Northowram [1871].

Mary died 15th September 1871

She was buried at St Thomas the Apostle, Claremount

Scott, Rev William ValentineRef 221-1287
[1908-1966] Born in Derby.

He was Chaplain to the RAF before becoming Vicar of Stainland [1963-1966].

In [Q2] 1942, he married Hilda Vivien Stanley [1906-1993] in Gloucester.

Hilda Vivien was born in Gloucester

They lived at Stainland Vicarage.

He died in the Royal Halifax Infirmary [17th April 1966] (aged 58).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £15,164.

Probate was granted to his widow Hilda Vivien.

He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Stainland


Scott surnameRef 221-1
There are over 50 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Scott, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Scott:

Marriages 1875, 1912; Deaths 1810, 1908

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