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Stocks, MrsRef 159-883
[1???-18??] She ran a private school in Halifax [around 1870]

Stocks, Alexander OldfieldRef 159-564
[1849-1938] JP.

Son of William Stocks.

Born in Huddersfield.

He started work as a clerk on the railways.

In 1884, he started business as a stone merchant.

He was prominent in local affairs in Rastrick and Brighouse, and he was the first candidate for Mayor of the new Borough of Brighouse in 1893, but was actually deputy mayor to Alderman William Smith for 4 years. In March 1904, as Deputy Mayor, he drove the first tram from Hove Edge to Brighouse.

He was Mayor of Brighouse [1907-1909].

He lived at 27 High Street, Brighouse [1908].

On 27th June 1872, he married Grace Clegg in Huddersfield.


  1. Amy [b 1873] who married Arthur Holdsworth Leach
  2. Annie [b 1876]
  3. Stanley Herbert [b 1878]
  4. Norman Sinclair [b 1883] who was a commercial traveller  [1938]

They lived at 2 Rose Bank, Church Street, Manningham, Bradford [1938].

He died at Manningham [26th November 1938].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,130 0/7d. Probate was granted to son Norman Sinclair Stocks and Thornton Haley (solicitor) 

Stocks, AmosRef 159-3667
[18??-18??] Bookseller at Northgate, Halifax. Recorded in February 1881, when newspapers announced

To be sold by tender, the whole of the stock-in-trade and fixtures belonging to this estate ... an old-established trade

Stocks, ArthurRef 159-397
[1846-1889] Painter. Third son of Lumb Stocks. He exhibited at the Royal Academy [1867-1889]. He was a member of Institute of Painters in Water-Colours

Stocks, ArthurRef 159-20
[1880-1918] Illegitimate son of Elizabeth Stocks [1860-19??] of Halifax.

Elizabeth was a charwoman, and living with Arthur at 10 Haigh's Court, Halifax [1901]

Arthur was a member of King Cross Liberal Club / a dyer's labourer [1901] / a cotton card dresser [1911] / employed by John Whiteley & Sons at Brunswick Mills, West Parade.

In 1906, he married Sarah Alice Gibson [1881-19??] in Halifax.


  1. Phyllis [b 1908]
  2. May [b 1910]
  3. Ethel [b 1912]
  4. (twins) Elsie [b 1914]
  5. Ida [b 1914]

They lived at 12 Vickerman Street, Parkinson Lane, Halifax [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted [24th August 1915] with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), then he served as a Private with the 2nd/5th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He was wounded [20th May 1917] and returned to France [23rd October 1917].

He was killed by shell fire [9th January 1918] (aged 38).

The Halifax Courier [19th January 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Roclincourt Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref II F 14].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Stocks, Arthur HudsonRef 159-1267
[1889-1940] CMG, MA.

Elder son of Leonard Stocks.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School and Oriel College Oxford.

In 1914, he went out to Sierra Leone.

During World War II, he served in East Africa.

He married Mary Josephine Stevenson in Sierra Leone.

Mary Josephine came to England [22nd May 1926]. She died in the Acland nursing home, Oxford.

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £215 4/9d to Arthur


In 1937, he was created CMG. He served with the Colonial Services for 26 years and was Secretary for Protectorate Affairs in Sierra Leone.

He had a home at Higher Scout, Hebden Bridge

He died [26th July 1940] on board the Merchant Vessel Accra when it was sunk by an enemy submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. His is recorded as a civilian death

Stocks, Arthur HudsonRef 159-21
[1889-1940] Son of Mary & Leonard Stocks of Hebden Hey, Hebden Bridge.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School.

He married Mary Josephine Stevenson of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

He died 26th July 1940 (aged 51)  - (Civilian Civilian War Dead) - when the ocean liner MV Accra was torpedoed by German Submarine U-34 and sank west of Ireland with the loss of 24 of the 499 people aboard.

He is remembered on Heath Grammar School Memorial Gates

Stocks, BenjaminRef 159-936
[16??-1704] He was Master of Heywood's School. He died suddenly of apoplexy

Stocks, BentleyRef 159-1106
[1813-1842] Son of Michael Stocks.

Of Temple in the City of London.

He died 22nd June 1843.

He was buried at Coley Church

There is a memorial to him and his brother Joseph Stocks in Coley Church erected by their brother Michael Stocks.

See Northowram Infants' School

Stocks, CharlesRef 159-2
[1868-1922] Landlord of the Duke of York, Stone Chair [1897-1922].

In [Q3] 1897, he married Lavinia Cockcroft in Bradford.


  1. Lavinia [b 6th July 1898]

Charles died in 1922.

Lavinia took over at the Duke of York [1922-1927]

Stocks, ClementRef 159-10
[1876-1941] Son of Henry Lord Stocks.

He was an iron turner [1908].

On 21st April 1908, he married Edith Emily Mansley [1878-1962] of Greetland, in Sowerby.


  1. Emily [1909-1995] who married [8th October 1936]  Arthur Thornber [1904-1988]
  2. Herbert [b 1912]

Clement died in Triangle [13th December 1941].

He was buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £284 to Edith Emily

Stocks, DanielRef 159-1461
[1670-17??] Son of John Stocks.

Baptised 21st August 1670.

On 14th June 1692, he married Esther Jagger at Halifax Parish Church.

Esther came from Shelf


  1. Sarah who married John Brook Jnr
  2. Michael
  3. Timothy
  4. Susan
  5. John
  6. Mary
  7. Joseph

Stocks, DanielRef 159-108
[18??-18??] Ginger beer manufacturer at Swan Coppice, Halifax [1850]

Stocks, FrankRef 159-3304
[1881-1958] Son of George Stocks.

Frank went to live in Hampshire.

By 1891, he was known as Frank Snow, using his mother's maiden name.

He appears to have been similar in character to his father. He joined the Army at the age of 18. He served with the Cavalry for 5 or 6 years. He got into trouble with his drinking

Stocks, GeorgeRef 159-2846
[1795-1858] (Possibly) son of Ann [1769-1841] and Benjamin Stocks [1769-1836] of Huddersfield.

Born in Huddersfield.

He was a cloth draper [1841] / a stuff presser and finisher at Old Cock Yard and Horton Street,  Halifax [1845] / a farmer of 14 acres [1851] / a fancy stuff presser employing 2 labourers, [1851] / a master cloth & stuff finisher [1858].

He married Hannah [1794-19??] from Skircoat.


  1. (possibly) Sarah [b 1821] who married Mr Halliwell  and had a son (Thomas
  2. John [b 1831]

The family lived at

In June 1849, Eli Rothwell, of Halifax, was fined £1 for an assault upon George.

The cause of death for George was dropsy

Stocks, GeorgeRef 159-6
[1838-1903] Son of John Stocks.

In 1865, he married Emma Burrell [1834-1916] of Blyton, in Gainsborough


  1. Mary Louisa [b 1866]
  2. John Evelyn [b 1868]
  3. Frederick George [b 1869]
  4. Edith Emma [b 1874]
  5. Ada Caroline [b 1875]

Around 1881, the family moved to Morecambe where they ran a Café/confectionery business.

George died in Morecambe

Stocks, GeorgeRef 159-S3303
[1856-1???] Son of John Stocks.

He served in the Army and was discharged With Ignominy on several occasions

Stocks, H. R.Ref 159-3082
[18??-19??] Pharmacist and chemist at 32 Crown Street, Halifax [1919].

the Safest Remedy for
per 1/3 bottle

Prepared only by H. R. Stocks

Stocks, HannahRef 159-1190
[17??-1774] Of Northowram.

She was cruelly poisoned by her sweetheart, John Scott

Stocks, HaroldRef 159-14
[1889-1917] Son of Henry Stocks.

Born in Hipperholme.

He was a house painter [1911] / a painter working for Mr Jagger.

On 26th February 1916, he married Edith Annie Collins.

They lived at 43 East Street, Lightcliffe [1917].

During World War I, he enlisted [14th February 1916] (aged 27)  and served as a Private with the 10th Battalion Durham Light Infantry.

He was mobilised [21st June 1916], and sent to France [14th October 1916].

He made a will leaving everything to his wife Edith Annie [28th October 1916].

He was killed in action [9th April 1917] (aged 28).

The Halifax Courier [12th May 1917] reported his death with a photograph.

A pension of 13/9d a week was awarded to Edith Annie (no children) [from the 12th November 1917].

In 1919, his remains were exhumed and reburied at the Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines [IV A 28].

He is remembered on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial.

His brother Thomas Henry also died in the War

Stocks, HarryRef 159-2375
[18??-19??] Ginger beer and aerated water manufacturer at High Level Mineral Water Works, Pellon [1906]

Stocks, Harry RushtonRef 159-24
[1890-1958] MPS, PhC, FSMC, DBOA.

Son of Sam Stocks.

Born 29th April 1890.

Baptised at St Augustine's Church, Pellon [6th December 1896].

He was educated at Halifax Secondary School, the Pharmaceutical Society's  College London, & the British Optical Institute London / a pharmacist / an optician.

He established Stocks' Chemists.

In [Q1] 1918, he married Lily Cockroft in Halifax

He died in Halifax [Q4 1858] (aged 68) 

Stocks, Henry LordRef 159-5
[1834-1894] Son of John Stocks.

Born 15th August 1834.

He was a shoe & boot maker [1859].

In 1859, he married Priscilla Cockroft [1835-1918] at St Peter's Church, Sowerby.

Priscilla was born 23rd November 1834


  1. Leonard
  2. Herbert
  3. James Henry
  4. Clara [1874-1951] who married [1901] Herbert Edward Berry [1874-1906]
  5. Clement

Henry died at Triangle [25th March 1894].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £283 0/5d

Priscilla died 14th January 1918.

Members of the family were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Stocks, HenryRef 159-13
[1852-1893] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a leather currier [1881, 1891].

He married Mary Ann [1852-1916].

Mary Ann was born in Market Weighton


  1. Fred [1881-1895]
  2. Herbert L. [b 1884] a brickyard labourer [1901]
  3. Charles Willie [b 1886] a gardener (domestic) [1901]
  4. Harold
  5. Thomas Henry

They lived at

  • Lightcliffe, Hipperholme cum Brighouse [1881]
  • Lee's Buildings, Hipperholme [1891]
  • 3 Lee's Buildings, Hipperholme [1901]
  • 10 George Street, Hipperholme [1911]

Henry died in 1893 (aged 41).

During World War I, son Charles Willie served with the West Yorkshire Regiment, and sons Harold & Thomas Henry served and died in the conflict.

Mary Ann died Q1 1916 (aged 64) 

Stocks, HenryRef 159-11
[1873-1???] Illegitimate son of Mary Stocks of Hipperholme.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [23rd April 1873]

Stocks, HerbertRef 159-8
[1865-1944] Son of Henry Lord Stocks.

On 1st August 1888, he married Alice Whitaker [1861-1936] in Elland


  1. Edith [b 1891]

He died in Halifax General Hospital [9th May 1944].

He was buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £2,300 3/10d to Wallace Mackenzie (solicitor) 

Stocks, JamesRef 159-3686
[1???-18??] Of Rastrick.

He married (1) Eliza Schofield? [1836-1861].


  1. Rachel Ann [1858-1860]
  2. Ernest William [1859-1881]

He married Unknown

Child: 3. Albert Rayner [1865-1871]

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Stocks, JamesRef 159-2352
[18??-18??] Cordial manufacturer at 10 Square Road, Halifax [1874]

Stocks, Dr JamesRef 159-12
[1813-1864] Born in Holmfirth [September 19th 1813].

In 1841, he was listed as an assistant surgeon to Dr Abraham Jubb and living with him at Lord Street, Halifax.

His sister, Martha Stocks [1823-1878] was born in Holmfirth.

On 10th November 1849, she married Alexander Speck in Leeds, and later became Baroness Martha Speck von Sternburg, living in some considerable splendour in a large Schloss at Lützschena, near Leipzig. She died there


In 1858, whilst working in Halifax, he suffered a stroke and could no longer carry on with his professional duties or even perhaps look after himself properly.

His sister Martha came over from Leipzig and took James back to live wth her family in the Schloss in Leipzig. He died in Leipzig after another stroke on [October 19th 1864] (aged 51). He is buried in the Sternburg mausoleum in the grounds of the Schloss.

Their father, James Stocks was also a surgeon. He died in Holmfirth [18th April 1832], and was buried in the old cemetery in Holmfirth

Stocks, JamesRef 159-8200
[1816-1873] Of Haley Hill.

Son of William Stocks.

He was a grocer [1845, 1872].

In 1845, he married Amelia Priestley [1816-1901] in Halifax.

Amelia was born in Halifax


  1. William [1848-24th January 1900]

In 1872, James was executor for his brother John, and possibly for Bethel Bartholomew Naylor.

James died at 12 Haley Hill [30th December 1873].

Amelia died 9th October 1901.

Members of the family were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Stocks, JamesRef 159-25
[1833-1???] Born in Halifax.

Around 1858, he married Susannah [1832-1???].

Susannah was born in Warley


  1. Sarah A. [b 1858]
  2. Dan [b 1861]
  3. Sam
  4. Tom [b 1867]
  5. Fred [b 1871]

The family lived in Halifax [1871]

Stocks, James HenryRef 159-9
[1868-1938] Son of Henry Lord Stocks.

He was a shoemaker [1893].

In 1893, he married Sarah Hannah Letties Lumb [1869-1934] from Sowerby, in Halifax.

Shortly after getting married, the couple moved to Leicester for a period, all their three children born there.


  1. Ruth [1895-1949] who married Charles Robert Keene  [1882-1977]
  2. Helen [1897-1976] who married Horace Thomas  Delarue [1896-1958]
  3. Stanley Lord [1899-1989] who married Edith M  Osborne

Stocks, JohnRef 159-8610
[1???-1872] Son of William Stocks.

Recorded on 31st October 1872, when Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £1,500.

He was a gentleman of Pearson Street, Charlestown, Halifax [1872]

Stocks, JohnRef 159-1455
[16??-1???] Of Shelf.

An early member of the Stocks family of Northowram.

He married Unknown.


  1. Susan or Susannah who married [1681] John Brook Snr [b 1660] from Halifax
  2. a son

Stocks, JohnRef 159-1462
[16??-17??] Of Shelf.

Son of John Stocks.

On 4th April 1670, he married Ann Walton at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Daniel
  2. Martha [bapt 28th July 1672]
  3. John [bapt 10th May 1674]
  4. Timothy [bapt 1st May 1676]
  5. Roger
  6. Mary who never married, & was buried 13th May 1725

Stocks, JohnRef 159-1458
[1733-1812] Son of Joseph Stocks.

He was involved in local affairs / Overseer of the Highways [with John Sugden 1779].

He married Sarah Rowlings.


  1. Martha [b 1764]
  2. Susan / Sarah [b 1767]
  3. Reuben
  4. Michael
  5. Esther [b 1771]
  6. Sarah [b 1773] who married William Woodhead
  7. William [1774-18??]
  8. Mary [b 1775] who married John Pollard
  9. Jane [b 1777]

Stocks, JohnRef 159-4
[1807-1856] Born in Triangle.

On 4th March 1832, he married Mary Berry [1805-1864] at St Peter's Church, Sowerby.

Mary was born in Soyland


  1. Elizabeth [1833-1902] who never married and spent all of  her adult life in service
  2. Henry Lord
  3. Hannah [1836-1875] who worked in a silk mill
  4. George
  5. Ruth [1841-1967] who married [1866] Robert Willcock  Lees [1843-1903]

The couple died at Triangle: John [13th February 1856]; Mary [30th January 1864].

They both were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby

Stocks, JohnRef 159-3302
[1837-1876] Son of George Stocks.

Born in Halifax.

He was a cloth finisher [1861].

On 29/7/182, he married Ann Elizabeth Walker [1838-1894] from Huddersfield, at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Martha Hannah [1853-1866] who died of TB
  2. George

The family lived at

  • Bull Close Lane, Halifax [1861]
  • Launceston Street, Halifax [1866, 1871]

In 1879, Annie married Henry McArtney. She died of acute bronchitis [1894]

John & Martha Hannah were buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Stocks, John PercyRef 159-19

In [Q4] 1901, he married Florrie Naylor in Bradford.

They lived at 7 Shelf Moor, Shelf.

During World War I, he served as a Sergeant with the 2nd/6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died 17th February 1917 (aged 37).

He was buried at Serre Road Cemetery No.1, France [Grave Ref V B 28].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint Michael's & All Angels' Church, Shelf

Stocks, JosephRef 159-1460
[1707-1???] Son of Daniel Stocks.

On 1st December 1728, he married Sarah Brook at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah was the daughter of John Brook


  1. Elizabeth [b 1728]
  2. Esther [b 1729]
  3. Joseph [b 1730] who married Mary Rowlings
  4. Roger [b 1732]
  5. John
  6. Michael
  7. Betty [b 1736]
  8. Martha [b 1737]

Stocks, JosephRef 159-29
[1789-1852] He was a coal merchant.

He married Elizabeth [1799-1887].


  1. Alfred [1845-1889] who was a druggist  
  2. Martha [1837-1882] who never married

Joseph died 5th February 1852 (aged 63).

Elizabeth died 30th October 1887 (aged 88).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2253] with Sarah Mallinson [1800-1882], widow of Joah Mallinson

Stocks, JosephRef 159-1457
[1794-1850] Eldest son of Michael Stocks.

In 1835, he was on the List of Electors for the Northowram Township of the Halifax Polling District in the election for the MP for the West Riding.

He lived at

He died at Coley [25th October 1850] (aged 56).

There is a memorial to him and his brother Bentley Stocks in Coley Church erected by their brother Michael Stocks.

See Northowram Infants' School

Stocks, Joseph HallileyRef 159-663
[1838-1875] JP.

Of Upper Shibden Hall.

Youngest son of Michael Stocks and founder of Joseph Stocks & Company.

He was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain of the 4th Yorkshire West Riding Rifle Volunteers [10th May 1861].

He was involved in coal-mining in the Shibden valley.

In 1880, he had a stone quarries at Shaw Lane and Shibden Head.

He died at St George's, Hanover Square, London [3rd August 1875].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at under £500 to his brother Michael.

See Northowram Infants' School

Stocks, JoshuaRef 159-215
[1???-18??] Of Shibden Dale, Halifax.

See West Yorkshire Railway Company

Stocks, JudyRef 159-3

Stocks, LeonardRef 159-1268
[1861-1924] Of Hebden Hey, Hebden Bridge.

Son of Henry Lord Stocks.

He was Secretary and cashier at the Hebden Bridge Fustian Society.

On 17th September 1885, he married Mary Smith [1862-1922].


  1. Mary Maud [1886-1876] who never married
  2. Arthur Hudson
  3. William Henry

He died in Chorlton, Lancashire [13th October 1924]

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £11,184

Stocks, Lucy EstelleRef 159-71
[1878-1959] Third daughter of Major Michael Stocks.

In 1905, she married Colonel W. G. Charlesworth [1880-1961] of Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough.

Children: 2 sons and 2 daughters

Stocks, LumbRef 159-283
[1812-1892] RA.

Son of William Stocks.

Born at Gaubert Hall, Lightcliffe.

He was educated at Bradford.

A well-known animal painter and line-engraver, he exhibited at Royal Academy in 1832. He produced plates for several annuals and for Finden's Royal Gallery of British Art. One of his most popular works was entitled

The Meeting of Wellington and Blucher after the Battle of Waterloo

In 1839, he married Ellen Fryer.


  1. son
  2. son
  3. Arthur

In 1853, he became an associate engraver at the Royal Academy, and a member of the academy in 1871. He lived at Till Carr.

He died in London and was buried in Highgate Cemetery, London. His children erected a tablet in his memory at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-1456
[1???-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1???]

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-1459
[1734-1???] Baptised at Coley Chapel [23rd Dec 1734].

Son of Joseph Stocks.

On 2nd May 1756, he married Mary Robinson at Halifax Parish Church.

Child: Sarah [bapt 26th October 1760] who married Richard Oates [bapt 28th December 1756]

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-153
[1768-1836] JP.

Of Upper Shibden Hall.

Son of John Stocks.

Around 1800, he rebuilt Upper Shibden Hall, and renamed it Catherine House because it was near Catherine Slack.

He also owned Upper Limed House, Shibden [1826].

In 1791, he married Jane Bentley in Halifax.


  1. Joseph
  2. Sarah / Sally [b 1796] who married Thomas  Hirst
  3. Jane who married [5th May 1818] Lord Massey of  Bumby
  4. Michael
  5. Elizabeth [1802-1803] who died aged 6 months
  6. Eleanor [1805-1805] who died aged 6 months
  7. Mary Anne [1805-1808] who died aged 3 years
  8. Bentley

He was a brewer with premises at Broad Street & Shibden Head.

On 26th January 1804, he and his men tore up the toll-gates at North Bridge.

He was Overseer of the Poor [1800]. He was a magistrate. In 1809, he was appointed Justice in Quorum, which allowed him to officiate alone, without other magistrates being on the bench. For a time, he was the only magistrate for Halifax.

His liberal attitude to Chartists and Luddites led to the appointment of Dr Coulthurst as a magistrate.

He died at Catherine House [22nd November 1836].

He was buried at Coley Church.

His family placed is a memorial to him in Coley Church.

Members of the family were buried at Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel

See Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel, Cold Arbour Coal Pit, Boothtown, Rev Dr Henry William Coulthurst and Heywood's Chapel, Northowram

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-S209
[1799-1872] JP.

Son of Michael Stocks of Upper Shibden Hall

See Francis Edwin Macaulay, Northowram Infants' School, John Rhodes Ralph, John Ridehalgh and Coley Church

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-16
[1823-1???] Born in Northowram.

He was a linen draper [1871].

Around 1848, he married Elizabeth [1817-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Ovenden


  1. Henry H. [b 1848] who was a civil engineer [1871]
  2. Mary [b 1852]

They lived at 30 Milton Place, Halifax [1871]

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-664
[1824-1895] JP.

Son of Michael Stocks.

Born at Elmwood, Halifax.

He was educated at Trinity College Cambridge.

In 1847, he joined Her Majesty's 1st Regiment Royal Dragoon Guards. He was a Major in the Guards, and served in the Crimean War. He took part in the Battle of Inkerman and was present at the Battle of Balaclava. He also took part in the attack on the Redan and on Sebastopol. He was awarded the Crimean medal [with 3 clasps], the Turkish Medals, and the Fourth Class of the Order of the Medjidie. On 22nd January 1856, a banquet was given at Halifax in his honour for his gallantry in the Crimea.

St Mary's Church, Lister Lane was built by the family as a thanks-offering for his safe return.

He retired in 1861.

In 1863, he married Jane Mary MacEchran [1842-1925] from Argyllshire.


  1. Michael
  2. Mary Evelyn Hilda [b 1866]
  3. Elizabeth Vera STOCKS [b 1876]
  4. Lucy Estelle
  5. a daughter who was stillborn [12th January 1890]
  6. a daughter [4th October 1890] who was premature and lived  only 11 hours

The family lived at

He was Deputy Lieutenant for Caithness and for Norfolk, and High Sheriff for Norfolk [1888].

He died at Latheronwheel.

He & his wife were buried at Halifax Parish Church

See Stainland Mechanics' Institute

Stocks, MichaelRef 159-1299
[1864-1957] JP.

Of Upper Shibden Hall and Wood Hall, Norfolk.

Only son of Major Michael Stocks.

In 1888, he married Charlotte Amelia Ellison [18??-1930].


  1. Michael George
  2. Eric Philip [1898-1974]

Charlotte died 13th June 1930.

She was buried at Hilgay, Norfolk where there is a window in a church there in her memory.

Michael died at Wood Hall [26th March 1957]

Stocks, Michael GeorgeRef 159-511
[1892-1914] Of Westercroft Farm, Northowram.

Elder son of Michael Stocks and grandson of Major Michael Stocks.

He was educated at Eton & Sandhurst.

During World War I, he served as a Lieutenant with the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards.

He fought at Mons, Landrecies, Marne & Aisne.

He was killed in action at the 1st Battle of Ypres, 14 days before his 22nd birthday [10th November 1914].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Saint Mary's Church, Halifax, and on the Memorial at Saint John the Baptist, Coley

Stocks, N.Ref 159-17
[1???-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Coley War Memorial

Stocks, ReubenRef 159-1464
[1767-18??] Of Northowram.

Son of John Stocks.

He married Unknown.


  1. Elizabeth [1789-18??] who married Thomas Jagger

Stocks, RichardRef 159-2353
[18??-18??] Cordial manufacturer at Hoyland's Passage, Halifax [1874] and Hall Street, Halifax

Stocks, RichardRef 159-27
[1800-1862] Born in Horton.

He was a mason's labourer [1851].

He married Sarah [1804-1867].

Sarah was born in Stanningley


  1. Lydia [b 1827]
  2. James [b 1833] who was a mason's labourer [1851]
  3. Richard [b 1836] who was a mason's labourer [1851]
  4. Eastwood [b 1838]
  5. Ann [1834-9th May 1862] who was buried with her parents

They lived at

  • Sun Fold, South Parade, Halifax [1841]
  • 6 Sun Fold, South Parade, Halifax [1851]

Richard died 9th June 1862 (aged 62).

Sarah died 23rd November 1867 (aged 63).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3979]

Stocks, RichardRef 159-3542
[18??-19??] Beerseller at Northowram.

Question: Does anyone know which beerhouse this may have been?


On 9th January 1869, he was charged with

suffering gambling at cards for money in his house on the night of the 4th January 1869

Sergeant Hey proved the case and produced the cards. PC Dean corroborated the evidence. Superintendent Ormsby said that Stocks at times stationed a man at his door with a bell to warn those inside of the appearance of the police. Stocks was fined 40/-

Stocks, RobinsonRef 159-22
[1891-1917] Born in Halifax.

He lived on the Isle of Man.

During World War I, he enlisted in Lancaster, and served as a Sapper with the 12th Field Company Royal Engineers.

He was killed in action in France / Flanders [23rd November 1917].

He was buried at Ribecourt British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref I C 2].

Stocks, RogerRef 159-1463
[1678-17??] Son of John Stocks.

Baptised 17th November 1678.

He died in Cambridgeshire [before 1725]

Stocks, SamRef 159-23
[1865-19??] Son of James Stocks.

Born in Queensbury.

He was a gents' outfitter & tailor in Halifax / a tailor [1891] / a master tailor [1901].

He established Sam Stocks & Sons Limited.

He married Sarah Jane.


  1. Horace E. [b 1887]
  2. Florence G. [b 1889]
  3. Harry Rushton Stocks
  4. Hilda J. [b 1892]
  5. Gladys M. [b 1899]

The family lived at

  • Mayfield Grove, Halifax [1891]
  • Moorlands View, Halifax [1901]

Stocks, ThomasRef 159-18

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 10th Battalion Gordon Highlanders.

He died 25th September 1916.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on Coley War Memorial

Stocks, Thomas HenryRef 159-15
[1892-1916] Son of Henry Stocks.

Born in Hipperholme [Q1 1891].

He was a brickmaker's labourer [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 8th/10th Battalion Gordon Highlanders.

He died 18th September 1916.

The Halifax Courier [30th September 1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 15B & 15C].

His brother Harold also died in the War

Stocks, TimothyRef 159-944
[16??-17??] Of Northowram

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-8600
[17??-18??] The family ran their grocery business from 12 Haley Hill, William took over the business when his father died.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. James

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-26

He married Susan [1761-1831].


  1. Mary who died 21st March 1787 (aged 2 years & 3 months) 
  2. Hannah who died 1st November 1790 (aged 10 months) 
  3. Martha [1797-27th October 1819]
  4. Priscilla who died 22nd March 1802 (aged 1 year & 7 days) 
  5. Patience who died October 1803 (aged 6 months) 
  6. William who died 3rd July 1807 (aged 3 days) 

Susan died 15th June 1831 (aged 70).

William died 13th June 1835 (aged 77).

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-1358
[1769-1836] Coal mine owner.

He lived at Gaubert Hall, Hipperholme.

He married (1) Unknown.

He married (2) Mary (Mally) Lumb [1777-1864].

Mary was the daughter of John Lumb


  1. child
  2. child
  3. Lumb
  4. child
  5. child

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-3212
[18??-18??] A beerseller at New Bank, Halifax.

On 2nd September 1848, he was fined 10/- plus 11/6d expenses after Mr King, the sergeant of the watch, found his house open after 11:00 pm on the previous Friday night

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-194

He married (1) Eliza Croft [1804-1838].


  1. Ann Hannah [b 1825] who married Mr Hartley
  2. Sarah [b 1827]
  3. Allin (Allen) [1828-1896]
  4. Mary Ann [b 1830]
  5. Martha [1832-1850]
  6. Hamor [1834-1917]
  7. Ann Emma [b 1837]

Eliza died in Huddersfield [Q2 1838].

In [Q4] 1838, he married (2) Sarah Hargreaves [1806-1840] in Huddersfield.


  1. Hannah [b 1840]

Sarah died (possibly of perinatal complications) [Q3 1840].

In [Q3] 1843, he married (3) Alice Oldfield [1814-1867] in Huddersfield.


  1. Oldfield Alfred [1844-1890]
  2. Luke Oldfield [1846-1884]
  3. Martha Ellen Oldfield [1848-1862]
  4. Alexander Oldfield
  5. Eliza Oldfield [1851-1924] who married Henry Healey
  6. Mary Ann Oldfield [b 1853] who married [Huddersfield  Q4/1871] George Taylor
  7. Joe Oldfield [1855-1862]

Stocks, WilliamRef 159-28

He married Elizabeth Holroyd.

Elizabeth was the daughter of
Mr Holroyd


  1. Charles Edward [1844-26th December 1852] who was buried  with his parents
  2. Frederick Holroyd [1848-15th June 1865] who was buried  with his parents

William died 26th July 1848 (aged 28).

Elizabeth died 5th April 1869 (aged 46).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4446]

Stocks, William HenryRef 159-7
[1893-1918] Son of Leonard Stocks.

He never married.

During World War II, he served as a Private with the 2nd/23rd Battalion London Regiment.

He died fighting in Palestine [28th March 1918] (aged 24).

He was buried in Israel.

He is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial [Grave Ref 47-53], on the Memorial at Saint John's Mission Church, Hebden Bridge, on the Memorial at Saint Thomas the Apostle, Heptonstall, and on the Memorial at Rishworth School


The Stocks familyRef 159-1904
The coal-mining and brewing family of Upper Shibden Hall, Halifax and Northowram.

John Stocks of Shelf was an early member of the family.

The family owned several properties in and around Shibden, including Hagstocks, Lee House and Scout Hall.

See Joseph Clarke, Cold Arbour Coal Pit, Boothtown, St George's Mission Church, Ovenden, Shibden Head and Stock's Arms, Northowram


Stocks surnameRef 159-1
The surname is found in Shelf and Northowram. It may have originated in the Huddersfield area. Thomas Stokkys is recorded at Elland in 1423, and Daniel Stocks is recorded in 1692.

The name is derived from the stock or stump of a tree.

There are 74 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Stocks, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Stocks

Marriages 1852, 1860, 1901, 1906, 1907, 1909; Death 1907; Death 1939


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