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Sladdin, Arnold GladstoneRef 417-1218
[1882-19??] Brighouse architect.

He was at 39 Briggate, Brighouse [1923].

His work includes St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School, Brighouse

Sladdin, ArthurRef 417-1179
[1857-1924] Son of Orlando Sladdin.

He was a well-known flautist. He was conductor of the Brighouse Musical Festival from 1892, and deputy conductor of the Brighouse Choral Society.

He and his brother, James, took over the family business. In 1883, James withdrew and left Arthur as the remaining partner

Sladdin, EdwinRef 417-284
[1822-1886] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a small wiredrawer [1871] / a wiredrawer [1881].

He married Elizabeth [1826-1915].

Elizabeth was born in Barnsley


  1. Martha Ann [b 1846] who was a skirt maker [1871] and  married Alvin Copley
  2. Thomas Henry [1847-4th March 1861]
  3. Edwin who died 11th February 1850 (aged 11 months)   
  4. Emma [1851-17th November 1857]
  5. John [b 1854] who was a solicitors clerk [1871], a  teacher of music [1881]
  6. Sarah J. [b 1856] who was a cigar maker [1871], a teacher  of music [1881]
  7. William [1857-22nd December 1861]
  8. Amanda [1862-9th April 1865]
  9. Eliza who died 25th May 1862 (aged 1 year & 10 months)   
  10. Parker who died 15th January 1864 (aged 20 days)   
  11. Hannah [b 1865] who was a dressmaker's apprentice [1881]
  12. Mary Ellen [1868-16th December 1883]
  13. Elizabeth [b 1871]

The children were born in Halifax.

They lived at 23 Gladstone Street, Halifax [1871, 1881].

Living with them [in 1881] was grandson John E. Copley [b  1874].

Edwin died 8th April 1886 (aged 64).

Elizabeth died 13th January 1915 (aged 88).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2859]

Sladdin, Edwin ArnoldRef 417-638
[1888-1916] Son of John Sladdin.

Born in Halifax.

He was a member of St Augustine's Church, Pellon / an elementary school teacher / a teacher at St Augustine's School, Pellon / a teacher at St Andrew's School, Brighouse.

During World War I, he enlisted [March 1916], and served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died in Walkergate Fever Hospital, Newcastle, following inoculations [31st March 1916].

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell with military honours [3 733].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on Brighouse War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Saint Augustine's Church, Pellon

Sladdin, FrankRef 417-1614
[1854-1910] Son of Robert Sladdin, tailor.

Born in Halifax.

He was a tailor of Stanley Street, Halifax [1891] / a tailor [1891] / a tailor (own account) [1901]

In 1891, he married Clara Hackett [1872-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Clara, of Pulman Street, Halifax, was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, the daughter of George Hackett, painter


  1. Constance Emily [b 1893] who was a wool combing box  minder [1911]
  2. Millicent [b 1894] who was a chocolate packer (toffee  factory) [1911]
  3. Maude Eliza [b 1897] who was a card clother (leather  factory) [1911]
  4. Robert
  5. Horace [b 1901] who was a school / newsboy for newsagent  [1911]
  6. Marjorie [b 1908]

The family lived at

  • 17 Bruce Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 10 New Bond Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 32 Gerrard Street, Halifax [1911]

Frank died in Halifax in 1910 (aged 56) 

Sladdin, HaroldRef 417-694
[1879-1958] Son of James Sunderland Sladdin.

He was an errand boy [1891] / a journeyman tailor [1901] / a tailor's cutter of Bradford Road, Brighouse [1908] / a tailor's cutter for merchant tailor [1911].

He carried on the family tailor business, and passed it on to James Edward Sladdin.

In 1908, he married Amy Annie Whiteley at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe.

Amy Annie, of Lightcliffe, was the daughter of Edward Whiteley


  1. James Edward

They lived at 11 Lee Street, Brighouse [1911].

A Harold Sladdin died in Bradford [Q4 1958] (aged 79) 

Sladdin, JamesRef 417-1464
[1860-1950] Son of John Sladdin.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a worsted spinner [1871] / a cotton twiner [1881] / a general labourer / a tramway line layer [1901] / a labourer [1911].

In [Q3] 1881, he married Emily Washington [1860-1925] at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

Emily was born in Halifax, the daughter of John Washington, farmer


  1. John [b 1883] who was a plumber's apprentice [1901]
  2. Edith Emma [b 1890] who was a machinist [1911]

They lived at 26 Vickerman Street, Halifax [1891, 1901, 1911].

James died 23rd June 1950 (aged 90).

Emily died 18th January 1925 (aged 65).

Emily was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3773] with James Avison

Sladdin, James EdwardRef 417-695
[1910-19??] Son of Harold Sladdin.

He followed his father into the family tailor business.

He opened premises in Cleckheaton.

He was Founder and sometime President of the Spenborough Chamber of Trade

Sladdin, James SunderlandRef 417-693
[1851-1932] Son of Orlando Sladdin.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a well-known vocalist / Treasurer of the Brighouse Musical Festival / a tailor employing 3 men & 2 boys [1881] / tailor (employer) [1891] / a master tailor [1901].

After his father's death, he moved the family tailoring business to premises next to the Civic Hall at 15 Bradford Road, Brighouse.

He later opened a shop in Northgate, Cleckheaton.

He is described as

dressing elegantly, and was frequently mistaken for King Edward VII.

He and his brother, Arthur, took over the family business. In 1883, James withdrew and left Arthur as the remaining partner. James's son, Harold, carried on the family business.

In 1903, James placed a screen in memory of his father Orlando in St Martin's Church, Brighouse.

In [Q3] 1871, he married Helen Nadin in Halifax.

Helen from Saltaire, was born in Ashton-under-Lyne, the daughter of Samuel Nadin.

She was later known as Ellen



  1. Frederick William [b 1871]
  2. Orlando Sunderland [b 1877] who was a tailor [1891], a  shopman (clothiers) [1901]
  3. Harold

They lived at

See Humphrey Hirst

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-2
[1817-18??] Son of Squire Sladdin, weaver.

Born in Skircoat.

He was a weaver of Halifax [1840] / a weaver [1841] / a worsted weaver [1851].

In 1840, he married Sarah Avison [1822-1897].

Sarah was born in Liversedge, the daughter of Mary Avison (spinster). Mary was the sister of
James Avison.

Sarah was baptised at Halifax Parish Church [27th January 1822].

Her father was not recorded on the church records



  1. Mary [b 1841] who was a worsted spinner [1851], a worsted  twister [1861]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1843] who was a worsted spinner [1851], a  worsted weaver [1861, 1881], married Mr Crowther, had a son  Albert E Crowther [b 1873] & was widowed [by 1881]
  3. Hannah [b 1845]
  4. Emma [b 1847] who was a worsted spinner [1861], a worsted  weaver [1871, 1881]
  5. Martha [b 1850] who was a worsted spinner [1861]
  6. William [b 1853]
  7. Ann [b 1855] who was a worsted weaver [1881]
  8. James

They lived at

  • Upper Mile Cross, Halifax [1841]
  • Spring Hall, Halifax [1851]
  • New Pellon, Ovenden [1861]
  • 8 Green's Square, Ovenden [1871, 1881]

Living with them [in 1841] were two of Sarah's relatives (?): John Avison [b 1796] (worsted weaver) & Judith Avison [b 1771].

John died between 1851 & 1861.

Living with the widowed Sarah [in 1871] was her mother-in-law Susan Sladdin [b 1783].

Living with Sarah [in 1881] was her widowed daughter Elizabeth & her son Albert.

Sarah died 19th February 1897 (aged 75).

Sarah was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3773]

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-5
[1828-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a shopkeeper [1871] / a broker & general dealer [1881].

Around 1862, he married Eliza [1832-1892].

Eliza was born in Shipton, Somerset


  1. Arthur [b 1862] who was a furniture broker [1881] & married Emma [1857-1???] (from Lockwood) 

They lived at

  • 18 Bull Green, Halifax [1871]
  • 16 Carrier Street, Halifax [1881]

Living with them [in 1871] were 5 lodgers:

  • John Ackroyd [b 1804] (unemployed) 
  • Saith Stott [b 1811] (pensioner) 
  • John Sharp [b 1819] (porter) 
  • Wellington Smith [b 1815]
  • Samuel Taylor [b 1841] (mason) 
  • Joseph Ogden [b 1827]
  • Ann Howarth [b 1830]

Eliza died 20th March 1892 (aged 59), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 940] with Jonas Sladdin

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-1243
[1???-17??] Of Ovenden.

In 1749, he published a pamphlet entitled

A brief Description of the Methodists, and a Confutation of their dangerous Principles

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-1007
[17??-1???] Coiner of Wadsworth

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-822
[1823-1882] Born in Brighouse.

He was an overlooker of weaving [1851] / landlord of the Coach & Horses, Halifax [1881, 1882].

In 1843, he married Martha Wilson [1820-1887] in Halifax

Martha was born in Halifax.

She was a dress maker [1851]



  1. Rachel [b 1844]
  2. Linnaeus who died 9th November 1848 (aged 2 years & 11  months), & who was buried with his parents
  3. Arthur [b 1850]
  4. Albert Henry [1851-16th April 1880] who was buried with  his parents

They lived at Plough Croft, Plough Croft Head [1851].

John died in the Coach & Horses [12th January 1882] (aged 59).

After his death, Martha took over at the Coach & Horses and was there until her death.

Martha died 29th March 1887 (aged 67).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2836]

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-3396
[1854-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a professor of music [1891] / a teacher of music [1911] / organist at St Augustine's Church, Pellon.

In 1883, he married Emily Wilkinson [1857-1922] in Halifax.

Emily was born in Halifax


  1. Edwin Arnold
  2. Bessie Mildred [b 1890]
  3. John Leslie [1893-1969]

The children were born in Halifax.

They lived at

  • 19 Cromwell Terrace, Halifax [1891]
  • 27 Gladstone Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 27 Cavendish terrace, Halifax [1911]

John died in 1917 or 1921

Sladdin, JohnRef 417-1267
[1879-1917] (Possibly) son of William Sladdin & Mrs Sladdin of 31 Range Lane, Haley Hill, Halifax.

Born in Halifax [Q1 1879].

In [Q4] 1904, he married Isabella Taylor in Leeds.

They lived at

  • 31 King Street, Halifax
  • 14 Charles Place, Charles Street, Quarry Hill, Leeds

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 21st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died 10th February 1917 (aged 37).

He was buried at Bray Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref II A 46].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Sladdin, JonasRef 417-3
[1842-1888] Son of Jonas Sladdin.

Born in Southowram.

He was a fish dealer [1884] / a master green grocer [1871] / a green grocer [1881, 1888].

He married Sarah Ann Haigh [1843-1???].

Sarah Ann was born in Southowram


  1. Herbert who died 2nd August 1880 (aged 1 year 9 months)   
  2. Albert Haigh who died 13th September 1884 (aged 1 year 9  months) 

They lived at 15 George Street, Northowram [1871].

Living with them [in 1871] was lodger Elizabeth Haigh [b 1849] (silk drawer).

Jonas died 20th October 1888 (aged 46).

He & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 940] with Eliza [1832-1892] wife of John Sladdin.

Details are not yet known of the death / burial place of Sarah Ann

Sladdin, JonasRef 417-4
[1799-18??] Born in Southowram.

He was a delver of stone [1851].

Around 1832, he married Sarah [1798-18??].

Sarah was born in Southowram


  1. William [b 1832] who was a blacksmith [1851]
  2. Joseph [b 1835] who was a mechanic [1851]
  3. Mary Ann [b 1837] who was a worsted spinner [1851]
  4. Jonas

They lived at Pineberry Hill, Halifax [1851]

Sladdin, LutherRef 417-1226
[1882-1950] Born in Halifax.

He was a boiler fitter [1905] / landlord of the Wellington Hotel, Halifax [1933-1944] / landlord of the Shears, West Vale [1944-1947].

On 21st May 1905, he married Annie Dyson [1886-1964] at St Thomas's Church, Greetland.

Annie was born in Greetland

Luther died at Coppy Nook, Greetland [14th January 1950].

Annie died in Greetland in 1964.

The couple were buried at St Thomas's Church, Greetland [Plot G4]

Sladdin, OrlandoRef 417-692
[1816-1894] Founded Sladdin's tailors at 7 Bethel Street, Brighouse in 1840.

He was a well-known musician, and in 1871, he conducted a performance of Judas Maccabaeus by the Brighouse Choral Society.

In 1893, he wrote the music for a composition, to words by James Sutcliffe, to celebrate the incorporation of the Borough of Brighouse.

In 1840, he married (1) Rachel Aspinall in Halifax.

Rachel was the daughter of William Aspinall


  1. Robert
  2. William Henry

In 1849, he married (2) Martha Sunderland [1817-1868] in Halifax.


  1. James Sunderland
  2. Ann [1853-1926] who married William Workman
  3. John [b 1855]
  4. Arthur

They lived at Bethel Street, Brighouse [1861, 1871].

He died in 1894.

In 1903, his son, James, placed a screen in his memory in St Martin's Church, Brighouse.

See Squire Aspinall

Sladdin, RobertRef 417-906
[1777-1833] Or Sladden.

He was a cordwainer of Hipperholme / a well-known singer in Brighouse.

On 29th May 1806, he married Ann Hemingway from Southowram.

On 25th September 1833, Mrs Sunderland made her début at a benefit concert for his widow

Sladdin, RobertRef 417-2982
[1841-1???] Son of Orlando Sladdin.

Like others in the family, he was a tailor and an organist [1861]

Sladdin, RobertRef 417-296
[1897-1918] MM.

Son of Frank Sladdin.

Born in Halifax.

He was educated at St Mary's Sunday School & Parkinson Lane Board School / an apprentice to hosier & outfitter [1911] / a cutter [1915] / employed by Mr T. S. Dodd at Portland Street, Halifax.

He lived at 11 Milton Terrace, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted (at the age of 17) in Halifax [March 1915], and served as a Lance Corporal with the 3rd Battalion with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was sent to France with the 2nd Battalion [July 1915].

He received a gunshot wound to the left thigh [September 1915] and was sent back to England, returning to France in December 1915. He received a gunshot wound to the back [1st July 1916] and was sent back to England, returning to France in November 1916.

He was promoted to Lance Corporal [January 1918]. He was awarded the Military Medal for

gallantry & devotion to duty during an enemy attack near Gavrelle on the morning of 28th March 1918. He was in charge of the HQ orderlies and did magnificent work, carrying several messages under very heavy fire during the attack. He showed a splendid example of cheerfulness & energy to the rest of the orderlies and was in no small way responsible for the work they did

His photograph appears with reports of his award in the Halifax Courier [15th June & 22nd June 1918].

He survived the War and was demobbed in February 1919

Sladdin, Robert EdisonRef 417-1520
[1880-1925] Son of William Henry Sladdin.

He was a draper [1901] / a commercial traveller [1911].

In 1901, he was advertising

Caps of every description

for sale at 5 Bethel Street, Brighouse

Sladdin, SusanRef 417-621
[16??-16??] Also Sladin, Sladen. Of Sowerby.

In 1652, she was arrested and imprisoned at York for the murder of her child

Sladdin, ThomasRef 417-6
[1833-1908] Born in Halifax.

He was a railway porter [1871] / an ag.lab [1881] / a general labourer [1891] / a wool packer [1901].

He married (1) Mary Hirst [1832-1858].


  1. Hannah Caroline [b 1857] who was a worsted spinner [1871]

Mary died 12th October 1858 (aged 26).

In [Q2] 1859, he married (2) Mary Eastwood [1833-1919].

Mary was born in Halifax


  1. Martha Ann [b 1861] who was a worsted spinner [1871], a  worsted winder [1881]
  2. James [b 1862] who was a worsted spinner [b 1857], a  carpet creeler [1881]
  3. Mary [1864-1865]
  4. John Edward [b 1866] who was a joiner's assistant [1881]
  5. Samuel [b 1869] who was a worsted mill hand [1881]
  6. Mary Emma / Mary Anna [1871-1955] who was a  worsted warper [1891], a cotton reeler [1901], a worsted beam warper  [1911] & never married
  7. Ada [1874-1949] who was a worsted winder [1891], a cotton  reeler [1901, 1911] & never married
  8. Joseph [b 1877] who was a worsted mill hand [1891]
  9. Clara [1874-1875]

The family lived at

  • 14 Wesley Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 15 Wesley Street, Halifax [1881]
  • 6 Prince Street, Halifax [1891, 1901, 1911]

Mary died 24th August 1919 (aged 86).

Thomas died 7th October 1908 (aged 75).

He, his wives & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3687]

Sladdin, WilliamRef 417-1095
[1838-1898] Born in Northowram.

He was a flag facer (stone) [1881] / a flag facer [1891].

In [Q2] 1858, he married Joyce Turner [1838-1???] in Halifax.

Joyce was born in Northowram


  1. child who died young [before 1911]
  2. child who died young [before 1911]
  3. Elizabeth [b 1864] who was a mill winder (worsted)   [1881], a damask weaver (worsted & silk) [1891], a worsted weaver  [1901, 1911] and never married
  4. Mary Ann [b 1866] who was a spinner [1881], a winder  (worsted & silk) [1891], a tapestry weaver [1901], a worsted weaver  [1911], and never married
  5. Emma [b 1868] who was a worsted hand winder [1881], a  damask weaver (worsted & silk) [1891]
  6. Joseph [b 1870] who was a stone flag facer [1891]
  7. Eliza [b 1874] who was a winder (worsted & silk) [1891]
  8. Walter [b 1877] who was a spinner (worsted & silk)   [1891], a stone hewer (quarryman) [1901]
  9. John [b 1879] who was a spinner (worsted & silk) [1891],  a tapestry weaver [1901] – could he be John Sladdin?

They lived at

  • New Road, Northowram [1881]
  • Clough, Northowram [1891]
  • 3 Back Clough, Northowram [1901]
  • 11 Stump Cross, Halifax [1911]

William died Q4 1898 (aged 61) 

Sladdin, William HenryRef 417-2983
[1845-1918] Son of Orlando Sladdin.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a member of Bethel United Methodist Church, Brighouse & Sunday  School / a tailor (like others in the family) [1861] / a commercial traveller [1871, 1877] / a manufacturer of specialities for the clothing trade [1911] / in business at Fink Hill Quarry, Hipperholme [1888-1906] and  Ashday Park Stone Quarries [1899].

In [Q4] 1871, he married (1) Mary Jubb in Halifax.

Mary was the daughter of Joseph Jubb


  1. Mary Hannah [1872-1875]
  2. Joseph Robert [1874-1875]

Mary died Q2 1875 (aged 36).

In [Q1] 1876, he married (2) Sarah Ann [1842-19??].

Sarah Ann was the daughter of Joseph Jubb


  1. child who died in infancy [before 1911]
  2. Faraday Mendelssohn [1878-1953] who was assisting his  father in business [1875]
  3. Robert Edison
  4. Arnold Gladstone [1882-1941] who was an architect &  surveyor [1911]

In 1898, William Henry bought Ashday Hall, Southowram.

In 1909, he presented a Screen between the Nave and the Ambulatory at Brighouse Parish Church

They lived at Mount View, 34 & 36 Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse [1911].

William Henry was buried at Brighouse Cemetery [15th June 1918].

The younger children were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse with their Jubb grandparents.

See Samuel Aspinall



Sladdin surnameRef 417-1
Other forms of the surname include Sladden and Sladen

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Unattached BMDs for Sladdin

Marriages 1907, 1922

Unattached burials at Lister Lane Cemetery: Plot 3785


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