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Tillotson, AbrahamRef 357-58
[17??-18??] Recorded in 1813, when he lived at Shibden Fold

Tillotson, BenjaminRef 357-3
[1835-19??] Born in Colne, Lancashire.

He was a farmer of 22 acres [1861] / a farmer of 26 acres [1881] / a retired farmer [1911].

In [Q2] 1859, he married Margaret Proctor [1838-1???] in Burnley.

Margaret was born in Skipton


  1. Mary J [b 1860]
  2. Elizabeth A [1861] who died in infancy
  3. Margaret [b 1862]
  4. Benjamin [b 1865]
  5. Elizabeth [b 1867]
  6. Clara [1869-1893]
  7. Ellen [b 1871]
  8. Anthony [b 1872]
  9. Lucy Ann [b 1873]
  10. Nellie [b 1879] who was a sewing machinist (blouses) [1911]

The family lived at

  • 3 High Field, Ovenden [1861]
  • 10 Allerton Street, Halifax [1911]

Tillotson, EdgarRef 357-1045
[18??-19??] Wedding carriage and cab proprietor at West Mount Street Livery Stables, Halifax [1900]

Tillotson, GeorgeRef 357-252
[1813-1878] Son of Nathaniel Tillotson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a wire drawer [1834].

On 4th August 1834, he married Elizabeth Walsh [1815-1892] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. child
  2. child

The couple died in Halifax: George [3rd May 1878]; Elizabeth [5th June 1892]

Tillotson, Guy LangtonRef 357-331
[1890-1916] Son of John William Tillotson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a chemistry student (dyeing) [1911].

In [Q3] 1912, he married Lily Schofield in Halifax.

During World War I, he was involved in munitions work at the Low Moor Munitions Company – which manufactured picric acid – and was killed in the explosion on 21st August 1916.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Heath Grammar School.

His brother John Ralph died from wounds in World War I

Tillotson, IsaacRef 357-23
[1842-1911] Born in Queensbury.

He was a stone merchant employing 6 men [1871] / innkeeper at the Spring Gardens Inn, Elland [1880] / landlord of the Wharf Hotel, Brookfoot [1881-1888] / innkeeper at the Fleece Inn, Gibbet Street [1891-1895] / a retired publican [1901, 1911].

On 1st April 1865, he married Hannah Robertshaw [1848-1895] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Fred [b 1880] who was a cab driver [1911]
  2. Frank [1871-1934] who was an insurance agent [1911]
  3. Edgar [1876-1941] who was a butcher [1891]
  4. Fred [1879-1941] who was a cab driver [1911]

The family lived at

  • Oxford Street, Northowram [1871]
  • 16 Violet Street, Halifax [1901, 1911]
In 1895, he owned houses at

  • 16-20 Violet Street, Halifax
  • 15-21 Baines Street, Halifax
  • 21-27 Lewis Street, Halifax

Isaac died 9th July 1911.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,817 10/-.

Probate was granted to sons Frank & Fred.

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell: Hannah [12th June 1895]; Isaac [11th July 1911]; Frank [31st August 1934]; Fred [7th April 1941]; Edgar [15th April 1941]

Tillotson, IsraelRef 357-55
[16??-1???] The son of Robert Tillotson and brother of Archbishop Tillotson.

He married Mary, daughter of Samuel Mawd of Sowerby.


  1. Joshua or Joziah
  2. John

Tillotson, JohnRef 357-258
[1808-1874] Son of Nathaniel Tillotson.

Born in Halifax [30th January 1808].

He was a corn dealer & maltster [1829].

On 23rd June 1829, he married Mary Ann Brear [1808-1883] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Bradford


  1. child

John died in Halifax in 1874.

Mary Ann died in Ilkley in 1883

Tillotson, Archbishop JohnRef 357-T44
[1630-1694] Son of Robert Tillotson. Cleric born at Old Haugh End, Sowerby who became Archbishop of Canterbury

See Tillotson portrait and Tillotson statue

Tillotson, JohnRef 357-544
[18??-18??] Around 1855, he established a cab and omnibus service at Luddendenfoot. This was known as Tillotson's Saloon Omnibus. He had depôts in Halifax and Boothtown. In 1890, his fleet comprised 70 horses, 6 cabs, 4 hearses, 5 mourning-coaches, a stage-coach and many waggonettes, landaus, dog-carts and other carriages. Like other local carriers, he had a waggonette trade taking visitors to and from Hardcastle Crags

Tillotson, John RalphRef 357-622
[1884-1918] Son of John William Tillotson.

Born in Halifax.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School & Halifax New School / an apprentice to carpet manufacturer [1901] / a salesman for vent. manufacturer [1911] / employed by the Metropolitan Gas Company, London.

In [Q1] 1908, he married Daisy Grace Woodworth [1884-19??] in Blackburn.

Daisy Grace was born in Manchester


  1. John Leonard [b Blackpool 1909]

The family lived at

During World War I, he was the first man to join his battery, and he served as a Sergeant with D Battery 236th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He died of wounds to the face in hospital in France [6th April 1918] (aged 34).

He was buried at Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1, France [Grave Ref VI D 65].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Heath Grammar School.

His brother Guy Langton was killed in an explosion at the Low Moor Munitions Company [21st August 1916]

Tillotson, John WilliamRef 357-543
[1855-1930] Son of Samuel Bold Tillotson and nephew of John Sheard.

Born in Halifax [17th April 1854].

He was educated at Hipperholme Grammar School & Cranford College, Maidenhead / a carpet manufacturer [1881] / a carpet manufacturer (employer) [1891, 1901] / head of Sheard & Company / Chairman of the Halifax Board of Guardians / Governor of the Waterhouse Charities Bluecoat School.

On 9th November 1880, he married Alice Langton [1859-1934] at All Saints' Church, Wandsworth, London.

Alice, of Wandsworth, was the daughter of George Langton, brewer & farmer


  1. Alice [b 1882]
  2. John Ralph
  3. Marjory [b 1886]
  4. Muriel [b 1888] who was a typist in woollen mill [1911]
  5. Guy Langton
  6. Doris [b 1893] who was an art student [1911]
  7. Phyllis [b 1893] who was an office clerk in woollen mill [1911]
  8. Norah [b 1897]
  9. Laura [b 1899]
  10. child who died young [before 1911]

The family lived at

John William died at Whitegate House [1st August 1930] Probate records show that he left effects valued at £4,683 14/8d to Alice.

See George William Madeley

Tillotson, JonasRef 357-388
[17??-1???] Of Mixenden. He was imprisoned at York on suspicion being a coiner [20th December 1769]

Tillotson, JonasRef 357-649
[17??-18??] Son of Michael Tillotson.

Around 1804, he built Old Mill, Wainstalls. He ran the mill with his father.

After his father's death [1816], he inherited his father's estate on condition that he pay an annuity to each of his sisters Mary and Elizabeth, and, should either of these die, he should pay a substantial legacy to their children.

In 1820, he was declared bankrupt and put the mill up for sale.

In 1821, Jonathan Calvert bought the Water Mill / Old Mill at auction for £1,500, and William Appleyard bought Upper Mill, Wainstalls

Tillotson, JonasRef 357-1204
[1796-1862] He was a farmer [1815] / a brewer [1841] / a poultry dealer [1851, 1861] / a labourer [1847] / a journeyman brewer [1855] / a dealer in fowls [1862].

In 1815, he married Charlotte Noble [1796-1855] in Halifax.

Charlotte, of Northowram, was the daughter of George Noble


  1. Samuel [bapt 1816]
  2. Ruth [bapt 1819]
  3. Emma / Jane [b 1823]
  4. Jane [b 1826]

The family lived at Trafalgar, Halifax [1841].

He died of bronchitis at Trafalgar [1862]

Tillotson, JoshuaRef 357-1346
[1???-1763] MA.

Son of Joziah Tillotson.

He was sur-master of St Paul's School London

Tillotson, JoziahRef 357-62
[17??-1747] Son of Israel Tillotson and nephew of Archbishop John Tillotson.

In his baptismal record, the name Joshua is crossed out and Joziah written in.

On 3rd August 1698, He married Martha / Mary, daughter of James Stansfeld in Halifax. The marriage joined the Tillotson and Stansfeld families


  1. John
  2. Joshua
  3. Mary
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Hannah
  6. Martha [17??-1789]

The family lived at Breck, Triangle.

Members of the family were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: (possibly)  Joziah [4th April 1747]; Martha [30th July 1771] in a tomb erected by daughter Martha

Tillotson, MaryRef 357-408
[1759-1835] Daughter of Michael Tillotson.

Born in Luddenden.

She married John Patchett.

In later life, she was looked after by her daughters at Law Hill, Southowram.

She died at Law Hill [14th May 1835].

She was buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Tillotson, MichaelRef 357-1195
[17??-1???] Of Wainstalls.

He was a cotton spinner [1814].

He married Unknown.


  1. Mary
  2. Elizabeth who married Mr Calvert
  3. Jonas

See Misses Patchett

Tillotson, MichaelRef 357-650
[17??-1816] In 1799, Rev Thomas Drake sold land at Stoney Hey, Wainstalls to Tillotson.

Around 1820, he was in partnership with his son Jonas at Old Mill, Wainstalls.

He married Unknown.


  1. Jonas
  2. Mary who married Mr Patchett
  3. Elizabeth / Betty [1765-1842] who married Jonathan Calvert

After Michael's death, Jonas took over at the Mill

Tillotson, NathanielRef 357-1403
[1784-1856] He was a weaver at Northowram [1815, 1817].

He was one of 26 founding members of Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Elland [1824].

On 10th October 1802, he married Maria Savile [1781-1862] at Elland Parish Church.

Maria was born in Slaithwaite


  1. Mary [b 1803]
  2. Hannah [b 1805]
  3. John
  4. Ann [b 1810] who married John Greenwood
  5. George
  6. Samuel [1815] who died in infancy
  7. Samuel Bold
  8. Sarah Bold [1821-1903] who married Miles Sykes

The children were born in Halifax.

Nathaniel died 8th November 1856.

Maria died 2nd November 1862.

They were buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Tillotson, RobertRef 357-5

He married Elizabeth [1811-18??].


  1. Hannah [b 1831] who was a cotton mill operative [1851]
  2. Samuel
  3. Alice [b 1835]
  4. John [b 1837] who was a cotton mill operative [1851]
  5. Sarah [b 1839]
  6. Elizabeth [b 1841]
  7. Mary [b 1845]
  8. Robert
  9. William [b 1850]

The family lived at

  • Embsay, Skipton [1834]
  • Embsay Mill Holme, Skipton [1841]
  • Mill Holme, Skipton [1851]
  • Embsay, Skipton [1847]

Tillotson, RobertRef 357-56
[1592-1683] Son of Eleanor (née Nutter) & George Tillotson.

He was descended from a family of the name of Tilson, of Tilson, in Cheshire. His grandfather was Thomas Tilson, of Wookliff, in the parish of Carlton, in Craven, and he changed his surname to Tillotson.

His mother was the daughter of Ellis Nutter, of Pendle Forest, Lancashire.

He was a cloth-maker at Old Haugh End, Sowerby. He later moved to The Breck, Triangle.

He was a Calvinist.

In 16??, he married Mary, the daughter of Thomas Dobson.


  1. John
  2. Israel

See Henry Root

Tillotson, RobertRef 357-4
[1846-1911] Son of Robert Tillotson.

Born in Embsay, Skipton [13th December 1846].

He was a sexton [1871, 1881] / innkeeper at the Rose & Crown, Warley [1881] / a gas house labourer [1901] / a gas works labourer (Halifax Corporation) [1911].

In [Q4] 1866, he married Betty Vilitty Marsden [1842-1915] in Halifax.

Betty was born in Warley


  1. Greenwood [b 1868] who was a mill hand (cotton) [1901]
  2. William [15th February 1869-6th April 1885] who was a mill hand (cotton) [1881]
  3. Alice [b 1871]
  4. Elizabeth [b 1875]
  5. Robert [b 1877]
  6. Mary E. [b 1879]
  7. Ethel V [b 1884] who was a worsted winder [1881]
  8. child
  9. child who-young [before 1911]
  10. child who-young [before 1911]

The family lived at

  • Moor Terrace, Highroad Well [1871]
  • Rose & Crown, Warley [1881]
  • 2 Randolph Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 7 Back Albion Street, Halifax [1911]

Robert died 22nd December 1911.

Betty died 2nd September 1915 (aged 73).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 2241] with niece Sarah E. Hyde [1864-13th February 1943]

Tillotson, S.Ref 357-950
[18??-18??] Police constable at Todmorden.

In January 1862, he was declared bankrupt

Tillotson, SamuelRef 357-2
[1834-19??] Son of Robert Tillotson.

Born in Embsay, Skipton.

He was a wool comber [1851] / a retired gardener [1911].

Around 1878, he married Susannah [1842-19??].

Susannah was born in Stockton on Tees, County Durham


  1. child

The family lived at 5 Stoney Lane, Ovenden [1911]

Tillotson, Samuel BoldRef 357-493
[1817-1880] Son of Nathaniel Tillotson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a corn dealer employing 1 man [1851] / carpet manufacturer [1861] / a partner in John Sheard & Company and Sheard & Company.

On 11th February 1868, he sold his three shops on North Bridge to Halifax Corporation for £2,300. The shops were to be demolished in order to make the New North Bridge of the proper width.

In [Q2] 1839, he married Hannah Sheard in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Mytholmroyd, the daughter of Mr Sheard and sister of John Sheard


  1. Emily Ann [1842-1883] who married Thomas John Watney
  2. Frances Ellen [1844-1922] who never married, died at the Grove Nursing Home, Savile Park, and left £1,457 3/5d to her brother Samuel Sheard Tillotson
  3. Mary Helena [1849-1892] who married Herbert Portway
  4. Susey Maria [1852-1928] who married William George Madeley
  5. John William
  6. Samuel Sheard

The children were born in Halifax.

His 2 sons – John William & Samuel Sheard – were also carpet manufacturers.

The family lived at

Living with them [in 1851] was brother-in-law John Sheard.

Samuel died in Halifax [28th December 1880].

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at under £30,000.

The will was proved by his 2 sons and his widow Hannah

Tillotson, Samuel SheardRef 357-1404
[1859-1934] Son of Samuel Bold Tillotson and nephew of John Sheard.

Born in Halifax.

He was a carpet manufacturer [1881] / secretary of the carpet manufacturers' association [1911].

He never married.

In 1911, his unmarried sister Frances Ellen was living with him in Halifax.

He moved to live at St John's Wood Road, Middlesex.

He died at 8 Devonshire Terrace, Marylebone, Middlesex [22nd April 1934].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £2,805 9/7d to his nephew Thomas Savile Watney

Tillotson, ThomasRef 357-6
[1852-19??] (Possibly) the son of Elizabeth who married John Sutcliffe.

Born in Halifax.

He was working in dyehouse [1871] / a dyer's labourer (slubbing dyers) [1911].

In [Q4] 1895, he married Mary Ann [1854-19??] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Halifax, the widow of Mr Slater.

She was a servant for Thomas [1891]

She had children by her previous marriage:

  1. Edward Dennis Slater [b 1880] who was a dyer's labourer (slubbing dyers) [1911]
  2. Alice Slater [b 1886] who was a rover at carpet works [1901], a worsted spinner [1911]
  3. James T. Slater [b 1888] who was a doffer at carpet works [1901], a dyer's labourer (slubbing dyers) [1911]
  4. Mary Ann [b 1891] who was a worsted [1911]
  5. daughter Cox [?] Slater [b 1896]


  1. Eva [b 1896] who was a cotton spinner [1911]

The family lived at

  • Oxford Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 23 Milk Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 28 Horne Street, Pellon Lane [1911]


Tillotson surnameRef 357-1
Another form of the surname is Tilson.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

Like Dyson & Mallinson, this a matronymic surname, derived from a woman's name and, in this case, means son of Matilda.

Edmund Tylson is recorded at Sowerby in 1542, and John Tylson is recorded at Northowram in 1551.

Robert Tillotson, of Old Haugh End, Sowerby, was descended from a family of the name of Tilson, from Tilson, in Cheshire. His grandfather was Thomas Tilson, of Wookliff, in the parish of Carlton in Craven, and he changed his surname to Tillotson.

There are over 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Tillotson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Tillotson:

Deaths 1835, 1900, 1907

The Tillotson family of WainstallsRef 357-1416

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