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Tattersall, AbrahamRef 259-1423
[1837-1???] Born in Newchurch.

He was a scutcher tenter in a cotton mill [1871] / a card room jobber [1881].

In 1859, he married Sarah Lord [1839-1???] in Haslingden.

Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Lord


  1. James Hargreaves
  2. Cornelius [b 1865] who was a cotton weaver [1881]
  3. Deborah [1867-1881]
  4. Oliver [b 1869] who was a doffer [1881]
  5. Alice Hannah [b 1870] who was a wool knitter [1881]
  6. Elizabeth Ellen [b 1872]
  7. Rhoda [b 1875]

The family lived at

  • Nabb, Newchurch [1871]
  • Peel Street, Blatchinworth & Calderbrook (Littleborough) [1881]

Tattersall, AmosRef 259-357
[1843-1890] Recorded in 1881, when he was master at Portland Road Board School, Claremount

Tattersall, ArthurRef 259-631
[18??-19??] Iron founder at Elland [1905]

Tattersall, ArthurRef 259-625
[1887-1918] Son of Mrs A. Tattersall of 37 Holmes Terrace, New Pellon, Halifax.

He was a member of Mount Tabor Wesleyan Sunday School.

He had a sweetheart Hetty.

During World War I, he enlisted [May 1916], and served as a Private with the 38th Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).

He was killed by shrapnel [23rd October 1918] (aged 31).

He was buried at Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay, France [Grave Ref IV B 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Tattersall, Clarence ElahRef 259-29
[1884-19??] Born in Gomersal.

He was an ironmonger's assistant & traveller [1911].

In [Q2] 1909, he married Florry Garside [1886-19??] from Halifax.


The family lived at 23 St Anne's Road, Skircoat Green [1911]

Tattersall, CliffordRef 259-167
[1895-1969] Son of Leonard Tattersall.

Born in Halifax [23rd February 1895].

He was a farmer of Peace Cote Farm, Wainstalls [1924] / a farmer [1929].

In [Q3] 1924, he married Helena Gertrude Ballard [1899-19??] in Halifax.

Helena Gertrude, of Wainstalls, was the daughter of Charles Robert Ballard, police sergeant

Clifford died in Surrey [Q2 1969]

Tattersall, DavidRef 259-654
[18??-1946] Son of Richard Tattersall.

In [Q1] 1884, he married Martha Speight in Halifax.


  1. Raymond
  2. Leonard
  3. Nora
  4. Janet [d 1981]
  5. Emily
  6. Albert [d 1968]

Tattersall, EdwardRef 259-1332
[1???-1549] Of Field House, Sowerby.

On 4th June 1549, John Nicholl witnessed his will

Tattersall, EdwardRef 259-6
[1???-1678] Of Roebucke in Warley, and Winter Royd, Warley.

He married Phebe.

After his death, he surrendered the reversion of Winteroyde and three and a half acres of land in Warley to use of Phebe Tattersall his wife [Halifax 1678]

16th April 1683.

Entreat from Court Rolls of Halifax that Phebe Tattersall surrendered Wintiferoid in Warley to the use of Thomas Oldfield


5th September 1684.

Entreat from Court Rolls of Wakefield that Anne (Anna)  Tattersall surrendered Winiferoid in Warley to the use of Thomas Oldfield


4th October 1686.

Entreat from Court Rolls of Halifax that Grace Tattersall surrendered Wintiferoid in Warley for the use of Thomas Oldfield


3rd October 1687.

Entreat from Court Rolls of Halifax that Esther Tattersall surrendered Wintiferoyde and lands in Warley to Thomas Oldfield


Winter Royd, Warley

Tattersall, EnochRef 259-18

He married Unknown.


  1. Dinah [1819-1885] who married (1) Allen Morton and (2) John Hollas

Tattersall, FrancisRef 259-8100
[1827-1???] Son of labourer Robert Tattersall.

He was a corn miller of Norland [1851].

On 9th March 1851, he married Sarah Ann, daughter of James Shepley, at Elland Parish Church

Tattersall, FriendRef 259-430
[18??-1953] Labour member of Brighouse Borough Council [1946-1953].

He married Emmeline Pickersgill

Tattersall, GeorgeRef 259-166
[1882-19??] Son of Leonard Tattersall.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Royal Scots [1918].

He lived at Wainstalls Lodge, Wainstalls

He married Ethel May Greenwood [1884-19??].

Ethel May, of The Cottage, Brearley Old Road, Luddendenfoot, was the daughter of John Leonard Greenwood, coal merchant of Mytholmroyd

Tattersall, HargreavesRef 259-1191
[1891-19??] One of twin sons of James Hargreaves Tattersall.

Born in Lumb, Lancashire.

He was a salesman [1930].

He lived at Rochdale [1930].

Around, 1895, he went to the USA and lived in Philadelphia. He seems to flitted between the US and the UK.

In September 1930, he sailed from Liverpool back to America, aboard the SS Nova Scotia.

A rock inscribed

Hargreaves Tattersall
Newhaven America 1891


Hargreaves Tattersall
Newhaven America 1897

stands on the Pennine Way at Blackstone Edge. An approximate grid reference: SD974164

Sanderson Tattersall from New Haven, USA, a descendant of the Lancashire Tattersall family, suggests that the inscription may be the work of Hargreaves Tattersall – to indicate the year of his birth – and was carved on a visit home from America

Tattersall, Harold VernonRef 259-1240
[1891-1916] One of twin sons of James Hargreaves Tattersall.

Born in Littleborough, Lancashire [27th September 1891].

He went to New York with his family [1901].

He was educated at Windsor Terrace Public School / a member of Manhattan Cricket Club / employed by a broker's office in Wall Street, New York.

In 1911, he married Marion Meade.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the GS/5614, 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays).

He was killed in action [10th February 1916].

He was buried at Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles, France [Grave Ref D 8].

There is a memorial to him and his father James Hargreaves Tattersall at Lumb Baptist Church, Burnley Road, Lumb, Lancashire

Tattersall, HerbertRef 259-163
[1887-1963] Son of Leonard Tattersall.

He was a cowman [1911].

In 1908, he married Frances Barker [1887-19??].


  1. Muriel [b 1908]
  2. Kenneth [b 1909] who was a warehouseman [1963]

The family lived at

Herbert died 28th February 1963 (aged 76).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £3,314 15/-.

Probate was granted to son Kenneth and Geoffrey Tattersall

Tattersall, Herbert GordonRef 259-664
[1921-1944] Son of Elizabeth Ann & Herbert Edgar Tattersall of West End, Halifax.

He was educated at Warley Road School & Halifax Junior Tech / a member of King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel & Scouts / employed by Thomas Simpson & Sons Limited.

In [Q3] 1943, he married Joan Parkin in Halifax.


  1. son

They lived at 1 Rhyl Street, King Cross, Halifax.

During World War II, he enlisted [1939], and served as a Lieutenant with the 366th Battery 113 H.A.A. Regiment Royal Artillery.

He died 8th November 1944 (aged 23).

He was buried at Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Netherlands [Grave Ref 7 A 10].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Tattersall, JamesRef 259-7650
[1???-1832] In December 1824, he married Alice Bolland.

Alice was born in Craven


  1. James [b 1825]
  2. William Bolland (Tattersall) [b 1828]

James died April 1832.

On 3rd December 1832, Alice married George Mallinson

Tattersall, James HargreavesRef 259-24
[1861-1931] Son of Abraham Tattersall.

Born at Higher Booths.

He was a cotton doffer [1871] / a mule spinner [1881] / Alderman for Halifax Northowram ward [1894].

In 1884, he married Isabella Holroyd. Isabella (possibly) came from Holmfirth AND was living in Littleborough in 1881.

Children: twins

  1. Harold Vernon
  2. Hargreaves

He went to live in Brooklyn, New York.

He died in the USA.

There is a memorial to him and son Harold Vernon Tattersall at Lumb Baptist Church, Burnley Road, Lumb, Lancashire

Tattersall, James HenryRef 259-410
[1895-1917] Son of Mark Tattersall.

Born in Brighouse [30th March 1895].

He was a miner's hurrier [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 7th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

He was killed in action [24th April 1917] (aged 22).

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 4 & 5], on Clifton War Memorial, on the Memorial at Saint John's Church, Clifton, and in the book Clifton War Memorial

Tattersall, JohnRef 259-628
[18??-19??] Of T. Tattersall & Sons.

He lived at Long Lea Terrace, Elland [1905]

Tattersall, JohnRef 259-5
[1827-1???] Son of Richard Tattersall.

He was a comber of Warley [1850] / a woolcomber [1851] / an ag.lab [1861] / a farmer of 5 acres [1871] / a farmer of 11 acres [1881] / a farmer [1891, 1901].

In 1850, he married Martha Rothery [1829-1???].

Martha, of Warley, was the daughter of John Rothery, farmer.

She was a dressmaker [1851]



  1. Ellen [b 1852] who married Squire Watson
  2. Josiah [b 1854]
  3. Emma [b 1860]
  4. Stephen [b 1863] who married [1883] Selina Shackleton
  5. John [b 1865]
  6. Martha Hannah [b 1869]

The family lived at

  • Shaw Booth, Warley [1851]
  • Haze Hill, Warley [1861]
  • Haigh Cote, Warley [1871, 1881]
  • Withens Gate, Warley [1891]
  • Riding Head, Warley [1901]

Living with them [in 1901] were Minnie Whalley [b 1900] and granddaughter Mary Watson

Tattersall, JohnRef 259-171
[1829-1???] Son of Robert Tattersall, cart driver.

He was an overlooker of Warley [1851] / a cotton labourer [1861] / an under carder in cotton factory [1871] / a labourer (out of employment) [1881] / a stripper/grinder [1883, 1885] / a retired labourer [1891].

In 1851, he married Emma Thompson [1832-1???].

Emma, of King Cross, was the daughter of John Thompson, dyer


  1. Robert [b 1854]
  2. Lydia Ann [b 1859] who married [1883] William Stead [b 1859] a bricklayer of King Cross, son of Joseph Stead, weaver
  3. Emily [b 1862]
  4. Lucy [b 1865] who married [1885] Fred Whiteley [b 1862] a woollen spinner of Higgin Chamber, Sowerby son of John Whiteley, labourer
  5. Frank [b 1867]
  6. Delia [b 1871]

The family lived at

  • Bolton Brow, Skircoat [1861]
  • Taylors Buildings, Skircoat [1871]
  • Willow Street, Skircoat [1881]
  • Spring Gardens [1891]

Living with them [in 1891] were daughter Lucy, son-in-law Fred Whiteley [b 1865], and their children John [b 1888], & Hannah [b 1889]

Tattersall, John JamesRef 259-613
[1881-1917] Son of William Tattersall.

Born in Elland.

He was a wool spinner.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He was killed in action [26th September 1917].

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 19-32 & 162], and on Elland War Memorial

Tattersall, JonathanRef 259-300
[1???-1737] He lived at Only House, Northowram

Tattersall, JosiahRef 259-9840
[1854-1890] Landlord of the Causeway Foot, Ogden [1890].

In 1882, he married Mary Hannah Broadbent [1861-19??] in Halifax.

Mary Hannah was the daughter of David Broadbent [1840-19??], overlooker


  1. Emma [1884-1898]
  2. Ellen [1889-1899]
  3. Martha [1883-1909] who married Richard Jarratt
  4. Jessie [b 1891] who was assisting in business [1900]

Josiah died 10th June 1890.

Probate records show that he left personal effects valued at £203.

Probate was granted to his widow Mary Hannah.

In 1892, Mary Hannah married Hollings Mitchell.

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden

Tattersall, LeonardRef 259-657
[18??-1966] Son of David Tattersall.

He was a local Methodist Preacher / Manager of Collinson's in Crown Street.

He married (1) Unknown.

He married (2) Unknown

Tattersall, LeonardRef 259-1206
[1856-1???] He was a farmer of Warley [1877] / a farmer of Mount Tabor, Warley [1886] / a farmer [1891] / a farmer (own account) [1901] / a farmer [1911].

In 1877, he married Susannah Beverley Bedford.

Susannah, of Warley, was the daughter of
William Bedford


  1. William [b 1878]
  2. John [b 1880]
  3. George
  4. Sarah Hannah [b 1884]

Susannah died Q4 1885 (aged 27).

In 1886, he married Sarah Bedford.

Sarah, of Mount Tabor, was the sister of his first wife Susannah, and daughter of William Bedford


  1. Herbert
  2. Beatrice [b 1889] who married [1914] J. W. Radcliffe or Richard J. Latham
  3. Percy [b 1892]
  4. Clifford

The family lived at

Leonard died 25th October 1929.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £5,368 14/3d.

Probate was granted to son Clifford and Ellen Tattersall (Spinster) 

Tattersall, MarkRef 259-600
[1858-1929] Born in Clifton.

He was a coal hewer & stone mason [1883].

On 28th November 1883, he married Mary Louisa Betty [1861-1942] in Dewsbury.

Mary Louisa was born in Brighton


  1. Mabel Alice [1884-1949] who married [1912] Alfred Hanner
  2. Amy [1886-1927] who married [1909] Edward Griggs
  3. John Robert [1890-1924]
  4. James Henry
  5. Eucharis [1898-1975] who married [1918] John H. Smith
  6. Victoria Alexandra Mary Louisa [1901-1994] who married [Rastrick 1924] George Frederick Petty

The family lived at

  • 16 Hey Street, Brighouse [1901]
  • Clough Houses, Clifton [1911]

Tattersall, PCRef 259-1429
[18??-19??] Police Officer in Sowerby Bridge.

Recorded in September 1897, when he attended the death of Henry Kershaw.

As Sgt Tattersall, he was witness in the trial of Edward Spink, and of Arthur Russell [1905]

Tattersall, RaymondRef 259-906
[1887-1940] Son of David Tattersall.

Born 17th August 1887.

Partner in the Gig Mill Spinning Company [1921].

On 4th July 1912, he married Ada Fletcher [1886-1958].

Ada was the eldest daughter of William Henry Fletcher

She was a skilled weaver at J. Murgatroyd & Son Oats Royd Mill, Luddenden



  1. Madge [1915-1998] who married Jack Crossley
  2. Doreen [1919-2003] who married Idris Williams

He died 23rd April 1940

Tattersall, RichardRef 259-1414
[1696-1766] Clothier of Hollings, Warley.

Son of Richard Tattersall.

He was apprenticed to a clothier at Thrum Hall, near Blackstone Edge, (possibly) John Royds.

In 1725, he married Mary Lea [1706-1772], (possibly) daughter of Joshua Lea.


  1. Ellen [b 1727]
  2. Mary [b 1730]
  3. Martha [1732-1804] who married Elkanah Holroyd
  4. Sarah [b 1734]
  5. Tabitha who married John Butterworth, merchant of Sowerby
  6. daughter
  7. daughter

He died 17th April 1766 [aged 69]

Tattersall, RichardRef 259-38
[1789-1859] (Possibly) son of William Tattersall.

He was a weaver of Warley [1816] / a farmer wife [1841] / a farmer of 10 acres [1851].

In 1816, he married Hannah Greenwood [1796-18??].

Hannah came from Skircoat


  1. Mary [b 1817]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1819]
  3. Sarah [b 1821]
  4. Eleanor [b 1823]
  5. William [b 1825]
  6. John
  7. Richard
  8. Edward [b 1832]
  9. Hannah [b 1835]
  10. Ann(e) [b 1838]
  11. Jonas [b 1842]

The family lived at Mare Hill, Warley [1841, 1851, 1881].

Richard died in 1859 (aged 69).

He was buried at Warley Congregational Church

Tattersall, RichardRef 259-158
[1830-19??] Son of Richard Tattersall.

He was a farmer of Warley [1852] / a farmer [1861, 1871, 1881].

In 1852, he married Ellen Wade [1832-1???].

Ellen, of Warley, was the daughter of Thomas Wade, farmer


  1. Sarah [b 1852] who was deaf & dumb from birth
  2. Leonard [b 1856]
  3. Ann [b 1859]
  4. David
  5. Hannah [b 1865]
  6. Mary Hannah [b 1869]
  7. Richard [b 1873]

The family lived at

Living with them [in 1861, 1871] was mother Hannah Tattersall.

Living with them [in 1891, 1901] were grandsons John William Tattersall [b 1885] and Arthur Tattersall [b 1887].

Ellen was widowed by 1911.

Living with her [in 1911] was grandson Arthur Tattersall (apprentice grocer).

She died Q1 1918 (aged 85) 

Tattersall, RobertRef 259-7
[1795-1868] Born in Greetland.

He was a woollen hand loom weaver [1861].

He married Unknown.


  1. William
  2. Joseph [b 1828] who was a woollen hand loom weaver [1861]
  3. David [b 1836] who was a woollen hand loom weaver [1861]

In 1861, Robert and the 2 youngest sons were living with son William

Tattersall, RobertRef 259-4
[1802-18???] (Possibly) son of Francis Tattersall.

He was a waterman of Warley [1825] / a cart driver [1841] / a carter [1851] / a cart driver [1861] / a sack mender [1871].

In 1825, he married Susannah Binns.

Susannah came from Warley


  1. Francis [b 1827] who married [1851] Sarah Ann Shepley [1831-1???] daughter of James Shepley
  2. twins John [b 1829]
  3. Lydia [b 1829]
  4. Thomas [b 1830]

The family lived at

  • Bolton Brow [1841]
  • 8 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge [1851]
  • Old Causeway, Warley [1861]
  • Croft, Warley [1871]
Susannah was dead by 1871.

Living with them [in 1861, 1871] was grandson Thompson / Thomas Tattersall [b 1853].

Living with the widowed Robert [in 1871] was lodger Henry Riley [b 1845] (corn miller).

Robert died Q4 1874 (aged 73) 

Tattersall, StephenRef 259-3
[1863-1???] Son of John Tattersall, farmer.

Born in Warley.

He was a farmer's man of Rochdale [1883] / a farmer [1891].

In [Q3] 1883, he married Selina Shackleton [1861-1???] in Halifax.

Selina, of Mytholm Farm, Midgley, was born in Colne, the daughter of John Shackleton, farmer


  1. John [b 1885]
  2. Mary [b 1886]
  3. Ernest [b 1889]

The children were born in Rochdale.

The family lived at 2 Bottoms, Heywood, Lancs [1891]

Tattersall, ThomasRef 259-8940
[18??-1???] A partner in Warrington, Iredale & Tattersall at Marshall Hall Mills, Elland [1868]

Tattersall, ThomasRef 259-1338
[1832-1???] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a coal miner [1861].

In 1857, he married Mary Ann, daughter of Francis Butler.


  1. Francis [b 1858]

The family lived at 1601 Hightown, Liversedge [1861].

Living with them [in 1861] was Mary's mother Sarah Butler (formerly inn keeper) 

Tattersall, TimothyRef 259-1189
[1???-16??] He was Constable of Sowerby [1653-4]

Tattersall, WilliamRef 259-2
[1821-1862] Son of Robert Tattersall.

Born in Greetland.

He was a hand loom weaver of woollen [1851] / a woollen hand loom weaver [1861].

Around 1846, he married Hannah [1820-1???].

Hannah was born in Barkisland


  1. John Holroyde [b 1846] who was a woollen weaver [1861]
  2. Manimia [b 1848] who was a woollen twister [1861]
  3. Joseph [b 1850] who was a woollen factory worker [1861]
  4. Seth [b 1854]

The family lived at

  • 30 Bank End, Elland-cum-Greetland [1851]
  • 9 Bank, Elland-cum-Greetland [1861]

Living with them [in 1861] were his father Robert and 2 brothers Joseph & David (all were woollen hand loom weavers).

William died 23rd March 1862 (aged 41).

He was buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: P11]

Tattersall, WilliamRef 259-616
[1846-1893] Born in Elland.

He was a stone mason [1875].

In 1875, he married Ellen Rawnsley [1853-1938] at Elland Parish Church.

Ellen was born in Elland


  1. Casiphia [1877-1956] who married [1902] John Willie Robinson and migrated to the USA [1927]
  2. Violetta [b 1879]
  3. John James
  4. Blanche Eveline [1885-1975] who married [1910] Harry Bates
  5. Ethel [b 1887] who went to the USA with her sister Casiphia
  6. Hilda [1889-1894]

The children were born in Elland.

The family lived at 34 Brooksbank Street Elland [1891, 1901].

In 1911, son John was living with his widowed mother at 31 Langdale Street Elland


Tattersall surnameRef 259-1
Other forms of the surname include Tattersdill, Tattersfield, Tattershall, Tattersley and Tatterson

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Unattached BMDs for Tattersall:

Baptism 1835; Marriage 1899; Death 1805

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