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Thornhill, BryanRef 371-484
[15??-1598] Of Fixby.

He was buried at Elland Parish Church

Thornhill, Sir Bryan deRef 371-991
[12??-13??] Aka Brian.

Son of Sir John Thornhill.

He carried on the main line of the Thornhill family.

He appears in a deed dated 1334.

He was knighted in or before 1341 and appears as one of the knights of the Shire of Yorkshire in 1356-1358.

He married Unknown.

According to Ralph Thoresby:
Bryan married Joan the daughter of Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough, Doncaster

but Collins in the supplement to his Peerage [p. 238], calls her

Isabel, daughter of Sir John Fitz Williams, by whom:

  1. Simon
  2. Thomas
  3. Elizabeth, who married Henry Masters of Kirklington
  4. daughter who married Sir Henry Staunton, of  Staunton, in Nottinghamshire

No documentary evidence has been found as to whom Bryan married, or for any children other than Simon and Margaret



  1. Simon
  2. Margaret
  3. Elizabeth

1357/8 Marriage settlement. Henry de Nuhill clerk to Brian de Thornhill on the marriage of Gerald son of Gerald de Ufflet (Ousefleet) and Margaret daughter of Brian, lands etc. in Swanland and Ufflet.

[Nottinghamshire Archives DD/SR/209/124]


Thornhill, C. C.Ref 371-324
[1???-18??] A member of the Thornhill family. He was lord of the manors of Fixby and Rastrick

Thornhill, ClaraRef 371-956
[1???-185?] Recorded in October 1854, when her estates in Stainland, Rastrick, Lindley, Old Lindley, parts of Huddersfield, Rawdon, Calverley, Farsley, Stanningley, and Pudsey were being sold by auction

Thornhill, Elizabeth deRef 371-992
[1???-13??] Daughter of Sir Brian de Thornhill.

She married (1) Sir Henry de Musters.

She married (2) Sir William de Stainton

Thornhill, Mrs FrancesRef 371-213
[16??-17??] Of Fixby. In her will of 1718, she left £900 for various charitable purposes. £150 was to be used for the establishment of a school at Elland. Money was also to be paid for the subsistence of the Minister at Elland, and in return, he should read daily prayers at the Church for the girls and staff at the School

Thornhill, GeorgeRef 371-997
[1???-1754] Of Diddington, Hertfordshire.

Son of George Thornhill.

In 1733, he married Sarah Barne.

Sarah was the daughter of John Barne of London


  1. Thomas
  2. John who died young
  3. Miles who died young
  4. George who became High Sheriff of Diddington
  5. Mary who married Miles Barne from Suffolk
  6. Sarah who married Sir John Blois from Suffolk

Thornhill, GeorgeRef 371-998
[1655-1687] Of Fixby.

Son of John Thornhill.

He married Mary Wyvell [16??-1726].

Mary was the daughter of Thomas Wyvell of Richmondshire, Yorkshire


  1. George
  2. Bryan [1676-1701]
  3. Thomas [d 1751]
  4. John [d 1756]
  5. twins William
  6. and Michael [both twins died young]
  7. Marmaduke
  8. Askelphus
  9. Everilda who married Sir Arthur Caley
  10. Mary [d 1768]
  11. Anne [d 1755]

Thornhill, Sir JohnRef 371-990
[1???-1???] Son of Sir Richard de Thornhill.

He married Beatrice Talboner.


  1. Bryan
  2. Richard
  3. Cecily who married Henry de Methley
  4. Simon

Thornhill, JohnRef 371-481
[14??-1529] Of Fixby.

He married Elizabeth Grice.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Grice of Wakefield


  1. Cecily [b 1493] who married John Gledhill

He was buried at Elland Parish Church

Thornhill, JohnRef 371-686
[14??-1529] Of Fixby.

He was an early member of the Thornhill family of Rastrick.

He married Jennet Savile.

Jennet was the daughter of Nicholas Savile


  1. John
  2. Thomas of Brighouse
  3. Bryan
  4. Richard
  5. Alice who married William Priestley from Toothill  in Stainland
  6. Ellen
  7. Agnes

Thornhill, JohnRef 371-482
[1514-1567] Of Fixby. He was Collector of the Tenths and Fifteenths for Henry VIII.

He married Elizabeth Grice [d 1583] from Sandal.


  1. Bryan
  2. John
  3. Richard
  4. Nicholas of Toothill
  5. William [d 1626] who became Prebend of Worcester
  6. Catherine who married Thomas Langdale
  7. Cecily
  8. Anne

The couple were buried at Elland Parish Church

Thornhill, JohnRef 371-485
[1531-1607] Of Fixby.

Son of John Thornhill.

In 1577, he married Jennet Marsh.

Jennet was the daughter of Edmund Marsh of The Knowles, Elland


  1. John [1579-1611]
  2. Thomas Thornhill
  3. Richard who died young
  4. William
  5. Jane who married William Rookes

He was buried at Elland Parish Church

Thornhill, JohnRef 371-486
[1626-1669] Of Fixby.

Son of Thomas Thornhill.

He was a Major of Foot in Sir George Savile's Regiment.

He married (1) Dorothy Columbell from Darley.

Child: 1. Anne who died young

He married (2) Everilda Wentworth [1630-1709] from Woolley.


  1. John who died young
  2. Everilde [1652-1698] who married Thomas Horton
  3. George
  4. Thomas [1658-1709]
  5. Elizabeth who died young
  6. Frances [1656-1718]

He was buried at Elland Parish Church

Thornhill, John deRef 371-436
[11??-12??] Son and heir of Richard son of Jordan de Thornhill.

He married Unknown.


  1. Richard
  2. (probably) John

Thornhill, Sir John deRef 371-987
[11??-1249] Son of Richard de Thornhill.

He married Olyva de la Mare.


  1. Richard
  2. others

Thornhill, Jordan deRef 371-437

Thornhill, Jordan deRef 371-902
[11??-12??] Son of Jordan son of Essolf de Thornhill.

Some time after 1201, he married Quinilda.

Quinilda was the 3rd daughter and co-heir of Richard son of Roger, thane of Woodplumpton

In the Great Inquest of Service of 1212, Jordan is listed as holding one carucate of the King (in Formby) in thanage with the daughter of Richard son of Roger, and a second carucate (in Formby) of Quinilda de Kirkdale, by gift of William son of Norman. William son of Norman was mesne-lord of Kirkdale. Quinilda de Kirkdale was the only daughter and heir of Roger de Kirkdale and Godith his wife.

Jordan died without issue.

Quinilda married Roger Gernet.

Quinilda died in 1252

Thornhill, NicholasRef 371-546
[15??-16??] See Longwood House, Fixby

Thornhill, Richard deRef 371-439

Thornhill, Sir Richard deRef 371-988
[1???-1???] Son of Sir John de Thornhill.

He married (1) Margaret.

He married (2) Maud.

Maud was the daughter of Alwyn de Bedale


  1. John
  2. Theobald
  3. Bryan [1???-1343] who became rector of Bedale
  4. Thomas

Thornhill, Richard deRef 371-984
[13??-1393] Of Fixby.

Son of Thomas De Thornhill.

Around 1365, he married Margaret de Totehill.


  1. William
  2. John who became rector of Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire
  3. Richard

This marriage brought together the Toothill and the Thornhill families.

He was dead before 17th November 1393

Thornhill, Simon deRef 371-993
[1???-1369] Son of Sir Bryan de Thornhill.

He married Elizabeth.

According to Ralph Thoresby, and Burton in his Monasticon:

Simon married Mary Bapthorpe who was the daughter and coheir of Edward Bapthorpe

but the manuscript in the British Museum gives his wife's name as Elizabeth.

Watson was unable to find any evidence to support that Simon married Mary Babthorp, and none has been found in modern searches



  1. Elizabeth [b 1368] who married Henry de Savile

Watson tells us that in the British Museum is a MS No. 797 with the following entry

43 Edw. III [1370]

Simon de Thornhill, who held of the lord in Stansfeld, Skircoat, Ovenden and Wadsworth certain tenements and lands in soccage, died, and Elizabeth, daughter and heir, of the age of two years, and in the custody of Elizabeth her mother, comes and gives for relief ten shillings


This was the end of the main line of the Thornhill family, though a number of junior branches of the family continued

Thornhill, ThomasRef 371-999
[1585-1662] Of Fixby.

He was Treasurer for the Lame Soldiers of Charles I.

In 1614, he married Anne Trigot [15??-1668] from South Kirby.

Children: several who died young, and

  1. John
  2. Bryan [d 1644]
  3. Elizabeth [16??-1698] who married Langdale Sunderland
  4. Margaret who married Sir John Armytage

Thornhill, ThomasRef 371-358
[16??-16??] In 1660, he bought Rastrick Hall from John Hanson. The family subsequently became important landholders in Rastrick and Brighouse

Thornhill, ThomasRef 371-996
[17??-1800] Of Fixby Hall.

Son of George Thornhill.

He married Eleanor Garrard Lynne [17??-1797].

Eleanor was the daughter of Nicholas Garrard Lynne of Essex

Child: Thomas

Thornhill, ThomasRef 371-995
[1780-1844] Of Fixby Hall.

Son of Thomas Thornhill.

He had an affair with Mrs Sarah Wood, widow of Samson Wood.

They had 2 illegitimate children:

  1. Thomas [1804-1875]
  2. Sarah [b 1805]

In 1815, he married (1) Mrs Wood [17??-1831].

In 1835, he married (2) Clara Pierce.

Clara was the daughter of Henry Pierce of Bedale


  1. Clara who inherited the Fixby estates

He married (3) Honoria Louisa Forrester [18??-1859].

Honoria Louisa was the daughter of Francis Forrester

He was unpopular with the locals.

In 1811, the Hall was attacked by Luddites.

Around 1812, he left the Hall to live at Riddlesworth, Norfolk. Richard Oastler was Steward at the Hall

Thornhill, Thomas deRef 371-989
[1???-1???] Son of Sir Richard de Thornhill.

Around 1325, he married Margaret, daughter of John Lacy.

Child: Richard

Thornhill, William deRef 371-985
[1372-1443] Son of Richard De Thornhill.

He inherited property at Fixby from his mother and at Toothill from his half-sister, Katharine


The Thornhill familyRef 371-692
The Thornhill Family was founded by Jordan son of Essolf de Thornhill

The main line carried on to Sir Bryan de Thornhill.

The eldest son and heir of Sir Bryan was Simon de Thornhill.

Simon's daughter Elizabeth married Henry Savile, who took over the Thornhill lands in Sowerbyshire and Thornhill.

This was the end of the main line of the Thornhill family, though a number of junior branches of the family continued.

See Binn Royd, Norland, Manor of Shelf and The Thornhill family of Rastrick

The Thornhill family of RastrickRef 371-685
This was a branch of the Thornhill family.

John Thornhill of Fixby was an early member of this branch of the family.

They owned much land and property in Rastrick and Fixby.

In 1365, the marriage of Margaret de Totehill to Richard de Thornhill brought together the Toothill and the Thornhills.

See Binn Royd, Norland, Fixby Hall, Manor of Fixby, History On Your Doorstep, Lillands Farm, Richard Oastler, Rastrick Hall, Manor of Rastrick, Manor of Shelf and Thornhill, West Yorkshire


Thornhill surnameRef 371-1

George Redmonds writes that

the name comes from Thornhill, near Dewsbury.

Richard de Thornhyll is recorded at Sowerby in 1274, William de Thornell is recorded at Fixby in 1407 and several people named John Thornhill are recorded at Fixby from the 15th century

There are 29 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Thornhill, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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