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Abraham Tidswell [1820-1869]
Arthur Tidswell [18??-18??]
Arthur Tidswell [1874-1953]
Charles Henry Tidswell [1869-1918]
David Tidswell [17??-18??]
Fred Tidswell [1890-1917]
Frederick Tidswell [1819-1867]
Frederick Edward Tidswell [1867-1942]
Harry Tidswell [1894-1917]
Herbert Tidswell [1881-1920]
Herbert Bedford Tidswell [1889-1916]
John Tidswell [1796-1882]
John Tidswell [18??-19??]
John William Tidswell [1858-1924]
Joseph Tidswell [1872-1???]
Joseph William Tidswell [1829-1912]
Rev N. Tidswell [19??-????]
Robert Tidswell [1862-19??]
Samuel Tidswell [1870-1931]
Sidney Tidswell [1876-1959]
Thomas Tidswell [1853-1898]
Thomas Tidswell [1861-1938]
Walter Ernest Tidswell [1881-1947]
Wilfred Tidswell [1897-1917]
William Tidswell [1869-1937]
William Hanson Tidswell [1883-1939]
William Henry Tidswell [1840-1897] 

Tidswell, AbrahamRef 312-1339
[1820-1869] Born in Clayton.

He was a handloom weaver [1851] / a carpet weaver [1861].

In 1843, he married (1) Betty [1821-1852], daughter of Henry Mitchell, in Halifax.


  1. William Henry [b 1849] who was a factory worker (worsted) [1861], a stuff presser [1871]

In 1856, he married (2) Elizabeth Murgatroyd [1817-1???] from Northowram, in Halifax. Elizabeth had an illegitimate daughter Mary Hannah [b  1855] who was a worsted worker? (warp) [1871], & married Herbert Oates.


  1. Harry [b 1857] who was a worsted spinner & scholar [1871]
  2. Sam [b 1861] who was a worsted spinner & scholar [1871]
  3. Emma [b 1863]
  4. Fred [b 1866]
  5. Eliza [b 1869]

The family lived at

  • Newtown, Northowram [with Henry Mitchell and family 1851]
  • Newtown, Northowram [1861]
  • 5 Newtown, Northowram [1871]

Tidswell, ArthurRef 312-865
[18??-18??] Teacher of music at 104 New Bank, Halifax [1874]

Tidswell, ArthurRef 312-273
[1874-1953] Son of Joseph William Tidswell.

Born in Halifax.

He was a dyer [1896].

On 24th October 1896, he married Elizabeth Ann Blackwell [1875-1946] in Halifax.

Elizabeth Ann was born in Halifax


  1. Gladys [1897-1976] who married [1919] John W Boland
  2. Ivy [1898-1869] who married [1922] John A Lund
  3. Eliza Jane [1900-1974] who married [1920] Norman Lister
  4. Ethel [1907-1991] who married [1928] William Ernest Smith

Elizabeth Ann died in Wharfedale in 1946.

Arthur died in Bradford in 1953

Tidswell, Charles HenryRef 312-329
[1869-1918] Son of William Henry Tidswell.

Born in Halifax.

He trained as a cutler and was a self-employed cutlery dealer [1911]

In [Q3] 1888, he married Sarah Alice Batty [1871-1935] in Halifax.

Sarah Alice was born in Halifax


  1. Leonard [1888-1953]
  2. Herbert [b 1890]
  3. Lucy [b 1893]
  4. Clara [b 1898]

The children were born in Halifax.

The family lived at 48 King Cross Street [1911].

Charles died at 30 King Cross Street [31st October 1918].

Sarah Alice died at 18 Belmont Place, Halifax [17th March 1935].

The couple were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Tidswell, DavidRef 312-616
[17??-18??] Of Queenshead.

He worked for Jonathan Akroyd.

In 1819, Akroyd sent him and Michael Greenwood to Norwich to discover the manner in which bombazines and cràpes were being made there. They returned with knowledge which gave Akroyd a monopoly in manufacture of these goods in the north of England for several years. The two then worked on designing machinery to produce new patterns of dobbies which also contributed to Akroyd's commercial success

Tidswell, FredRef 312-71
[1890-1917] Son of Tom Tidswell.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a member of Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge / a cabinet maker employed by his father [1915].

In [Q4] 1915, he married Alice Siddall [1889-19??] at St George's Church, Sowerby.

Alice, a teacher of Gaukrodger Farm, Sowerby, was the daughter of William Henry Siddall, farmer

The family lived at

  • 21 Egremont Street, Sowerby Bridge [1917]
  • 7 Princess Street, Sowerby Bridge

During World War I, he served as a Private with B Company 13th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

Around 1st March 1917, he sustained gunshot wounds in both legs and one hand. He died of his wounds in hospital at Étaples, France [21st March 1917].

He was buried at Étaples Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref XXII B 3A].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge, on the Memorial at Saint George's Church, Sowerby, and on the family grave at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £265 6/1d.

Probate was granted to his father Tom Tidswell

Tidswell, FrederickRef 312-5800
[1819-1867] Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a cotton spinner [1838, 1841] / a smith's labourer [1851] / publican at the Craven Heifer, Halifax [1861].

On 3rd June 1838, he married Elizabeth Lister [1818-1???] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Huddersfield


  1. William Henry
  2. Elizabeth Ann [b 1844] who was a servant [1861]
  3. Sarah Ellen [b 1846] who was a mill hand [1861]
  4. Mary Jane [b 1851]
  5. Sarah [b 1853]
  6. Frederick Lister [b 1861]

The family lived at

  • Warley [1841]
  • Bolton Brow [1851]
  • 4 Cow Green, Halifax [1861]

Frederick died at the Craven Heifer [14th April 1867].

He was buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £100 to his widow Elizabeth.

After his death, Elizabeth took over as licensee of the Craven Heifer until 1868.

In 1868, Elizabeth married Charles Summersgill

Tidswell, Frederick EdwardRef 312-328
[1867-1942] Son of William Henry Tidswell.

Born in Halifax.

He was a watch repairer [1891] / a self-employed jewellery repairer [1911] / a jeweller [1922].

On 19th April 1897, he married Ada Mitchell [1871-1946] St George's, Ovenden

Ada was born in Halifax.

She was a weaver [1897]


They had no children.

The family lived at 22 King Cross Street, Halifax [1911]

Tidswell, HarryRef 312-604
[1894-1917] Son of Samuel Tidswell.

Born in Halifax [29th September 1894].

He was a member of Lee Mount Baptist Church, Ovenden & Sunday School / a clerk for T. Collinson & Sons Limited [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted [July 1916], and served as a Lance Corporal with the 2nd/7th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed, shot in the head while going over the top [3rd May 1917] (aged 22).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [2nd June 1917]. He was buried at Bullecourt.

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 6], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Lee Mount Baptist Church, Ovenden

Tidswell, HerbertRef 312-264
[1881-1920] Son of Thomas Tidswell.

He was a rag dyer [1909].

On 25th December 1909, he married Maggie Hanson [1887-19??] at St Mary the Virgin, Hunslet.

Maggie was born in Ashton-under-Lyne

There is no evidence that they had any children

Tidswell, Herbert BedfordRef 312-334
[1889-1916] Son of John William Tidswell.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a clerk for canal carriers [1911] / a bookkeeper for Solomon Marshall, stone merchant, Southowram.

He lived at Mearclough House, Walker Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

During World War I, he enlisted [26th June 1916], and served as a Private with the 18th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died of wounds [13th November 1916] (aged 27).

He was buried at Couin British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref V A 4].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge

Tidswell, JohnRef 312-261
[1796-1882] Born in Ovenden.

He was a woollen warehouse worker [1821].

On 3rd May 1821, he married Sarah Spencer [1799-1867] from Halifax, in Halifax


  1. Joseph William

Tidswell, JohnRef 312-1030
[18??-19??] Landlord of the Who could a' thowt it, Southowram.

In 1904, he and several customers were caught drunk in the pub. He was find 7/6d for each customer and £1 for being drunk himself

Tidswell, John WilliamRef 312-335
[1858-1924] Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a grocer [1885] / Co-operative store manager (grocery) [1891, 1901, 1911]

In [Q3] 1885, he married Hannah Bedford [1860-1940] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Manchester


  1. Walter [1887-1889]
  2. Herbert Bedford
  3. Emily Bertha [b 1892] who was a dress maker's assistant [1911]
  4. Percy [1895-1985] who was a grocer's apprentice [1911]
  5. Albert [1896-1982] who was an electrician
  6. Annie [1901] who died in infancy

The children were born in Sowerby.

The family lived at

  • 4A Bedford Terrace, Skircoat, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 10 Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge [1901]
  • 10A Bedford Terrace, Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge [1911]
  • 13 Oak Avenue, Sowerby Bridge [1916]

Living with them [in 1911] was Emily Bedford [b 1869] (dress maker).

John William died in Sowerby [4th June 1924].

He left £1,556 16/0d to Hannah.

Hannah died in Blackpool [12th September 1940]

Tidswell, JosephRef 312-271
[1872-1???] Son of Joseph William Tidswell.

He was a creeler [1893].

On 23rd December 1893, he married Emma Jane Sharp [1872-1???] at Christ Church, Pellon.

Emma Jane was born in Halifax


  1. Elsie [b 1894]

Between 1901 and 1911, the family emigrated to the US

Tidswell, Joseph WilliamRef 312-262
[1829-1912] Son of John Tidswell.

Born in Halifax [17th Apr 1829].

He was a wool sorter [1851].

In [Q1] 1851, he married Jane Bradley Sutcliffe [1831-1905] in Halifax.

Jane was born in Southowram


  1. Sarah Elizabeth [1851-1922] who married David Hirst
  2. Thomas
  3. Eliza [b 1855]
  4. Emily Hannah [b 1857]
  5. James [1860-1863]
  6. John [b 1862]
  7. Emma [1865-1940] who married Squire Dobson
  8. Harriet Ann [1867-1922] who married John Edward Kergon
  9. William
  10. Joseph
  11. Arthur

The children were born in Halifax

Tidswell, Rev N.Ref 312-1236
[19??-????] Curate at St George's Church, Lee Mount. His time there overlapped that of Rev Robert Martineau [1946-1952].

He left to serve at Birchencliffe, Huddersfield

Tidswell, RobertRef 312-254
[1862-19??] Born in Todmorden.

In [Q2] 1889, he married Matilda Mitchell [1860-1933] in Todmorden.


  1. Wilfred

The family lived at 2 Cornfield Street, Todmorden [1917].

Matilda died in Burnley

Tidswell, SamuelRef 312-629
[1870-1931] Son of Jonas Tidswell, driver.

Born in Cullingworth.

He was a presser of 21 Melrose Street, Lee Mount [1893] / a worsted overlooker [1901, 1911].

On 4th November 1893, he married Emma Helliwell [1869-1941] at St Paul's Church, Denholme.

Emma, a twister, was born in Denholme, the daughter of John Helliwell, weaver


  1. Harry
  2. Herbert [1897-1979] who was an errand boy for drapers [1901]

The family lived at

  • 21 Melrose Street, Lee Mount [1901, 1911]
  • 56 Ellison Street, Lee Mount [1917]

Tidswell, SidneyRef 312-331
[1876-1959] Son of William Henry Tidswell.

Born in Halifax [29th December 1876].

He trained as a teacher and was a school master [1922].

On 10th August 1906, he married Alice Mitchell [1882-1960] at St Michael & All Angels, Shelf.

Alice was born in Bradford


  1. Dorothy [1908-1998] who was a school mistress & married Sidney Laycock

The family lived at 333 Skircoat Green Road, Halifax.

The couple died at their daughter's home in Sutton-in-Craven: Sydney [22nd June 1959]; Alice [16th June 1960].

Sydney left £6468 to Alice and Alice left £10,235 19/11d to Dorothy

Tidswell, ThomasRef 312-263
[1853-1898] Son of Joseph William Tidswell.

Born in Halifax.

He was a wire drawer [1873].

On 27th January 1873, he married Sarah Ann Barker [1854-1920] in Halifax.

Sarah Ann was born in Warrington.

She was working as a midwife [1911]



  1. Amelia [b 1873] who was a tailoress [1911] and never married
  2. Emily [1876-1958] who married Alfred Burnell
  3. Ada [b 1878]
  4. Herbert
  5. William Hanson

The children were baptised at the same time [15th January 1885] at St Silas's Church, Hunslet

The couple died in Hunslet

Tidswell, ThomasRef 312-72
[1861-1938] Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a cabinet maker (employer) [1901, 1911, 1917] / a Councillor in Sowerby Bridge.

On 25th November 1883, he married Sophia Ackroyd [1859-1927] at Elland Parish Church.


  1. Edward [1884-1888]
  2. Fred
  3. Reginald [1895-1972] who served as a Private in France [World War I] and was a cabinet maker & undertaker [1938]

The family lived at 41 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge [1901, 1911, 1938].

Living with them [in 1901] was Tom's widowed sister Sarah E. Broadbent [b 1852].

Sophia died 6th December 1927 (aged 68).

Tom died 7th February 1938 (aged 76).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £830 18/2d.

Probate was granted to son Reginald.

Members of the family were buried at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery

Tidswell, Walter ErnestRef 312-333
[1881-1947] Son of William Henry Tidswell.

He trained as an upholsterer and was a self-employed upholsterer [1911].

On 18th June 1906, he married Margaretta Lord [1880-1936] in Halifax.

Margaretta was born in Halifax.

Sometime between 1906 & 1911 she took over the family confectionery business



  1. Sydney [1912-1981]

The family lived at 6 Lister Lane, Halifax [1911].

Margaretta died 4th December 1936.

Walter Ernest died in Halifax [17th March 1947]

The couple were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Tidswell, WilfredRef 312-253
[1897-1917] Son of Robert Tidswell.

Born in Todmorden.

He worked for the Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society.

During World War I, he served as a Lance Corporal with the Northumberland Fusiliers.

He was killed 24th September 1917.

He was buried at The Huts Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref VI C 19].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Todmorden Co-operative Society

Tidswell, WilliamRef 312-270
[1869-1937] Son of Joseph William Tidswell.

He was a card stamper [1891].

In [Q3] 1891, he married Sarah Metcalf [1869-1???] in Halifax.

Sarah was born in Westmorland


  1. Lena [1891-1973] who married [1930] George Edward Foster Garside [1893-1946]
  2. Louis [1895-1952] who married [1922] Annie Vera Aked [1900-1935]
  3. Fred Raymond [1897-1980] whom married [1926] Florence Jennings [1900-1987]

The children were born in Halifax

Tidswell, William HansonRef 312-266
[1883-1939] Son of Thomas Tidswell.

Born in Hunslet.

He was a nail castor [1908].

In [Q3] 1908, he married Annie Elizabeth Carr [1883-1956] in Hunslet.

Annie Elizabeth was born in Hunslet


  1. child

William died in Leeds in 1939.

Annie Elizabeth died in Wakefield in 1956

Tidswell, William HenryRef 312-846
[1840-1897] Son of Frederick Tidswell.

Born in Sowerby.

He was a piecer (worsted) [1851] / a cabinet maker [1861, 1863] / a master cabinet maker [1871] / a cabinet maker & baker [1881] / a cutler [1891].

On 10th March 1863, he married Emily Best [1846-1922].

Emily was born in Halifax


  1. Ellen Elizabeth [1863-1953] who married Charlie Greenwood
  2. Frederick Edward
  3. Charles Henry
  4. Sidney
  5. Walter Ernest

The family lived at

  • Bolton Brow [1851]
  • 4 Cow Green [1861]
  • 6 Lister Lane [1871]
  • 9 Lister Lane [1881]
  • 6 Lister Lane [1891, 1901]
  • 4 Upper Brunswick, Halifax [1911]

A baker and butterscotch maker is recorded at 6 Lister Lane, Halifax [1905].

William Henry died at 6 Lister Lane in 1897

Emily was a baker [1881], a confectioner [1891], a widow, confectioner & baker [1901] a retired baker [1911]

Emily died at 4 Upper Brunswick Street [10th April 1922].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £761 16/11d to her sons Frederick Edward & Sidney


Tidswell surnameRef 312-1
The Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames says that the surname originates in a place called

Tideswell, Derbyshire.

There are over 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Tidswell, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Tidswell:

Marriages 1915, 1916, 1932

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