People whose spouse I cannot determine

There are a number entries for people for whom I have 2 – or more – possible names for their spouse

This is usually because I have found the marriage on the FreeBMD website, but cannot determine precisely which spouse the individual married

Please email me if you can identify the correct spouse for any of the following people

Samson  Ackroyd
Alexander  Asquith

Bertie  Edward Bailey
Henry  Wilson Best

Wilson  Calvert
Michael  Carroll
George  Pulman Collins
John  Pulman Collins
Angus  Crabtree
George  Arthur Culpan
Robert  Cundall

Thomas  Campbell Davis
Gilbert Deane
Joah  Denton
Leonard  Addison Duncan

John  Fairbanks
John  Francis Faulkes
William  Flather
Bishop George Horsfall Frodsham

Thomas  Garside
Henry  Gledhill
Walker  Gledhill
Harry  Whaley Green

Rev  Frederick M. Halstead
John  Hamer
Wrathall  Riley Hanson
Robert  Haslem
James  Joseph Highley
Wilson  Hitchen
Israel  William Holdsworth
Richard  Holdsworth
Richard  Horatio Holt
John  Howarth

Charles  William Ibberson

Herbert  Lancaster Jowett
Milton  Judson

Amos  Kershaw
John Knight

John  de Lacy
John  Edwin Laycock
Levi  Lumb

Tom  Sutcliffe Mallinson
Martin  Manley
James  Arthur Maude
James  Edward Maude
Samuel  Charles Miller
William  Valentine Milner
Arthur  Batty Milnes
Fred  Murgatroyd
James  Murgatroyd
James  Murgatroyd
Henry  Murrell

John  Green Noble
Gilbert  Paul Norton

Bates  Oldfield

Simeon  Park
Verney  Pickles
John  Priestley
Richard  Priestley

Mr  Robinson
Jonas  Foster Rushworth

Rosamund  Saltonstall
Percy  Bysshe Shelley Shackleton
David  Smith
Rev John Hilton Stowell
Alexander  Stradling

James  Michael Todd
James  Trickett
Thomas  Tuley

Benjamin  Walsh
William  Walsh
George  William Walton
John  Webster
Thomas  Wheelwright
Samuel  Whitaker
John  Benjamin Widdop
Robert  Wood

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