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Warley is a district of Calderdale to the west of Halifax, and neighbouring on Midgley and Ovenden.

The name appears in Domesday Book as Werlafeslei, and is later written as Warbillay, Warlowely, Warlowlye, Warlully, Warteley, Weloley, and Werelowely, and probably means Werlaf's clearing or Wælaf's clearingWerlaf being an Old English personal name.

The reference in Domesday Book has led to some confusion over the meaning of the name feslei.

The home of John Butterworth at Warley Edge, became one of the first authorised places of worship outside the established church, when Oliver Heywood obtained a licence to use the house as a Nonconformist preaching house – see Warley Congregational Church.

Heywood often preached in and around Warley:

On 19th July 1689, Rev Nathanael Priestley registered a house in Warley where Heywood preached.

That part of Warley which lay on the banks of the Calder became known as Sowerby Bridge.

Since around 1976, much of Warley Town is a conservation area

Some sites, sights and other entries for Warley

Albion Brewery, Warley
Ash Tree, Warley
Ashgrove, Warley

Bache, Warley
Bairstow, Warley
Bank End Farm, Warley
Bank End, Warley
Bank House, Warley
Beech House, Warley
Beestingstone, Warley
Benns, Warley
Binns Hill Farm, Warley
Bit by Bit House, Warley
Blackwall, Warley
Booth Stead, Warley
Boothsteads Farm, Warley
Bread Ing, Warley
Broom Bank Wood, Warley
Broom Bank, Warley
Bull, Warley
Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley
Butts Green Baptist Graveyard, Warley
Butts Green Barn, Warley

Carr Cliffe, Warley
Causeway Farm, Warley
Cemetery Lodge, Warley
Church Tavern, Warley
Cliff Hill, Warley
Cliffe Brewery, Warley
The Cliffe, Warley
Clough under Warley Town
Coat Hill, Warley
Craven Hole, Warley
Cromwell Mount House, Warley
Cromwell's Mount, Warley

Dean House, Warley

Eaves House, Warley
Edge End, Warley
Edge Holme, Warley
Edgeholme, Warley
Elim School, Warley

Far Littlemoor Cottage, Warley
Far Littlemoor House, Warley
Fern Hill, Warley
Field House, Warley
Fold, Warley
Friendly, Warley
Fulshaw Clough, Warley

Grange House, Warley
Green Edge, Warley
Green Hills, Warley
Grey Stones, Warley

Haigh House, Warley
The Hargrave family of Warley
Harley Clough, Warley
Hartley Royd Farm, Warley
Haugh Gate Farm, Warley
Heys Clough, Warley
High Garth, Warley
High Royd, Warley
Highroad Well, Warley & Luddendenfoot United Reformed Church
The Hill, Warley
The Hollins, Warley
Holme Grave, Warley
Holme House Mill, Warley
Horns, Warley
Houghton Tower, Warley
Hoyle Green House, Warley
Hoyle House Mill, Warley

Ive House, Warley

Little Holme House, Warley
Little Longbottom, Warley
Little Peel House, Warley
Little Town Farm, Warley
Littlemoor, Warley
Littletown, Warley
Lode Clough, Warley
Long Rigging, Warley
A Look Into the History of Warley
Lower Benns Farm, Warley
Lower Green Edge, Warley
Lower Heights, Warley
Lower Hollings, Warley
Lower Hoyle Green, Warley
Lower Popplewells, Warley
Lower Reap Hurst, Warley
Lower Saltonstall Farm, Warley
Lower Saltonstall Hall, Warley
Lower Stubbing, Warley
Lumb House, Warley
Lumb Mill, Warley

Mare Hill, Warley
Marsh, Warley
Masons' Arms, Warley
Maypole Inn, Warley
Maypole, Warley
Moorlands Farms, Warley
Murgatroyd, Warley

John Naylor & Company
New Holme, Warley
New House, Warley
New Inn, Warley
Newhouse, Warley
Newlands House, Warley
Norton Lodge, Warley

Oddfellows' Arms, Warley
The Old Dungeon, Warley
Old Hall Farm, Warley
Old Riding, Warley
Old Warley Springs Brewery
Oldfield House, Warley
Oldfields, Warley

Parsonage Cottage, Warley

Peace Cote Farm, Warley
Peace Cote, Warley
Peacock Hotel, Warley
Peacock House, Warley
Popple Wells, Warley

Roebucks, Warley
Rose Cottage, Warley
Royles Head, Warley

Saint John's Church of England School, Warley
Saint John's Hall, Warley
Saint John the Evangelist, Warley
Sentry Edge Delfs, Warley
Sentry Edge, Warley
Shaw Booth, Warley
Shepherd House, Lower Warley
Shepherd Villa, Warley
Smith's factory school, Warley
South Clough Head, Warley
Sowerby Bridge Mills, Warley
Spring Garden School, Warley
Spring Gardens Academy, Warley
The Stepps, Warley
Stock Lane House, Warley
Stoops, Warley
Stradbrook Lodge, Warley
Stubbin House, Warley
The Sycamores, Warley

Throstle Bower, Warley
Throstle Nest, Warley
Tower Hill, Warley
Town House, Warley
Tree, Warley

Upper Heys, Warley
Upper Hoyle Green, Warley
Upper Reap Hurst, Warley
Upper Saltonstall Farm, Warley
Upper Saltonstall Lower Hall, Warley
Upper Saltonstall, Warley
Upper Shaw Booth, Warley
Upper Stubbing, Warley

Victoria Brewery, Warley

Wadsworth constables
Wanstead, Warley
Warley Board of Guardians
Warley Cemetery Board
Warley Clough
Warley Clough Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sowerby
Warley Community Association
Warley Congregational Church
Warley Congregational Graveyard
Warley Congregational Manse
Warley constables
Warley Co-operative Store
Warley Corn Mill
Warley Cottage
Warley Cricket Club
Warley Croft
Warley Edge Close, Warley
Warley Edge Farm, Warley
Warley Edge
Warley Enclosure Act
Warley Exhibition Foundation
Warley Fountain
Warley Free School for Girls
Warley Gaol
Warley Grammar School
Warley Hall
Warley House
Warley Institute
Warley Library
Warley Lodge
Warley Mill
Warley Moor
Warley Prosecution Society
Warley Road Board School
Warley Road Evening School
Warley Road Junior School Baths
Warley Road Primary School
Warley Dame School
Warley School Board
Warley Springs
Warley Springs Brewery
Warley Springs Dye Works, Halifax
The Warley Story
Warley Sunday School
Warley Surveyor of the Highways
Warley Town Board School
Warley Town Cemetery
Warley Town Farm
Warley Town Post Office
Warley Town School
Warley Town School Room
Warley Urban District Council
Warley Vale Co-Op
Warley Ward, Halifax
Warley Wood, Warley
Warley Workhouse
Manor of Warley
Warlings, Warley
Wells Farm, Warley
The Wells, Warley
West Royd Farm, Warley
Westfield Farm, Warley
Westfield, Warley
White Birch, Warley
White Lion, Warley
Wind Hill Royd, Warley
Windle Royd Laundry, Warley
Windle Royd, Warley
Winter Royd, Warley
Winterburn, Warley
Withins Farm, Warley
Wood Turners', Warley

Yellow Birch, Warley

The Ambler family of Midgley & Warley
Warley The Brigg family of Bank House
The King family of Warley
The Oldfield family of Warley

Beerhouses & Pubs in Warley

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Warley, including

See Population and Parish statistics

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