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Watkinson, MrRef 208-2444
[18??-18??] Partner in Watkinson & Crabtree [1865]

Watkinson, AlfredRef 208-2067
[1881-1950] Son of Samuel Watkinson.

Baptised at Coley [12th October 1881].

He, his father, and his sister Sarah Ellen, travelled to the USA aboard SS Camponia, arriving on 30th April 1905.

He was a woollen manufacturer [1901] / a worsted manufacturer [1911].

In 1939, Alfred Watkinson was a director of South American Railways in place of Samuel Watkinson [1939].

On 29th July 1914, he married Marion Eastwood at Halifax Parish Church.

Marion was the daughter of Albert Eastwood


  1. Samuel
  2. Nellie

They lived at Spring Hall, Shelf [1922]

Watkinson, ArthurRef 208-7970
[1884-19??] Son of John Watkinson.

Born in Holywell, Flintshire.

He was educated at Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancashire [1901].

On 17th July 1907, he married Mary Healy [1877-19??] at St Peter's Church, Harrogate.

Mary, from Navan, Ireland, was the daughter of Christopher Healy (gentleman) 

At the time of the marriage, Mary's address was given as The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, and Arthur's address was given as Brook Park, Northop, Flintshire.

Arthur became very wealthy and converted to Catholicism.

Around 1911, Arthur and Mary went to live in Campden, Gloucestershire.

They were benefactors to the people and the Catholic church in Campden.

The English etcher F. L. Griggs, also a Catholic convert, was an acquaintance of the family.

Arthur installed a memorial to his wife in St Catharine's Catholic church at Chipping Campden.

It is possible that the memorial was a large crucifix, designed by F. L. Griggs, and carved by Alec Miller.

Question: Does anyone know exactly what the memorial was?


The family lived at

  • Mickleton Lodge, Campden, Gloucestershire [1911, 1918]
  • Broad Campden, Gloucestershire [1922, 1926]

Jenny Bruce of the Chipping Campden History Society tells me

Arthur Watkinson lived in a house called Maidenwell in the next village of Broad Campden. He entertained the children from St Catharine's Catholic school to summer parties. He also supported fund-raising for the Town Band, and donated land for Broad Campden Recreation Ground. He [possibly] bought a lot of land when the Earl of Gainsborough's estate was broken up

Watkinson, EdwardRef 208-2059
[15??-1???] On 2nd August 1586, he married Mary Hopkinson at Northowram

Watkinson, Rev EdwardRef 208-782
[16??-1767] DD.

Eldest son of Benjamin Watkinson MD of Wakefield.

He was Rector in Kent before becoming Curate at Luddenden [1724-1728]. He later became rector of Little Chart, Kent.

He published several pamphlets including An Essay on Economy, An Essay upon Gratitude, and An Admonition to the younger Clergy [1765]

He was a subscriber to the publication of Watson's History.

He married Anne Mitchell.

Anne was the daughter of Alderman Rowland Mitchell of Hunslet Hall, Leeds

Child: Maria

He established Watkinson's Charity

Watkinson, ElizabethRef 208-409
[1796-1879] Daughter of John Watkinson.

She and her sister, Hannah, were assistants to Mrs Haugh of Doncaster, before they established Watkinson's School for Young Ladies, Halifax.

She married John Turney at Clapham.

She died in Leek Wootton in December 1879, 8 weeks after her husband

Watkinson, Elizabeth AngelaRef 208-1044
[1910-19??] Known as Angela. Daughter of Canon George Watkinson.

In 1933, she was preparing to marry John Green Asquith, but he died a few weeks before the wedding.

In 1935, she married Gerald F. Summers from Barnes, in Halifax.


  1. Lucy Angela [b 1946]

They lived at Woodfield, Hipperholme

Watkinson, Emma JaneRef 208-309
[1850-1923] Daughter of George Watkinson.

She was badly-disfigured.

She never married.

She lived at The Longlands, Lightcliffe which was built for her in 1904, the year after the death of her father.

Harold Sharp was her chauffeur [from around 1907].

She died at Longlands [30th November 1923].

Probate records show that she left personal effects valued at £32,296 4/7d.

In her will, she left money for several good causes, including £300 to the Royal Halifax Infirmary, and a field and £7,000 to build the Watkinson Almshouses near her home at Lightcliffe in her parents' memory

Watkinson, FrankRef 208-325
[1891-1949] Son of Thomas Watkinson.

He was a leather merchant (employer) [1911] / a Conservative / a Halifax Councillor for Northowram Ward [from 1919] / chairman of the Housing Committee [1923] / an Alderman [1934] / Freeman of the Borough [22nd March 1948] / a Freemason / a member of Halifax Rotary Club / MD of Frank Watkinson Limited [1938] / Mayor of Halifax [1937-1938].

His wife was Mayoress.

In 1918, he married Ellen L. Harrison from Dudley Hill, in Bradford

Watkinson, GeorgeRef 208-8000
[1792-18??] Of Northowram.

Son of Henry Watkinson.

Baptised 22nd April 1792.

He was a manufacturer [1814] / a wool stapler [1818].

On 28th November 1813, he married Mary Holdsworth at Halifax Parish Church. They were married

by License and Consent of Parents

(possibly) because Mary may not have been of age.


  1. George
  2. Martha Gibson [1818-1892] who married Thomas Clark

Watkinson, GeorgeRef 208-W1041
[1814-1903] Son of George Watkinson.

Born in Northowram [29th October 1814].

About 1870, he formed a partnership with his sons, George Watkinson & Sons.

He made a substantial amount of money in wool and coal

Watkinson, GeorgeRef 208-1132
[1843-1905] Son of George Watkinson.

In 1874, his father withdrew from the day-to-day management of the family's woolstapling business, leaving these to George.

On 27th September 1871, he married Alice Mary Cockcroft [1848-1889] from Rossendale.


  1. George
  2. Samuel Lord
  3. Ethel Mary [b 1875] who married Rev Richard Piers Whittington
  4. Alice Helena [b 1877] who married James Allan Coutts

They lived at The Grange, Hipperholme.

Alice Mary died 26th March 1889.

She was buried at St Nicholas's Church, Newchurch, Rossendale.

In 1903, George inherited Woodfield, Hipperholme.

He died in Lightcliffe [30th August 1905].

He was buried at St Nicholas's Church, Newchurch, Rossendale.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1905. In his will, he left an estate of £1m. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £453,537 19/- [Resworn £453,960 14/6d]

Watkinson, Canon GeorgeRef 208-318
[1872-1961] MA.

Son of George Watkinson.

He was Curate at Coley [1900] / Curate at St Matthew's Mission Church, Northowram [1891] / the first Vicar of the new Parish of Northowram at St Matthew's Church, Northowram [1910-1958]

He lived at Woodfield, rather than at St Matthew's Church Vicarage. His Curate lived at the Vicarage.

He resigned in 1958. He was Honorary Canon of Wakefield Cathedral.

He was a founder member of the Lightcliffe Lodge of Freemasons. He was a governor of Hipperholme Grammar School [1933].

He was interested in lepidoptery and had a large collection of moths and butterflies.

In 1902, he married Lucy, daughter of Thomas Luke Walsh, in Knaresborough.


  1. George
  2. Phyllis Mary [b 1906]
  3. Lucy Margaret
  4. Elizabeth Angela
  5. Violet Stephanie Constance [1913-2005] who married Denis William Standeven
  6. Emma

He lived at Grange, Lightcliffe. He inherited Woodfield, Hipperholme.

He built a Sunday School in the grounds of Woodfield.

In his will, he left £2,000 to Northowram Parish Church and £500 as an endowment for the church

Watkinson, GeorgeRef 208-1043
[1904-19??] Only son of Canon George Watkinson.

In 1927?, he married Marjorie Morton from Halifax.

He became a farmer in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Watkinson, HannahRef 208-402
[1798-1877] Daughter of John Watkinson.

She and her sister, Elizabeth, were assistants to Mrs Haugh of Doncaster, before they established ran Watkinson's School for Young Ladies, Halifax.

She married Thomas Turney. They lived at Park Lodge, Ovenden.

She & her husband were buried at Halifax Parish Church

See Park Lodge, Ovenden

Watkinson, HenryRef 208-6000
[1759-1831] An early member of the Watkinson family of Hipperholme.

He was a shalloon maker [1783, 1786] / a corn dealer [1792] / a manufacturer of Northowram [1788].

After the death of his father-in-law William Edwards, Henry took over as innkeeper of the Pine Apple, Halifax [1796, 1798, 1822]. In 1822, Henry is named as owner of the Pine Apple Inn.

On 20th April 1783, he married (1) Mary, daughter of William Edwards at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. John [bapt 1785]
  2. Ann [bapt 1786-1787]
  3. William Edward [bapt 1788]
  4. George
  5. William [bapt 1794-1796]
  6. Elesabeth [bapt 1796]
  7. infant [1798]
  8. Edward [1798]

Mary died in childbirth, and she and their newborn child, were buried on 7th February 1798. Edward, who appears to be a twin of this infant, was buried on 29th March 1798.

On 2nd November 1802, Henry married (2) Ellen Thompson [1768-1824] in Birstall.


  1. Mary

Henry died in Hightown, and was buried at Liversedge [21st January 1831]

Watkinson, HerbertRef 208-3300
[1883-1949] Son of John Watkinson.

He became a barrister.

He lived at Brook Park, Northop, Flintshire.

After the death of his sister Marian and her husband Richard Kershaw, Herbert took their children in at Brook Park

After Herbert's death, his nephew Arthur Watkinson Kershaw removed most of the contents of Brook Park to Australia

Watkinson, James BottomleyRef 208-2063
[1878-1922] Of Shelf Hall.

Son of Samuel Watkinson.

Baptised at Coley [9th October 1878].

He was a wool merchant [1901] / a Councillor for Norwood Green.

On 21st August 1907, he married (1) Mary Waddington at St Michael's & All Angels' Church, Shelf.

Mary was the daughter of Henry Waddington


  1. Mary Waddington (Watkinson) [b 1909]

His wife, Mary, died of complications following the birth of their daughter.

On 9th October 1912, he married (2) Mabel Oates [1891-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Samuel
  2. Richard Edward
  3. Geoffrey

They lived at Coley House, where he died [15th February 1922].

His will was proved by Samuel Watkinson of Perth House, Lightcliffe, Alfred Watkinson of Spring Hall, Shelf, and John Tordoff

They lived at Coley House, Coley

He died at Coley House [14th February 1922].

Probate records show that he left personal effects valued at £61,184 8/-.

See Watkinson Memorial Offices, Norwood Green

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-2058
[1???-1???] Or Watkinsone.

Son of Thomas Watkinson

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-569
[1661-1731] Of Watkinson Hall, Ovenden.

He married (1) Susanna, daughter of Samuel Lister of Upper Brea.

Child: John

After Susanna's death, he married (2) Judith Holdsworth from Northowram.

Judith was buried at Illingworth Church [11th May 1726].

John was buried at Illingworth Church [27th March 1731].

See Moor End Congregational Church, Pellon and James Waddington

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-1863
[1693-1764] Son of John Watkinson

On 4th June 1718, he married Lydia Kershaw [1???-1753] from Ovenden.

Child: John

The couple were buried at Illingworth Church: John [24th May 1764]; Lydia [10th February 1759]

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-1548
[17??-18??] Around 1797, he built a mill at Holmfield. He carried out cotton spinning here.

In June 1812, he was declared bankrupt

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-1864
[1721-1791] Son of John Watkinson.

He was a Constable of Ovenden [1758] and one of the Overseers for the Poor for Ovenden [1760].

In 1760, he was described as

of Moorside

In 1777, he subscribed £50 towards the rebuilding of Illingworth Church in which he took a deep interest.

He married Sarah Ramsden from Illingworth.


  1. John
  2. Joseph

He gave Park Lodge, Ovenden to his son Joseph who did not marry.

It is likely that he built the first part of the present Watkinson Hall.

He died 9th November 1791. He was buried at Illingworth Church

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-1865
[1753-1834] Son of John Watkinson.

In 1783, he married Jane Waddington [1757-1844] from Clapham.


  1. Hannah
  2. Elizabeth
  3. daughter
  4. daughter
  5. son
  6. son

John died at his house in Ward's End, Halifax [5th June 1834] (aged 81)/ He was buried at Illingworth Church [10th June 1834]

Watkinson, JohnRef 208-4001
[1845-1907] Son of George Watkinson.

Born in Halifax [6th November 1845].

Partner in George Watkinson & Sons.

John was made managing director of the company's coal mines in Wales, and his brother George was managing the family's woolstapling business.

In 1871, John went to Buckley, Flintshire, to assess the prospects of investing in coal mining there.

Around 1872, he bought the Buckley Colliery Company – from John Lassey – for £7,000.

He was a colliery proprietor (employing 800 men) [1881] / a farmer of 27 acres (employing 1 man) [1881] / managing director of the Buckley Colliery Company [1884].

On 13th January 1875, he married Mary Ann Sutcliffe at Heptonstall Church.

Mary Ann was the daughter of John Sutcliffe


  1. Marian [1876-1913] who married Richard Kershaw
  2. John [b 1877]
  3. Frederick [b 9th August 1879]
  4. Fanny [bapt Lightcliffe 2nd September 1881-1953] who  married [Flintshire 1912] Rev Charles Campbell Wright Randle
  5. Herbert
  6. Arthur
  7. (possibly) Maud [1886] who died in infancy

They lived at Brook Park, Northop, Flintshire [1881, 1891, 1901, 1907].

John died at Brook Park, Northop, Flintshire [26th May 1907].

Probate records show that he left personal effects valued at £275,891 11/7d

Watkinson, John EllisRef 208-2266
[18??-18??] Grocer at Northgate, Halifax [1850]

Watkinson, John SpeakRef 208-2774
[1909-19??] Son of Samuel Watkinson.

He inherited from his greatuncle John Speak

Watkinson, JosephRef 208-1867
[1629-1696] Of Illingworth.

He married Grace [1633-1697], daughter of Joseph Wood.

Child: John

They lived at Moorside House, Ovenden.

He was followed by his son John and successive Johns in the ownership of the house at Moorside.

Joseph died December 1696 (aged 67).

Grace died January 1697 (aged 63).

The couple were buried at Halifax Parish Church: Joseph [14th December 1696]; Grace [26th January 1697]

Watkinson, JosephRef 208-1866
[1757-1818] Son of John Watkinson.

Fancy stuff manufacturer at Ovenden [1809].

He never married.

His father gave him Park Lodge, Ovenden. He lived there.

Joseph was taken suddenly ill – losing his speech and the use of one side – in Halifax Piece Hall on Saturday morning, 24th January 1818. He was carried to the home of his brother John in Northgate, where he died next day.

He was buried at Illingworth Church [29th January 1818].

Anne Lister described the funeral in her journals

Watkinson, LeonardRef 208-3
[1893-1918] Son of Thomas Watkinson.

He lived with his parents at Holmleigh, Stump Cross.

He was educated at Northowram Council School / a member & chorister of St Matthew's Church, Northowram / a shop assistant [1911] / employed by the Maypole Dairy Company Limited / employed by George Thwaite & Sons.

He was engaged to Miss Elsie Hanson of Stump Cross.

During World War I, he enlisted in Halifax [May 1917] and served as a Private with the 8th Battalion Royal Scots.

He was killed in action by shellfire at Frémicourt, dying instantaneously [24th March 1918] (aged 25).

The Halifax Courier [13th April 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 1 & 2], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram

Watkinson, Lucy MargaretRef 208-1034
[1908-19??] Aka Peggy. Second daughter of Canon George Watkinson.

Born 4th December 1908.

In 1937, she married Dr Thomas Lindsay Clark at St Matthew's Church, Northowram.

See St Matthew's Sunday School, Northowram

Watkinson, MariaRef 208-2453
[1723-1726] Only daughter of Rev Edward Watkinson.

There is a memorial to her in Halifax Parish Church. The epitaph on the memorial is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Watkinson, SamuelRef 208-W2061
[1848-1939] Third son of George Watkinson.

See Dr F. A. Roberts and Watkinson Memorial Offices, Norwood Green

Watkinson, Samuel LordRef 208-243
[1874-1915] Son of George Watkinson.

Born in Hipperholme.

He was a member of the West Riding County Council.

In 1909, he married Annie Charteris [1871-1923] in Halifax.

Annie was the daughter of Dr William Charteris


  1. William Edward Charteris
  2. David [b 1911]
  3. Violet Corrie [b 1915] who married [1936?] Rodney  Frances Turner of Derbyshire

The family lived at The Grange, Lightcliffe (with 5 servants)  [1911].

On 8th February 1911, he gave £3,000 for the erection of the tower, the completion of the bells, and the provision of a clock at St Matthew's, Northowram.

Samuel died 7th April 1915 (a transcription of his epitaph gives his death as 31st March 1915.) 

The Halifax Courier [10th April 1915] published an account of his funeral.

In his will, he left bequests to the Royal Halifax Infirmary, St Matthew's Church, St Matthew's Church, Northowram, and the Halifax Tradesmen's Benevolent Institution.

Annie died in Worcestershire [20th July 1923] (aged 52).

The couple were buried at Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard

Watkinson, SamuelRef 208-2065
[1878-1936] Son of Samuel Watkinson.

Born in Northowram.

Baptised at Coley [9th October 1878].

He was a worsted manufacturer [1901, 1911].

On 16th June 1908, he married (1) Alice Dora Speak, at Illingworth Church.

Child: John Speak

Alice Dora died of complications following the birth of their son.

He married (2) Marion Priestley.

They lived at

He died at Perth House, Lightcliffe [21st February 1936].

Probate records show that he left personal effects valued at £67,868 8/10d

Watkinson, Sarah EllenRef 208-2068
[1886-1968] Aka Nellie. Daughter of Samuel Watkinson.

Baptised at Coley [29th September 1886].

She, her father, and her brother Alfred travelled to the USA aboard SS Camponia, arriving on 30th April 1905.

She married Alfred Edward Sykes.

Alfred and Nellie separated in the late 1920s. She stayed on at Ing Royd until the 1950s when she sold the house and moved to Savile Dene

Watkinson, ThomasRef 208-2057
[1535-1???] Or Watkinsone.

Born in Giggleswick [?].

On 27th October 1577, he married Isobel Brodlye [15??-1578] at Northowram.

Child: John

Watkinson, ThomasRef 208-1
[1864-1???] Son of Stephen Watkinson.

Born in Skipton.

He was a traveller of Salisbury Place, Halifax [1887] / a wool salesman [1891] / a woolstapler [1901] / a wool salesman [1911].

In 1887, he married Edith Christina Christie [1864-1???] at All Souls' Church, Halifax.

Edith Christina, of Chester Road, Halifax, was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, the daughter of John Christie, designer


  1. Hubert [b 1889] who was a wool sorter [1911]
  2. Frank
  3. Leonard
  4. Agnes Ivy [b 1895]
  5. Wilfred [b 1897]
  6. Edith May [b 1899]
  7. Alice Muriel [b 1901]

They lived at

  • 1 Ripon Terrace, Northowram [1891]
  • Maltkiln House Farm, Northowram [1901]
  • 30 Brow Lane, Shibden, Halifax [1911]

Watkinson, William Edward CharterisRef 208-1070
[1910-1981] Elder son of Samuel Lord Watkinson.

Born in Knaresborough.

He came to live at The Grange, Lightcliffe.

After the death of his father, he went to live in Malvern.

In the 1930s, he was known as a rally driver and trials driver for MG and other car makers.

In 1935, there was an announcement of his engagement to Jocelyn Philippa Turner of Derbyshire.

In 1938, there was an announcement of his engagement to Glenda Fleming of Groombridge.

In 1942, he married Anne Farmer


The Watkinson family of HipperholmeRef 208-2062
Henry Watkinson was an early member of the family.

A branch of the family became important in Ovenden.

See Perth House, Lightcliffe and Watkinson Chapel, Lightcliffe


Watkinson surnameRef 208-2
There are 39 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Watkinson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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