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Whitley, Ada RinderRef 143-855
[1865-1902] Eldest child of Nathan Whitley.

She studied at the North London Collegiate School and Girton College Cambridge.

She travelled extensively, visiting Japan [1892] and Egypt [1900].

She died unmarried [12th April 1902] at the Surrey home of her brother Samuel Rinder Whitley where she kept house for him.

She was buried at Lingfield, Surrey.

She is remembered on the family grave at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 456]

Whitley, Alfred WilliamRef 143-857
[1868-1945] JP.

Son of Nathan Whitley.

He was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and Trinity College Cambridge.

He was in partnership with his cousin, Frederick Whitley Thomson, in the family business – John Whiteley & Sons – at Brunswick Mills, Halifax.

He left the partnership and entered the family business – S. Whitley & Company.

Inspired by the discovery of the Roman altar at Thick Hollins house at Greetland, he was influential in the Halifax Antiquarian Society's unsuccessful endeavour to find further Roman remains at Bank Top, Greetland.

On 19th January 1910, he married Elizabeth Lucas Sutcliffe at St John the Evangelist, Warley.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev Canon Ivens, Rural Dean and Vicar of Sowerby Bridge, assisted by the Rev E. W. Easton, Vicar of Ripponden and the Rev C. H. Osler, Vicar of Warley. After the reception, the couple left for London, and from there to the South of France


  1. Samuel Peter
  2. twins Mary Patience [b 1918]
  3. and John [b 1918] who lived only 1 day
  4. twins Robert
  5. and Helen
  6. Penelope Jane

They lived at

In 1925, he retired to live in Berkshire, but the 1927 slump in the cotton trade brought him back into business. He came back to live at Brantwood, Halifax.

He died 2nd June 1945 (aged 76)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 456]

Whitley, AnnabellaRef 143-844
[1853-1932] Annie. Eldest daughter of John Whitley.

She married Evan Spicer. The couple were active in religious and philanthropic work

Whitley, BenRef 143-12
[1864-1906] Born in Halifax [13th April 1863].

He was landlord of the Pressers' Arms, Elland [1900-1906].

In 1886, he married Isabella Ormerod [1864-1928] in Halifax.

Isabella was born in Warley

They had no children.

He died at the Pressers' Arms [11th April 1906].

Isabella took over at the Pressers' Arms [1906-1928].

The couple were buried at Christ Church, Pellon [Grave Ref: 3 G 28]

Whitley, Charles WilliamRef 143-8
[1901-1972] Born in Halifax.

In 1926, he married Amy Fossey in Halifax

Amy was the daughter of
Ernest George Fossey


  1. Charles G. [b 1926]
  2. Harry [b 1928]
  3. Allan [b 1933]

The children were all born in Halifax

Whitley, Doris MaryRef 143-1119
[18??-1988] Only child of Sir Frederick Whitley Thomson.

On 4th December 1913, she married Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Montague Kenworthy who became the 10th Baron Strabolgi.

In 1940, she divorced her husband on the ground of his adultery. He married Geraldine Mary Hamilton

Whitley, Rev E. I.Ref 143-1031
[19??-19??] Vicar of Southowram [1954]. In 1954, he was appointed vicar of Hepworth

Whitley, Edward NathanRef 143-221
[1873-1966] KCB, CMG, DSO, DL, JP, BGRA.

Son of Nathan Whitley and half-brother of J. H. Whitley.

He was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and Trinity College Cambridge.

He entered the legal profession.

He was a partner in Humphrey, Hirst & Whitley / senior partner in Hirst, Whitley & Akeroyd / Honorary Secretary of the Halifax Literary & Philosophical Society  [1905] / chairman of the Small Holdings Association Limited [wound up  1912] / a director of the Halifax Building Society [1919-1953] / Vice-President of the Halifax Building Society [1921-1938] / President of the Halifax Building Society [1938-1945].

In April 1902, he married Julia Kathleen Norris [1874-1957].

Julia Kathleen was born in Northampton, the daughter of Rev William A. Norris, Vicar of Floore, Northamptonshire


  1. John Nigel
  2. Mary Kathleen

They lived at

They later moved to Terrington, near York, then Rillington Manor, and Campfield House, Malton.

He was an officer in the 2nd West Riding Yorkshire Volunteer Artillery [1896-1917]. During World War I, he took a Battalion of the Royal Field Artillery from Halifax to France.

He had a distinguished military career, attaining the rank of Brigadier General, and was mentioned in despatches.

He commanded the 47th London Divisional Artillery until the end of the war.

He was knighted on 4th June 1921.

He died 29th November 1966 (aged 92).

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 456].

See James Malcolm Bowman, St Mark's Church War Memorial and St Paul's Church, King Cross

Whitley, ElizabethRef 143-777
[1???-18??] Partner in Whitley & Booth

Whitley, EllenRef 143-1013
[18??-18??] Daughter of Joseph Whitley. She inherited Rookes Hall, Norwood Green.

She married Mr Tolson from Huddersfield

Whitley, EmmaRef 143-840
[1825-1909] Daughter of John Whitley.

She married Jonathan Thomson.

She died in Glasgow

Whitley, Emma DaisyRef 143-861
[1867-1930] Aka Daisy.

Daughter of Nathan Whitley.

Born 31st July 1867.

In [Q2] 1893, she married Thomas Ashley Crook.

They had 3 children.

Emma died at Grayshott, Hampshire [19th August 1930] (aged 63) 

She is remembered on the family grave at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 456]

Whitley, FirthRef 143-2639
[1840-18??] Son of Joseph Whitley.

In [Q1] 1861, he married Mary Beckett in Halifax.


  1. Rebecca [1862-1883] who was buried at Brighouse Cemetery

Whitley, Frances LouisaRef 143-1118
[1869-1951] Youngest daughter of John Whitley.

She died unmarried

Whitley, FrankRef 143-7
[1859-1927] Born in Ovenden [2nd July 1859].

He was a warehouseman [1883].

In 1883, he married Mary Ann Rothera [1858-1928] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Queensbury


  1. Amy [1887-1954]
  2. Percy [1892-1942]

Whitley, G.Ref 143-1315
[18??-1???] Partner in Thomas & Company

Whitley, GeorgeRef 143-14
[1857-19??] Son of James Whitley.

Born in Halifax.

He was a grocer of Halifax [1878] / a grocer & confectioner employing 6 men & 2 boys [1881] / a baker confectioner (employer) [1891] / a master baker (employer) [1901] / a master confectioner (employer) [1911].

In 1878, he married Fanny Brearley [1855-19??] at All Souls' Church, Halifax.

Fanny, of Haley Hill, was the daughter of John Brearley, overlooker, at All Souls, Haley Hill


  1. James Cyril [b 1879] who was a master baker (employer)   [1901]
  2. John Brearley [b 1881] who was a bakery warehouseman  [1901]
  3. Frank S. [b 1883] who was a bank clerk [1901]
  4. George H. [b 1891] who was a shoe factor own account  [1911]
  5. Harry

The family lived at

  • 34 Woolshops, Halifax [1881, 1891, 1901]
  • 7 Norfolk Place, King Cross, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911] was sister-in-law Mary Brearley [b 1846] (general domestic servant) 

Whitley, HarrietRef 143-836
[1817-1900] Daughter of Nathan Whitley.

Born in Halifax [6th November 1817].

In 1840, she married John Booth, her father's business partner.

She was a partner in the firm of Whitley & Booth [1890].

Harriet died at Clare Road, Halifax [12th February 1900].

She was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [Grave Ref: 35-F] with her husband

Whitley, Harrison ThomasRef 143-5
[1838-1903] Son of Thomas Whitley.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a tailor.

He moved to live in London.

He died in Wandsworth in 1903

Whitley, HarryRef 143-11
[1893-1918] Son of George Whitley.

Born in Halifax [Q3 1893].

He was a member & teacher of Salem Church, North Parade & Sunday School / educated at Trinity School & Heath Grammar School / a cricketer / a member of Halifax Mechanics' Institute / a bank clerk [1911] / employed by the Yorkshire Penny Bank.

He was engaged to a daughter of Sam Stocks of Hazelroyd, Halifax.

During World War I, Harry enlisted as a Private in the Royal Fusiliers (Bankers' Battalion) [20th November 1915].

He was wounded in the arm & chest in engagements on the Somme [15th September 1916]. He was hospitalised in Manchester, and sent to Shoreham Convalescent Camp, returning to the Front, where he received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant [August 1917] attached to the 1st/2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

He was killed in action [27th March 1918] (aged 26).

The Halifax Courier [13th April 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Assevillers New British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref 1].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Heath Grammar School

Whitley, Helen ElizabethRef 143-865
[1920-1???] Elder daughter of Alfred William Whitley. She went to Newnham College Cambridge. She gained a degree in Natural Sciences, and a blue for cricket. During World_War_II, she was a member of a mobile unit which helped people hit by The Blitz. She also served with the Intelligence Corps.

On 13th January 1945, she married Captain Arthur Guy Lee, Royal Corps of Signals, from Leeds, at Halifax Parish Church. They adopted 2 sons: Robert Anthony [b 1952] and Timothy Guy [b 1953]

Whitley, HenryRef 143-1298
[18??-19??] Halifax solicitor with Moore, Shepherd & Whitley [1934].

He qualified in June 1916

Whitley, InoRef 143-511
[18??-18??] Owned Calderside Mill

Whitley, IsraelRef 143-3

In [Q2] 1870, he married Sarah Broomhead [1842-1903] in Halifax.


  1. Emily [1871-1937] who married Fred Walton

They lived at Claremount [1872].

Israel died 2nd November 1872 (aged 26).

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Pellon

Whitley, JabezRef 143-316
[1758-1???] Son of Nathan Whitley.

He married Mary.


  1. John
  2. Nathan [b 1792]
  3. Jabez [b 1795]

Whitley, JabezRef 143-523
[1821-1909] Son of John Whitley.

Born at Hollin Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

In April 1845, he married Sarah Lord.

A Jabez Whitley is recorded at 36 Bonegate Road, Brighouse [1906].

He died at Jamestown, New York, USA

Whitley, JamesRef 143-611
[1724-1781] Born in Dublin.

In 1755, he was incarcerated at Nottingham for performing without a licence – see Tate Wilkinson. Around 1760, his theatrical touring company visited Halifax

Whitley, JamesRef 143-13
[1827-1???] Born in Northowram.

He was a power loom weaver (worsted) [1851] / a damask table cover weaver [1861] / a weaver of table covers worsted [1871].

In [Q4] 1848, he married Sarah Sharp [1828-1???] in Halifax.

Sarah was born in Shelf


  1. Mary [b 1851]
  2. Phineas [1852-1894] who was a music teacher [1871]
  3. George [b 1856] who was a grocer's assistant [1871]
  4. Lavinia [b 1861]
  5. Lucy Ann [b 1865]
  6. John William

They lived at

  • Hud Hill, Northowram [1851]
  • Green Lane, Northowram [1861, 1871]

Whitley, JohnRef 143-61
[15??-16??] He married Grace Drake.


  1. Joshua
  2. Nathan
  3. a daughter who married William Heald

He built the present Rookes Hall, Norwood Green in 1638. He and his wife built Sowood House, Hipperholme in 1631. They were a Royalist family.

See Joseph Whitley

Whitley, JohnRef 143-331
[1786-18??] Son of Jabez Whitley.

In 1810, he married Mary Green.

Children: 6 including Jabez

Whitley, JohnRef 143-837
[1789-18??] Son of Nathan Whitley.

He was a fancy cloth merchant in Huddersfield. He became manager of the Huddersfield branch of the Halifax & Huddersfield Union Bank.

In April 1820, he married Susanna Whiteley.


  1. Whiteley [b 1820] who died at the age of 2 days
  2. Mary Anne [1822-1872] who was an invalid due to a spinal  condition and died unmarried
  3. Emma
  4. John
  5. Nathan
  6. Samuel

The children were baptised at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax.

They lived at

He owned property including Littlemoor, Warley, Royles Head, Warley and Upper Reaphirst, Warley

Whitley, JohnRef 143-W841
[1827-1912] JP.

Son of John Whitley.

Born in Huddersfield.

He was a cotton card maker. He entered his grandfather's business, John Whiteley & Sons. He held many public offices

Whitley, JohnRef 143-7971
[1852-19??] Born in Brighouse.

He was a general labourer [1891] / a mason's labourer [1901].

He married Mary Jane [1853-1???].

Mary Jane was born in Cauburn, Cornwall


  1. Thomas [b 1885] who was a firer at printing works [1911]
  2. Elizabeth A. [b 1886] who was a silk spinner [1901]
  3. Jane Ann [b 1888] who was a silk spinner [1901], a cotton  gasser [1911]
  4. Joseph / Joe [b 1891] who was a wire galvaniser  [1911]
  5. Annie [b 1894] who was a cotton band finisher [1911]

They lived at

  • 19a Lower Bonegate, Brighouse [1891]
  • 17 Park Street, Brighouse [1901]
  • 29 Wakefield Road, Brighouse [1911]

Living with them [in 1891] were two (? Mary Jane's) daughters:

  • Emily Richards [b Settle, Yorkshire 1873] (silk weigher) 
  • Rosannah Richards [b Sowerby Bridge 1876] (silk spinner) 

John died between 1901 & 1911

Whitley, John HenryRef 143-W188
[1866-1935] PC.

Aka Harry, J. H. Whitley.

Son of Nathan Whitley and half-brother of Sir Edward Nathan Whitley

Born in Halifax.

He was an important local figure, and did much work with children, setting up education classes and holiday camps for poor children

See Clement Holroyd and Clifford Holroyd

Whitley, John NigelRef 143-867
[1903-19??] Son of Edward Nathan Whitley.

He was educated at Rugby School.

He worked in the textile industry. In 1930, he became an Inspector of Factories.

In 1935, he married Miss Radcliffe from Malton.


  1. son
  2. son

Whitley, John W.Ref 143-1017
[1867-1935] A well-known musician.

He was listed as a professor of music at 11 Mayfield Avenue, Halifax [1905]

Whitley, John WilliamRef 143-9
[1867-1935] Son of James Whitley.

Born in Halifax (possibly in Coley).

He was a professor of music in Halifax [1901] / a professor of music teacher [1911].

In [Q3] 1895, he married Louisa Eastwood in Halifax.

Louisa was born in Halifax, the daughter of Edward Eastwood

They lived at Craven Terrace, Halifax [1901].

He died 24th November 1935 (aged 68).

Louisa died 12th August 1938 (aged 70).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1032] with Louisa's parents

Whitley, JosephRef 143-2517
[1???-16??] Son of Michael Whiteley.

He was a Lieutenant in the Parliamentarian army.

He died of wounds received at Selby

Whitley, JosephRef 143-1012
[17??-18??] A relative of John Whitley.

In 1828, he bought Rookes Hall, Norwood Green.

He left the property to his daughter, Ellen.

See Rookes Colliery, Hipperholme

Whitley, JosephRef 143-2
[1791-18??] He was a cloth miller [1841].

Around 1831, he married Mary [1800-1???].


  1. Joseph [b 1831]
  2. Firth

The family lived at Rastrick [1841]

Whitley, JoshuaRef 143-675
[1???-16??] Son of John Whitley.

Of Rookes Hall, Hipperholme.

A Royalist during the Civil War.

In 1651, he had to pay decimation of £105

Whitley, Margaret PhyllisRef 143-859
[1896-19??] Daughter of John Henry Whitley.

She was educated at Wycombe College and Somerville College Oxford.

During World War I, she was a munitions worker.

She was interested in welfare work for girls, and was active in the Girl Guides Movement and in her father's Halifax Recreative Evening School. She was an active member of the Halifax Branch of the National Council of Women.

She was a Governor of Crossley & Porter School and Princess Mary High School for Girls.

She was Mayoress of Halifax [1941-1942] when her brother, Percival, was Mayor.

She married James Hector Bowman.

In his will, A. S. McCrea specified that she and her brother Percival Nathan Whitley, tenants of cottages at Old Hall Farm, Warley, should be allowed to stay at the farm until their death, or as long as they wished

Whitley, MaryRef 143-520
[1???-16??] Of Coley.

Daughter of Thomas Whitley of Cinder Hills.

She married James Otes.

In 1638, she bought Sutcliffe Wood Farm, Hipperholme

Whitley, MaryRef 143-727
[16??-16??] Daughter of Matthew Whitley of Shelf. She was the first wife of John Armytage

Whitley, MaryRef 143-297
[1755-1???] Daughter of Nathan Whitley.

In 17??, she married (1) James Rotheray.

In 17??, she married (2) Jonathan Farrar.

In 17??, she married (3) James Milnes

Whitley, MichaelRef 143-673
[15??-16??] Son of Thomas Whitley.

A yeoman of Shelf.

In 1627, he bought the upper end of Shelf Old Hall from John Cowper.

In 1626, he was required to pay composition.

In 16??, he married Judith.


  1. Esther who married Richard Law

Whitley, N.Ref 143-366
[17??-18??] Halifax printer and bookseller.

In 1829, he published Rev Samuel Knight's devotional manual Forms of Prayers for the use of Christian Families.

Anne Lister was a regular customer for books and stationery.

He married Unknown.

Children: daughters including

  1. Elizabeth [1828-1853]

Whitley, NathanRef 143-128
[1724-1766] An early member of the local Whitley family.

In 1754, he married Elizabeth Bancroft.


  1. Mary
  2. Thomas
  3. Jabez
  4. David [b 1759] who died at the age of 1 month
  5. Elizabeth [b 1762] who died unmarried in Liverpool
  6. Nathan

Nathan and Elizabeth both died of fever in 1766.

They were buried at Warley Congregational Church

Whitley, NathanRef 143-812
[1764-1???] Son of Nathan Whitley.

In 1788, he married Mary Lord.


  1. John
  2. Nathan
  3. Mary [1793-1797]
  4. Elizabeth [b 1795] who married William Denham, a  Huddersfield joiner

Whitley, NathanRef 143-833
[1791-1832] Son of Nathan Whitley.

Born in Langfield.

He became a printer. On 4th July 1829, he published the first edition of the Halifax Commercial Chronicle from his Crown Street premises.

In 1829, he was listed as Music & Musical Instrument Sellers at Crown Street and Letterpress printer at 3 Crown Street, Halifax [1829]

He was a partner in Whitley & Booth.

He married Elizabeth Jackson.


  1. John [1821-1823]
  2. Harriet
  3. Mary Ann [1819-1840]
  4. Charlotte [1825-1900]
  5. Elizabeth [1828-1853]

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax

Whitley, NathanRef 143-6
[1824-1904] Born in Ovenden.

He was a weaver [1850].

On 24th November 1850, he married Martha Atkinson in Halifax.

Martha was the daughter of
Isaac Atkinson


  1. Elizabeth [b 1851]
  2. Frank

Whitley, NathanRef 143-2284
[1828-1904] Born in Ovenden.

He was a handloom and worsted weaver [1851] / a power loom carpet weaver [1861] / a carpet weaver [1871, 1881].

In 1850, he married (1) Martha Kershaw [1824-1872] in Halifax.


  1. Elizabeth [b 1850]
  2. Tamar [b 1851] who was a power loom worsted spinner [1861]
  3. Mary [b 1850] who married John Pickles from Ovenden
  4. Frank [b 1860]

In 1873, he married (2) Sarah Higgs in Halifax.

They lived at

  • Club House Lane, Ovenden [1851]
  • Forest Cottages, Club Lane, Ovenden [1861]
  • Forest Row, Ovenden [1871]
  • 1 Forest, Ovenden [1881, 1891, 1901, 1911]

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1904

Whitley, NathanRef 143-W338
[1830-1889] Members of the family were great benefactors and dedicated to public service.

See Rishworth Independent Church and Stainland Mechanics' Institute

Whitley, NathanielRef 143-1284
[1???-18??] Stationer and bookseller at 3 Crown Street, Halifax [1829]

Whitley, Oliver JohnRef 143-858
[1912-19??] Son of John Henry Whitley.

Born in Halifax.

He qualified as a barrister.

He became head of the BBC monitoring unit. In 1942, he joined the Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve, and took part in the Dieppe Raid and the Normandy and Malaya landings. After demobilisation in 1946, he went back to the BBC and was seconded to the Colonial Office.

In May 1939, he married Elspeth Catherine, daughter of Alexander Forrester Paton.


  1. David Forrester [b 1942]
  2. Elspeth Ann [b 1945]
  3. Andrew Michael [b 1948]
  4. Richard Stephen [b 1949]

Whitley, Penelope JaneRef 143-866
[1924-1???] Daughter of Alfred William Whitley. She went to Newnham College Cambridge. She gained a degree in Modern Languages, and a blue for cricket. After World_War_II, she served with the Control Commission in Germany. She taught for a time at Princess Mary High School, Halifax. She went to work for the Foreign Office. She was a member of the Royal Ocean Racing Club and was one of the all-ladies crew which won the Kiel-Copenhagen ocean race in 195?

Whitley, Percival NathanRef 143-W191
[1894-1956] OBE.

Elder son of John Henry Whitley. He continued his father's work with young people

Whitley, RichardRef 143-1174
[15??-16??] He married Sarah Northend.

Northowram Hall passed to him on his marriage

Whitley, RobertRef 143-864
[1920-1944] Younger son of Alfred William Whitley.

He was educated at Loretto School and Corpus Christi College Oxford.

During World War II, he joined the Royal Horse Artillery.

and served with the Desert Rats in the North African and Italian campaigns, and commanded a troop during the Normandy campaign.

He served as Captain and was killed in action near Aunay-sur-Odon [3rd August 1944].

He is remembered on the Bayeux Memorial, France [Grave Ref 2 1]

Whitley, SamuelRef 143-175
[1836-1884] Son of John Whitley.

He was a cotton-spinner and established S. Whitley & Company at Hanson Lane Cotton Mill, Halifax

In October 1881, he married Emma, daughter of William Swaine Walker, at Eastwood Congregational Church.


  1. Agnes Mary [1883-1962] who died unmarried
  2. Lucy Margaret [1884-19??] who married Edward Morgan  Hughes in 1921

He was buried at Stoney Royd Cemetery

Whitley, Samuel PeterRef 143-863
[1916-1???] Eldest son of Alfred William Whitley.

He was educated at Loretto School and Jesus College Oxford. He joined the Civil Service. During World War II, he joined the army and was a parachutist with the Royal Artillery.

on D Day.

In 1944, he was captured behind enemy lines and listed as

missing since D Day

After the war, he served in Germany and was concerned with universities there. In 1956, he became a director of S. Whitley & Company and arranged the sale of the company

Whitley, Samuel RinderRef 143-856
[1869-1933] JP.

Third son of Nathan Whitley.

He was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and the Yorkshire College. He worked at John Whiteley & Sons until 1897.

He took an interest in farming.

He was treasurer of the National Institute for Research in Dairying  at Shinfield, Berkshire / president of the British Dairy Farmers' Association / director of the Annual Dairy Show, London [1915-1932].

He worked for the charitable Colony for Epileptics & Unemployables. A farm for the unemployables was set up at Wallingford in Surrey, and a field there was called Whitley Field. He went to live in Berkshire.

In January 1903, he married Frances Foulds Walker [1864-1949] from Croydon.


  1. Ada Joan, who married Brigadier F. R. L. Goadby OBE
  2. Margaret

He died at Rookwood, Reading [25th June 1933] (aged 63).

He is remembered on the family grave at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 456]

Whitley, SusanRef 143-15
[1572-1604] Daughter of Agnes (née Maud) & John Whitley.

Baptised 1st February 1572/3.

She married Abraham Halstead and they had 5 children.

Susan died (possibly of perinatal complications) in 1604 & was buried 10th January 1604.

Abraham married (2) Susan Corney

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-1406
[1???-16??] Son of Thomas Whitley.

He married Unknown.

Children: many

Heywood records

old Thomas Whitly of Sinderhills, a mighty usurer, exceeding rich, having above £40,000, and left a vast estate behind him both, in money and land, was very penurious both he and his wife. They had many children but kept them low, almost pined them. Most of them were dispatched by excess. When they died, the sons did all in a short time drink themselves to death


Mr John Thorp and his brother Tim were joynt-heires to the remainder of old Thom. Whitlys estate, by the death of all the Whitlys, who were most of them dispatcht by excesse, old Mr Whitly of Sinderhills having above £40,0OO being a mighty usurer, mucht of it was spent, in suit, and this Tim Thorp killing himself with drinking, Dr Maud was his physitian, he dyed, the Dr demands £20 and upwards for physick of his brother John, he refuseth to pay it, Dr. sues him at common-law, then removes it to the chancery, it hath been afoot 4 or 5 yeares much money is spent, the Dr. undertakes to prove that Mr Thorp promised to pay it, Mr Thorp denys, a commission was sitten at Halifax, begun on Friday Jan 17 1678/9, were sitting on Tuesday following, how long after I know not, Capt. Lister of Manningham, Mr. Jo Sagar of Allerton, Thos. Hanson, &c, oh what excessive charges to prevent a lesse cost.

Ego et volo litem pariunt, the world is full of contention


His will was dated November 1657

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-665
[1???-1631] Son of Thomas Whitley.

He lived at Cinderhills, Hipperholme from 1618.

He owned several properties in and around Hipperholme, including Harley Head Farm, Hove Edge, Yew Trees, Lightcliffe, and Dearden's Farm, Hipperholme.

He bought a part of the Manor of Southowram.

In 1625, he paid £10 composition.

He married Unknown.


  1. Mary
  2. Thomas

His will [17th November 1631] endowed Whitley's Charity.

See John Thorp

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-10
[1???-18??] In July 1843, Daniel Swift pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Whitley at Halifax

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-695
[15??-1610] A woolman of Northowram.

He lived at Cinder Hills, Coley from 1563.

He married Margaret Boythes.

Margaret was the daughter of Edward Boythes


  1. Thomas
  2. Edward
  3. Michael

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-2030
[17??-18??] Merchant at Making Place, Soyland [1802].

In July 1802, he was declared bankrupt

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-306
[1756-1???] Son of Nathan Whitley.

He married Betty Hodgson.


  1. John
  2. William
  3. Thomas
  4. Nathan
  5. George
  6. Benjamin
  7. James

The family went to live in Penistone

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-1281
[18??-1???] He had business at Whitley's Soap Works [1883]

Whitley, ThomasRef 143-4
[1815-18??] Born in Warley.

He was a tailor.

He married Tabitha Pickles [1814-1888].

Tabitha was born in Sowerby Bridge, the daughter of
William Pickles

Child: Harrison Thomas

The couple were buried at Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Whitley, WilliamRef 143-700
[1???-15??] Built New House, Lightcliffe around 1529


The Whitley familyRef 143-847
Local family which originated in Warley.

Nathan Whitley was an early member of the family.

The family were long associated with Square Church, Halifax, and many were married and buried there.

See Bechuanaland chiefs, Green Lea, Savile Park, Sowood House, Hipperholme, West House, Halifax and Whitley surname


Whitley surnameRef 143-1
A variant of the surname Whiteley.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

There are 72 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Whitley, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Whitley

Birth 1903; Baptism 1857; Marriage 1909


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