St Stephen's Church, Copley

Roll of Honour

An image of the Roll of Honour at St Stephen's Church, Copley


Parish of St Stephen Copley
Roll of Honour

J. E. Abbott
A. Audus
J. S. Balme
F. Barron
J. A. Barron
D. Barron
W. D. Barron
I. Bell
W. Beresford
A. Binns
P. Blakey
? J. Bottomley
W. ? Bottomley
A. Briggs
Rufus Buckley A. Bull
A. Bumpstead
? Chadburn
W. E. Chapman
G. Clark
? Connaughton
A. Cordingley
J. Cordingley
J. R. Spence
A. Wood
F. Hamer
N. Gledhill
W. Mallinson
G. Crossley
? Crossley
? Crossley
? Crossley
A. Culpan
R. Earnshaw
A. ? Edwards
C. Edwards
S. Edwards
W. Edwards
W. England
? Gledhill
? Green
? Green
W. Hannah
Heath Hamer
Harry Hamer
J. Hamer
L. Hamer
H. Harris
? ? Harrison
W. Hawkins
W. Holden
W. ? Barron
B. Wood
J. Akroyd
A. Greenwood
G. Mellin
H. Horsfield
N. Howarth
H. Hoyle
W. ? Hoyle
? Ingall
J. Kendall
A. King
? King
? Knowles
? Longbottom
? Mallinson
? Marshall
? Marshall
J. W. Massam
A. Midgley
G. Mitchell
A. Nash
A. Nettleton
? Noble
A. Parker
? Roper
J. Roper
S. Roper
N. Hamer
? ? Edwards
B. Howarth
W. Hellowell
R. Hardy
? Rushton
? Rushton
J. Shackleton
? Shaw
? Shaw
? Smith
? Smith
? Smith
? ? Smith
? Smith
W. H. Stancliffe
C. E. Sunderland
J. ? Tarpey
? ? W. Thomas
? Walters
W. Warburton
? Warner
F. Whitbread
T. Whitbread
B. Whiteley
G. Wiley
F. W. ? Wood
? ? Wood
S. Howarth
Jack Hamer
? Holroyd
G. Hardy
A. Whitbread

  These names are transcribed from the photograph of the Roll of Honour

Some of the Initials are indistinct and may have been incorrectly transcribed here

Please email me if you can correct any of the names, or add any details to these individuals

[Taken in May 2015]

This image [HH548.JPG] was kindly submitted by Derrick Habergham

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