Grave of Dr Joseph Hulme & Richard Taylor

Halifax Parish Church

The grave of Dr Joseph Hulme & Richard Taylor in Halifax Parish Church

The memorial to Dr Joseph Hulme in the North-East corner of the Rokeby Chapel is inscribed

Near this place, in the grave of the late Richard Taylor, Esq., are deposited the remains of JOSEPH HULME, M.D., who departed this life on the 2nd day of February, 1806, aged 92 years.

He practised physic in this town, with great success, about 63 years.

To his patients he was very attentive and humane; to the poor, benevolent and charitable.

He was ready in lending pecuniary assistance to most who applied to him, but-slow in calling in his debts.

He was a man of few words, yet affable and pleasant with, his friends.

From his medical abilities, his general knowledge, and gentle manners, he was much respected by all who knew him.

He was a rare instance of temperance and sobriety, water being his common drink from his youth, and for many years he never tasted animal food.

This strict regimen did not prevent his taking much exercise, and undergoing great fatigue; for he was almost; daily on horseback, over the neighbouring hills, in every season and in all weather.

Though so far advanced in life, yet his hand continued steady, and his judgement clear, so that he died not of old age, but of an acute disease; and in the blessed hope that he should not dwell for ever with corruption

In the same Grave are deposited the remains of his
beloved wife, BATHSHEBA, a daughter of the above
named Richard Taylor, Esq. who departed this life on
the 25th day of Feby 1786, aged nearly 51 years

This image is taken from The Monumental & Other Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church,

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