Stansfeld Family of Sowerby


An image of a marble tablet and memorial to the Stansfeld Family of Sowerby placed in St Peter's Church, Sowerby by George Stansfeld in memory of his wife Mary


To the Honoured Memory of the Family of STANSFELD
of SOWERBY, particularly to the Branch thereof
resident at FIELD HOUSE, some of whose Remains were
removed from the Site of the Old Church and deposited
in a Vault under this New Church
to the revered Memory of his most loving an
most beloved Wife MARY, Daughter Of
who died on the 25th Day of February and was buried
in the Family Vault on the 5th Day of March 1799.
GEORGE  STANSFELD Esqr her most afflicted Husband,
had placed this Inscription in Testimony of his Gratitude to her,
and his most tender and affectionate Love for her.
Possessed of all Female Excellencies, she emplyed them diligently
in the well ordering of her Family, in Acts of Charity to the Poor
and in making her dear Husband one of the happiest men upon Earth.
During a severe illness of three Months, convinced of her approaching
Dissolution, she was thoroughly prepared for it, and perfectly resigned.
Her only Thoughts about this World were her cares for the Happiness of
her dear Husband during the Remainder of his Days.
Upon this mournful Subject she gave him Counsel with composure
whilst her listened with Sorrow and Amazement, and when at the last
she desired him to be buried in the same Grave with her he,
overwhelmed with Grief, made her that Promise, and will order to to
be strictly fulfilled, and he hopes, through the Mercies of his Creator
and Redeemer, to have the Blessing of being united with her in the
Mansions of Everlasting Happiness.

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