Grave of Rev James West

Saint Anne's Church, Southowram

The grave of Rev James West at Saint Anne's Church, Southowram


Hic requiescunt ossa
Jacobi West
per annos prope tredecim
hujus sacelli ministri
quod de novo aedificatum fuit dum ei praefuit
obsit sexto die mensis Octobris
anno Christi 1822 & fuae aetatis 66

Here rest the bones of James West for about 13 years minister of this newly-built chapel    Died 6th October 1822, aged 66

   remember man thy latter end and while thou liv'd, make God thy friend beware of sin t'was from its birth sprung all man's pains and woes and death also mark well t'is in God's word that none can save but Christ the Lord then look to him with living faith and thou shalt escape eternal death.

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