Sowerby Free Wanderers Football Club

An image of Sowerby Free Wanderers Football Club

A photograph of the Sowerby Free Wanderers Football Club team

The photograph must have been taken before 1911, because F. G. S. Rawson died in November of that year.

Back Row: W. Broadbent (Committee), William Henry Emmett, W. Hoyle, F. G. S. Rawson (President), Driver B. Marshall [Royal Field Artillery], Private Pinder [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)], and Private Jack Shaw [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)]

Middle Row: Private Harold Baldwin [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)], J. Brimley [waiting to be called-up], Gunner Tim Stevens [Royal Field Artillery], Private Bates Sutcliffe [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)], Alf Mills [on munitions], and Private W. Greenwood [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) - killed]

Front Row: S. Ward, Private J. Denton [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) - killed], Private Allan Walton [Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) - wounded], and Private Clement Harris [King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry – wounded & discharged]

This image [RB375.JPG] is taken from The Halifax Courier [12th August 1916]

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