Grave of the Family of Edwin Walshaw

Lister Lane Cemetery

The grave of the family of Edwin Walshaw at Lister Lane Cemetery


infant son of Edwin and Harriet Walshaw,
of Halifax,
died 11th Aug 1852,
aged 17 days.
A rose just bloomed to die.
Also of Rosalind,
the beloved daughter of the above 
who died June 4th 1857,
aged 2 years & 5 months.
Uncertain life, how soon it flies.
Also of Herbert,
son of the above,
who died December 14th 1902,
aged 42 years.
Also of 
the beloved husband of Emma Walshaw,
& son of the above,
who died November 10.
1910 aged 48 years.
Also of L.
Tom Walshaw
Northumberland Fusilliers,
the dearly loved and only son of the above Arthur & Emma Walshaw,
who was killed in action somewhere in France April 18th 1918,
aged 19 years.
Duty nobly done.
Also of Emma,
dearly loved wife of the above,
Arthur Walshaw,
who died March 24th 1937,
aged 74 years.
At rest. 

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