Rev Richard Sutcliffe


An image of the Memorial to Rev Richard Sutcliffe in Lightcliffe Old Church

The Latin Inscription

Juxta situm est corpus
Rev Rich. Sutcliffe A. M.
Qui A. Æ. LIX.
A. D. XVI. Kal. Apr. Obit.
Per An. XX De Schola Hipperholmiensi.
Archididascali Admodum Diligentis.
Per An. XXX Minister De Lightcliffe. Haud Infidelis
Vico est Functus.
Quoad Privatam Vitam.
Uxoris Fuit Amantissimus. Amicus Certus.
Miseris Beneficus.
Denq. Re Vera Christianus.
Vidua Tristis.
H. M. S. P. S. F.
(Hoc Monumentum Sibi Posterisque Suis Fecit)
Ibidem Contumulator Cinis.
Viduæ Ipsius Marthæ Sutcliffe.
Quæ Multa Curavit Satis.
Nec Ullum Opus Neglexit P. Kal Mar.
A. D. 1786, Æ 66
Lubens Decessit


Near this place lies the body
of Rev Richard Sutcliffe A. M.
who died at the age of 59
on 17th March 1782
For 20 years, Headmaster of Hipperholme School
Always careful.
For 30 years, Minister of Lightcliffe.
never unfaithful.
As assertive in village matters
as in his private life.
He was a loving husband, a true friend.
Kind to the poor.
In short, a true Christian.
His sorrowful widow
She raised this monument for herself and her descendants
In the same place are buried the
ashes of his widow Martha Sutcliffe
who amply took care of many things
and did not neglect any duty 
28th February 1786, aged 66.
Happily departed


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This image [IP1.JPG] was kindly submitted by Friends of Saint Matthew's Churchyard, Lightcliffe

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