Grave of Joseph Jubb & Family

Brighouse Parish Church

The grave of Joseph Jubb & family at Brighouse Parish Church


In memory of 
Betty Jubb, the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Jubb of Rastrick, 
who departed this life September 15th 1837, 
aged 2 years and 11 months
Also Joseph Jubb, 
the father of the above, 
who departed this life March 31st 1844, 
aged 39 years.
Also of Susannah, daughter of the above, 
who departed this life February 27th 1847, 
aged 14 years.
Also Mary Hannah, daughter of 
William Henry and Mary Sladdin 
and granddaughter to the above, 
born August 24th 1872,
died March 8th 1875.
Also Hannah, relict of the above Joseph Jubb, 
born April 9th 1809, 
died January 11th 1875
Also Joseph Robert, son of the above 
William Henry and Mary Sladdin, 
born February 16th 1874, 
died February 11th 1875

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