Memorial to Thomas Sayer & Family

Halifax Parish Church

Memorial to Thomas Sayer and family in Halifax Parish Church


Near this place 
are deposited the Remains 
of MARY, the Wife of THOS SAYER
of Halifax, Gentleman, and Coheiress of 
WILLM COCKCROFT, of Mayroyd Esq. 
She died the 12th of May 1779, Aged 36 Years.
This Monument is erected to her Memory 
by an Affectionate and Afflicted Husband 
As a respectful token of his Esteem for those Virtues 
which adorned her Heart and endeared her to Him 
and to all who had the happiness of an Acquaintance with her. 
Ask not, pensive Reader, a recital of those Virtues 
which her Humility wished to conceal : 
This silent Marble refers thee for information 
To the tears and cries of the Sick and Needy 
who lost in Her a sympathetic Attendant on their distress 
and a generous Reliever of their Wants, 
And to the regret of that Concourse of every Age and Rank 
who paid an honourable and voluntary Tribute to her Merit 
by accompanying her Remains to their Interment. 
If Her amiable Example excite thy Imitation 
forget not to adopt her noblest Praise 
by fulfilling every duty of Nature and Society 
from a principle of Affection and Gratitude 
to GOD, the Friend, the Parent, the Redeemer of Mankind. 
Ob: 12 May 1781. 
Ætat. 44.

A separate brass plate records:

the Wife of
Died May 12th 1779.
Aged 36 years

This image is taken from The Monumental & Other Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church,

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