Picture Gallery : Local pubs and inns

This Page presents a List of the Photographs of Local pubs and inns which are included in Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

If you can suggest any other people, sights or sites whose photographs you would like to add to this list – or if you would like to contribute your own photographs – then please email me

Airborne, Sowood

Albert, Hebden Bridge
Albion, Brighouse
Albion Hotel, Claremount
Albion, Norland
Allan Fold, Halifax
Alma, Cottonstones

Anchor, Brighouse

Armytage Arms, Clifton

Ash Tree, Sowerby Bridge

Bacchus Tavern, Halifax
Barge & Barrel, Elland
Barge, Brighouse
Bass House, Halifax
Bay Horse, Sowerby Bridge
Bay Horse, Todmorden

Beehive & Cross Keys, Halifax
Beehive, Soyland
Bentley's Commercial Hotel, Halifax
Besom Brush, Ripponden

Big D's
Bird-i-th-Hand, Warland

Black Bull, Brighouse
Black Bull, Clifton
Black Bull, Elland
Black Bull, Heptonstall
Black Horse, Clifton
Black Horse, Halifax
Black Horse, Walsden
Black Lion, Halifax
Black Lion, Luddendenfoot
Black Swan, Brighouse
Black Swan, Halifax
Black Swan, Todmorden
Bishop Blaize, Halifax
Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge
Blue Ball, Blackshawhead
Blue Ball, Halifax
Blue Ball, Norland
Blue Ball, Triangle
Blue Barrel, Elland
Blue Bell, Southowram

Boar's Head Hotel, Halifax
Bog Trap, Luddendenfoot
Border Rose, Walsden
Bottomley's Arms, Shelf
Bowling Green, Halifax
Bowling Green, Halifax

Bradshaw Tavern
Bramble, Rastrick
Brass Cat, Halifax
Brewers' Arms, Halifax
Brewers' Cellar, Halifax
Brickmakers' Arms, Halifax
Bridge, Brighouse
Bridge, Brighouse
Bridge, Elland
Bridge Street Hotel, Sowerby Bridge
Bridges, Sowerby Bridge
British Queen, Todmorden
Broad Tree Hotel, Lee Mount
Brow Bridge Inn, Greetland
Brown Cow, Elland
Brown Cow, Highroad Well
Brown Cow, Sowerby Bridge
Brown Horse, Coley

Buccaneer, Halifax
Buck Trap, Luddendenfoot
Bull & Dog, Stainland
Bull's Head, Halifax
Bull's Head Tavern, Sowerby Bridge
Butchers' Arms, Ripponden
Butchers' Arms, Walsden

Caddyshack, Elland
Calder & Hebble, Salterhebble
Calder Bank, Sowerby Bridge
Cat & Fiddle, Halifax
T' Cat i' th' Well, Luddenden Dean
T' Cat i' th' Window, Halifax
Causeway Foot, Ogden

Central Commercial Temperance Hotel, Todmorden

Chatburn & Jennings, Luddendenfoot
Cherry Tree, Halifax
Church Stile, Sowerby
Church Tavern, Halifax

Clarence Hotel, Halifax
Clifton Arms, Brighouse
Cloggers' Arms, Walsden
Clothiers' Arms, Greetland

Coach & Horses, Halifax
Coach & Horses, Luddendenfoot
Cock & Bottle, Southowram
Colliers' Arms, Elland
Commercial, Halifax
Commercial, Illingworth
Commercial Inn, Sowerby Bridge
Commercial, Rastrick
Commercial, Ripponden
Corporation Arms, Halifax
Corporation Inn, Halifax
Country House, Hipperholme
Courtyard, Halifax

Craven Heifer, Halifax
Cross, Elland
Cross Keys, Siddal
Cross Keys, Walsden
Cross Roads, Wainstalls
Crown & Anchor, Illingworth
Crown, Brighouse
Crown, Halifax
Crown, Sowerby Bridge

Cunning Corner, Rishworth

Damside, Soyland

Delvers' Arms, Southowram
Delvers, Wainstalls
Derby Bar, Rishworth

Dirty Dick's, Halifax

Dog & Partridge, Sowood
Dog & Partridge, Todmorden

Drop Inn, Elland
Druids' Arms, Halifax

Duke of Edinburgh, Halifax
Duke of Wellington
Duke of York, Stainland
Duke of York, Stone Chair
Duke of York, Todmorden
Dusty Miller, Hove Edge
Dusty Miller, Mytholmroyd
Dusty Miller, Walsden

Engineers', Halifax
Engineers', Sowerby Bridge

Falcon, Salterhebble

Fielden Temperance Hotel & Coffee Tavern, Todmorden

Fleece, Elland
Fleece, Greetland
Fleece, Ripponden
Flying Dutchman, Boothtown

Foresters' Arms, Norland
Fountain Head, Pellon
Fountain, Todmorden
Fox & Goose, Hebden Bridge
Fox, Ripponden

Freemasons' Arms, Todmorden
Friendly, Boothtown
Friendly, Cottonstones
Friendly, Ovenden
Friendly, Warley

Gatsby Wine Bar, Elland

General Rawdon, Luddendenfoot
George, Brighouse
George, Mill Bank
George, Rochdale Road

Glen View, Todmorden
Globe, Halifax
Globe Hotel, Halifax
Globe, Rastrick

Golden Fleece, Blackley
Golden Fleece, Bradshaw
Golden Lion, Highroad Well
Golden Lion, Ripponden
Golden Lion, Todmorden
Golden Pheasant, Halifax
Goose at the Arcade
Goose, Ogden

Granby, Luddenden
Grand Junction Hotel, Halifax
Gray Ox, Hartshead
Great Northern Hotel, Halifax
Greyhound, Halifax
Greyhound, Rastrick
Griffin, Barkisland
Grove, Brearley
Grove, Rastrick

Halfway House, Pellon
Halfway House, Queensbury
Hare & Hounds, Hipperholme
Hare & Hounds, Mixenden
Hare & Hounds, Todmorden

Hills View Hotel, Halifax
Hinchliffe Arms, Cragg Vale

Hobbit, Norland
Hogs Head Brew House, Sowerby Bridge
Hole in the Wall, Hebden Bridge
Hole in the Wall, Hebden Bridge
Holiday Inn, Brighouse
Hollins, Walsden
Holy Well Inn, Holywell Green
Horse & Jockey, Highroad Well

Huntsman, Mytholmroyd

Imperial Crown Hotel, Halifax

Inn on the Bridge, Hebden Bridge

Ivy House, Holmfield

Jack's House, Todmorden

Jeremy's Restaurant, Brighouse

Joiners' Arms, Brighouse
Jolly Sailor, Sowerby Bridge

Jubilee Hotel, Southowram
Junction, Bradshaw
Junction, Halifax
Junction Hotel, Halifax
Junction, Rastrick
Junction, Ripponden

King's Arms, Sowerby
King's Head, Halifax

Lane Ends, Wheatley
Lane Head, Brighouse
Last Drop

Lewin's, Halifax

Lock, Stock & Barrel, Boothtown
Long Chimney, Sowerby Bridge
Loose Goose, Sowerby Bridge
Lord Nelson, Luddenden
Lord Nelson, Midgley
Lower George, Halifax

Malt House, Rishworth
Malt Shovel, Coley
Malt Shovel, Elland
Malt Shovel, Halifax
Malt Shovel, Southowram
Manor House, Southowram
Martin's Nest, Brighouse
Masons' Arms, Gauxholme
Masons' Arms, Todmorden
Maude's Temperance Hotel, Halifax
Maypole Inn, Warley

Milestone, Ripponden
Millbank Inn, Soyland

Moorcock, Norland
Moorcock, Wainstalls
Moorcock, Walsden
Moorings, Sowerby Bridge
Mount Skip, Wadsworth

Murgatroyd's Arms, Luddenden
Murgatroyd Arms, Skircoat Green
Museum, Stump Cross

Nag's Head, Halifax
Navigation, Gauxholme
Navigation, Salterhebble
Navigation, Sowerby Bridge

Neptune, Brighouse
Neptune, Hebden Bridge
New Delight, Triangle
New Inn, Boothtown
New Inn, Brighouse
New Inn, Elland
New Inn, Halifax
New Inn, Mount Tabor
New Inn, Outlane
New Inn, Ripponden
New Inn, Sowood
New Inn, Stainland
New Rock, Barkisland
New Spitfire, Rastrick
New Street Hotel, Pellon
New Talbot, Halifax
New Tavern, Brighouse

Noah's Ark, Ovenden

Nutclough Tavern, Hebden Bridge

Oddfellows' Arms, Halifax
Odessa House, Soyland

Old Bailey, Elland
Old Bore, Rishworth
Old Brandy Wine, Luddendenfoot
Old Bridge, Ripponden
Old Bull's Head, Halifax
Old Cock, Halifax
Old Duke William, Shelf
Old Dumb Mill, Hipperholme
Old King Cross Inn, Halifax
Old Lane Inn, Boothtown
Old Pond, Hove Edge
Old Queens Head, Queenshead
Old White Beare, Norwood Green
Olde Shears, Halifax

Ovenden Cross, Ovenden
Ovenden Way

Pack Horse, Southowram
Pack Horse, Widdop
Patmos, Todmorden

Peacock, Halifax
Peacock Hotel, Warley
Pear Inn, Sowerby Bridge
Pear Tree, Norwood Green
Peat Pitts, Bradshaw

Pine Apple, Halifax

Plummet Line, Halifax

Portman & Pickles, Halifax
Poultry Dealers Arms, Stansfield

Pressers' Arms, Elland
Prince Albert, Brighouse
Prince of Orange, Shelf
Prince of Wales, Brighouse
Prince of Wales Feathers, Halifax
Prince of Wales, Salterhebble
Prince of Wales, West Vale
Prospect, Halifax
Prospect, Sowerby Bridge

Puff Inn, Rastrick
Pump Room, Halifax
Punch Bowl, Bailiff Bridge
Punch Bowl, Salterhebble
Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge

Queen's Head, Illingworth
Queen Hotel, Ripponden
Queen Hotel, Todmorden
Queen Victoria, Northowram
Queens Hotel, West Vale
Queens Road End, Halifax
Queens Road Hotel, Halifax
Queens Road Tavern, Halifax

Raggalds, Queensbury
Railway Hotel, Halifax
Railway Hotel, Hebden Bridge
Railway Hotel, Lydgate
Railway Hotel, Ovenden
Railway Hotel, Rastrick
Ram's Head, Sowerby Bridge
Rawson's Arms, Elland Wood Bottom

Red Lion, Stainland
Red Rooster, Brighouse

Richard Oastler, Brighouse
Ring O' Bells, Brighouse
Ring O' Bells, Halifax
Ring O' Bells, Rastrick
Rising Sun, Elland

Robin Hood, Brighouse
Robin Hood, Cragg Vale
Robin Hood, Pecket Well
Rock Tavern, Elland
Rock Tavern, Holywell Green
Roebuck, Portsmouth
Rook Hotel, Halifax
Rope & Anchor, Langfield
Rose & Crown, Cote Hill
Rose & Crown, Elland
Rose & Crown, Greetland
Rose & Crown, Halifax
Rose & Crown, Mixenden
Rose & Crown, Stainland
Rose & Crown, Stansfield
Round House, Brighouse
Roundhill, Rastrick
Royal Engineers, Brighouse
Royal George, Todmorden
Royal Hotel, Brighouse
Royal Hotel, Elland
Royal Hotel, Rishworth
Royal Hotel, Sowerby Bridge
Royal Oak, Elland
Royal Oak, Halifax
Royal Oak, Mytholmroyd
Royal Oak, Sowerby Bridge
Royal Oak, Stainland
Royal, Pye Nest

Running Man, Halifax
Rushcart, Sowerby

Saddle, Halifax
Salvation, Halifax
Savile Arms, Elland

Shakespeare, Halifax
Shannon & Chesapeake, Stansfield
Shant, Holmfield
Shay Hotel, Halifax
Shears, Halifax
Shears, West Vale
Shepherds' Rest, Lumbutts
Shepherds' Rest, Sowerby
Shepherds' Rest, Sowerby Bridge
Shibden Mill Inn
Ship Inn, Halifax
Shoulder of Mutton, Blackshawhead
Shoulder of Mutton, Hebden Bridge
Shoulder of Mutton, Mytholmroyd
Shoulder of Mutton, Northowram
Shoulder of Mutton, Shelf
Shoulder of Mutton, Southowram

Siddal Place, Siddal
Silk Mill, Ripponden
Silvers Bar, Halifax

Smiths' Arms, Halifax

Sour Milk Hall, Claremount
Sourhall, Todmorden

Spinners' Rest, Knowlwood
Sportsman, Cragg Vale
Sportsman's, Greetland
Sportsman, Halifax
Sportsman, Hebden Bridge
Sportsman, Illingworth
Sportsman, Midgley
Sportsman, Soyland
Sportsman, Stansfield
Spread Eagle, Halifax
Spring Gardens, Elland
Spring Gardens, Ovenden Wood
Spring Rock, Greetland

Staff of Life, Cornholme
Stafford Arms, Halifax
Standard of Freedom, Halifax
Star, Greetland
Star Hotel, Halifax
Star, Rastrick
Star, Roberttown
Star, Sowerby
Star, Soyland
Station Hotel, Holywell Green
Station House, Eastwood
Stirk Bridge Inn, Norland
Stocks Arms, Northowram
Stone Chair, Mount Tabor
Stott's Arms, Brighouse
Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge
Stump Cross Inn

Sun Dial, Brighouse
Sun Inn, Halifax
Sun Inn, Lightcliffe
Sun Inn, Rastrick
Sun Inn, Wainstalls
Sun Inn, Walsden

Swan, Heptonstall
Swan, Stainland
Swan with Two Necks, Todmorden

Talbot, Halifax
Talbot, Illingworth
Tap & Spile, Halifax
Tavern, Halifax

Temperance Hotel, Halifax

Thorn Tree, Halifax
Thornhill Arms, Rastrick
Three Nuns, Mirfield
Three Pigeons, Halifax

Tipp Inn, Brighouse

Top Brink, Lumbutts
Town Hall, Elland

Trafalgar Inn, Halifax
Travellers' Rest, Elland
Travellers' Rest, Hipperholme
Travellers' Rest, Sowerby
Travellers' Rest, West Vale
Triangle, Sowerby

Turk's Head, Halifax
Turk's Head, Sowerby Bridge
Turnpike, Rishworth

Union Cross, Halifax
Union Cross, Heptonstall

Upper George Hotel & Posting House, Halifax

Viaduct Tavern, Gauxholme
Victoria & Albert, Boothtown
Victoria, Halifax
Vine Hotel, Brighouse
Vine, Sowerby Bridge

Volunteer Arms, Copley

Vulcan, Rastrick

Waggon & Horses, Cornholme
Waggon & Horses, Walsden
Waggoners', Halifax
Wainhouse Tavern
Waiters' Arms, Sowerby Bridge
Wappy Spring, Outlane
Waterhouse Arms, Halifax
Waverley Temperance Hotel, Halifax

Weavers' Arms, Luddendenfoot
Weavers' Arms, Todmorden
Wellington, Elland
Wellington, Halifax
Wellington Hotel, Brighouse
Wellington Hotel, Halifax
Wellington, Todmorden
West End Hotel, Halifax
Westgate, Halifax
Weston Hotel, Halifax

Wharf, Brighouse
Wharf Hotel, Sowerby Bridge
Wharf Inn, Sowerby Bridge
Wharf, Sowerby Bridge
Wheat Sheaf, Elland
Wheat Sheaf, Pellon
Wheatley Wells, Wheatley
Wheatsheaf, Halifax
T' Wheel Hoile, Norwood Green
White Hart, Todmorden
White Horse, Halifax
White Horse, Lightcliffe
White Horse, Luddendenfoot
White Horse, Rastrick
White House, Blackstone Edge
White Lion, Heptonstall
White Lion Hotel & Posting House, Hebden Bridge
White Lion, Mytholmroyd
White Lion, Sowerby Bridge
White Lion, Warley
White Swan, Brighouse
White Swan, Hebden Bridge
White Swan, Holmfield
White Swan Hotel, Halifax
White Swan Inn & Posting House, Halifax
Whitehall, Hipperholme
Who could a' thowt it, Southowram

William the 4th, Halifax
William the 4th, Sowerby Bridge
Windmill, Northowram
Windmill, Shelf
Winterburn, Warley
Withens Hotel, Wainstalls

Wolf, Luddenden
Woodman, Brighouse
Woodman, Hebden Bridge
Woodman, Luddendenfoot
Woodpecker, Todmorden
Wool Merchant, Halifax
Woolpack, Sowerby Bridge
Works, Sowerby Bridge

Wyke Lion, Wyke

Yew Tree Inn, Northowram

Yorkshireman Restaurant, Hipperholme 

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