Saint Andrew's Church, Stainland

St Andrew's Church, Stainland superseded St Bartholomew's Chapel which was built on the site in 1754.

Because it was the only place of worship in the area, the church was shared by Anglicans and Nonconformists – Wesleyans and Independents – for their Sunday services. It was known as Stainland Independent Church.

The Anglicans, Methodists and Independents each kept their own sets of records. Any one event may be recorded in more than one register.

When asked to which denomination the people of Stainland belonged, a parishioner answered

We have Wesleyans, Independents and Church people in the congregation; an Independent parson in the pulpit, a Baxterian clerk, a Roman Catholic organ and a drunken player, so you may call us what you like

In 1812, the Anglicans insisted that their service be used, and a split followed.

The Independents left to build Providence Congregational Chapel [1814].

In 1838, the Anglicans took full control of the church, and the present church was built on the same site in 1839. The Wesleyans left to build Stainland Wesleyan Chapel.

The chapel became exclusively Anglican and was designated the Parish Church of St Andrew, Stainland.

It was consecrated on 26th October 1840.

There are Royal Arms decorating the church.

The tower and the north and south walls of the original chapel still remain part of the present building but the rest is of later date. Charles Child made alterations in 1840.

On 3rd March 1877, a Letter to the Editor in the Halifax Courier commented

Stainland Church Clock.

If the man who has charge of this public servant would both keep it going more regularly and nearer to the proper time of the day, it would prove more beneficial to the inhabitants


W. S. Barber made further alterations when the church was partly rebuilt and enlarged in 1887.

The organ by Harrisons of Durham was installed in 1898. Details can be found in the National Pipe Organ Register.

Only parts of the north and south walls remain from the original church.

The clock – made by William Potts of Leeds – on the church tower was dedicated on 4th July 1908, replacing an earlier clock

which had become erratic through decrepitude and old age

On 9th November 1932, oak panelling in the Church was dedicated by the Bishop of Wakefield.

The records for the Church are held at the West Yorkshire Archive Service office in Wakefield (Collection WDP87): Baptisms [1782-1951], Banns [1844-1970], Marriages [1843-1962] and Burials [1783-1840].

A list of some of the Vicars of Saint Andrew's, Stainland is given in a separate Foldout

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