Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë

The novel Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Brontë under the name Currer Bell [1847].

This was the first of the sisters' novels to appear in print.

In 1846, whilst she was nursing her father in a dingy Manchester lodging house, Charlotte – who was suffering from toothache – began writing the novel.

Charlotte's first novel, The Professor, had been rejected by several publishing houses including Smith, Elder & Company, who – though they had declined to accept the novel – were sufficiently encouraging for her to send them Jane Eyre. On 24th August 1847, Charlotte sent the book to George Smith. On the 30th August, he accepted, offering her £100 – plus a further £500 later. On 16th October 1847, George Smith published the novel.

In January 1848, the second edition of Jane Eyre was published. Charlotte dedicated this to Thackeray. This started a rumour that the author, Currer Bell was the pen-name for Thackeray's mistress.

In May 1848, the third edition of Jane Eyre was published.

There have been several films made of the novel.

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