This Foldout collects some of the links to Catholics, Catholic clergymen, churches, associations, and other entities in Halifax


George Addison
Assembly Rooms, Halifax
Rev James Atkinson

Father Backhouse
Rev Peregrine Baldwin
Bill of Rights [1689]
Blaithroyd Farm, Southowram
Father Francis Blanchfield
Rev J. Blanchfield
William Joseph Blyton
Broadgates, Sowerby Bridge
Rev Father Bruning
Rev John Buggy

Rev Michael Cahill
Rev John Robert Callan
Catholic Apostolic Church, Brighouse
Catholic Apostolic Church, Halifax
Catholic Apostolic Church Mission Room, Halifax
Catholic Emancipation Act [1829]
Catholic Memorial Club, Halifax
Father Chronnell
Father Coleman
Shirley Crabtree
Philip Crowther

Rev Father Daley
Declaration of Indulgence
Rev Father Dootson
Rev Hugh Dougan

Rev Cyril Earnshaw
Elland Mechanics' Hall

Rev Joseph Wright Fairclough
Fairfield Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge
Rev Leo Flyn
Michael Flynn
Rev D. Foskew

Father Joseph Geary
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Rev Canon James Gordon
Rev John Gott

Very Rev Oswald M. Hagan
Halifax & District Catholic Amateur Operatic Society
Halifax Catenian Circle
Halifax Catholic Association
Halifax Catholic High School
Halifax Catholic Registration Society
Halifax Orange Club, No. 10
Hebden Bridge Catholic Mission
Rev Austin Henry
Rev J. Hickey
Horley Green Convent
Rev James Hortage
John Hoyle
Father Francis Hunt

Irish immigrants
Edward Irving

Etienne Edme Jarry

Rev Patrick J. Kealey
Rev Thomas Francis Keily
Rev John Kelb
Rev James Kelly
Rev N. Kennedy
Father Knox

Francis Alexander Leyland
Lilly Lane Catholic Chapel, Halifax
John Lister
Father Lawrence Lister
Luddendenfoot Catholic Church
Luddendenfoot Catholic Mission
Luddendenfoot Co-operative Hall

Rev Michael Maher
Rev Father Honoratus Marchal
Rev May
Rev Thomas McEnery
Rev Henry McKenna
Rev Michael McNamara
Father Morgan
Rev Father Morrissey
Rev F. Moverley
Very Rev Dean Patrick Mulcahy
John Joseph Mulroy
James Murgatroyd

New Rooms, Halifax
Rev J. Noonan
Nursery Lane Anglican Church, Ovenden

Rev B. O'Reilly
Old Town Hall, Wadsworth
Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Malachy, Ovenden
Ovenden Cross Catholic Church

Papist conveyance
Polish Catholic Parish Church, Halifax
John Prescot
Presentation Brothers
Priest Hole
Protestation returns
Pye Nest Catholic Church

Father Jerome Quinlan
Father Edward Quinn
Rev J. Quirke

William Regan
Rev John Rigby
Rev C. Roddy
Royal succession
Rev Peter Russell

Sacred Heart & Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Sowerby Bridge
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Sowerby Bridge
Saint Alban's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Bernadette's Catholic Church, Mixenden
Saint Bernard's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Bernard's Catholic School, Halifax
Saint Catherine's Catholic High School
Saint Columba's Catholic Church, Pellon
Saint Columcille's Catholic Church, Pellon
Saint George's Mission Church, Ovenden
Saint Helen's Church, Holywell Green
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighouse
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Todmorden
Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Hove Edge
Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Todmorden
Saint Joseph's Catholic School, Claremount
Saint Joseph's Catholic School, Cobden
Saint Malachy's Catholic Primary School
Saint Marie's Catholic Club, Halifax
Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School
Saint Mary's Catholic School
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Elland
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, West Vale
Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School
Saint Patrick's Catholic School, Hullen Edge
Saint Peter & Saint Paul's Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Saint Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge
Saint Walburga's Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot
Father David Smith

Test Act [1672]
Sir Thomas More Catholic Secondary School
Father Maximilian E. Tillman
Todmorden Catholic Club

Union Street Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge

Father Bernard J. Wake
Rev E. Walmsley
Rev Timothy Walsh
Arthur Watkinson
William Arthur Wilson
Woodlands Catholic Church, Halifax
Canon Thomas Worthy

The Savile family of Copley

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