Luke Hoyle

Luke Hoyle was born at Ovenden House, the youngest child of Luke Hoyle.

He was a woolstapler [1721]; in business partnership with his son Thomas [1758].

On 3rd April 1725, he married Mary, daughter of Thomas Holdsworth at Northowram Nonconformist Chapel.


  1. Phoebe [b 1725]
  2. Thomas
  3. Luke [b 1728] who died in infancy
  4. John [1732] who died in infancy
  5. Susan [b 1733-1744]
  6. Sarah [1734]
  7. William [b 1736]
  8. Elkanah
  9. Mary [1737] who died aged 9 weeks
  10. Mary [b 1738]
  11. James [1739] who died in infancy
  12. Nathaniel [b 1739]

The family lived at Ovenden House.

Members of the family were buried in Halifax Parish Church

In 1723, he inherited his father's estate, including Ovenden House.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church. In 1765, there was a dispute between brothers Thomas and Elkanah over their father's will. Elkanah took control of his father's business and property

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