Hipperholme Grammar School

The original school – which was to become Hipperholme Grammar School – is believed to have been founded in a chantry chapel at Coley in 1530.

The grammar school was founded on 27th August 1647 by an endowment in the will of Matthew Broadley on land and in farm buildings donated by Samuel Sunderland of Coley Hall.

There were legal & financial complications, but with the help of Captain John Hodgson of Coley Hall, the School eventually opened in 1661.

The school motto is

Doctrina fortior armis

In 1783, a new building was designed by Longbottom and probably Joseph Jagger, and this is now the hall of the present school.

In 1835, additions to the building included the gable surmounted by the bell turret.

In 1860, an advertisement said that

the School is free for boys of the township of Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse, except that each boy pays to the master £2 2/- yearly for the teaching of writing and arithmetic

In 1864, an advertisement said that the school offered

great educational advantages, at a moderate cost. There are no free scholars

In 1880, it was reconstituted as a first-grade public school and a new house was designed by J. F. Walsh for the headmaster with dormitories for pupils.

In 1906, two new wings were added by Walsh & Nicholas in Vernacular Revival style.

Stephen Ellis was one of the first trustees.

Masters & teachers have included

Pupils and masters attended Lightcliffe Old Church.

Past pupils include

John Stanley Armitage

John Raymond Berry
Edgar Athelstan Boardall
Newton Brooke

Gary Cady
Vincent Collier
James Crossley

Professor Sir Gordon Duff

Danny and Richard McNamara of the band Embrace

George Stanley Faber

John Exley Greenwood
Trevor Greenwood

Frederick Haller
Rev Charles Hoyle
John Edmund Hoyle

Courtney Stanhope William Kenny
Rev Samuel Knight

Dr John Leftley
Wilf Lunn

Joseph Oddy

Sir Robert Peel
Reginald Peel Pohlmann

Patrick Edward Robertshaw
Professor Kenneth Robinson

Norrison Cavendish Scatcherd
Alphonse Sharp
John Taylor Simpson
Walter Percy Sladen
Rev George Sowden
Laurence Sterne
Dr David Sturgeon
Wilfred Sykes

Sir Donald Thompson
John William Tillotson
Thomas Firth Turner

It is said that school time at the School was always 5 minutes fast, and the clock set accordingly.

It has been an independent grammar school since 1985.

The school arms include a balance [representing Matthew Broadley's work as Paymaster], 3 crosses [in memory of Matthew Broadley], and 3 lions [in memory of Samuel Sunderland].

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