Rishworth School

In 1724, John Wheelwright of Goathouse, Rishworth provided a sum of £150 for the building of a school at Rishworth for the education of 20 boys and girls, children of the poorest tenants and workers on his estate. There had to be more boys than girls. The children were to be chosen by the Trustees from amongst the poorer tenants living on any of Wheelwright's estates, or failing that, from the poor of the parish.

He also bequeathed a yearly sum of £40 to a schoolmaster, sufficiently skilled in the Latin and Greek languages, and of sound principles according to the doctrine of the Church of England.

In 1725, a grammar school was built for the purpose. It was constructed by day work, at a time when a horse & man cost 2/- per day.

The builder was possibly William Mellor.

A stone tablet bears a Latin inscription

It is a name that will always be held in honour and worthy of praise

Wheelwright left his home, Goat House to be used as accommodation for the pupils, the teachers and a matron. He also provided for one master to teach reading and writing, and one master to teach Latin and Greek.

£5 was left for each boy to take up an apprenticeship at the age of 16, and for one able boy to go to Oxford or Cambridge for university education at the age of 18.

Whenever possible, there was to be a managing trustee named Wheelwright on the board of trustees.

In 1773, £2 1/4d was paid for (what was probably the first) bell.

The new School was designed by John Oates and built in 1827. The arrangements for laying the foundation stone of the new School were made at The House of Carver.

In 1843, there were 70 pupils at the School

In 1921, it became a boys only School. In 1968, girls were again admitted.

There were additions in 1930 and 1933.

In 1950, nearby Heathfield Mansion was acquired as a junior School.

Rishworth School swimming bath – aka the Fred Bentley Bath – opened in 1964.

The old School is used as the chapel for the new School.

Headmasters at the school have included

Other masters have included

Pupils at the School have included

Joseph  Eric Banks
Harry Bastide
William  Henry Boocock
Thomas  Reginald Bottomley
Scipio  Brook

John  Taylor Carter
Dennis  Collins
Percival  John Craven
Theo Crutchley-Mack

Thomas  Frost Dalzell
Jack  Danby
William  Henry Dinsdale

Joseph  Edwards
Geoffrey  Edmund Elliott
Geoffrey  Conneau Emmett

William  Henry Gibson
William  Henry Gibson

Edward  Cecil Haley
Ian  Charles Hannam
David  Hanson
Harold  Hanson
Herbert  Hodgson
John  Mennon Hogg
Edmund  Holt
Joseph  Hoyle
Samuel  Hoyle

James  Kershaw
John  Kershaw
Dr  Frank King
Edward  Cyril Kingsford
Arthur  Haddon Kippax

Richard  Learoyd
Harold  George William Lewis
Harry  Ludlam
Francis  Edwin Lumb
Samuel  Lumb
Samuel  Peter Hopkinson Lumb

Norrie  Warden Marshall
John  Henry Murgatroyd

Reginald  Lewis Newell

Arthur  Pickles
Frederick Pohlmann
Edward Ernest Pollit

Eric  Bottomley Rayner

Donald  Sagar
John  Ewart Shillito
Phyllis  Sykes Shillito
Charles  William Swaine

Michael  Thomas

Gordon  Stafford Wade
Herbert  Wainhouse
Joseph  Cyril Walton
John  Hoyle Wheelwright
Benjamin  Eric Whiteley
Sidney  Wilson

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