Mills in Elland

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the Mills which are – or were – to be found in Elland

The list may include Mills from nearby districts

Ainley Grange Mine, Elland
Aitken Flat Mine, Elland
Albert Mills, Elland
Albion Mill, Elland
Atlas Soap Works, Elland

Bank Bottom Malt Kilns, Elland
Bank Bottom Mill, Elland
Bar Mill, Elland
Blackley & Woodman Mine, Elland
Bridge Works, Elland
Bridgefield Mill, Elland
Britannia Works, Elland
Broad Carr Mill, Elland
Broad Lea Mill, Elland
Burley Mills, Elland

Calder Bank Mill, Elland
Calder Fire Clay Works, Elland
Calder Mill, Elland
Calder Works, Elland
Canal Kilns, Elland
Canal Mills, Elland
Casson's Mill, Elland
Castle Mills, Elland
Century Dye Works, Elland
Cocker's Mill, Elland
Commercial Mills, Elland
Cross Mill, Elland
Crossley Mill, Elland

Elland Boiler Works
Elland Brewery
Elland Bridge Foundry
Elland Gas Works
Elland Gravel Pits
Elland Malthouse
Elland Mill
Elland Pipe Works
Exchange Mill, Elland

Farrar's Mill, Elland
Five Acre Quarries, Elland
Frost Stud Works, Elland

Gannex Mill, Elland
Grid Works, Elland Road
Grove Mills, Elland

Hollins Hey Mine, Elland
Hollyns Mill, Greetland

Illingworth Mill, Elland

James Street Mill, Elland

Kiln End Mills, Elland
King's Mills, Elland
Kitchen's Pottery, Elland
Kitson's Fire Clay Works, Elland

Lambert Dye Works, Elland
Lilley's Dye Works, Elland

Long Lea Mills, Elland
Long Lee Iron Works, Elland
Long Wall Quarry, Elland

Marshall Hall Mills, Elland
Marshfield Mill, Elland
Mitchell's Mill, Elland
Mount Works, Elland

New Hall Clay Works, Elland
Norton Mills, Elland

Owlet Hall Mills, Elland

Park Nook Mine, Elland
Park Road Mills, Elland
Peel Croft Factory, Elland
Pendleton Mills, Elland
Perseverance Engine Works, Elland
Perseverance Mill, Elland
Pinfold Quarry, Elland
Pitchforth's Mill, Elland
Providence Mill, Elland

Rawroyds Mill, Elland
Riverside Mill, Elland
Rosemount Iron Works, Elland
Rowroyd Mill, Elland

Scarbottom Mill, Elland
Silk Mill, Elland
Slater's Mill, Elland
Smithfield Mill, Elland
South Lane Mills, Elland
Southgate Iron Works, Elland
Southgate Printing Works, Elland
Spa Field Mills, Elland
Spa Well Mill, Elland
Springwood Mills, Elland
Stone Mill, Elland
Storth Colliery, Elland
Storth Fire Clay & Brick Works, Elland
Sunnyside Dye Works, Elland

Tag Cut Mill, Elland
Tag Lock Mill, Elland
Tong Royd Fire Brick & Clay Works, Elland
Tong Royd Mine, Elland
Town Ing Mill, Elland

Union Foundry, Elland

Valley Mills, Elland
Victoria Fire Clay Works, Elland
Victoria Quarry, Elland

Wellington Mills, Elland
Westbury Mills, Elland
Whitwell Mill, Elland
Wilkinson's Clay Works, Elland
Woodman Works, Elland
Woodside Flour Mill, Elland

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