Buildings In The Town & Parish Of Halifax

The book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax is A collection of lithographed drawings

drawn from nature and on stone

by John Horner. The drawings record the area before industrialisation.

Subjects include

Published by Roberts Leyland [1835]

by subscription from 131 people including

John  Abbott
Thomas  Adam
Jonathan  Akroyd
Edward  Nelson Alexander
Lewis  Alexander
Robert  Alexander
Rev Philip Sidney  Ashworth

Charlotte  Bagnold
Mary, sister of Rev  Thomas Bates
Thomas  Bland
Mr  Booth
Copley  Browne
Rev William M. Bunting

Henry Ormerod Cadney
John  Caw
Dr John Cockroft
Edward Coulthard
Frederick William Cronhelm

John  Dearden

John  Dearden

John  Lea Edwards
Walter  Fawkes Edwards
John Emmet
William  Emmett

Rev James Clarke Franks

Michael Garlick
Michael  Garlick
Rev  John Gilderdale
Rev James Gratrix
Isaac  Green
James William Gregory
Richard Reynolds Gregory

John  Holdsworth
Rev  John Hope

Rev Robert Jarratt
Etienne Edme Jarry

Dr Mason Stanhope Kenny

John  Lees
Francis  Alexander Leyland
Anne  Lister

Charles  Milne
Thomas  Milne
William  Moore

Charles  Norris
James  Edward Norris
William  John Norris

Robert  Parker
Maria  Patchett
Samuel Pollit
Rev James Pridie
George  Priestley

Christopher  Rawson

Jeremiah  Rawson
William  Henry Rawson
John  Ridehalgh
Rev Charles Rogers
William  Rothwell
Joseph Rushforth

Thomas  Sladen
James  Stansfield
Thomas Steele Swale

Rev  William Turner
Thomas  Turney

Robert  Wainhouse
Rev John Warburton
John  Waterhouse
Edmund  Minson Wavell
Whitley & Booth

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