Streets in Calderdale



Sackville Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-4861

Sackville Street, TodmordenRef 19-2584

Saddle Hall, BradshawRef 19-1038

Saddleworth RoadRef 19-6789
The B6114 runs from Elland Bridge, Bank Bottom, Elland, through West Vale, Greetland, Barkisland, over the M62 and the Scammonden Bridge, and on into Lancashire

At the rear of 247 Saddleworth Road, there is a crudely-carved stone inscribed

Great Flood Nov: 16 1866

to commemorate the floods of 16th November 1866

This & associated entries use material contributed by Les Forester

Saint Alban's Avenue, Skircoat GreenRef 19-4342

Saint Alban's Croft, HalifaxRef 19-4392

Saint Alban's Road, HalifaxRef 19-4455

See Airmyn and Aldersyde

Saint Andrew's Close, IllingworthRef 19-4540

Saint Andrew's Drive, BrighouseRef 19-4021

Saint Anne's Place, HalifaxRef 19-4582

Saint Anne's Place, StainlandRef 19-4632

Saint Anne's Road, HalifaxRef 19-4720

Saint Anne's Square, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6768
In 1861, 1871, it was referred to as Square.

See Jolly Sailor, Sowerby Bridge

Saint Augustine's Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4809

Saint Bevan's Road, HalifaxRef 19-4896

Saint Chad's Avenue, BrighouseRef 19-4040

Saint David's Court, HalifaxRef 19-5890

Saint George's Avenue, EllandRef 19-4680

Saint George's Crescent, WheatleyRef 19-5976

Saint George's Road, Lee MountRef 19-6057

Saint George's Square, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5846

The local Pace Egg Play is performed here.

In 2008, a modern sculpture – a 10 ft high replica of a fustian-cutter's knife – was installed in the square.

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Sheila Mary Doyle

Saint George's Square, Lee MountRef 19-6107

Saint George's Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6274

See Hebden Royd Council Offices

Saint George's Terrace, Lee MountRef 19-6161

Saint Giles's Close, BrighouseRef 19-4067

Saint Giles's Court, LightcliffeRef 19-6215

Saint Giles's Road, LightcliffeRef 19-S116
There are many quarries in the area.

See Giles House, Harley Head Quarry, Lightcliffe and Rough Hey Quarry, Lightcliffe

Saint Helen's, StainlandRef 19-6368

Saint Ives Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-6451

Saint Ives Road, HalifaxRef 19-4164
See Green Royde, Halifax

Saint James's Court, HalifaxRef 19-4165
Block of flats at Great Albion Street opened on 25th April 1964

Saint James's Road, HalifaxRef 19-1687
The name was originally Cabbage Lane.

The name was changed at Anne Lister's request when St James's Church opened in 1832.

The City was here.

See Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church, Halifax, Oxford Terrace, Halifax, Edward Richardson, St James's Road Turkish Baths, Halifax and Stannary, Halifax

Saint James's Square, NorthowramRef 19-6624

Saint James's Street, HalifaxRef 19-4168
Runs between St James's Road and Pellon Lane.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 7 & 9: 19th century houses

Saint John's Close, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6302

Saint John's Close, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3887

Saint John's Cross, BradshawRef 19-2978

Saint John's Cross, IllingworthRef 19-112

Saint John's Lane, HalifaxRef 19-151
Leads west from Clare Road.

House Number 2, St John's Lane is recorded as St John's House

See Cading's Croft, Halifax and Esau Hanson

Saint John's Place, HalifaxRef 19-4171

Collinson's tea warehouse and the Freemasons' Hall stood here

Saint John Street, BrighouseRef 19-4091

Saint John's Street, HalifaxRef 19-1543
Area of New Road / Church Street. St John's Ward

Saint John's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-4783
West of Back Street

Saint Luke's Street, ClaremountRef 19-3512
Recorded in 1874, 1911 & 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Saint Mark's Street, BoothtownRef 19-3268
Recorded in 1881 & 1895. This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Saint Martin's Terrace, BrighouseRef 19-1590
Off Church Street.

Owners and tenants have included

Saint Martin's View, BrighouseRef 19-5514
Waring Green.

Formerly known as New Street, Brighouse

Saint Mary's Gate, EllandRef 19-4713

Saint Mary's Heights, HalifaxRef 19-364

Saint Mary Street, HalifaxRef 19-298

Saint Matthew's Court, NorthowramRef 19-422

Saint Matthew's Drive, NorthowramRef 19-516

Saint Paul's Road, HalifaxRef 19-571

Saint Peter's Avenue, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3937

Saint Peter's Gate, TodmordenRef 19-3291

Saint Peter's Square, SouthowramRef 19-6698
School Lane.

Rev George Edward Aspinall owned property here and elsewhere in Southowram [1922].

In 1930, a report to the Highways Committee of Southowram Council said that

surrounding the Square were 14 houses, the occupants of which had to share 6 lavatories. Each house had a sink draining into 2 gullies, and there were 12 gullies in the yard, All these gullies drained away to the old quarry workings. The lavatories were distinctly objectionable and it would be impossible to convert them because the sewer, running only 6 yards away, was higher than the level of the lavatories

Saint Peter's Square, SowerbyRef 19-4000

Saint Peter Street, BoothtownRef 19-1091
Recorded in 1874. This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

Saint Pol Square, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2193
Area of Bridge Gate to celebrate the twinning of Hebden Bridge with St Pol sur Ternoise, France

Saint Stephen's Court, CopleyRef 19-622

Saint Stephen's Street, CopleyRef 19-4178
A part of Copley model village.

Many of the buildings here are listed

  • Calder Terrace: Numbers 25 to 40 St Stephen's Street
  • Numbers 61 to 79
  • Railway Terrace: Numbers 117 to 136 St Stephen's Street
  • Numbers 137 to 148

Saint Thomas Street, ClaremountRef 19-1606
Named for the church of St Thomas the Apostle which opened in 1860.

Recorded in 1872.

Running north-east off St Thomas Street and into Parsonage Street, Claremount were:

The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Saint Winifred's Close, HalifaxRef 19-678

Salem Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2929

Salford Industrial Estate, TodmordenRef 19-4782

Salford, TodmordenRef 19-2609

Salisbury Place, Akroydon, HalifaxRef 19-3980
The houses here were the first to be built in Akroydon.

A carved relief design over the doors was inscribed with the initials of the first occupants of each house.

Many of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 1 to 19 (odd) 
  • Numbers 2 & 4 (even) 
  • Numbers 6 to 24 (even) 
  • Numbers 26 to 40 (even) 
  • Numbers 37 to 55 (odd) 
  • Numbers 42 to 60 (even) 
  • Numbers 62 to 64 (odd) 

Salisbury Place, HipperholmeRef 19-2979

Salisbury Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-337

Salisbury Terrace, Akroydon, HalifaxRef 19-3982

Salt Drake, CottonstonesRef 19-4835

Salt Street, HalifaxRef 19-4924

Saltburn Street, HalifaxRef 19-4042
Hanson Lane.

Recorded in 1891

Salterhebble Hill, DudwellRef 19-3984
Hill at Salterhebble on the A629 which leads up into Halifax from Huddersfield and the south.

This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

Motorists travelling from the M62 and Huddersfield to Halifax will be aware of its steep and twisting ascent into the town.

In 1903, the gradient of the hill was reported to be 1 in 9.69. This was significant for the growing tramway system.

Because of the gradient, the Tramways Committee considered installing a large lift to raise the tramcars from Salterhebble to Dudwell. J. H. Whitley visited the USA where similar lifts were in use.

In 1842, a band of Chartists was involved in an affray at the bottom of Salterhebble Hill – see the Foldout and Plug Riots and The Struggles of an Old Chartist

Salterhebble Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4068

Salterlee, HalifaxRef 19-4092

Saltonstall Lane, WainstallsRef 19-743

Many buildings here are listed

There is a water supply trough set into a wall here

Salubrity Street, ClaremountRef 19-5745
Recorded in 1874 & 1939.

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being at

71 Horley Green Road, Primrose Street

Sammy Blakeborough Buildings, OvendenRef 19-4498
Recorded in 1871

Sandal Magna, ShelfRef 19-4114

Sandal Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5813
Some of the buildings here are listed.

Numbers 1, 3, 10 & 12 were originally an early 18th century house

Sandal Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-425

Sandbed, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5037

Sandbed, StainlandRef 19-4139

Sandbed Villas, Hebden BridgeRef 19-4980

Sandbeds Crescent, HalifaxRef 19-4162

Sandbeds Road, PellonRef 19-4188

Sandbeds Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4215

Sandforth Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-4244

Sandhall Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-4271

Sandhall Crescent, HalifaxRef 19-4295

Sandhall Drive, Highroad WellRef 19-4317

Sandhall Green, HalifaxRef 19-4341

Sandhall Lane, HalifaxRef 19-4369

Sandholme Crescent, HipperholmeRef 19-4391

Sandmoor Gardens, ShelfRef 19-4409

Sandown Avenue, OvendenRef 19-4430

Sandown Road, OvendenRef 19-4452

Sandworth Street, TodmordenRef 19-2977

Sandy Bank, HalifaxRef 19-453
Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill

Sandy Dyke Lane, TriangleRef 19-6292

Sandy Fore, HalifaxRef 19-4474

Sandy Gate, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5090

Sandy Gate Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-3437

Sandy Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1410
A lane which led from North Bridge up to Claremount and Horley Green

Sandyfoot, BarkislandRef 19-4493

Sanworth Street, TodmordenRef 19-2641

Sarah Street, HalifaxRef 19-773
Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill

Sassey Gate, MidgleyRef 19-2441
Towngate. Recorded in 1891

Saughes Cottages, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5124

Saunderson Street, ClaremountRef 19-3654
Recorded in 1874 & 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Stringer

Savile Close, BrighouseRef 19-3289

Savile Drive, HalifaxRef 19-4515

Savile Glen, SkircoatRef 19-4538

Savile Green, HalifaxRef 19-137
Area of Harrison Road.

See Savile Green Estate, Halifax

Savile Hall, HalifaxRef 19-1385
Area of Savile Road near Savile Hall

Savile Lane, CliftonRef 19-5227

Savile Lea, HalifaxRef 19-4560

Savile Mews, SkircoatRef 19-4581

Savile Parade, HalifaxRef 19-4008

Savile Park Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-4608

Savile Park, HalifaxRef 19-771

Savile Park Road, HalifaxRef 19-4010
The road runs from the junction of Blackwall and West Parade, through Bell Hall, to Savile Park.

Before 1933, the section west of Savile Hall is named Bull Close [before 1842] and Haugh Shaw Lane, Halifax [from 1842].

See South Grove, Halifax

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ivan Birch

Savile Park Street, HalifaxRef 19-4631

Savile Park Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4655

Savile Park View, HalifaxRef 19-3473
Recorded in 1905 around 19-29 Trooper Lane

Savile Place, HalifaxRef 19-5281

Savile Road, EllandRef 19-4514

Savile Road, HalifaxRef 19-S341
Runs west from Harrison Road to Savile Hall, where it joins Savile Park Road.

Most of the houses here are known by name though some are referred to by number, and some by both at different times!

Question: Can anyone clarify any confusion/duplication in the information in the Foldout?


This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley, Carole Edwards Caruso, ROOTSCHAT & Angela Wolfenden

Savile Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5148

Savile Road, SkircoatRef 19-3494

Savile Row, HalifaxRef 19-139
Section of Savile Park Road.

Owners and tenants have included

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ivan Birch

Savile Royd, HalifaxRef 19-4714

Savile Street, HalifaxRef 19-2102

Savile Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-S1088
Section of Savile Park Road.

Owners and tenants have included

This & associated entries use material contributed by Les Piggin

Savile Way, EllandRef 19-4537

Saville Lane, BrighouseRef 19-3327

Saville Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5746
Samuel Wilkinson was involved in houses built in the street [1901]

Saw Hill, SowerbyRef 19-6899
Recorded in 1861.

See Saw Hill Farm, Triangle and Saw Hill, Sowerby Bridge

Saw Hill, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2873

See Saw Hill, Sowerby

Saxon Street, HalifaxRef 19-4747

Saxon Street, TodmordenRef 19-2668

Sayle's Row, RastrickRef 19-6247
Recorded in 1907

Scaitcliffe, TodmordenRef 19-2719

Scaitcliffe View, TodmordenRef 19-2695

Scammonden Road, BarkislandRef 19-5333

Scar Bottom Cottages, MytholmroydRef 19-5178

Scar Bottom Lane, GreetlandRef 19-4020

Scar Bottom, MytholmroydRef 19-5205

Scar Bottom Road, Pye NestRef 19-4836

See Scarr Bottom Cottages, Pye Nest

Scar Head Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6294
The 17th century packhorse route between Sowerby Bridge and Norland crosses the Ryburn at Stirk Bridge

Scar Head, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6295

Scar Top, GreetlandRef 19-4807

Scarborough Terrace, EllandRef 19-4559

Scarbottom Cottages, MytholmroydRef 19-6743

See Scarbottom Mill, Mytholmroyd

Schofield's Buildings, West ValeRef 19-754

Schofield's Court, HalifaxRef 19-1278
Recorded in 1871 & 1874, when it was listed at/near Crossley Terrace

Schofield Street, TodmordenRef 19-2748

Schofield's Yard, BrighouseRef 19-5775
Off Commercial Street.

Recorded in 1871, 1891 & 1900

Scholefield's Yard, BrighouseRef 19-6137
Recorded in 1907

Scholes Lane, GreetlandRef 19-4862

Scholey Avenue, RastrickRef 19-3351

Scholey Road, RastrickRef 19-3372

Scholfield Street, TodmordenRef 19-3552

School Close, IllingworthRef 19-4894

School Close, RippondenRef 19-3024

School Cote Brow, OvendenRef 19-4926

School Cote Terrace, OvendenRef 19-4954

School Court, HalifaxRef 19-889
Recorded in 1874 & 1893 off Great Albion Street

School Crescent, IllingworthRef 19-4981

School Dame Green, RastrickRef 19-5434

School Green, RastrickRef 19-3396

School Land Lane, ColdenRef 19-1556
See School Land Farm, Colden

School Lane, HalifaxRef 19-5039

School Lane, IllingworthRef 19-5004

See Popples Almshouses, Bradshaw and Scausby Hall, Illingworth

School Lane, SouthowramRef 19-756
Formerly known as Ludhill Lane.

The lane goes past Ashday Lane Methodist Sunday School

This & associated entries use material contributed by Elaine Hodkinson

School Lane, TodmordenRef 19-2773

School Passage, HalifaxRef 19-7088

Recorded in 1861, when it was off Orange Street

School Street, GreetlandRef 19-5091

School Street, HalifaxRef 19-5063

School Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5254

School Terrace, WheatleyRef 19-1092
Back-to-back housing of Ramsden Street. Demolished in 1969

School Yard View, HalifaxRef 19-5125

Schorah's Row, BrighouseRef 19-2190
Recorded in 1841 as being near Granny Hall.

Owners and tenants have included

Score Hill, NorthowramRef 19-5510

Scotland Lane, WainstallsRef 19-3598

Scotland, LuddendenfootRef 19-5149

Scott's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-6993
Pineberry Hill.

Recorded in 1885, when it was proposed to open a school on the top floor of the Buildings

This & associated entries use material contributed by Jeffrey Knowles

Scott's Row, HalifaxRef 19-1081
Recorded in 1841, 1851 & 1874 off Foundry Street.

Back of Scott's Row is also recorded [1841]

Scott Street, Lee MountRef 19-3634

Scott Street, TodmordenRef 19-2802

Scotty Bank, RastrickRef 19-5006
Named for Rev John Meldrum, a Scotsman who was minister at Bridge End Chapel and farmed a small croft at Bridge End

Scotty Croft Lane, RastrickRef 19-5007
Named for Rev John Meldrum, a Scotsman who was minister at Bridge End Chapel and farmed a small croft at Bridge End

Scout Bottom Lane, MytholmroydRef 19-5308

Scout Bottom, MytholmroydRef 19-3739

Scout Close, MytholmroydRef 19-5364

Scout End, MytholmroydRef 19-5388

Scout Road, MytholmroydRef 19-5411

Scout View, MytholmroydRef 19-5458

Scrapers Lane, TodmordenRef 19-3759

Sculptor Place, BrighouseRef 19-1827
Houses here are dated 1855

Question: Does anyone know who the sculptor was?


Second Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-5179

Sedan Street, HalifaxRef 19-3184
Recorded in 1905 off Powell Street / Trinity Road

Sedburgh Road, HalifaxRef 19-5206
Runs off Shay Syke

Seed Hill Lane, TodmordenRef 19-1518

Seed Hill Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5228

Seedhill Lane, TodmordenRef 19-2827

Seedling Mount, HalifaxRef 19-3820
Or Seedling's Mount. Recorded in 1874 off Crib Lane

See Seedlings Mount Brewery, Halifax, Seedlings Mount, Halifax and Sydel-ing

Sefton Avenue, Hove EdgeRef 19-3455

Sefton Crescent, Hove EdgeRef 19-3491

Sefton Drive, Hove EdgeRef 19-3511

Sefton Street, HalifaxRef 19-3845

Sefton Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5255
Pellon Lane

Selby, IllingworthRef 19-5282

Senior's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-5061
Recorded in 1881, 1909 & 1936 off Range Bank / Bank Street

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Senior's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-7063
Recorded in 1924 off Range Bank

Senior's Fold, HalifaxRef 19-S412
Area of Cripplegate.

Recorded in 1851 & 1891

See Joseph Hilton

Shade Street, TodmordenRef 19-5370
Row of terraced houses off the A6033 Rochdale Road at Shade.

See Physic Street, Todmorden

Shaftesbury Avenue, RastrickRef 19-3532

Shakespeare Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-2850

Shakespeare Street, HalifaxRef 19-141
Runs down the north side of the Theatre Royal. Recorded in 1837 & 1874

See Shakespeare, Halifax

Shaking House Lane, HolmfieldRef 19-3097
Recorded in 1905

Shalimar Street, HalifaxRef 19-5309

Shambles, HalifaxRef 19-4607

Shannon Close, RastrickRef 19-3576

Shannon Road, RastrickRef 19-3596

Sharp's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-7068
Shay Lane.

Near Bethel United Methodist Church, Ovenden.

Recorded in 1924

Shaw Booth Lane, Mount TaborRef 19-2132

Shaw Bridge, TodmordenRef 19-2875

Shaw Close, StainlandRef 19-5334

Shaw's Court, HalifaxRef 19-1489
Cul-de-sac off Bull Green / King Cross Street.

Recorded in 1861 & 1874.

It was lost when Bull Green was redeveloped in the 1930s

Shaw Hill, HalifaxRef 19-142
Area of South Parade and The Shay.

See Shaw Hill House, Halifax and Skircoat

Shaw Hill Lane, HalifaxRef 19-5565

Shaw Lane, HalifaxRef 19-759
Jeremiah Rossendale lived at a house here.

Rev Enoch Mellor lived at the same house

See Mansion Lane, Halifax and Shaw Hill House, Halifax

Shaw Lane, NorlandRef 19-3074

Shaw Lane, OvendenRef 19-4715
See Shay Lane, Ovenden

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Lovell

Shaw Lane, RishworthRef 19-3121

Shaw Lane, ShelfRef 19-2214

Shaw Lane, SowerbyRef 19-1077
Richard Thomas lived near here when he wrote the tune Shaw Lane in 1865

Shaw Lane, StainlandRef 19-5365

Shaw Mount, LuddendenfootRef 19-5389

Shaw Street, HalifaxRef 19-1307
King Cross / Haugh Shaw Road to Spring Edge

Recorded in 1874 & 1924.

Shaw Street, StainlandRef 19-5412

Shaw Wood Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-5373
See Spring Mill, Todmorden

Shaw Wood Road, TodmordenRef 19-2908

Shaw Wood View, TodmordenRef 19-3913

Shawcroft Hill, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5482

Shaws Lane, CottonstonesRef 19-5626

Shay Lane, HalifaxRef 19-3186

Shay Lane, OvendenRef 19-4046
Runs from Ovenden to Holmfield.

Recorded in 1854, 1851 & 1861 as Shaw Lane.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • 17th / early 18th century cottage: Number 151

See Bethel United Methodist Church, Ovenden and Holmfield Park

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Lovell

Shebden Place, HalifaxRef 19-1218
[?] Recorded in 1874 off Winding Road

Sheffield & Halifax TurnpikeRef 19-2167
Mentioned on 12th December 1867, when, at a special meeting of the trustees of the third district of the Sheffield & Halifax Turnpike Road, held at the Victoria Hotel, Sheffield, it was resolved to abolish all toll gates and side bars upon the said district (from Sheffield to Penistone) on the 31st of December 1867

Shelder Gate, HalifaxRef 19-5031
Recorded in 1761 as a name for Skeldergate.

See Miln Lane and Well Street

Shelf Hall Lane, HalifaxRef 19-5435

Shelf Moor Road, ShelfRef 19-5459

Shelf Moor, ShelfRef 19-5484

Shelf Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-4023

Shepherds Thorn Lane, RastrickRef 19-5015

This & associated entries use material contributed by Kai Roberts

Shepperd's Buildings, NorthowramRef 19-2412
Recorded in 1861

Sherburn Road, RastrickRef 19-3615

Sherwood Road, BrighouseRef 19-5684

Shibden Dale, NorthowramRef 19-4163

Shibden Fold, HalifaxRef 19-5512

Shibden Garth, HalifaxRef 19-5536

Shibden Grange Drive, NorthowramRef 19-5566
Built on the land when Shibden Grange was demolished in the 1950s/1960s

Shibden Hall Croft, HalifaxRef 19-5594

See Polish Displaced Persons' Camp

Shibden Hall Road, HalifaxRef 19-4054
Takes its name from Shibden Hall.

Aka Halifax Old Road, the section into Halifax becomes Lister's Road as it passes over the Godley Cutting.

Number 21 & 23 were listed as a part of the Shibden Estate in a sale catalogue of October 1925.

See Ireland Farm, Southowram, Polish Displaced Persons' Camp and Shibden Industrial School

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Rushworth

Shibden Mill Fold, NorthowramRef 19-3864

Shibden Place, HalifaxRef 19-115
Ran north-south between Winding Road and Victoria Street East. Recorded in 1933. The bus station stands on the site

Shield Hall Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3139

Ship Street, BrighouseRef 19-5017
Recorded in 1875 as Victoria Street.

See Brighouse Market and Ship Inn, Brighouse

Shirley Grove, LightcliffeRef 19-5627

Shoe Shop Street, HalifaxRef 19-288
A popular name for Crown Street on account of the number of footwear shops which once occupied the street

Shoebroad Lane, TodmordenRef 19-2931

Shoesmith's Buildings, SalterhebbleRef 19-2018
Recorded in 1905 off Chapel Lane

Shoesmith's Buildings, Skircoat GreenRef 19-6589
Recorded in 1905

Shoesmith's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-2954
Recorded in 1851

Shoesmith's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6976
King Street / Nelson Street / Rotten Row.

Recorded in 1891

Shore Green, TodmordenRef 19-2955

Shore New Road, TodmordenRef 19-3002

Shore Road, TodmordenRef 19-3026

Short Street, TodmordenRef 19-4217

Shroggs, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5535

Shroggs Road, HalifaxRef 19-4056

See Crossley's Buildings, Shroggs, Edward Terrace, Halifax, Greenwood Terrace, Wheatley, Shroggs Road Tip and Whitworth Street, Ovenden

Shroggs Street, HalifaxRef 19-4272

Shroggs Terrace, Lee MountRef 19-1246

Shroggs Vue Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5652

Shutts Lane, Norwood GreenRef 19-5774

Siddal Grove, SiddalRef 19-5687

Siddal Lane, SiddalRef 19-4059

Siddal New RoadRef 19-764
The construction of the new road – at a cost of £750 – from Water Lane to Whitegate, Siddal was sanctioned in August 1907.

It was built in 1913, to provide alternative access to Siddal.

Previously access was only by way of Exley Lane from Park Road, Elland, Exley Bank from Salterhebble, Phoebe Lane, or Jubilee Road from Salterhebble

Siddal Place, SiddalRef 19-5801

Siddal Street, SiddalRef 19-5719

Siddal Top Lane, SiddalRef 19-4061

Side Street, TodmordenRef 19-4296

Sigget Lane, TodmordenRef 19-1238
Or Siggit

Silver Street, HalifaxRef 19-1247
Recorded in 1874 off Haley Hill.

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as

Silver Street, North at 42 Haley Hill (cul-de-sac) 

Silver Street, HalifaxRef 19-1708
See Chadwick Alley, Halifax, Fox Ginnel, Halifax, John Mollett Limited, Red Lion Alley, Halifax and Woodhead Alley, Halifax

Silver Street, HeptonstallRef 19-5829
A row of 8 early 19th century cottages (Numbers 1 to 8) are listed

The last handloom weaver in Heptonstall who retired in 1882 and died at No 7 Silver Street in 1902. There is a copper plate inscribed


Silver Street, RippondenRef 19-1316
See Foresters' Hall, Ripponden

Silver Street, TodmordenRef 19-3054

Silverdale Terrace, GreetlandRef 19-5747

Silverwood Avenue, PellonRef 19-5802

Silverwood Walk, HalifaxRef 19-5827

Simeon Street, WalsdenRef 19-3076

Simm Carr Lane, NorthowramRef 19-1239

Simm Carr, NorthowramRef 19-4066

See Simm Carr Clough, Shibden, Simm Carr coal mine, Shibden and Simm Carr Spa, Shibden

Simm's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-3733
Recorded in 1874 off Smithy Street

Simmonds Lane, HalifaxRef 19-5859

See Shaw Hill House, Halifax

Simmons Lane, HalifaxRef 19-4431

Simpson Road, MytholmroydRef 19-5591

Simpson Street, BrighouseRef 19-980
Mill Lane. Recorded in 1888

Simpson Street, HalifaxRef 19-5860

Sion Hill, SiddalRef 19-5892
Runs parallel to and just west of Siddal Lane

Sisley Lane, TodmordenRef 19-3098

Skeldergate, HalifaxRef 19-1734
An early name for King Street, linking Woolshops and Cripplegate, is recorded between 1500 and 1750.

Aka Shelder Gate [1761]

Skelton Buildings, MixendenRef 19-5760
Recorded in 1854

Skew Road, HipperholmeRef 19-6896
Recorded in 1914.

See William Drake

Skircoat Green, HalifaxRef 19-5919

Skircoat Green Road, HalifaxRef 19-4069
Properties here have included:

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ivan Birch

Skircoat Moor Close, HalifaxRef 19-5952

Skircoat Moor Road, HalifaxRef 19-4072

Skircoat Road, HalifaxRef 19-1729
This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

The road began in 1890 and opened on 29 August 1891. It was built on an embankment which had formed by years of tipping spoil from the Halifax Gas Works. In 1905, the filling had to be dug out and quenched after spontaneous combustion broke out.

From Commercial Street and Ward's End, it followed the path of Caygill's Walk, and superseded the previous main road which ran below the Shay and up Shaw Hill into Huddersfield Road.

The house at Number 139 was built as the home for the General Manager of Halifax Corporation Transport. In March 1976, it was used as office accommodation. It subsequently fell into disrepair.

See David & John Brook and Shay House, Halifax

Sky Alley, HalifaxRef 19-6855
Square Road.

Recorded in 1915

Skye Alley, HalifaxRef 19-3247
Recorded in 1871, 1905 & 1924 at Square Road, Woolshops

Slack Bottom, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5651

Slack Bottom, HeptonstallRef 19-4492

Slack Cottages, BarkislandRef 19-6006

Slack End, NorthowramRef 19-7051
Swales Moor Road.

Recorded in 1851 & 1924

Slack Field, Causeway FootRef 19-1515

Slack House Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-4516

Slack Lane, BarkislandRef 19-4685

Slack Lane, MidgleyRef 19-4609

Sladden Street, BoothtownRef 19-1910
Off Mill Lane.

There was timber-framed house with an aisled hall here. It was cased in stone in the 17th century.

Later it was divided into several houses: Numbers 3, 4 & 5 Sladden Street and Number 2 Hall Street

This is discussed in the book Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area.

See Boothtown House

Slade Lane, RastrickRef 19-3633

Slaid Lane, RastrickRef 19-4863
Recorded in 1910

Slant Lane, TodmordenRef 19-4784

Slater Avenue, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5716

Slater Bank, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5834

See Eversley Road, Hebden Bridge and Slater Bank Boarding School

Slater Bank Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-4864

Slater Ing Lane, HeptonstallRef 19-5857

Slead Avenue, BrighouseRef 19-3651

Slead Court, BrighouseRef 19-3691

Slead Crescent, BrighouseRef 19-3714

Slead Grove, BrighouseRef 19-3738

Slead Royd, BrighouseRef 19-3757

Slead View, BrighouseRef 19-3775

Slitheroe Bottom, RishworthRef 19-452

Small Lees Lane, RishworthRef 19-5950

Small Lees Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3185

Smith's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-224
Blackledge. Recorded in 1874 & 1905

Smith's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-679
Range Bank. Recorded in 1861

Smith's Court, HalifaxRef 19-1436
Recorded in 1874 off Foundry Street

Smith Crescent, RastrickRef 19-3796

Smith House Avenue, BrighouseRef 19-5026
A part of the Smith House housing estate

Smith House Close, BrighouseRef 19-5027
A part of the Smith House housing estate

Smith House Crescent, BrighouseRef 19-5028
A part of the Smith House housing estate

Smith House Drive, BrighouseRef 19-5029
A part of the Smith House housing estate

Smith House Grove, BrighouseRef 19-5030
A part of the Smith House housing estate

Smith House Lane, BrighouseRef 19-1849
This was once the main road from Brighouse to Bradford before the Wibsey, Low Moor & Huddersfield Turnpike was built

Like many lanes in the district, this takes its name from a house, in this case, Smith House

See Bryn Terrace, Brighouse, Bute Terrace, Brighouse, Laverock House, Brighouse, Smith House housing estate and Whinney Cottage, Lightcliffe

Smith Lane, HalifaxRef 19-3999

Smith Street, HalifaxRef 19-229
Recorded in 1874 as part of Stannary off Pellon Lane

Smith Street, HalifaxRef 19-1334
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank.

See Back Smith Street, Halifax and Smithy Street Lodging Houses, Halifax

Smith's Terace, OvendenRef 19-1861

Smith's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1674
Recorded in 1874 off Foundry Street

Smithers Yard, EllandRef 19-6856
The Cross, Church Street.

Recorded in 1918

Smithfield Avenue, HipperholmeRef 19-6059

Smithfield Road, EllandRef 19-6028

Smithies' Buildings, EllandRef 19-1971
In 1875, Joseph Smithies & Son Limited built a number of top-and-bottom houses for their workers near their Albert Mills on Saddleworth Road

Smithies Close, BarkislandRef 19-6084

Smiths Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-6109

Smithson's Row, HalifaxRef 19-1898
off Southowram Bank.

Recorded in 1871, when James Smithson lived here.

Recorded in 1874

Smithwell Lane, HeptonstallRef 19-2035
This is the main street through Heptonstall.

Listed buildings in Smithwell Lane

See Heptonstall village pump and Top o' th' Town, Heptonstall

Smithy Carr Lane, BrighouseRef 19-2036

See Cross Street, Brighouse, Smithy Carr Lane Toll Bar, Brighouse and Trinity, Brighouse

Smithy Clough Lane, RippondenRef 19-3227

Smithy Croft, HalifaxRef 19-1721
A street which stood near Cripplegate, Halifax. Recorded in 1874 off Smithy Street

Smithy Fold, EllandRef 19-4580

Smithy Fold, MidgleyRef 19-1558
John Naylor lived here and established a school here for the young workers in the local mills.

The Radical Hoil was here.

The property was owned by the Peaceful Dove Friendly Society. In 1887, it was rebuilt and renamed Dove's Rest

Smithy Hill, Causeway FootRef 19-1934

Smithy Lane, HalifaxRef 19-2493
A continuation of Winding Road north of its junction with King Street

Smithy Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5826

Smithy Lane, RishworthRef 19-5951

Smithy Stake, HalifaxRef 19-113
An area of Halifax aka Spright Smithy. Recorded in the 18th century. The name originates in a stake to which horses were once tethered for shoeing.

Pressic Darby had business here.

Chapel Fold & Chapel Fold Meeting House were here

See Smithy Stake Inn, Halifax and Sun Inn, Halifax

Smithy Street, HalifaxRef 19-145
Area of Woolshops. Recorded in 1874.

See Model Lodging House, Simm's Yard, Halifax, Smithy Croft, Halifax, Smithy Street Lodging Houses and Sun Yard, Halifax

Smithy Yard, HalifaxRef 19-4093
Haley Hill.

Recorded in 1874 & 1916.

There was a Common Lodging House here

Smyth Lane, HalifaxRef 19-2184

Snake Hill, RastrickRef 19-1864
The Quaker Snake Hill meeting house was near here from around 1650. Snake Hill Ford, Rastrick is nearby

Soaper House Lane, ColeyRef 19-768
Named for Soaper House, Coley

Soaper Lane, ShelfRef 19-4079

Sod House Green, OvendenRef 19-4080
See General Baptists Lord's Day School, Ovenden and Sod House Green

Soho Street, HalifaxRef 19-6082
Recorded in 1871 & 1874 off Queens Road

Soil Hill, Causeway FootRef 19-6139

Soil Hill End, Causeway FootRef 19-2074

Solomon Hill, MidgleyRef 19-6029

Somerset Avenue, RastrickRef 19-3841

Sourhall Court, TodmordenRef 19-3141

Sourhall Road, TodmordenRef 19-5383

Some of the buildings here are listed

South Bank Street, HalifaxRef 19-3779
Recorded in 1865 & 1874 off Orange Street

South Bolton, IllingworthRef 19-6163

South Carr, LuddendenfootRef 19-6190

South Cliffe, HolmfieldRef 19-2131

South Clough Head, HalifaxRef 19-6217

South Darley Street, HalifaxRef 19-3791
Recorded in 1874 as part of Stannary off Corporation Street.

See Darley Street, Halifax

South Derby Street, HalifaxRef 19-6729
Recorded in 1851

South Edge, HipperholmeRef 19-6275

South Edge Terrace, HipperholmeRef 19-6249

South Grove, BrighouseRef 19-3885

South Grove, HalifaxRef 19-6908
The terrace of four houses on Savile Park Road, Halifax – first known as 7, 8, 9 & 10 South Grove – was built around 1860 for John Foster.

From around 1875, the individual houses were known as 57, 59, 61 & 63 Savile Park Road, Halifax

A planning application for four houses was submitted by architect Richard Horsfall on behalf of John Foster, and approved on 27th April 1860. His brother-in-law Hiram Fell may also have invested in the project.

The original hand-coloured application drawings can be inspected in Calderdale Archives [Ref: Mu:26/178, Plan No.466].

The terrace has a frontage of about 30 metres facing south and occupies a commanding position overlooking the later Rothwell Road.

The name South Grove is carved on a stone tablet on the north wall of No.57, facing Savile Park Road.

No.63 is larger than the other three houses, having 12 rooms as recorded in the 1911 census.

A plan of the Bull Close Estate dated Sept 1866 shows the buildings in outline and also shows that John Foster owned a parcel of land at Bell Hall, where the shops now stand. The plan is signed by a Mr Thomas, Chair of the Board of Health – James Thomas

This & associated entries use material contributed by Les Piggin

South Knight Street, HalifaxRef 19-7082
Recorded in 1851 in the St James's Church district; it comes between the Census entries for Cross Hills and North Knight Street, Halifax.

See Knight Street, Halifax

South Lane, EllandRef 19-6534
This was the main road to Huddersfield until the present Huddersfield Road was constructed.

The 19th century cottages here are listed.

See Withens Gap

South Lane Gardens, EllandRef 19-4630

South Lane, NorthowramRef 19-6304

South Parade, EllandRef 19-4654

South Parade, HalifaxRef 19-1649
A continuation of Church Street to the south, extending from the bottom of Horton Street to the bottom of Hunger Hill.

It is a now a part of the eastern by-pass of Halifax.

Beerhouses & Pubs in South Parade, Halifax

See Heath View Street, Halifax, Prescott Street, Halifax and Water Lane, Halifax

South Parade, StainlandRef 19-6336

South Peat Pitts, BradshawRef 19-2213

See Peat Pitts, Bradshaw

South Place, HalifaxRef 19-S422
Recorded in 1874 off Southgate

South Royd Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-6370

South Royd, LightcliffeRef 19-7099
Row of houses at the junction of Wakefield Road & Stoney Lane, and facing George V Park.

Formerly known as South View

This & associated entries use material contributed by Dave Van De Gevel

South Royd, SkircoatRef 19-2257
House at the junction of Stafford Road and Skircoat Green Road.

Owners and tenants have included John Whiteley Ward [1871, 1905]

South Selby, IllingworthRef 19-6400

South Street, BrighouseRef 19-3934

South Street, HalifaxRef 19-147
Area of King Cross Street.

Built during the 18th century.

Hanson says that this – and Middle Street – were the first rows of houses to be erected in the town, and that some of the houses had Venetian windows.

Recorded in 1874.

In 1934, Halifax Corporation decided that it would compulsorily purchase properties in this densely populated part of Halifax, as part of a clearance programme.

See Holy Trinity Boys' Junior School

South Street, StainlandRef 19-6427

South Street West, HalifaxRef 19-1961
Recorded in 1874 off West Parade

South Terrace, NorthowramRef 19-6453

South View, BarkislandRef 19-6596

South View, CliftonRef 19-6058

South View, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5891

South View, LuddendenfootRef 19-6523

South View, SouthowramRef 19-6558

South View, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3269

South View Street, TodmordenRef 19-3161

South View Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-6487
Off Queens Road

South View Terrace, SouthowramRef 19-6717
Recorded in 1881 & 1891. By 1911, it was known as South View.

See Harry Wadsworth

Southcliffe, HalifaxRef 19-4100
Bank Top.

Aka South Cliffe, South Cliff. Recorded in 1936

See Laurence Coates

Southcliffe, IllingworthRef 19-6626

Southedge Close, HipperholmeRef 19-6653

Southfield, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5977

Southfield Terrace, HipperholmeRef 19-67

Southgate BalconyRef 19-6719
10 houses on the western side of Halifax Borough Market overlooking Southgate.

Owners and tenants have included

See Market Street Balcony

Southgate, EllandRef 19-6536
The street runs south from Elland Cross. Much of the 18th century and Victorian property here is listed.

The house at Number 77 Southgate is dated GSB 1675. It is now a store-room

Southgate, HalifaxRef 19-1810
Major street in Halifax town centre. Runs from Corn Market to Ward's End.

See Butter Cross, Chamberlain Precinct, Magistrates' Office and Taylor's Yard

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Ogden

Southowram Bank, HalifaxRef 19-1805
The steep hill-side road leading from Clark Bridge, Halifax and the foot of Old Bank up to Bank Top, Southowram.

It has also been used an alternative name for Blaithroyd.

In 1870, the route was superseded by Beacon Hill Road, Southowram.

There used to many workers' houses on the hill, as can be seen in the photographs. Many of these were cleared in 1939 - see the Foldout.

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax.

See Bailey Hall Bank, Charlestown Road, Halifax, Devil's Cauldron, Pineberry Hill, Pleasant Place, Halifax, Smithson's Row, Halifax, Southowram Bank Board School, Suez Street, Southowram and Womersley's Buildings, Southowram

Beerhouses & Pubs in Southowram Bank

Sovereign Street, HalifaxRef 19-4682
Cul-de-sac which ran west from the Lister Lane end of Stead Street

Sowden Lane, Norwood GreenRef 19-6108

Sowerby Bridge to Salterhebble TurnpikeRef 19-2166
Turnpike built in 1824. It formed a part of the Rochdale to Halifax & Elland Turnpike. This is the Wakefield Road

Sowerby Croft Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6303

Sowerby Croft, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3309

Sowerby Green, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3328

Sowerby Lane, BouldercloughRef 19-6189

Sowerby Lane, LuddendenfootRef 19-223

See Raw End Farm, Luddendenfoot and Sand House, Luddendenfoot

Sowerby New Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6306
Laid out by Charles Child.

The road opened on 23rd August 1860.

The road was widened and reopened on 24th May 1930

See Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Cant

Sowerby Old Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6216

Sowerby Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6307
The street was a part of the packhorse route from Lancashire to Halifax.

In the 16th century, it was known as Pyghill Street.

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Bogden, Pear Tree Inn, Stansfield Court, Sowerby Bridge and Woods Court, Sowerby Bridge

Sowerby Town, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3413

Sowood Fold, StainlandRef 19-4106
The late 18th century cottages here are listed

Sowood Green, StainlandRef 19-271

Sowood Hill, StainlandRef 19-299

Soyland Town Road, SoylandRef 19-6248

Soyland Town, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3474

Spa Terrace, Cragg ValeRef 19-2299

Spark House Lane, NorlandRef 19-777
/ Sowerby Bridge.

See Bethel Terrace, Norland and Lower Spark House, Norland

Spencer's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-6839
Corporation Street.

Recorded in 1918

Spencer's Court, HalifaxRef 19-367

Spencer Lane, ErringdenRef 19-6693
Some of the buildings here are listed

Spencer's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1989
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane

Spice Cake Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1754
Aka Spicecake Lane [1874]. Lane which once ran between King Cross Street and West Parade, Halifax

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax.

See Spice cake and Swift's Brewery, Halifax

Spiggs, NorthowramRef 19-398

Spindle Point, IllingworthRef 19-454

Spindle Street, IllingworthRef 19-485

The Spinney, BrighouseRef 19-712

The Spinney, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2103

Spion Cop, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-292
Local name for Lower Clifton Street, Sowerby Bridge.

Named for the Battle of Spion Cop in the Boer Wars

Spout Hill, RastrickRef 19-4494
Spout Mills were here

Spout House Lane, Hove EdgeRef 19-306

Like many lanes in the district, this takes its name from a house, in this case, Spout House

See Harley Head Farm, Hove Edge and Ivy House Farm, Hove Edge

Spring Bank, LuddendenfootRef 19-2903

Spring Bank, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3533

Spring Bottom, WalsdenRef 19-3210
Ramsden Wood

Spring Edge, HalifaxRef 19-2953

Spring Garden, MytholmroydRef 19-6335

Spring Gardens, BrighouseRef 19-5038

Owners and tenants have included

Spring Gardens, CopleyRef 19-397
Recorded in 1905 at End of Copley mill

Spring Gardens, FriendlyRef 19-6312
A row of houses are recorded here in 1804. The land was owned by Dr Richard Alexander and occupied by James Riley.

Spring Garden School was built on land opposite the cottages.

In 1829, there were 21 cottages on the site owned by Robert Sutcliffe.

Number 17 was occupied by George Pickles [1829] and became the White Horse, Friendly [18??].

In 1873, Dr Thomas Britton, reported on

the fouling of the water in the well here which was due to drainage of certain piggeries

Spring Gardens, MixendenRef 19-482
Recorded in 1905 near Page Hill

Spring Gardens, MytholmroydRef 19-6005

Spring Gardens, Norwood GreenRef 19-3000

Spring Gardens, Waring GreenRef 19-1102

Owners and tenants have included

See Spring Cottage, Brighouse

Spring Gardens, WheatleyRef 19-2555

Spring Grove Cottages, BarkislandRef 19-3052

Spring Grove, HalifaxRef 19-3095

Spring Grove, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5840
Built on the site of the former Foster Mill, Hebden Bridge

Spring Hall Close, ShelfRef 19-3118

Spring Hall Court, HalifaxRef 19-3159

Spring Hall Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-3206

Spring Hall Grove, HalifaxRef 19-3248

Spring Hall Lane, HalifaxRef 19-4122
Named for Spring Hall, Pellon

Spring Hall Place, HalifaxRef 19-3290

Spring Head, PellonRef 19-4318

Spring Head, ShelfRef 19-3352

Spring Lane, GreetlandRef 19-3373

Spring Mill Fold, HalifaxRef 19-3397

Spring Royd, LuddendenfootRef 19-3457

Spring Street, BrighouseRef 19-3398
Was a part of Bank Street. The street no longer exists

Spring Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3616

Spring Street, TodmordenRef 19-3228

Spring Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4130
Recorded in 1874 & 1905 off New Bank / Pearson Street

Spring Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-6398

Spring Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3672

Spring Terrace, StainlandRef 19-3577

Spring Terrace, Waring GreenRef 19-779
A terrace of houses on Waterloo Road.

In 1901, Numbers 20 to 28 Waterloo Road are listed as Spring Terrace.

After her husband's death, Mrs Susan Sunderland lived at 24 Spring Terrace. She died here

This & associated entries use material contributed by Carole Edwards Caruso

Spring View, LuddendenfootRef 19-4132
A terrace of houses in several styles

Spring View Road, LuddendenfootRef 19-6426

Spring Villas, CornholmeRef 19-2386

Spring Villas, MytholmroydRef 19-6083

Spring Villas, TodmordenRef 19-3249

Springfield Cottages, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3715

Springfield Grove, BrighouseRef 19-3978

Springfield, HipperholmeRef 19-3075

Springfield, LuddendenfootRef 19-3798

Springfield, NorlandRef 19-4187

Springfield Place, BrighouseRef 19-6677
Waring Green. Built 1864

Springfield Place, HalifaxRef 19-2075
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank

Springfield Road, EllandRef 19-4746

Springfield, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3817

Springfield Terrace, Cragg ValeRef 19-6138

Springfield Terrace, HipperholmeRef 19-3777

Springfield Terrace, LuddendenfootRef 19-3692

Springhall Drive, HalifaxRef 19-3981

Springhall Lane, HalifaxRef 19-6557

Springwood Avenue, CopleyRef 19-4043

Springwood Drive, CopleyRef 19-4115

Springwood Gardens, CopleyRef 19-3652

Springwood Terrace, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6162

Springwood Terrace, StainlandRef 19-4142
Built for the workers at Shaw's Holroyds Mill, Holywell Green

Spruce Walk, TodmordenRef 19-3270

The Square, Bank Top, SouthowramRef 19-1383
Aka Bank Top Square.

A terrace of 7 or 8 houses reached via Dog Kennel Lane from the main road at Bank Top, or via Middle Lane from Battinson Street.

Owners and tenants have included

Belle Vue Terrace was behind the houses of The Square

This & associated entries use material contributed by Carole Edwards Caruso

The Square, BradshawRef 19-5628

Square Fold, Bailiff BridgeRef 19-7123
Birkby Lane.

A row of cottages which was demolished in 1908/1909 to make way for Firth's new mill.

Bailiff Bridge's first school – for children of Firth's employees – was held in one of the cottages.

The Methodists worshipped here until 1872 when the Ebenezer Chapel was built

Square, HalifaxRef 19-4022

The Square, MytholmroydRef 19-5844
Hawksclough. Late 18th century cottages

The Square, NorthowramRef 19-776

The Square, RastrickRef 19-6658
A group of single-storey houses on Castle Hill / Thornhill Road.

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country.

Recorded in 1914 & the 1920s

Square Road, HalifaxRef 19-4143
On 19th century maps, it is shown as Square Lane.

Some of the buildings here are listed

Square Road, WalsdenRef 19-5390
Formerly known as Nip Square and Square.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Number 2
  • Numbers 6 to 14
  • Numbers 16 & 18 – early 19th century cottages
  • Number 20 – inscribed JS
  • Numbers 22 to 36 – late 18th century cottages

Square, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6769
In the census of 1861, 1871, St Anne's Square was referred to as Square

SquaresRef 19-6820
There are a great many properties with names like Bairstow's Buildings, Clough's Court, Hanson's Passage, Richardson's Row Walker's Square and Nichol's Yard.

Many of these were slums and poorer housing from the 19th century, possibly built by a mill-owner for his workers. Later offices and administrative buildings were given similar names, such as Princess Buildings.

The Foldout collects some of these names.

Squires Cottages, HalifaxRef 19-7067
Range Bank

Recorded in 1851

Squires Court, HalifaxRef 19-7066
Recorded in 1927, when it was at 11 Bank Street, Halifax

St Ann's Place, HalifaxRef 19-6941
In St Augustine's Parish. Recorded in 1901

Stack Garth, RastrickRef 19-784
A cul-de-sac off Ogden Lane

Stackgarth, RastrickRef 19-4138

Stackhills Road, TodmordenRef 19-3310

Stafford Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-4180

Property here included:

See Edward Richardson

Stafford Green, HalifaxRef 19-801

Stafford Parade, HalifaxRef 19-831
Run north off Dryclough Lane

Stafford Place, HalifaxRef 19-863

Stafford Road, HalifaxRef 19-917
Properties here include

Stafford Square, HalifaxRef 19-948

Stainland Dean, GreetlandRef 19-1012

Stainland RoadRef 19-5978
The B6112 runs from Salterhebble, West Vale, Holywell Green, Stainland, Sowood, and on to Outlane

See Burnal Bank Farm, Holywell Green, Ellistones Farm, Elland, Greetland Viaduct, Holywell Hall, Holywell Green, Stainland Manor House, New Laithe, Elland, Stainland Cross, Stainland Road, Barkisland, 6 Stainland Road, West Vale, Town Ing Mills, Elland and West Vale Constitutional Club

Stainland Road, BarkislandRef 19-1128
The road runs from Elland Road, Ripponden to Beestonley Lane, Stainland

See Barkisland Lower Hall and Nelson House, Barkisland

Stainland Road, West Vale: Number 6Ref 19-A1042
The property stands adjacent to the Shears, West Vale.

The Arts & Crafts building was designed by J. F. Walsh for Mr Smith.

In his diaries, **IGNORE** records that Smith's wife had an affair with

an amorous butcher from Cross Hills, Greetland

and Mr Smith took the butcher to court. With the proceeds, Smith commissioned the best architect in Halifax to build him a new house and shop. This was Number 6 Stainland Road which was designed by J. F. Walsh

There have been several businesses here including

Contributor Adele Oswin write

Originally, the shoe shop was a single storey and the top bit was added on, though I don't know when. The boot and shoe shop was run by the Smiths. The shop front was replaced in 1914 when the business was run by Mr Percy Smith, (possibly) a son of the original Smiths.

It might also be called the house by the tram terminus for Halifax

Before it was hidden by the new Co-op, the outline of the original Shears Inn could be seen as a white shape on the end wall of 6a Stainland Road, West Vale.

This & associated entries use material contributed by Elaine Beach, Les Forester & Adele Oswin

Stainland to Sowerby Bridge TurnpikeRef 19-2168
Opened in 1824. This was said to be one of the most expensive of roads with a toll gate about every mile including those at Clap Lane, Bank House, Stainland, Rawroyds Mill, Elland, and Waggon & Horses, Holywell Green.

The Shaw family were amongst the investors.

In 1824, an Act was passed to create a by-pass from Holywell Green to Outlane. The trust ran out of money and the roads above Holywell Green were not improved.

Tolls and toll bars were discontinued in October 1870

StainstretRef 19-6786
An old name – meaning stone street – for the road from Elland to Greetland. Now known as Rochdale Road

Stake Lane, MytholmroydRef 19-5791
Ancient path up Hathershelf Scout

Stanage Lane, NorthowramRef 19-4190

See Stanage and The Lion Gate, Shelf

Stanleigh Croft, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6369

Stanley Cryer Court, TodmordenRef 19-3694

Stanley Lane, Sowood GreenRef 19-6652

Stanley Road, Pye NestRef 19-1153

Stanley Street, BrighouseRef 19-5046

Stanley Street, HalifaxRef 19-2238
Recorded in 1874 off Queens Road

Stanley Street North, IllingworthRef 19-1188

Stanley Street, Pye NestRef 19-2048

Stanley Street West, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4070

Stanley Terrace, MillwoodRef 19-6883
A blue plaque marks the birthplace of Sir John Cockcroft

Stannage Lane, HalifaxRef 19-66

Stannally Street, TodmordenRef 19-3329

Stannary Court, HalifaxRef 19-6679
Off Stannary Lane

Stannary, HalifaxRef 19-153
An area of Halifax comprising Alma Street, Cabbage Lane, Carpet Street, Corporation Street, Damask Street, Darley Street, Greenwood Street, Smith Street, South Darley Street, Stannary Street, Winn Street, and extending down to Dean Clough and the Hebble Brook.

There were many houses and pubs in the area.

The area was lost – and the occupants rehoused – in the 1960s when Burdock Way was constructed.

See Edward Bull, Stannary, Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax, Stannary Hall, Halifax, Stannary Inn, Halifax, Stannary Lane, Lee Bridge, Stannary Mills, Halifax, Stannary Place, Halifax, Stannary Quarry, Halifax, Stannary Works, Halifax and Whitaker's Brewery

This & associated entries use material contributed by Angela Westwood

Stannary Lane, Lee BridgeRef 19-198
A continuation of Cribb Lane, Halifax which went west to join Pellon Lane.

Stannary Hall stood at the junction of Stannary and Stannary Lane.

See Barleycorn Square, Halifax, Stannary Court, Halifax and Stannary Yard Halifax

Stannary Place, HalifaxRef 19-1252

Stannary Road, HalifaxRef 19-6897

See North Castle Street, Halifax and Stannary, Halifax

Stannary, StainlandRef 19-1217

Stannary Street, HalifaxRef 19-4929
Part of Stannary. Ran between St James's Road and Pellon Lane

Stannary Yard, HalifaxRef 19-7043
Stannary Lane

Recorded in 1861

Stannery End Lane, MytholmroydRef 19-6272

Stannery, Holywell GreenRef 19-6334

Stanningley Avenue, MixendenRef 19-1276

Stanningley Drive, MixendenRef 19-1306

Stanningley Green, MixendenRef 19-1333

Stanningley Road, MixendenRef 19-1359

Stansfeld's Croft, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2739
Sowerby Street. Recorded in 1871

Stansfield Close, HalifaxRef 19-4198
Part of the Crossley Garden Estate,

Stansfield's Court, Lee MountRef 19-3204
Recorded in 1891, when Edward Stansfield lived here

Stansfield Court, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1090
Slum housing which stood in the area of Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge.

See Bogden

Stansfield Grange, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4140
/ Triangle.

See The Lodge, Pond

Stansfield Hall Road, TodmordenRef 19-2772

Stansfield Hey, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4189

Stansfield Mill Lane, SowerbyRef 19-4245
Rochdale Road, Triangle

Stansfield Road, TodmordenRef 19-3353

Stansfield Street, HalifaxRef 19-2269
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

Stansfield Street, TodmordenRef 19-3374

Stansfield Terrace, TodmordenRef 19-3415

Star Fold, HalifaxRef 19-3958
Recorded in 1680 in Heywood's diaries

Star Terrace, RastrickRef 19-4161

Star Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1578
Recorded in 1845 & 1874 at 8 Northgate, Halifax.

The yard lay inside the block between Princess Buildings and the shops on Northgate

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Cooper Holmes

Station Approach, TodmordenRef 19-162

Station Parade, TodmordenRef 19-3438

Station Road, BrighouseRef 19-1127
Led to Brighouse Clifton Road Station

Station Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-199

See Mayroyd Mill, Hebden Bridge

Station Road, HipperholmeRef 19-301

Station Road, HolmfieldRef 19-6425

Station Road, Holywell GreenRef 19-6485

Station Road, LuddendenfootRef 19-4199

See Boy Bridge, Luddendenfoot, Holmes Park and Station Road Bridge, Luddendenfoot

Station Road, Norwood GreenRef 19-1408

See Junction House, Norwood Green

Station Road, RippondenRef 19-6725
The first part of Elland Road – from Halifax/Rochdale Road to Ripponden Railway Station – was also known as Station Road

Station Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6325
The road was constructed in the late 19th century

See Coal Drops, Sowerby Bridge and Police Station, Sowerby Bridge

Station Road, StainlandRef 19-1435

See Holywell House, Holywell Green

Station Road, TodmordenRef 19-3458

Station Street, TodmordenRef 19-6521

Station View, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6399

Staups Lane, Stump CrossRef 19-4202
Staups House is recorded here [1607].

See Field House, Shibden

Staups Lane, TodmordenRef 19-3475

Staverton Street, HalifaxRef 19-1463

Stead Lane, RishworthRef 19-6555

See Stones House

Stead Street Court, HalifaxRef 19-6970
Recorded in 1893

Stead Street, HalifaxRef 19-1106
Ran between Lister Lane and Gibbet Street, just below Hall Street. Recorded in 1874

See Otley's Court, Halifax

Stead's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1625
Area of New Market Street

Steel Lane, KrumlinRef 19-365

Steele Lane, BarkislandRef 19-1542

Steele Lane Head, BarkislandRef 19-1488

Steep Bank Side, SouthowramRef 19-1577
Recorded in 1874 & 1924

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being at

Southowram Bank near St Michael's Church

Steep Lane, SowerbyRef 19-6326

See John Dracup, Pilling Lane, Sowerby, Quickstavers, Sowerby and Steep Lane Baptist Church, Sowerby

Stephen Close, NorthowramRef 19-1624

Stephen Row, HalifaxRef 19-1671

Stephen Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6452

Steps Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-S77

See Steps Farm Estate, Sowerby Bridge, Willow Clough, Sowerby Bridge and Willow Lodge, Sowerby Bridge

The Steps, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5460

Sterne Hill, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6592

Stile Moor Rise, TodmordenRef 19-3513

Stile Road, TodmordenRef 19-3535

Stile, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4475

Stile Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4410

Stirling Street, HalifaxRef 19-1765

Stock Hey Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5404

See Rough Top, Todmorden

Stock Lane, WarleyRef 19-4210

Some of the buildings here are listed

Stocks Avenue, MytholmroydRef 19-6486

Stocks Crescent, MytholmroydRef 19-6522

Stocks Drive, MytholmroydRef 19-6593

Stocks Gardens, MytholmroydRef 19-6625

Stocks Lane, LuddendenRef 19-4211
There is a horse trough near the junction with High Street

Stocks Lane, Mount TaborRef 19-5003

Stocks Lane, MytholmroydRef 19-518

Stocks Lane, SowerbyRef 19-6651

See Sowerby stocks

Stocks Road, MytholmroydRef 19-62

Stocks Villas, HeptonstallRef 19-5856
The stocks were here

Stod Fold, MixendenRef 19-3226

Stone Street, HalifaxRef 19-167
Caddy Field.

Recorded in 1861 & 1924

Stone Trough Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1697
Former name of Trinity Road

Stonecliffe, HalifaxRef 19-1894

Stonelea, BarkislandRef 19-1960

Stonelea Drive, RastrickRef 19-4214

Stonely Drive, TodmordenRef 19-3578

Stones Bank, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4561

Stones Drive, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6331
At Stones, Ripponden

Stones Lane, TodmordenRef 19-S488

See Hundersfield Monolith, Pighill, Walsden and Stones Grange Farm, Todmorden

Stones Road, TodmordenRef 19-3617

Stones Terrace, TodmordenRef 19-3635

Stoneshey Gate, Hebden BridgeRef 19-114

Stoney Brow, HalifaxRef 19-1988

Stoney Hall, HolmfieldRef 19-3412

Stoney Hill, RastrickRef 19-4243

Stoney Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-159

Stoney Lane, King CrossRef 19-5431

Stoney Lane, LightcliffeRef 19-4216
Originally ran to Hoyle House.

After 1850, it was straightened to join Smith House Lane.

The road was unmade – and lived up to its name – until Cliffe Hill County Primary School and Stoney Lane Housing Estate were completed in 1953.

See Gun Club Field, Lightcliffe

Stoney Lane, OvendenRef 19-3435

Stoney Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4656

Stoney Royd, HalifaxRef 19-4218

Stoney Royd Lane, TodmordenRef 19-3653

Stoney Royd Terrace, SiddalRef 19-2022

Stoney Spring, LuddendenfootRef 19-2047

Stony Butts Lane, BarkislandRef 19-4220
The name uses the element butts, suggesting that archery was once practised here

Stony Croft Lane, BarkislandRef 19-2101

Stony Hill, RastrickRef 19-648

Stony Lane, GreetlandRef 19-197

Stony Lane, Mill BankRef 19-270

Stony Lane, SouthowramRef 19-711

Stony Lane, TodmordenRef 19-335
Part of the old packhorse route

Stoodley Close, TodmordenRef 19-3673

Stoodley Glen, TodmordenRef 19-3716

Stoodley Grange, TodmordenRef 19-S495
Formerly the Fielden Joint Hospital, Todmorden

Stoodley Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5413

Some of the buildings here are listed

Stoodley Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-4222
West End / Warley Road / Kingston

Stoodley View, HeptonstallRef 19-5858
Early 19th century house at Number 40/42 Towngate

Store Street, HalifaxRef 19-2467
Recorded in 1874 off Spring Street

Stormer Hill Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-396

Stormer Hill Road, NorlandRef 19-802
Norland Working Men's Club is here

Stormer Hill, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4748

Storth Lea, EllandRef 19-4806

Storth View, EllandRef 19-4893

Stott's Place, SouthowramRef 19-3308
Recorded in 1905 & 1911 off 60 Southowram Bank

Straight Lane, IllingworthRef 19-3551
Recorded in 1905 as a continuation of Raw Lane

Strand, TodmordenRef 19-372
Recorded in 1876.

The area outside the Golden Lion. It later became Fielden Square

Stratton Close, RastrickRef 19-4270

Stratton Park, RastrickRef 19-4294

Stratton Road, RastrickRef 19-4316

Streamside Fold, MytholmroydRef 19-225

Street, HalifaxRef 19-6929
Recorded in 1910, when it was at Back Chapeltown

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

StreetRef 19-1043
The Anglo-Saxon word straet comes from the Latin via strata [a paved road]. Some early streets – such as Ermine Street, Watling Street – were Roman roads.

See Highways

Stretchgate Lane, PellonRef 19-4223

See Highgate Methodist Church, Ovenden, Holmes Terrace, Halifax, North View, Stretchgate Lane and Stretchergate

Strines Street, TodmordenRef 19-3758

Strines, TodmordenRef 19-3776

Stub Thorn Lane, SouthowramRef 19-481
Bank Top.

See Marsh Lane Quarries, Southowram

The Stubb, MytholmroydRef 19-5872
See Stubb, Mytholmroyd

Stubbing Brink, Hebden BridgeRef 19-272

Stubbing Drive, Hebden BridgeRef 19-336

Stubbing Footpath, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6801

Stubbing Holme, Hebden BridgeRef 19-545
See Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

Stubbing Holme Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6689
There are traces of a former dye works in a field at the corner of Trinity Street and Stubbing Holme Road

Stubbing Lane, GreetlandRef 19-832

See Stubbing Farm, Greetland

Stubbing Lane, Mill BankRef 19-864

Stubbing Square, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5862
Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Number 5 – houses dated 1705

Stubbing Street, MytholmroydRef 19-918

Stubbings Holme Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-949

Stubbings Street, BradshawRef 19-595

Stubbings Street, MytholmroydRef 19-647

Stubbins Close, MytholmroydRef 19-424

Stubley Holme, TodmordenRef 19-3797

Studleigh Terrace, Hove EdgeRef 19-4340

Stump Cross, HalifaxRef 19-2181

See Stump Cross

Sturton Grove, IllingworthRef 19-2237

Sturton Lane, IllingworthRef 19-2268

Styes Lane, SowerbyRef 19-803

Some of the buildings here are listed

Styring's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-5940
Half-timbered building which stood at the top of Crown Street

Suez Street, SouthowramRef 19-572
Recorded in 1891, 1905 & 1924.

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being

Off 40 Southowram Bank

See Howarth's Buildings

Suffelds-Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1802
Around 1576, this was a popular name for Southfield-gate which later became Southgate

Sugden Close, RastrickRef 19-4368

Sugden's Yard, EllandRef 19-1271

Summer Street, HalifaxRef 19-2298

Summerfield Avenue, Bailiff BridgeRef 19-4390

Summerfield Court, IllingworthRef 19-2324

Summerfield Road, TodmordenRef 19-3842

Summerfield Road West, TodmordenRef 19-3818

Summergate Place, HalifaxRef 19-2353

Summergate Street, HalifaxRef 19-2385
Parkinson Lane

Summerland Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4837

Summerscale Street, HalifaxRef 19-710

Sun Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-2411

Sun Buildings, WainstallsRef 19-3
Named for the Sun Inn

Sun Fold, HalifaxRef 19-4601
South Parade.

Recorded in 1911.

See Bell's Court, Halifax

Sun Street, HalifaxRef 19-1384
Recorded in 1864, 1874, 1905 & 1936 off Charlestown Road

Sun Terrace, CornholmeRef 19-3863

Sun Vale Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-3886

Sun Yard, HalifaxRef 19-157
Recorded in 1874 off Smithy Street

Sunderland Close, BrighouseRef 19-5056
Waring Green. Housing development named for Mrs Susan Sunderland who lived nearby. The houses and shops which stood on the site were demolished in the 1980s

Sunderland Street, HalifaxRef 19-2440
Recorded in 1874 off Lord Street / Lister Lane

Sunderland's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1770
Or Sunderland Yard.

North of Lister Lane, the yard backed on to Duke Street.

Recorded in 1837, when John Turner (cabinet maker) was here.

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being

Between 26 & 24 Lister Lane

Sunfold, HalifaxRef 19-1862
or Sun Fold. Area of South Parade. Recorded in 1874

Sunny Bank, HalifaxRef 19-2492

Sunny Bank Lane, Cragg ValeRef 19-738

Sunny Bank Lane, SouthowramRef 19-1014

See Sunny Bank, Southowram

Sunny Bank, MytholmroydRef 19-546
A good example of double-decker houses

Sunny Bank, OvendenRef 19-3671

Sunny Bank Road, MixendenRef 19-1039

Sunny Bank Terrace, MixendenRef 19-2466

Sunny Bank Terrace, TodmordenRef 19-3912

Sunny Mount, HalifaxRef 19-2524

Sunny Royd, Hebden BridgeRef 19-596

Sunny Side Street, HalifaxRef 19-888

Sunnybank Crescent, GreetlandRef 19-2582

Sunnybank Crescent, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-4927

Sunnybank Drive, GreetlandRef 19-4238

Sunnybank Drive, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5918

Sunnybank Grange, BrighouseRef 19-4408

Sunnybank, GreetlandRef 19-2667

Sunnybank, Hebden BridgeRef 19-623

Sunnybank Lane, GreetlandRef 19-2608

Sunnybank Road, BrighouseRef 19-5058

Sunnybank Road, GreetlandRef 19-4241

Sunnybank Road, HalifaxRef 19-2640

Sunnybank Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6004

Sunnybank Terrace, BrighouseRef 19-4429

Sunnycliffe, LightcliffeRef 19-2694

Sunnydale Avenue, RastrickRef 19-4451

Sunnyside, BrighouseRef 19-4473

Sunnyside, HalifaxRef 19-3865
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank.

Sunnyside Board School was here

Sunnyside, LightcliffeRef 19-2718

Sunnyside, StainlandRef 19-2747

Sunnyside, TodmordenRef 19-3936

Sunway, SouthowramRef 19-4246
Bank Top.

Housing development built by F. Broadley [early 1940s].

See Broadway, Southowram, Howgate Hill, Southowram and Upper Delves, Southowram

Sunwood Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-2801

Sunwood Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-2825

Surf Place, RippondenRef 19-2023
Recorded in 1911

Surrey Street, HalifaxRef 19-2849

Sutcliffe's Buildings, SouthowramRef 19-6699
Recorded in 1861

Sutcliffe Buildings, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6338
Wakefield Road.

Recorded in 1891

Sutcliffe Buildings, TodmordenRef 19-21
Cheapside in Salford, Todmorden. Built by John Sutcliffe.

Owners and tenants have included

Sutcliffe's Court, Lee MountRef 19-3862

Sutcliffe's Court, SouthowramRef 19-6736
Bank Top. Terrace of houses which ran off Bank Top, near the Manor House pub. Demolished

Sutcliffe Road, HalifaxRef 19-2874

Sutcliffe Street, PellonRef 19-2904

Sutcliffe Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-2930

Sutcliffe Wood Lane, HalifaxRef 19-3001

Sutherland Road, LightcliffeRef 19-4254
Named for the Sutherland family

Sutton, MixendenRef 19-3911

Swaine's Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-6875
Recorded in 1893 & 1911 in the Parish of St James

Swales Moor Road, BoothtownRef 19-3025
A part of the old route to Bradford.

See Slack End, Northowram

Swallow's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-2525
Recorded in 1874 at Savile Park

Swan Bank, HalifaxRef 19-249
Hill at Caddy Field leading from Bailey Hall down to Stoney Royd.

See Caddy Field Board School, Swan Bank Brick Works, Swan Bank Coal & Brick Company Limited, Swan Bank Colliery, Swan Bank Dye Works, Swan Bank Recreation Ground, Halifax and Swan Bank Tavern, Halifax

Swan Bank Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1129

Swan Bank Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-7003
Recorded in 1915

Swan Court, HalifaxRef 19-6770
Bull Green. The property was demolished when the area was redeveloped around 1914

Swan Fold, BrighouseRef 19-6878
Recorded on 13th September 1871, when newspapers reported

the first stone of a large and extensive silk mill for
Ormerod Brothers & Cheetham was laid by George Hepworth The mill was to be built on the newly-formed street between Bradford Road & Bridge End, formerly known as Swan Fold

Swan Fold, HeptonstallRef 19-5867
Around 18??, the mid 17th century Swan, Heptonstall was divided into 3 dwellings, known as Swan Fold. The houses and other associated buildings are listed

Swan Place, TodmordenRef 19-3553

Swan Street, HalifaxRef 19-160
Recorded in 1874 off Queen Street.

It was a part of The City

Swan Yard, HalifaxRef 19-2354
Waterhouse Street

Sweet Oak, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6339

Swift Court, HalifaxRef 19-7037
Gibbet Street

Recorded in 1851

Swift Place, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6188

Swift Street, SiddalRef 19-979

Swift's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-2556
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street.

Recorded in 1936 between 52 and 56 King Cross Street

Swine Gate, HalifaxRef 19-2325

Swine Market, HalifaxRef 19-161
Area just north of Cow Green at the bottom of Gibbet Street/Pellon Lane.

See Copper Street, Halifax

Swine Market Lane, Cragg ValeRef 19-807
Old Cragg Hall is here

Swineshead Lane, TodmordenRef 19-1079

Swineshead Road, TodmordenRef 19-3959

Swinton Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-3053

Swires Road, HalifaxRef 19-4257

See William Deighton and Swires Road Almshouses, Halifax

Swires Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-3120

Sycamore Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-3979

Sycamore Close, MytholmroydRef 19-739

Sycamore Drive, EllandRef 19-4953

Sycamore Drive, LightcliffeRef 19-4259
Stands on the site of Little Smith House, Brighouse

Syke Gate, Cragg ValeRef 19-1154

Syke House Lane, GreetlandRef 19-3140

Syke Lane, Causeway FootRef 19-3998

Syke Lane, IllingworthRef 19-3160

Syke Lane, LightcliffeRef 19-4262
/ Priestley Green

Formerly Helliwell Syke Lane, the name comes from the Holywell Syke.

A row of 18th century houses here has been refurbished with Tudor style doors and windows.

See Syke and Sykewell Fields, Lightcliffe

Syke Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1190

Sykes Street, HalifaxRef 19-7030
Boothtown Road / Fern Street

Recorded in 1881 & 1924

Sykes Terrace, Lee MountRef 19-4113
Shroggs Road.

Recorded in 1871

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