Streets in Calderdale



Under Arch, HeptonstallRef 19-2854

Under Crag, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2721

Under Gallery, SalterhebbleRef 19-836
Recorded in the 1851 census

See Gallery, Salterhebble

Underbank Avenue, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2750

See Higher Underbank

Undercliffe, NorthowramRef 19-3189
Recorded in 1874

Underhill, MixendenRef 19-2558

Union Cross Yard, HalifaxRef 19-226
The yard of the Union Cross Inn, Halifax.

See Whewall's Court

Union Lane, BradshawRef 19-2586

Union Street, BrighouseRef 19-1233
The street stood on, what is now, Thornton Square, Brighouse, immediately in front of Brighouse Town Hall.

Because of disruption to the flow of traffic along Union Street, Holroyd's Buildings were demolished in 1914, and Artillery Square was created, and Union Street was lost

Union Street, HalifaxRef 19-1808
In 1745, it was renamed in support of the Crown during the Jacobite rebellion – as was the Union Cross.

Continues into Union Street South.

See West Riding Magistrates' Office

Union Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2010
See Union Street RC Church

Union Street South, HalifaxRef 19-386
Southern continuation of Union Street

Union Street South, TodmordenRef 19-3123

Union Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-867

Union Street, TodmordenRef 19-2877

Union Street, TriangleRef 19-3056

Union Street, West ValeRef 19-1774

Unity Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2775

Unity Street, TodmordenRef 19-3143

Unity Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-1867

Upper Ainleys, IllingworthRef 19-2611

Upper Bank Houses, StainlandRef 19-1900

Upper Bankhouse, HalifaxRef 19-1936

Upper Bell Croft, SouthowramRef 19-1963

Upper Bell Hall, HalifaxRef 19-1991

Upper Bentley Royd, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-893

See Bentley Royd, Sowerby Bridge

Upper Birks, MytholmroydRef 19-2805

Upper Blind Lane, LuddendenfootRef 19-6739

See Blind Lane, Luddendenfoot

Upper Bolton Brow, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-833

See Bolton Brow

Upper Bonegate, BrighouseRef 19-1627

Upper Brig Royd, RippondenRef 19-6361

Part of the Brig Royd estate

Upper Brockholes, Causeway FootRef 19-2025

Upper Brunswick Street, HalifaxRef 19-168
Runs between Hopwood Lane and Lister Lane

Upper Brunswick Street, HalifaxRef 19-2981
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane

Upper Castle, MytholmroydRef 19-2829

Upper Clarence Street, HalifaxRef 19-3004
Area of Gibbet Street. Recorded in 1874

Upper Clay Pits, HalifaxRef 19-2050

Upper Cross Wells, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-921

Upper Crown Street, HalifaxRef 19-1105
A later name for Swine Market

Upper Deerplay, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-952

See Deerplay, Mill Bank

Upper Delves, SouthowramRef 19-1580
Higgin Lane, Bank Top.

Recorded around 1855, when it appears as Upper Delfs. Later it was called Upper Delves.

It was lost when the Sunway & Broadway estates were built

Upper Doubting Castle, SowerbyRef 19-3459

Recorded in 1841, when William Helliwell lived here.

Does anyone know anything about this address or Lower Doubting Castle? Are they connected to Castle Hill Farm?

Upper Edge, EllandRef 19-3100

Upper Ellistones Court, GreetlandRef 19-4375

Upper Exley, ExleyRef 19-2077

Upper Field House Lane, SowerbyRef 19-1138

Some of the buildings here are listed

Upper Fountain Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-983

See Fountain Street, Sowerby Bridge

Upper Gaukroger, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1017

Upper George Street, HalifaxRef 19-3029

Upper George Yard, HalifaxRef 19-237
The yard of the Upper George Inn, between Cheapside and Crown Street, was lined by a number of 18th/19th century warehouses.

Some of the buildings here were demolished in 1968.

Property in Upper George Yard

The occupants of the properties here have included

Upper Green Lane, Hove EdgeRef 19-1683

See Nether House, Hove Edge

Upper Green Royd, HalifaxRef 19-2104

Upper Hall View, NorthowramRef 19-2136

Upper Highlees, LuddendenfootRef 19-2187

Upper Jackroyd, WheatleyRef 19-2216

Upper Kell, HalifaxRef 19-2240

Upper Kingston, HalifaxRef 19-2274

Upper Kingston, HalifaxRef 19-2934
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane

Upper Kirkgate, HalifaxRef 19-169
Area of Causeway.

See Overseers' Office, Halifax Workhouse, Ring O' Bells, Halifax and Vagrant Office

Upper Lane, Hove EdgeRef 19-2911
See Gibson Charity

Upper Lane, IllingworthRef 19-4919

See Per Lane, Illingworth

Upper Lane, NorthowramRef 19-4383
The wall between Hall Lane and Upper Lane was built about 1780, and consists of 224 ashlar stone slabs – each 3 ft tall – linked by cast-iron plates and bolts, and is about 600 ft in length. This is the only example that survives intact. It is a scheduled monument.

See Jagger's Buildings, Claremount

Upper Lumb Lane, Cragg ValeRef 19-3212

Upper Marsh, SouthowramRef 19-2301

Upper Martin Green, GreetlandRef 19-2327

Upper Newlands, IllingworthRef 19-2645

Upper Oxford Street, BrighouseRef 19-3078
Recorded in 1905.

The street ran parallel to, and just north of, Lower Oxford Street, Brighouse

The street was lost in the 1970s when the area was redeveloped for the construction of the Lüdenscheid Link

Upper Popples, IllingworthRef 19-2670

Upper Raglan Street, TodmordenRef 19-3163

Upper Ramsden Court, HalifaxRef 19-7000
Near 16 Gibbet Street Recorded in 1895 & 1901

See Lower Ramsden Court, Halifax and Ramsden Court, Halifax

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Upper Ramsden's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-2959
Recorded in 1871 & 1874 off Gibbet Street

Upper Range, HalifaxRef 19-2359

Upper Royd, HipperholmeRef 19-4387

Upper Shaw Street, HalifaxRef 19-7004
Recorded in 1915

Upper Slack, HalifaxRef 19-2388

Upper Stubbins, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1042

Upper Sutherland Road, HipperholmeRef 19-2414

Upper Tewit, BradshawRef 19-2443

Upper Washer Lane, Pye NestRef 19-2469

Upper Well Royd, HalifaxRef 19-2495

Upper Wesley Street, HalifaxRef 19-2910

Recorded in 1851, when

Owners and tenants have included

See Wesley Street, Halifax

Upper West Scausby, IllingworthRef 19-2526

Upper Willow Hall, WillowfieldRef 19-3230

Upper Wood Nook, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1086

Uttley's Buildings, NorthowramRef 19-7110
Recorded in 1871, when it was (possibly) near Boothtown Road

Uttley's Buildings, Skircoat GreenRef 19-6847
Recorded in 1871

Uttley's Square, OvendenRef 19-2697
off Keighley Road / Ovenden Road

Uttley Street, HalifaxRef 19-3251
The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being at

144 Boothtown Road to Fern Street

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