Uf Uk Ul Um Un Up Us Ut

UFOsRef U121
There have been many reports of sightings of flying saucers and unidentified flying objects in the district.

See Zygmunt Jan Adamski and PC Alan Godfrey

UkilRef U2
[10??-10??] Father of Gamel

The Ukrainian Club, HalifaxRef U66
Queens Road.

The Jackie Gibson School of Dancing was here in 1998

Ulph, RobertRef U126
[1819-1890] Born in Buxton, Norfolk.

He was an agricultural labourer [1861] / a machine tenter [1872] / an engine tenter [1871].

He married Susannah [1823-1891].

Susan / Susannah was born in Buxton, Norfolk


  1. Sarah [1843-1894] who was a weaver [1871] and never  married
  2. Mary Ann [b 1849]
  3. Sophia / Hannah Sophia [b 1852] who was a weaver  [1871] & married Isaac Ingham
  4. Matilda [1855-1900] who was a spinner [1871] and never  married
  5. Georgeanna / Hannah [b 1858] who was a spinner  [1871]
  6. Rose Anna / Roseanna [b 1861] who was a spinner &  scholar [1871]
  7. John [1866-1930]

They lived at

  • Bambridge Corner, Buxton, Norfolk [1861]
  • Providence Place, Midgley [1871]

Robert died Q2 1890 (aged 71).

Susannah died Q3 1891 (aged 69).

They both died in Halifax

Ulrich, FrankRef U142
[1903-1970] Son of George Alfred Ulrich.

He had a good tenor voice and used to sing traditional songs in the local pubs.

Ulrich, George AlfredRef U185
[1862-1909] Son of Henry Ulrich.

Born in Hackney, London.

He was a silk comber at Woodvale Silk Mills, Brighouse, after the family moved north for work.

On 3rd July 1886, he married Elizabeth Groves [1860-1946] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Edith [1890-1899]
  2. Frank [1903-1970]
  3. Amy [b 1887] who married Benjamin Walker

They lived at 7 Woodland Street, Brighouse [1899]

On Whit Sunday morning 1899, daughter Edith went for a walk along the banks of the Calder in Brighouse. She failed to return home. Some days later, a 7-year-old friend said

Edith fell into the river

Edith's body was found on 1st June 1899.

The Inquest into Edith's death took place at the Woodlands Hotel.

George Alfred said that his daughter went out of the house at 11:00 am on Whitsunday morning, and he did not see her again until she was taken out of the canal on Thursday night. When she left home, she was accompanied by a friend called Mary Elizabeth Squire who was 7 years old, and she said that she was going on the canal bank.

Mary Elizabeth Squire said that the deceased was trying to gather a flower when she slipped into the water. Witness was frightened and ran home and did not tell her mother and father until the next day.

William Edwards, lock keeper at Kirklees Cut End, said he found the body on Thursday night he was looking for it and found it at the dam head. He got her out of the water and sent for the police.

Mary Ann Sykes, widow of Birds Royd, assisted in the laying-out of the body, and said no marks of violence we're found.

The Coroner characterised the affair as a very sad one and said she had much better have been at the Sunday school, though it might have happened on another day, accidents were bound to happen in this world seemingly.

Verdict: Accidentally Drowned


Family stories tell that, after Edith's death, her mother Elizabeth could not face being in the same room as children being bathed.

Elizabeth died at Rastrick in 1946

Ulrich, George HenryRef U128
[1885-1918] Son of Robert Ulrich.

Born in Halifax.

He was a member of Square Congregational Church, Halifax / a member of St Barnabas's Mission Church, Halifax / a railway van lad [1901] / a labourer of 7 Stone Street, Halifax [1907] / a railway goods porter [1911] / employed at Dempster's, Elland.

In [Q4] 1907, he married Edith Annie Webster [1884-19??] at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.

Edith Annie, of 27 Chapel Lane, Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge, was born in Sowerby Bridge, the daughter of Joseph Webster, moulder


  1. Clement [b 1911]
  2. Mabel [b 1912]
  3. Evelyn [b 1914]

They lived at 14 Stone Street, Halifax [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) [October 1914], then he transferred and served as a Private with the 2nd/4th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

He was killed instantaneously when a shell hit his shelter [11th April 1918] (aged 33).

The Halifax Courier [11th May 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered on the Pozières Memorial, France [Grave Ref 59 & 60], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Halifax Parish Church Members (WWI) Memorial, and on the Memorial at Rosemount Iron Works, Elland

Ulrich, Gerhard HenryRef U144
[18??-1???] He was a painter.

He married Unknown.


  1. Robert Ulrich
  2. George Alfred Ulrich

Ulrich, RobertRef U32
[1853-1913] Son of Henry Ulrich.

Born in Hackney, London.

He was a cart driver of Brighouse [1875] / a railway drayman [1881] / a domestic coachman [1891] / a railway carter [1901] / a carter for the Great Central Railway Company [1911].

In 1875, he married Fanny Turner [1852-19??] at St Martin's Church, Brighouse.

Fanny / Francis A., of Brighouse, was born in Hull, the daughter of George Turner, gardener


  1. Mary Jane [b 1877] who was a cotton spinner [1891] &  married Maurice Hey
  2. George Henry
  3. adopted daughter (niece in 1911) Edith Evelyn Robinson [b   Rastrick 1892] who was a worsted millhand [1911]

They lived at

  • 21 Coal Street, Caddy Field, Halifax [1881]
  • 2 Coal Street, Caddy Field, Halifax [1891]
  • 7 Loch (or Lock) Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 7 Stone Street, Caddy Field, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1881] were Fanny's sisters [?] Polly Turner [b 1860] (silk packer) & Kate Turner [b 1863] (silk winder) 

The Umbrella ShopRef U155
Recorded in 1916 at 30 Crown Street, Halifax.

An advertisement for the business announced

Umbrellas & Walking Sticks
For the Smartest and Best go to
The Umbrella Shop

Umbrellas recovered while you wait, from 1/6

Unanimous SocietyRef U107
Hipperholme friendly society established in 1772

Unattached MaterialRef U119

Under Bank Hall, TodmordenRef U26

Owners and tenants have included

UnderbankRef U76
An area of Hebden Bridge.

Question: There is some uncertainty in the records about the precise identity of Underbank (the district), Underbank, Stansfield, Underbank House, Hebden Bridge, and Underbank Hall, Hebden Bridge. Please email me if you are able to clarify the situation or remove any duplication


Underbank Hall, Hebden BridgeRef U22
Underbank Avenue, Charlestown.

Question: There is some uncertainty in the records about the precise identity of Underbank (the district), Underbank, Stansfield, Underbank House, Hebden Bridge, and Underbank Hall, Hebden Bridge. Please email me if you clarify the situation


Built by Christopher Rawdon.

The house is dated C S R 1788 for Sophia and Christopher Rawdon who owned Callis Mill at this date.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

It is now 2 dwellings

Underbank Hoe, EastwoodRef U74

Underbank House, Hebden BridgeRef U90

Question: There is some uncertainty in the records about the precise identity of Underbank (the district), Underbank, Stansfield, Underbank House, Hebden Bridge, and Underbank Hall, Hebden Bridge. Please email me if you clarify the situation


Built about 1820 (possibly) for Richard Horsfall.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

See Higher Underbank House, Hebden Bridge

Underbank, Sowerby BridgeRef U62

Underbank, StansfieldRef U114

See Underbank Dye Works, Stansfield and Underbank Mill, Stansfield

Undercliffe House, ShibdenRef U96
Godley Lane.

Owners and tenants have included

Undercliffe, SouthowramRef U78
Another name for Lower Norcliffe, Southowram

Underhill Farm, ColeyRef U135

Underhill, TedRef U84
[1939-2012] Born in Manchester.

He was a potter in Mytholmroyd. His pottery was at Mytholmroyd Fire Station.

He had made several commemorative plates.

He died 23rd November 2012

Underwood Cottage, HipperholmeRef U132

Owners and tenants have included

Unidentified PeopleRef U134

Unidentified spousesRef U154

The Union BankRef U59
Aka Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company

Union Bank, BrighouseRef U178
The Brighouse Branch of The Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company Limited stood at 1 King Street, Brighouse, the north-east corner of the junction with Bradford Road.

Recorded in 1897, when John Edward Longbottom was Manager.

The Branch closed in 19??.

The building subsequently became

Union Bank Chambers, HalifaxRef U169
Office accommodation at Commercial Street [1936]

Union Bank, EllandRef U179
The Elland Branch of The Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company Limited.

The specially-built building at Northgate, Elland was opened on 2nd April 1894, on land acquired by Godfrey Beaumont.

The bank later moved to Britannia House at Elland, then The Cross Tavern.

When the branch moved to Britannia House, the building became successively Lloyds Bank, the Caddyshack bar and restaurant and the Gatsby Wine Bar [2013].

Officers of the Bank have included John Hepworth: Manager [at Briggate, 1897] and Arthur Proude: Manager [1905]

Union Bank, HalifaxRef U181
The Halifax Branch of The Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company Limited.

In 1864, the Bank had

undegone material alterations and repairs. The interior [presented] an appearance which is exceedingly beautiful, and as such is perhaps surpassed by no bank in the country. The work has mostly been done by Messrs Bancroft, plasterers, Halifax and Mr Lee, painter of the same town

In 1897, the Head Office was at Royds' House where Joseph Henry Finlinson was General Manager [1884-1897].

In 1898, they were in the Commercial Street building where Lloyds Bank is currently located

Union Bank of Manchester LimitedRef U172
Recorded in 1923 at Commercial Street, Brighouse when Ernest W. Barwick was Manager

Union Bank, Queens RoadRef U182
The Queens Road Branch of The Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company Limited stood at the junction of Gibbet Street and Queens Road. The name can still be seen on the building

Union Bank, Sowerby BridgeRef U180
The Sowerby Bridge Branch of The Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company Limited.

Recorded in 1897 at Ryburn Buildings, Sowerby Bridge when Edward Gledhill was Manager

Union Building SocietyRef U171
Established in December 1844 at a meeting at The Temperance Hotel in Halifax. The formation originated in
the efforts then being made by the Anti-Corn Law League to extend the franchise

A plot of land in Green Lane was acquired in 1855, and buildings were erected on the land, with Go-Ahead / Mount Pleasant being the first street to be completed. The houses in that street were said to be of a superior class. Others of a rather inferior order followed.

By 1854, the Society had 168 houses in Mount Pleasant, Freedom Street, Health Street, Temperance Street, Peel Street, Bright Street, and Cobden Street.

On 24th December 1856, a meeting was held in the Great Albion Street School Room for the purpose of winding up the Union or Go-a-head Building Society

Union Cash & Time Recorders LimitedRef U43
Recorded in 1936

Union Clothing Company, TodmordenRef U9390
Owned by Percy Horsfall [1906].

See Harry Wallace Wardle

The Union ClubRef U41
A loyal and patriotic association formed in Halifax at the time of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, under the auspices of Sir George Savile, the chief patron of the Union Journal

Union Female SocietyRef U118
19th century friendly society in Wadsworth

Union Infirmary, HalifaxRef U5

Union Jack Stores, Sowerby BridgeRef U115
Recorded around 1915

The Union JournalRef U9
Or Halifax Advertiser. Weekly newspaper first published by Pressic Darby – under the patronage of Sir George Savile – on Tuesday, 6th February 1759. It was a 4-page paper published on Tuesdays and cost 3d. It contained very little local news, the proprietors assuming that local people knew all about local matters.

It ceased publication around 1763.

See Jacobite Rebellion and Union Club

Union Mills Company, HalifaxRef U103
They had business at Union Mills, Pellon Lane.

In 1912, the company was served with a notice to abate the nuisance arising from the discharge of black smoke from the chimney at the works

Union of London & Smiths Bank LimitedRef U130

Union Offices, TodmordenRef U157
Hall Street. Dated 1901

Union SocietyRef U117
A friendly society met at the home of Thomas Foster in Midgley from 1817

Union Street Post OfficeRef U123
Recorded in 1905 at 19 Union Street, Halifax. It was then at the same address as the business run by J. W. Aldan, bookseller and stationer

Unitarian Lodge, TodmordenRef U89
Honey Hole Road. Built 1868. It adjoins the Unitarian Church.

Until 1992, church meetings were held here

Unitarian Van MissionRef U64
In 1911, a horse-drawn van provided Unitarian services for the people of Elland.

See Elland Unitarian Chapel

United Brass Founders & Engineers LimitedRef U28
Spring Hall Lane, Halifax.

Founded 1910 from the business of Gaukroger, Sykes and other brass founders in Halifax. Richard Edwin Hattersley was Chairman.

The produced munitions during World War I.

An offshoot – United Brass Founders & Engineers Limited (1920) – was formed but this closed in July 1923.

Hattersley acquired the Spring Hall premises and others in Ormskirk to establish Hattersley (Ormskirk) Limited

United Commercial Travellers' AssociationRef U131
Recorded [1930s-1940s] when Charles Gregory Hoyle was Chairman of the Halifax Branch.

See Commercial Travellers' Temperance Association

United Co-operative Yorkshire BandRef U82
Based in Brighouse

United District School Board of TodmordenRef U10
See Todmorden & Hebden Bridge School Board

United Irish League of Great BritainRef U122
Recorded in 1905 at Foundry Street, Northgate, Halifax when the Secretary was Robert McHugh and at 3 Upper George Yard which was described as the Halifax Home Rule Branch.

The Home Rule Branch was recorded in 1917 at Ward's End when J. W. Lawless was secretary.

See Home Rule and Irish in Calderdale

United Order of DruidsRef U137
Recorded in 1870, when the Good Intent Lodge was mentioned at Southowram

United SocietyRef U116
A friendly society met at the home of John Cockroft in Wadsworth from 1817

United Sunday Schools Peace CommemorationRef U3
A celebration of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I.

It was held on Saturday, 28th June 1919 at Thrum Hall.

Thousands of people, including teachers and scholars from over 120 local Sunday Schools, gathered for the event

United Yeast Company LimitedRef U105
Bakers' sundriesmen.

Recorded in 1915.

They were at 5 Westgate, Halifax [1936]

Unsworth, AbrahamRef U101
[1778-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Unwin, HerbertRef U92

He married Unknown.

They lived at 17 Corlton Street, Sowerby Bridge.

During World War I, he served as a Gunner with No. 4 Depot Royal Garrison Artillery.

He died 6th May 1916.

He was buried at Ripon Cemetery [D 235]

Upfold, GeorgeRef U100
[1923-1944] Son of Louisa & Ernest Edward Upfold of Greetland.

During World War II, he served as a Sergeant with the 626th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He died 15th January 1944 (aged 21).

He was buried at Hanover War Cemetery [Grave Ref 6 F 13].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Clay House, Greetland, and on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade

Upper Ashes, Cross StoneRef U152
See Higher Ashes, Cross Stone

Upper Beestonhirst, RippondenRef U29
Baitings, Rochdale Road.

See Beestonhirst

Upper Bentley Royd, SowerbyRef U112
In Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area [1967], it is described as
now appearing as a row of stone tenements

Upper Birkhouse Farm, Bailiff BridgeRef U13
/ Clifton. 2-storey house dated 1647.

It is now 2 separate dwellings: Upper Birkhouse Cottage and Upper Birkhouse Farmhouse.

This is discussed in the book Down the Acres

Upper Booth Dean ReservoirRef U104
One of the Booth Dean Reservoirs. It covers 3 acres and has a capacity of 11 million gallons

Upper Booth Reservoir, RishworthRef U63
Built for Wakefield City Council on the Ryburn

Upper Booth, RishworthRef U60
Mentioned about 1750 when the estate at Booth, Rishworth was divided

Upper Brackenbeds, ShelfRef U184
Small hamlet off Brackens Lane. Recorded in the 18th century.

It was (possibly) built by Aydon & Elwell for their workers.

People recorded here include

It was abandoned in the 1930s. Only the humps & bumps remain.

See Brackenbeds, Shelf, Lower Brackenbeds, Shelf and Stanage

Upper BrackensRef U40
Aka Upper Brackensbed. Coal-mining district north of Shelf. The hamlet which once stood there declined in the 1930s.

See Lion Gate and Smiling Mule

Upper Brandy Hole, GreetlandRef U98
An area of Greetland.

See Brandy Hole Lane, Greetland and Lower Brandy Hole, Greetland

Upper Brea, ShibdenRef U54
Aka Over Brea. Lies between Hipperholme and Stump Cross. This was a part of the Shibden Hall Estate

Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Brea, Shibden

Upper Brear, NorthowramRef U102
Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Brear

Upper Brearley HallRef U7

Upper BrockholesRef U31
Area to the south of Ogden and 3½ miles north-west of Halifax

Upper Brockholes Farm, OgdenRef U33
Owners and tenants have included

See Brockholes Farm, Ogden and Lower Brockholes Farm, Ovenden

Upper Butterworth, NorlandRef U38
Farmhouse built around 1663.

See Butterworth End

Upper Calder ValleyRef U51
Informal term for the western end of Calderdale, referring to Todmorden, Heptonstall, and Hebden Bridge.

See Calder Valley, Calder Valley Constituency, Coiners and Lower Calder Valley

Upper Calico Hall, HalifaxRef U49
Owners and tenants have included

The building was subsequently known as Savile Green House

See Calico Hall

Upper Clough Foot, Cragg ValeRef U150
Early 17th century house.

See Lower Clough Foot, Cragg Vale

Upper Coal Bed, HalifaxRef U4
The coal here was mined at several places on the Shibden Hall Estate, including Bank Top Farm, Southowram, Flat Field, Shibden and Hanging Hey, Shibden

Upper Cockroft Farm, RishworthRef U99
House cased in stone by George Holroyd and dated G. H. ANNO: DOMI: 1607. The farm is attached to Upper Cockroft Hall by a room built in 1642.

A doorway is dated SEL 1701 for Samuel and Ellen Lees who added a porch.

Owners and tenants have included

See Cockroft Farm, Rishworth and Lower Cockroft Farm, Rishworth

Upper Cockroft Hall, RishworthRef U21
Rishworth New Road.

F-plan house mentioned in 1546 as the home of the Holroyd family.

In 1607, George Holroyd rebuilt the house.

It is dated BBES 1642. Plasterwork shows heraldic devices and is dated IB 1644.

The Hall is attached to Upper Cockroft Farm, Rishworth.

Around 1700, it was owned by Samuel Lees.

This is discussed in the book Ancient Halls in & about Halifax

Upper Dean Head ReservoirRef U45
Midgley Moor. One of the Dean Head Reservoirs. Built by J. F. Bateman. Completed in 1872. It covers 10 acres and has a capacity of 63 million gallons

Upper Dove House, ShibdenRef U149
See Dove House, Shibden

Upper East Lee, TodmordenRef U80
East Lee Lane. Early 17th century house

Upper Edge, EllandRef U16
Aka Elland Edge. The higher of the two routes – the other is Lower Edge – from Elland to upper Rastrick.

This was created as a part of the turnpike [1781]

See Grantham Park, Rastrick and Scar Edge, Elland

Upper Edge Mink Farm, FixbyRef U113
There was a thriving mink farm here. Around 1996, a number of animals escaped and terrorised the domestic and wild life of the district. The business closed in ????. The derelict sheds still remain

Upper Ellistones, GreetlandRef U187
May be another name for Ellistones House, Greetland

Upper Field House, TriangleRef U8310
Early 17th century houses.

Owners and tenants have included

Upper FootRef U46
District of Hebden Bridge / Luddendenfoot.

An overflow channel and culvert for the Rochdale Canal are listed

Upper Foot Farm, LuddendenfootRef U173
Hall-and-cross-wing house built around 1659 and later encased in stone.

It is dated E.S.S. 1659, probably for Edward Sutcliffe.

The barn here is dated SM 1753.

Owners and tenants have included

The Leeds Intelligencer [Tuesday 6th January 1784] advertised

To be Lett

A Farm in Midgley, Near Hebden Bridge, called Upper Foot consisting of Meſſuage and several other houſes and Fifty-two Days work of Arable, Meadow and Paſture Ground in the poſſeſſion of Iſrael Ogden.

The premiſes are ſituate about four miles Weſt of Halifax upon the turnpike road leading by Heptonbridge to Rochdale and Burnley and are ſuitable for a Merchant.

Enquire: Mr Patchett at Saltonstall, or Mr Parker in Halifax


The farm, and a late 18th century building – formerly used as a pigsty and pigeon house and standing to the northwest of the farm – are listed.

Around 1840, when the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway was being built at Luddendenfoot, there was a public house at the Farm.

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country

Upper Gaukroger, SowerbyRef U138
Houses on Sowerby New Road. Gaukroger Farm was here [1905]

Upper German HouseRef U37
See German House

Upper Goat House, RishworthRef U71
Aka Goat House, Goathouse, Over Goat House.

A farm on this site is mentioned in 1577 when it was occupied by Edmund Firth.

In 1591, John Fryth was at Overgotehouse.

In the 16th century, the Firth family of Rishworth lived here.

The porch is dated 1624, and bears the (barely legible) Greek inscription

Know Thyself

In his will of 1724, John Wheelwright – stepson of George Firth – left £150 to be used to build a school at Rishworth, and he bequeathed Goathouse to be converted for use as a residence for the teachers, matron and children of the school.

By 1724, Goathouse was in a ruinous condition, and a lot of money had to be spent on repairs in the early years.

Richard Wadsworth lived here in 1740.

In 1780, the porch was completed.

It was used as boarding accommodation for scholars until 1828.

Census returns show that there were multiple occupants in the 19th century.

This is discussed in the book Ancient Halls in & about Halifax.

See Simeon Dyson, Goathouse Church, Rishworth, Lower Goat House, Rishworth, Middle Goat House, Rishworth and Okes Farm, Rishworth

Upper Green FarmRef U14
Aka Nether House, Hove Edge

Upper GreetlandRef U18

The civil parish of Elland-cum-Greetland was abolished in 1894 and divided into the parishes of Elland, Greetland and Upper Greetland.

See Elland Urban District Council

Upper Greetland Council OfficeRef U30
Rochdale Road.

This is now a private house. The pediment which identified the Office has been removed

Upper Greetland Pig ClubRef U42
See Pig club

Upper Greetland WaterworksRef U85
Opened on 7th September 1900 by Sir George Armytage.

See Greetland Waterworks

Upper Hagstocks, Shibden ValleyRef U159

See Hagstocks, Shibden Valley

Upper Hal, IllingworthRef U73
An area of Hal Lane.

Property named The Hall is recorded here around 1850

Upper Han Royd, MidgleyRef U69
Heights Road. Laithe-house dated 1876

See Han Royd and Lower Han Royd

Upper Harper Royd, NorlandRef U50
Correctly, Little Harper Royd. Originally a 17th century cottage dated 1637.

It was owned by Joseph Brooksbank [1699]. See Brooksbank School, Elland.

In 1885, the property was sold

Upper Hathershelf Farm, BouldercloughRef U23
Hathershelf Lane. House dated TSG 1687.

Owners and tenants have included

See Hathershelf Farm and Hathershelf

Upper Haugh Shaw House, HalifaxRef U170

See Garnett & Rhodes and Haugh Shaw House, Halifax

Upper Hazlehurst, ShibdenRef U11
Aka Hazlehurst, Hazlehurst Hall. House at Upper Shibden / Ambler Thorn.

In 1515, this was owned by George Bairstow.

Dated TER 1724 for Timothy & Elizabeth Ramsden who rebuilt the house.

Baptist meetings were held here between 1771 and 1773. There were the remnants of the old pulpit.

Methodist meetings were held here when it was occupied by David Parkinson. Their meeting were later held at what became Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel.

This is discussed in the book Ancient Halls in & about Halifax.

See Hazlehurst

Upper Height, Saltonstall MoorRef U125
See Height Farm, Saltonstall Moor

Upper Heys, WarleyRef U81
17th century house. Datestones show 1674 and 1716

Owners and tenants have included

Upper High Trees, GreetlandRef U106
The farm is recorded in 1828 as part of the Crowstone Hall estate.

See High Trees Lane, Greetland and Lower High Trees, Greetland

Upper Holmhouse, BarkislandRef U35
See Folly, Lower Holmhouse, Barkisland and The Holmhouse, Barkisland

Upper House Farm, TodmordenRef U176
Eastwood Lane. A nearby early 19th century barn is listed

Upper Hoyle Green, WarleyRef U177
See Hoyle Green House, Warley

Upper Ibbotroyd, StansfieldRef U136
Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Ibbotroyd, Stansfield

Upper Jack Royd, WheatleyRef U68
Wheatley Road. Mid 17th century house dated W E P 1732.

Owners and tenants have included

It is now 2 private dwellings

Upper Knight Royd, NorthowramRef U61
Farm owned by Elizabeth Wadsworth.

See Lower Knight Royd, Northowram and Popples School

Upper Lane Head Farm, OvendenRef U65
Part of the Brockholes Estate, Ovenden.

See Lane Head Farm, Ovenden

Upper Lee, Hebden BridgeRef U141
Lee Wood Road.

Hy Lee is a part of the property

Upper Lime House, ShibdenRef U147

Upper Limed House, ShibdenRef U17
Aka Over Limed House, Shibden [1682] / Upper Lime House, Shibden.

The owners & tenants of the property are shown in the Foldout

See Limed House, Shibden and Lower Limed House, Shibden

Upper Longbottom Farm, Sowerby BridgeRef U75
Warley Wood Lane. 17th century house dated I 1641 L.

Owners and tenants have included

A nearby late 18th century barn is listed

Upper Lumb Farm, Sowerby BridgeRef U47
Deep Lane. 17th century house.

A cottage was added in the 18th century

Upper Lumb Stone, Cragg ValeRef U88
A natural standing stone about 8 ft in height. It has some excellent cup-and-ring marks

Upper Marsh Farm, SouthowramRef U5610
Bank Top.

Late 18th century farm, comprising 2 cottages and a barn.

Owners and tenants have included

  • Jonas Jennings [1852]
  • Notice of Auction Sale of Furnishings and Livestock for  Samuel Haigh [1865]
  • James Feather (aged 39) farmer of 29 acres with wife  Susey (aged 34) and 5 children
  • Joseph Mann (aged 63) a retired butcher and farmer of 6  acres with his wife Ruth (aged 60) [1881]

See Marsh Farm, Southowram and Upper Marsh, Southowram

Upper Marsh, SouthowramRef U6
11 Marsh Lane / Common Lane.

In the internal courtyard, there are a carved stone head, a datestone 1678 with illegible initials, and a datestone 1767 with illegible initials on the range.

House owned by Jeremiah Royds.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

Elkanah Hoyle owned property here until 1768, when he was declared bankrupt and sold the property.

Janie Knight ran a corner shop here in the 1950s.

See Upper Marsh Farm, Southowram

Upper Merry Bent, SoylandRef U70
Laithe-house dated 1770

Upper Mytholm Farm, LuddendenRef U15
See Bilton Pier, Luddenden Dean

Upper Needless, Hebden BridgeRef U97
Wadsworth Lanes.

Aka Higher Needless.

The houses which are now Numbers 1, 3 & 5, Wadsworth Lanes, are listed

The mid 18th century property was once a General Baptist meeting house and day school A plaque is Inscribed


Another plaque is inscribed

L J H Harwood 1 7 5 2

One of the houses has removable floor boards at the pulpit end to enable people on different floors to see the preacher

See Needless

Upper Norcliffe Farm, SouthowramRef U52
Owners and tenants have included

See Norcliffe, Southowram

Upper Norland HallRef U5000
This seems to be a number of houses rather than a large Hall.

In 1841, it was listed between Spark House and Milner Royd, and 8 families were living there.

In 1851, it was listed between Wat Ing and Milner Royd, and 9 families were living there.

In 1861, it had 5 houses, numbered 1 to 5, and was listed next to Upper Norland Hall

Owners and tenants have included

Upper Old Hall Farm, NorlandRef U57
Norland Town Road.

Stands on the site of Upper Old Hall, Norland / Norland Upper Hall

Upper Old Hall, NorlandRef U189
Aka Norland Upper Hall.

See Upper Old Hall Farm, Norland

Upper Old House, SowerbyRef U167
Owners and tenants have included

See Old House, Sowerby and Sowerby Old House

Upper Pilling, HeptonstallRef U95

Upper Place Farm, SouthowramRef U1
Dark Lane / Barraclough Lane.

The Farm (21 acres) - including a quarry – was listed as a part of the Shibden Estate in a sale catalogue of October 1925.

Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Place Farm, Southowram

Upper Quickstavers, SowerbyRef U174
Wine Tavern Lane. Early 17th century farmhouse.

An early 18th century building and a late 18th century barn nearby are also listed.

See Quickstavers, Sowerby

Upper Ranns, NorthowramRef U94
Owners and tenants have included

Upper Reap Hurst, WarleyRef U87
17th century farm. It was 2 separate dwellings.

In the 1850s, it was used as a workhouse.

Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Reap Hurst, Warley

Upper Rookes, Norwood GreenRef U24
The house is dated IW 1589 for John Waterhouse who inherited the house from his father in 1571. He rebuilt the house in 1589.

It remained in the Waterhouse family until 1669.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

The house was and restored and rebuilt in 1929.

See Rookes Hall

Upper Saltonstall Farm, WarleyRef U175
Saltonstall Lane. 17th century farm.

See Lower Saltonstall Farm, Warley

Upper Saltonstall Lower Hall, WarleyRef U53
Aka Lower Saltonstall

Upper Saltonstall, WarleyRef U48
Aka Over Saltonstall, Higher Saltonstall.

Late mediæval timber-framed house which was cased in stone in the 17th century.

The Saltonstall family lived here.

Edward Saltonstall was the last of the line to live here.

The porch in inscribed

G. D. Built this House 1637. B. P. Built this Poarch, 1768

for Gilbert Deane and Benjamin Patchett.

The building is now derelict.

This is discussed in the books In & About Our Old Homes and Our Home & Country.

See Lower Saltonstall, Warley and Saltonstall

Upper Schole Carr Farm, RishworthRef U139

Owners and tenants have included

Upper Scholes Farm, GreetlandRef U148
See Scholes Farm, Greetland

Upper Scout, ShibdenRef U8
Aka Upper Scout Hall, Upper Scout Farm. Part of the Scout Hall estate.

See Abraham Turner and Thomas Turner

Upper Shaw Booth, WarleyRef U55

See Shaw Booth, Warley / Lower Shaw Booth, Warley

Upper Shaw Farm, LangfieldRef U91
New Road. Mid 17th century house.

A nearby late 18th century barn is also listed

Upper Shaw Hill, HalifaxRef U86
See Shaw Hill House

Upper Shibden HallRef U25
Aka Old Shibden Hall, Over Shibden.

The house stood at the head of the valley, near Shibden Head.

Mentioned in 1277 and owned by the de Shibden family.

Around 1362, it was owned by the Heton family – see Richard de Heton.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

Around 1800, it was rebuilt by Michael Stocks and was known as Catherine House.

The Halifax Courier [Saturday 13th May 1899] advertised

To Let

Upper Shibden Hall, furnished or unfurnished and with stabling, Coach house, Vinery, Greenhouses and extensive grounds and gardens.

Rental: £100.

Apply: Frederick Walker, Esq., Solicitor, Halifax or to Mr Crowther at Shibden Hall


The property is now in ruins.

See Lower Shibden Hall and Shibden Hall

Upper Shull, EllandRef U145
Land north of Middle Town Field Recorded in 1750

Upper Shutt, EllandRef U146
Land north of Low Town Field Recorded in 1750

Upper Siddal HallRef U27

See Siddal Halls

Upper Slater Ing, HeptonstallRef U158

Owners and tenants have included

See Slater Ing, Slack

Upper Small Lees, SoylandRef U156
Owners and tenants have included

See Lower Small Lees, Soyland and Small Lees, Soyland

Upper Smith HouseRef U12
Aka Lower Crow Nest, Brighouse

Upper Snape Farm, SowerbyRef U72
Mirey Lane. Farmhouse dated AH 1677

Upper Stubbing, WarleyRef U34
Aka Upper Stubbings Farm. L-plan house built in 1607 by John Murgatroyd

Recorded on maps produced in 1854.

See Lower Stubbing, Warley

Upper Swift PlaceRef U67
See Swift Place

Upper Swift Place, SoylandRef U151
Owners and tenants have included

Question: Is this the same as Swift Place, Soyland?


Upper Tinker Hey, GreetlandRef U77

Stands on North Dean Road, as you continue from Copley Church, beyond Lower Tinker Hey, Greetland

Upper WaltercloughRef U58
Aka Walterclough Hall

Upper Wat Ing, NorlandRef U36
Aka Upper Wat Ings.

London Road, Norland.

See Wat Ing

Upper Westercroft, NorthowramRef U56
House dated SA WA HIE 1624. Built by Samuel Appleyard. It was owned by Smith Kay

It was demolished around 1900 in order to reach the stone beneath the building.

During quarrying in 1856, a collection of 2 bronze spearheads and 8 bronze axes were found. This may have been a hoard put aside for safekeeping

See Westercroft Farm and Westercroft

Upper Willow Hall, Cote HillRef U83
See Willow Hall, Cote Hill

Question: I suspect that there is some considerable confusion between this, Lower Willow Hall, Sowerby Bridge and Willow Hall, Cote Hill.

Please email me if you can help me out of this maze


Upper Witchfield House, ShelfRef U79
Aka Upper Witchfield Farm.

In 1776, John Sugden bought this and Lower Witchfield House, Shelf. His son John inherited both properties.

In 1789, he built Windmill Mill here.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included

See Witchfield House, Shelf

Upper Woodhouse Farm, Pye NestRef U19
Formerly known as Scarr House, Pye Nest

USA & the American ColoniesRef U120

Utlay, JohnRef U129
[13??-13??] Recorded in 1350 at Halifax when he
drew blood against the peace from Gilbert del Brig

and was fined 3d

Utlay, LaurenceRef U133
[14??-1459] On 16th April 1459, he was executed on the Gibbet for an assault on Richard Crossley in the preceding November, and for cattle-rustling

Utley & GrayRef U108
Civil engineers, surveyors & architects at 10 Waterhouse Street, Halifax, Central Buildings, Sowerby Bridge, and Luddendenfoot.

Partners included Samuel Utley and Walter George Gray.

Their work included Boy Bridge, Luddendenfoot.

The partnership was dissolved by mutual consent [31st December 1896].

The firm was subsequently known as Utley, Hebblethwaite & Utley

Utley, Dr BarkerRef U127
[18??-18??] Surgeon at Parsonage Lane, Brighouse [1861]

Utley, Hebblethwaite & UtleyRef U124
Civil engineers, architects, surveyors and valuers at Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1905].

The firm was a later manifestation of Stevenson & Utley and Utley & Gray

Utley, J.Ref U153
[18??-18??] Registrar of births, deaths and marriages at Sowerby Bridge [1850]

Utley, JonathanRef U110
[1797-1868] Son of Michael Utley.

Born in Stansfield.

He performed several civic duties in Sowerby Bridge, including postmaster [1851, 1861], clerk to the gas-works, Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages [1851, 1861], and schoolmaster at a small school in Sowerby Bridge [1841,  1851]

In 1820, he married Mary Barker [1798-18??] from Stansfield, at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Barker [b 1826] who was schoolmaster at a small  school [1841]
  2. James [b 1826]
  3. Sarah Ann [b 1826]
  4. Emma [b 1828]
  5. Lydia [b 1831]
  6. Eliza [b 1832] who was postmistress [1871]
  7. William Utley
  8. Samuel
  9. John [b 1840]
  10. Southwell [b 1841] who was an architect and surveyor  [1861]
  11. Mary Elizabeth [b 1844] who assisted in the post office [1861]

They lived at

Utley, MichaelRef U111
[1771-18??] He married Sally Southwell.


  1. Jonathan

Utley, SamuelRef U109
[1836-1900] Son of Jonathan Utley.

Born in Sowerby Bridge [27th May 1836].

He was employed at an engineering tool works / apprentice to Richard Carter [1854-1857] / an engineer to Bradford Waterworks [1857-1859] / an engineer with the Great Indian Peninsula Railway  [1859-1863] / a civil engineer [1871] / a partner in Stevenson & Utley / an architect at Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge [1874] / a civil engineer & surveyor [1881] / a partner in Utley & Gray [1882] / a civil engineer, architect & surveyor [1891].

His work included Boy Bridge, Luddendenfoot, Sowerby New Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, and Stainland Road Methodist Chapel, West Vale

On 29th September 1863, he married Alice Morley at Halifax Parish Church.

Alice from Sowerby Bridge, was the daughter of Samuel Morley


  1. Alice Maud Mary [1865-1937]
  2. Frederick Southwell [1866-1938] who was a wool stapler  [1891], a wool-broker [1900]
  3. Herbert Morley [1868-1924] who was a designer (worsted  cloth) [1891]
  4. Walter Henry [1870-1941] who was an assistant civil  engineer and architect [1891]
  5. Margaret Louisa [1872-1947]
  6. William Arthur [1873-1917] who was an assistant civil  engineer and architect [1891], a wool-broker [1900]
  7. Ethel Jane [1877-1923]
  8. Kathleen Irene [1879-1930]
  9. Robert M. [b 1881]

They lived at

  • Beverley Terrace, Northowram [1871]
  • 10 Norfolk Place, King Cross Road, Halifax [1881, 1891]

In 1881, Mary, the wife of William Briggs was a Ladies Monthly Nurse staying with the family.

Samuel died at Norfolk Place [7th January 1900].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,716 9/4d; [Resworn £1,916 9/4d].

Probate was granted to his sons William and Frederick Southwell

Utley, WilliamRef U140
[1834-1911] Son of Jonathan Utley.

He was a solicitor's clerk [1851] / a wool broker.

In 1859, he married (1) Jane Morley in Halifax.

Jane was the daughter of Samuel Morley

Jane died in 1896.

In 1897, William married Emily Hebblethwaite in Halifax.

Emily was the daughter of Thomas Hebblethwaite

The family lived at 3 Norfolk Place, Halifax [1911, 1931].

William died 16th November 1911.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £12,690 1/5d.

Administration was granted to Vernon William Wanklyn (bank manager).

Emily died at home [17th April 1931]

Utley, William HenryRef U190
[1870-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was an architect and surveyor [1901].

In 1897, he married Ann Eliza, daughter of George Henry Radcliffe, in Halifax.


  1. Constance Annie [b 1899]

The family lived at 11 First Avenue, Halifax [1901].

Living with them [in 1901] was widowed mother-in-law Anne Radcliffe [aged 64]

Uttley ...Ref U44
The entries for people & families with the surname Uttley are gathered together in the SideTrack.

The individuals listed there are not necessarily related to each other.

Uttley's: A. & W. UttleyRef U20
Cotton spinners at Jumb Mill, Lumbutts around 1803

Uttley & SunderlandRef U143
Cotton manufacturers at Hebden Bridge. Partners included Mitchell Uttley and William Sunderland.

In September 1889, the partnership was declared bankrupt

Uttley BrothersRef U5160
Hardware manufacturers of Hebden Bridge and Manchester.

Recorded in 1906, when Charles Labourn Wray was a traveller for the company

Uttley's: H. Uttley & CompanyRef U39
Fustian manufacturers at Hebden Bridge [1905].

Partners included Herbert Uttley

Uttley, Ingham & Company LimitedRef U93
Steel and tinplate workers and steel trunk manufacturers at Hebble End Works, Hebden Bridge [1905], and Beehive Works, Hebden Bridge [1962]/

Partners included John D. Ingham.

See Edward Greenwood

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