Bolton Brow Wesleyan Graveyard

The graveyard for Bolton Brow Wesleyan Chapel.

In 1992, permission was given for the graves in the graveyard at the rear of the Chapel to be removed.

In 2006, there was a proposal to convert the Chapel into flats and a restaurant.

The graveyard was converted into the car park for the flats.

The following people, and/or members of their family, are recorded here:


Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CDs entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #1 and Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #3

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to pay you a visit, as we had been off work for many a month and we were starving. We tried to get in at other places before we got in at your house ever since November, but that d————— dog of your always kept us off. But we managed to stop his mouth last Thursday night, and got in through the window. We could not get any money, so we had to take this blessed book, and some nice faking we had to get it from the bank. But we managed last Saturday and Monday morning. We got what we wanted, and have sent you the book back, and we are very much obliged to you. We got in at Christmas, but we got the wrong book – it had only a pound in it. We will send you it back when we get into work in America. We dare not stop in Halifax after we had drawn it, so we came to Bradford to send you this. There was three of us. You will find us in Liverpool if you want us. but we shall be off this week across the water.

Yours truly,


Emily died 13th May 1927 (aged 65).

She was buried at All Souls'

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