Fall Spring Graveyard, Stainland

Fall Spring Gardens. This is said to be an extension of the graveyard at Providence Congregational Church.

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

James Ainley
Benjamin Akroyd
Benjamin Akroyd
Benjamin Akroyd
Edward Akroyd
Emily Akroyd [1868-3rd August 1897]
John Akroyd
Joseph Akroyd
Joseph Akroyd
William Ambler
Rebecca wife of David Aspinall
Elijah Aspinall [1813-4th November 1875]
Henry Aspinall
John Aspinall
John Aspinall
Martha Aspinall [1817-9th June 1889]
Walker Aspinall

Josiah Bailey
James Balmford
James Bamforth
Eli Ackroyd Barrett
Children of James Barrett
James Barrett
Joseph Barrett
George Beaumont [1811-2nd March 1883]
Emily Berry [1890-19th January 1943]
John Berry
Thomas Henry Bintcliffe
Betty Bottomley [1812-7th July 1883]
John Bottomley
Joseph Bottomley
Samuel Bottomley
George Bray
Joe Albert Bray
Vincent Bray
Benjamin Briggs
James Briggs
John Briggs
John Briggs
John Briggs
Thomas Broadbent
James Brook
Samuel Edwin Brook
Shaw Brook
Harry Buckley

Thomas Carney
Brian Clegg
Edward Clegg
Elijah Clegg
Barbara Ellen wife of John Clegg
John Clegg
Wife & daughter of Joshua Clegg
Philip Clegg
Philip Clegg
Thomas Clegg
William Clegg
William Clegg
John Collings
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins
Emma Collins [1858-28th November 1931]
Emma Collins [1870-10th March 1928]
Eliza wife of Harry Collins
Edna Elizabeth & Stanley, wife & son of Joseph Edgar Collins
Reginald Meynand Collins
Rothwell Priestley Collins
Walter Collins [1861-28th March 1925]
Ellis Crabtree
Edna Crowther [1900-12th March 1949]

Edward Davidson
John Davidson
Joseph Davidson [1816-3rd September 1878] of Stainland
Benjamin Akroyd Dean
James Dean
James Forbes Duckworth
Benjamin Dyson
John Dyson

Eli Eastwood
Matthew Eastwood
Benjamin Edwards
Benjamin Edwards
Ellen Edwards [1852-15th July 1890]
James Edwards
Job Edwards
John Edwards
John Edwards
John Edwards
John Edwards
John Lindley Edwards
Jonathan Edwards
Joseph Edwards [1847-27th August 1891]
Leah Matilda Edwards
Thomas Edwards
William Edwards
Charley Ellis

John Fairbank
Joseph Farrar
Robertshaw Firth
George Fleming
Joseph Fleming
Thomas Foster
Edwin Furness
John Furness

Joseph Garfitt
Benjamin Garside
Joseph Garside
John Gill [1885-3rd November 1943]
Thomas Gill
Allen Gledhill
David Gledhill
Joe Gledhill
Joseph Gledhill
Seth Gledhill
William Gledhill

Albert Haigh
Benjamin Haigh [1837-5th January 1869]
Edwin Haigh
Harriet Haigh [1840-5th October 1881]
Henry Haigh
Joe Haigh [1866-11th January 1924]
John Haigh
John Haigh
John Haigh
John William Haigh
Joseph Haigh
Norman Haigh
Sarah Ann Haigh [1865-15th February 1945]
Tom Haigh [1868-22nd April 1941]
William Shepherd Haigh
Charles Hallas
Martin Hallas
Jonas Halstead
Rebecca Halstead [1831-20th January 1904]
Anthony Hamer
Harry Hamer
Henry Hamer
John Hamer
John Hamer

Richard Hamer
Schofield Hamer
Tom Hamer
William Hamer
Abraham Hanson
Benjamin Hanson
Ezra Hanson
Children of Samuel Hanson
Ben Harrison
Benjamin Harrison
David Harrison
Godfrey Berry Harrison
John Harrison
Reuben Harrison
Ruth Ann Harrison [1856-30th May 1902]
William Harrison
Tom Hayes [1879-28th June 1944]
Eli Helliwell
Ely Helliwell
Herbert Helliwell
James Harold Helliwell
John Helliwell
William Helliwell
Joseph Hellowell [1852-29th August 1902]
Mary Hellowell [1854-14th June 1930]
Joseph Hepworth
Children of Ely Hinchcliffe
John Hinchcliffe
Mary Hinchcliffe [1796-21st January 1884]
William Hinchcliffe [1795-19th July 1871]
Children of William Hinchcliffe
Alice, wife of Godfrey Hindle
James Hindle
James Hindle
James Hirst
Joseph Hirst
William Hirst
William Hitchcock
Benjamin Holroyd
John Holroyd
Samuel Taylor Holroyd
Thomas Holroyd
Walter Holroyd
Joseph Holt
James Horsfall
Harry Hoyle [1857-29th December 1935]
Joshua Hoyle

William Illingworth
Alice Iredale [1874-8th June 1932]
Benjamin Iredale
Benjamin Iredale
George Iredale [1873-15th May 1920]
John Eli Iredale
John Iredale
Joshua Iredale

Arnold Jackson
Enoch Jackson
Thomas Jackson
Benjamin Jagger
Eli Jagger
John Jagger
Robert Jagger
Thornton Jagger
William Jagger

Charles Law
Ralph Alcock Law [1896-1928]
Samuel Law
Walker Lumb
William Lumb

Godfrey Mann
Joseph Mann
Joseph Taylor Mann
John Clegg Marsden
Benjamin Mellor
Benjamin Mellor
Frances Mellor [1852-21st November 1938]
Fred Mellor
James Mellor
Clara Alice wife of Joe Mellor
John Mellor
Joseph Mellor
Joseph Mellor [1863-29th November 1950]
Samuel Mellor
William Mellor
Edmund Morton
Paul Morton

Ethel Mary, wife of Arthur Edmund Norcliffe
Benjamin Taylor Norcliffe
David Norcliffe
George Norcliffe
John Norcliffe
Louis John Norcliffe
Family of Norris Taylor Norcliffe
Rowland Norcliffe
Fred Normanton [1860-12th December 1925]
John William Normanton
Joseph Normanton
Peter Normanton
Rebecca Normanton [1863-13th August 1904]
Wright Nutton

John James Paley
Arthur Park
David Park
Harry Park
Herbert Park
John Park
John Park
John T. Park
Jonathan Park
Joseph Park
Paul Park
Samuel Park
John Parkinson
Henry Pearson
T. H. Pearson
Isaac Pickles
John Priestley

William Quinn [1827-22nd June 1882]

Thomas Rawcliffe
William Rayner
Algernon Riley [1904-20th October 1970]
James Riley
John Riley
Joseph Riley
Maud Riley [1895-10th April 1984]
Samuel Riley
Ernest Crossley Rothwell
James Walker Rothwell
John Rothwell
Lizzie Rothwell [1876-3 June 1881]
Nancy Rothwell [1850-3rd August 1917]
Thomas Rothwell
William C. Rothwell [1851-15 May 1940]
Mrs Annie Elizabeth Rothwell/B> [1867-2nd June 1945]

William Saville
Stephen Robert Seed

Albert Senior
Irvin Senior
Maurice Hilton Senior
Jeremiah Sharp
Edwin Shaw
Eli Shaw
George Linley Shaw
James Bailey Shaw
John Shaw
John Shaw
John Shaw
John Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Joshua Shaw
Reuben Calvert Shaw
Sam Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Sutcliffe Shaw
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw
Walter Shaw
William Shaw
William Shaw
Thomas Shuttleworth
Sarah Smith [28th March 1874-14th May 1906]
Charles Smithies
David Smithies
Harry Leslie Smithies
Herbert Smithies
Daughters of Joseph Smithies
Samuel Smithies [12th December 1874-20th November 1899]
John Soothill
Ann Speight [1831-5th August 1892]
Family of Arnold Mellor Speight
Henry Speight [1827-24th October 1894]
Arthur Stephenson
Lord  Stephenson
Dan Stott
Edwin Stott
Eliza Stott [1850-6th June 1910]
Ely Stott
Hannah Stott [1847-2nd February 1894]
Harriett, wife of John Stott
Moses Stott
William Stott
Benjamin Sutcliffe
Benjamin Sutcliffe
David Sutcliffe
Family of Richard Sutcliffe
Samuel Sutcliffe
Thomas Sutcliffe
William Henry Sutcliffe
Ben Sykes
Benjamin Sykes
Edward Sykes
Edward Sykes
Eli Taylor Sykes
Freddy Sykes
Frederick Sykes
George Sykes
Gledhill Sykes
Henry Sykes
Henry Sykes
James Sykes
John Sykes
Joseph Arthur Sykes
Joseph Sykes
Joseph Sykes
Joseph Sykes
Richard Henry Sykes
Samuel Sykes
Thomas Herbert Sykes
Thomas Sykes
Walker Sykes
Walter Sykes
William Sykes

Benjamin Rothwell Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Eli Taylor
Hannah Taylor [1801-9th February 1871]
Harold Taylor
Henry Taylor
Isaac Taylor
James Taylor
John Taylor
Joseph Holroyd Taylor
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor
Mary Ellen Taylor [1860-12th October 1904]
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor
William Taylor
Arthur Clay Thomas
Edward Henry Thomas
Joseph Thornber
Fred Thornton
Joseph Thornton [1866-29th June 1921]
Hannah Turner [1852-2nd July 1914]
William Turner [1857-20th June 1925]
Benjamin Tweed
Edward Tweed
John Tweed
Samuel Tweed
Walker Tweed

Benjamin Wadsworth
Benjamin Walker
James Walker
John Walker
John Walker
John Walker
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker
Matthew Draper Walker
Matthew Walker
Widow of Mr Walker
Richard Walker
Sarah Walker
Thomas Walker
Albert Edward Watts [1887-24th August 1925]
Daniel Whale [1899-20th August 1979]
Eli Arthur Whiteley
Ishmael Whiteley
James Whiteley
John Gledhill Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Margaret Katherine Whiteley [1880-21st October 1960]
Robert Whiteley
Abraham Whitworth
Edward Blackburn Wilde
Rev John Wilde
William Wolfenden
Benjamin Woodhouse
Richard Wormald


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