Heath Grammar School: World War I Names

This list shows the names which appear on the Memorial to the old boys of Heath Grammar School who served and/or died in World War I

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may show them organised in some other manner, and possibly with only initials.

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you can identify any of the people here or add more details

Where appropriate, those who died are indicated by

W. H. Arthur
George Stuart Arthur
J. K. Ashworth

Philip Hugh Ballantyne
H. Barraclough
H. J. Bearder
L. Bedworth
Thomas Washington Benson
F. S. Bentley
H. R. Bentley
E. C. R. Berry
C. A. Beverley
Fred W. Booth
H. Bracewell
L. R. Braithwaite
Sidney Herbert Bray
E. C. Brearley
R. Brearley
G. R. Briggs
L. A. Broadbent

Gilbert Alva Carter
F. J. Chambers
H. V. Clark
Charles Clarkson
George Clewer
H. Collinson
F. P. Cookson
E. Crossland
F. E. Crossley
L. H. Crossley
Percy Crowther

William Frederick Wilkinson Davis
Carl Penrose Dixon
Stanley Gilbert Dyson

C. Ellis
E. D. Ellis
Francis Vaughan Evans
Percy Lewis Evans

J. C. Fairclough
Richard Edwin Feather
Frederic William Oswald Fleming
Charles Clifford Foster

George Douglas Gelder
F. W. Greaves
T. H. Greenwood
Charles Norman Greenwood

C. Halliday
J. Harrison
G. R. Hartley
E. L. Harvey
V. E. Hellowell
D. E. Hennion
Mc W. Henry
T. D. Hepworth
George Frederick Vincent Hervey
E. H. Hill
B. W. Hinchcliffe
E. Hitchen
C. Holroyd
(possibly) Willie Howarth
Edgar Howarth
Augustus William Howell
G. Hoyle

L. B. Illingworth
A. W. Ingham

George Frederick Johnston
D. Jowett
Thornton Jowett

H. Lawrence
J. Laycock
H. Leach
F. Levin
T. Longbottom
R. S. Lonsdale
Albert Edward Lord

A. H. Mackenzie
Walter Magson
H. G. Metcalfe
A. Morton

A. G. Naylor

P. Oldfield
Alan Ostler
Thomas Ostler

E. Parker
G. R. V. Peel
Robert Clement Perks
Eric Bateman Petty

J. B. Reid
John Frederick Reid
C. N. Rhodes
Eric Leslie Robinson
Gerald Holt Rothwell

E. Scadding
O. L. Scarborough
Gerald Scarborough
G. B. Scott
Leonard Tetley Seed
Harry George Spencer Short
Roland Woolfall Siddall
H. Smith
P. Stafford
Charles Clifford Stott
Frank Gordon Stott
John Garside Sugden
I. Sutcliffe
L. P. Sutcliffe
Lewis Sutcliffe
E. E. Sykes

J. H. Taylor
Herbert Edward Thompson
Guy Langton Tillotson
John Ralph Tillotson
Louis F. Tinker
G. Tolson
J. H. Tolson

S. M. Walshaw
E. W. Walton
J. Walton
Darcy Ward
M. Wayman
Frank Allison Whiteley
Harry Whitley
Ronald Edward Wilson
D. B. Winter
Frank Wolfenden
Arthur Gordon Wood

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